Hermitcraft 9: Episode 21 - CREEPER SURPRISE

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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 21 - Grian is back on minecraft hermitcraft with some serious creeper issues.



21 Sep 2022



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Riley Parish
The problem with emeralds as currency is that they're renewable. You should demonstrate this point by FLOODING the economy with "Royal Emeralds." Fill up every shop with emeralds. Toss stacks to other hermits. Make them pop up from the ground all over the shopping district. Prove that they are worthless by increasing the supply beyond reason.
Its funny how Grian is discovering about explosion damage now while Mumbo has been the pioneer of blocking off End Crystal damage last season
Magical Eraser
Grian baiting a creeper to Scar should be pretty easy.
Grian "I have avoided making a Resistance"
I would actually say that Grian started a resistance, because the Soup Resistance started from the Content Generator… he failed inadvertently.
Riverdog Deyna
Don’t start a resistance, Grian. Start a revolution.
What if sometimes instead of generating a specific hermit Grumbot generated a vague-ish description that could apply to a couple hermits? Like "hermit(s) that has a chest monster" "hermit(s) that are one of Ren's knights" "hermit(s) with an over-the-top starter base" for a few examples. It could leave the content more up to interpretation by whoever had Grumbot generate it, or could allow for multiple hermits to be involved in the content generation if the description applied to more than one hermit.
Alcor The Wise
The fact a single block can protect you from a charged creeper is perhaps the most cursed knowledge ever
Slifer Streaming
This is what mumbo discovered last season, if ur feet are covered before an explosion happens u take basically no damage
I think you should put the words "Start" and "Resistance" in the generator. Then you'd have no choice.
I have a good suggestion: Defenestration. (It means to throw someone or something out of a window.)
sans papyrus
I swear one day the content generator is gonna tell grian "start" "a" "resistance"
if you repeat this episode 35 times backwards and take a bottle of advils he actually said hes going to start a resistance
Don’t start a resistance, start a revolution
Mr.Duck1 24
I think glazed terracotta has so much potential for detail and colour and it is so underutilized. I think it looks great in the build, don’t be afraid to use it more often! I’m using some in a spooky castle I’m building for Halloween as the carpets. I think it makes a great carpet block with all the patterns
Nies Son
I love how the creeper just angrily walks through everything and the volley of arrows like some tough guy mobster from old cartoonsxD Meanwhile, i can't help but keep looking at those animated toesies~ Scar loves creeper toes~
Now hear me out. For one block. ONE block. It'll be a stack of total emeralds. That's how you check the king.
Toasty Souls
Just exchange your emeralds for the diamonds in Ren's shop. He says they are of equal value, so he shouldn't mind having them instead of diamonds
Instead of overthrowing the king, make him feel like he made a bad choice so he WANTS to leave.