Hermitcraft 9: Episode 6 - GRIAN PROOF VAULT

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo gets to work on building a Hermitcraft Grian proof base in Minecraft. This giant Minecraft secure vault is going to keep all of my Minecraft diamonds safe. We also get to work on building some Minecraft traps, and continue planning the Hermitcraft mega base.

My Minecraft servers are provided by Nodecraft! Following this link gives you 30% off: nodecraft.com/r/mumbo

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14 Mai 2022



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Jagdaggar Vor Monat
I swear if there was a chest that said "THIS WILL EXPLODE" Grian would still open it out of curiosity
A T Vor 9 Tage
I wouldn't
I don't know
I don't know Vor 14 Tage
With all his stuff on
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Vor 16 Tage
He would
Arusham Shafeeq
Arusham Shafeeq Vor 18 Tage
He will open the chest even if the tnt was visible
MelloPigeon Vor Monat
Ideal strategy to keep Grian out: just make a room absolutely covered in buttons. None of them do anything but Grian will have to press all of them
Thundercat Vor 9 Tage
He should make a Redstone build that uses grian to press random Buttons. Then he is officially a copper golem.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Vor 16 Tage
Brian would be annoyed to
N7A1G1 Vor 20 Tage
Put random soubd making redstone behind it so he *feels* like they do sometjong and keeps trying
Øystein Tveito
Øystein Tveito Vor 17 Tage
I just have to say... you do know that people do not watch your episodes for your building skills, right? You are one of my favorite creators, mostly for you redstone, but also for your humor and "layd-backness". I hope you continue to produce entertainment. The less effort you put into it, the better. There is s reason you have more subscibers than most of the other hc members :)
MerulaeAspectu Vor 9 Tage
His buildings are often very amazing though
Verchiel_ Vor 13 Tage
True. I like Mumbo's content because I can just leave it on in the background and I can still somewhat get the gist of what's happening. Stuff sometimes happen like Grian dying and it's hilarious. Really chill. Good stuff.
Tech Marauder
Tech Marauder Vor Monat
I agree with you on the Dark-Prismarine. Even before you added the sides..... Then you added the sides and it was absolutely the right choice.
E Farley
E Farley Vor Monat
BTW there is a prismarine (and dark prismarine) shop in the shopping area
Lisa_WistfulOne Vor Monat
I also agree! What Mumbo chose was a perfect color balance.
Maya Moon
Maya Moon Vor Monat
I love that the whole time Grian was trying to break into the vault him and Mumbo were typing at each other instead of just talking when they were right there together. Also, the door of the actual vault looks absolutely amazing!
Tree_5000 Vor Monat
@Surya Kamal N D ore
Surya Kamal N D
Surya Kamal N D Vor Monat
17:14 Totally not Sus "New Recipes Unlocked" "The Richiest Player" Never held a diamond 🤨🤨🤨
Michael Day
Michael Day Vor Monat
Mumbo: “My small vault is overflowing with diamonds” Grian handing Mumbo diamond blocks: “New recipes unlocked”
Luboslav Dimov
Luboslav Dimov Vor 8 Tage
AtlasFrog Vor 22 Tage
@JackGreenEarth The recipe it is unlocking is 1 Diamond Block to 9 Diamonds.
neon Vor Monat
@JackGreenEarth he has chest i think with just normal diamonds.............
Eystreem Fan
Eystreem Fan Vor Monat
TheMaro Vor Monat
The kid that can drive Anything
2 years later Hermitcraft season 9 : episode 7 : I’m Finally back
IronicFish Vor 35 Minuten
@Raddo Ron I never said I was rushing… I was just wondering
Raddo Ron
Raddo Ron Vor 2 Stunden
@IronicFish To clarify, if you have visited his Twitter as of recently he is expecting to upload Minecraft again sometime in September. Please try not to rush him as everyone of us deserves some sort of break at one point or another.
The kid that can drive Anything
@IronicFish ikr
IronicFish Vor 7 Tage
Lol where is he
Yeet404 Vor 10 Tage
@rock kaleb hes not the father of a twitter user, league player, or genshin player
Serge DURIEZ Vor Monat
When I feel scared and alone, Minecraft always calms me down. It's that nostalgia and the wholesomeness of the game which so soothing and reminds me of a simpler time. I've been watching Mumbo Jumbo since I was just a kid and I've always enjoyed these videos which never fail to make me feel like everything's gonna be okay. Thank you so much for the amazing content you create, I'm ever so grateful for the hours I've spent watching your videos and all the joy they brought me. To anyone who's reading this and may be going through a rough time : You're gonna be okay
Mallory Malhearst
Watching Mumbo get increasingly more and more excited about his own buildings is honestly a joy.
Just Arkon
Just Arkon Vor Monat
Mumbo: builds his enormous vault and fills it with traps and decoys Also Mumbo: ends up hiding his valuables in the decoy vault after trapping Grian in it several more times so Grian 100% believes the decoy vault is useless
KS ~Kritartha srivastava
9000 iq play
Tuxedo Dogs
Tuxedo Dogs Vor Monat
just make the vault only have a piece of paper that says: "The real treasure is the adventures we had" and then have a delayed trap blow him up
STTgamer Vor 3 Tage
It just needs 12 bamboo
ninjagofun Vor Monat
that might be true as he unclock the diamond recipe (at 17:15). but how if he allready have hundrends of diamond blocks? SUS?
@No No what are you talking about
No No
No No Vor Monat
Hah guys look I roasted a bot
Neeraj Maindan
Neeraj Maindan Vor Monat
That vault looks really similar to a guardian
chrishemry7 Vor 11 Tage
While Hermitcraft is a build heavy series, you shouldn't underestimate how much your viewers enjoy just watching you interact with the other Hermits. For example, in season 8 when you decide to not "kill" anything, who thinks of that!
Potato God
Potato God Vor Monat
The vault door kind of looks like a guardian so you cold name it “Guardians Vault”
Potato God
Potato God Vor 21 Tag
@VL R yeah!
Surya Kamal N D
Surya Kamal N D Vor 21 Tag
@VL R yeah lol
Surya Kamal N D
Surya Kamal N D Vor 21 Tag
@VL R 17:14 Totally not Sus "New Recipes Unlocked" "The Richiest Player" Never held a diamond 🤨🤨🤨
VL R Vor 21 Tag
Omg what if he traps an elder guardian in it to give mining fatigue.
Surya Kamal N D
Surya Kamal N D Vor Monat
17:14 Totally not Sus "New Recipes Unlocked" "The Richiest Player" Never held a diamond 🤨🤨🤨
Kyle Rash
Kyle Rash Vor 22 Tage
mumbo is on that fearless upload schedule
ARgamer Vor Monat
I feel like they should have a feature where you can manually age copper with water, and it can use the whole bucket per stage so it's not too easy and you need to commit
Samuel Linn
Samuel Linn Vor 22 Tage
I mean two water bucket and you have an infinite water now. It would just be tedious
Hieronymus Nervig
I'd love to see this story grow with Mumbo offering to safekeep everyone's massive diamond piles in his vault and hiring other Hermits as guards, while Grian gathers a Heist team.
Littlewarrior 0106
Oh hell yeah
Alan 27
Alan 27 Vor Monat
I would pay to see this
Rudra Singh
Rudra Singh Vor Monat
Another war!
geek 2.0
geek 2.0 Vor Monat
Grians 11...?
N M Vor Monat
Cyborg Jellyfish
Cyborg Jellyfish Vor 6 Tage
Just in case anyone sees this and is concerned for Mumbo, he's fine! Check his twitter and insta (links are in his description) and you'll know he's currently bike packing. Yes that does mean we aren't seeing the miraculous contraption that is the Grian-proof vault, but don't worry. He's still the richest hermit on the server by a long shot. Totally wealthy. Unfathomably rich. Stupendously- okay you get the idea. He's probably just letting them catch up. I'm hoping he'll be back soon, but at least he's alright. We just need to wait and see what happens. ;)
Athina Anagnosti
Athina Anagnosti Vor 2 Tage
@Tale No I kind of get it. It's a reasonable fear.
Tale Vor 2 Tage
This might sound stupid, but after what happened to Technoblade I got actually really scared for mustache boi.
Devin Bean
Devin Bean Vor 2 Tage
Thank you!!!
Millbrook Vor 4 Tage
Ah nice. Thanks Hope he records the trip!
The Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest Vor 19 Tage
So is season 9 the season of no mumbo? We miss you!
Luke Ernst
Luke Ernst Vor 27 Tage
Yep. Grian fell for even the decoy vault. Even without playing the game you outsmarted him
RajTech King
RajTech King Vor 27 Tage
@Luke Ernst You're achieving peace of mind, something he clearly doesn't have
Luke Ernst
Luke Ernst Vor 27 Tage
@Kacpya Idk I let people who may not watch grians channel know. Not sure why you think comments need to ‘achieve’ something
Kacpya Vor 27 Tage
I love how you think you are achieving something by telling him this
Aeden Remy
Aeden Remy Vor 28 Tage
By the way Mumbo, you probably already know but Grian went into the decoy vault with all his stuff again! And yes he did explode lol
Khyree Rusydi
Khyree Rusydi Vor 6 Tage
@Aeden Remy thank you!
Aeden Remy
Aeden Remy Vor 6 Tage
Grian episode 13
Andrew Qi
Andrew Qi Vor 7 Tage
wait what
Khyree Rusydi
Khyree Rusydi Vor 8 Tage
Which vid/episode was this?
justin Vor Monat
grian just slamming his head into the wall trying to get in was so funny
loganberrywooo Vor Monat
@mikechad yea sure
mikechad Vor Monat
@Yama's Amination or smth and *r u s s i a n*
Yama's Amination or smth
100 k subs with not even 1k views on the most viewed of your 3 videos? B O T
Brandon K
Brandon K Vor Monat
@Grenling Actually look at his channel mate, he bought the subs
Brandon K
Brandon K Vor Monat
@justin More bought accounts, views are less than my grandma's age.
◊·• Blue Jay •·◊
Mumbo: “Ican’t wait for everyone to disagree in the comments.” The Comments: *filled with jokes and trap ideas* Mumbo, I think you were wrong with your prediction.
EdwardVI Delaporte
EdwardVI Delaporte Vor 15 Tage
As a nice tip for anyone, you can place a bed under the end portal to permanently put anybody who sets their spawn in it in the end (if you get it right) (this is reversed by destroying the bed)
polygone two
polygone two Vor Monat
I love the deepslate lining around your door. The whole design is spiky enough to be reminiscent of an angry elder guardian, which is absolutely perfect for a big vault.
Ava Strong
Ava Strong Vor Monat
The vault is looking SO AMAZING! the block palate looks perfect
Qatar The Redstoner
Try non oxidized copper on the deepest layer of the big vault (currently black concrete). Also Mumbo don't doubt yourself to much, your buildings are looking gorgeous and the comedy is top notch. The internet is quite a toxic place don't let the hater get to you man. Keep up the great work! Much support during these hard times!
Felix Louis
Felix Louis Vor Monat
I just love those Mumbo thought processes. Especially the ones that end in "Oh gosh, building's hard"
Joren Perez
Joren Perez Vor Monat
Watching Grian slowly realize how fair this was is hellacious.
Orangeheart Vor Monat
I love how the big vault door looks like a huge guardian.
Hyper Nathan
Hyper Nathan Vor Monat
Just had a thought: when you finally finish the main vault, store your diamonds as placed blocks. Breaking blocks is against the rules right?
ThaFuzzwood Vor Monat
@KendallChaos Easy fix, knock his block off above the jaw. He did not specify that his entire head had to come off.
Aryan Shrivastava
That's only the rule to get in the vault once you're inside it's fair game
Karel P.
Karel P. Vor Monat
LAD, that’s sooo smart
Darkeon 452
Darkeon 452 Vor Monat
@KendallChaos didnt they end up sewing his lips together because of that lmao
CrashBrocksta Vor Monat
7:25 i REALLY think it would look great if you'd figure out a combination of the dark prismarine with the deepslate blocks cause they both look great
SaintThayne Vor Monat
I would love to see the vault just be full of Grian's gear, and diamonds he has paid for dying in the traps.
TheOneIsHere Vor Monat
Always make amazing builds like this, they're an absolute monstrosity.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Vor Monat
I just love those Mumbo thought processes. Especially the ones that end in "Oh gosh, building's hard"
ZackTheRipper Vor Monat
Coming here after grian's episode, it's hilarious how on-point the entirety of Mumbo's thought process was!
bruh mode active
@Don't read profile photo okay I won't
James Wakeham
James Wakeham Vor Monat
not only me who noticed that the chronology of mumbos video was different though? the actual vault building hadnt taken place when grian made his attempt
King Aeron
King Aeron Vor Monat
@Don't read profile photo Sure thing!
Gasgas Godwin
Gasgas Godwin Vor Monat
Make a layer on the vault, that is like a tower that scrooge Mcduck have and fill it with gold and trap made of falling yellow concrete powder. That will fall to a honey lava cauldron trap. then one of this concrete powder that make you fall to a layer of emerald maze that will lead you to a pit that you need to time so you will not fall to a repeating timer that fires a piston that will make you fall to block and die due to fall DMG. And a hall way that Grian will need to use a invis potion to prevent skeliton to agro and push Grian to lava. And put a ton of decoy vault inside a vault. And decoy vault with a trapped infinity room. And when he is finally inside a vault there will 2 Vault ravengers. And tripwires that serves as sensors that you need to parkour to not be exploded to bits and all of your items that is with you.
WalshTransfixus Vor 29 Tage
I fear the month that Mumbo took off wasn’t enough for him. He came back but wasn’t inspired, tried to do the thing he always loved (vaults) and he still can’t find inspiration. I fear we are seeing the end of the great MumboJumbo. (I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.)
AvengedFamine Vor 13 Tage
@Raelene Bedford-smith I think his first episode back he said he has a vacation planned in a month to bike across Europe or something like that.
Raelene Bedford-smith
@AvengedFamine when, did i miss that part?
AvengedFamine Vor 21 Tag
He's on vacation lol he said he had one planned
conor donovan
conor donovan Vor 21 Tag
I believe he is abroad at the moment. don't worry!
Maura Holland
Maura Holland Vor 22 Tage
I miss him so much. I hope he’s ok.🙁
Minecraft Lore
Minecraft Lore Vor Monat
I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!💛💜💚💙💛💜💚💙
Jeffrey McColl
Jeffrey McColl Vor Monat
use sea lanterns to give the build a glow like a continuous line of them to give a clean glow finish at night and it'll light up the copper and bluey parts
Deltafail Vor Monat
I do think that having a "special block" that Grian can break to access paths (correct, misleading or traps) can make a great addition for this vault game
@Don't read profile photo ok
Don't read profile photo
Don't read myy name
Grenling Vor Monat
@Benjamin YES
Benjamin Vor Monat
the block should be obsidian
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Vor Monat
True true! Like in adventure maps that give you limited durability tools that are coded to only break certain blocks
Lillie Anderson
Lillie Anderson Vor Monat
To stop Grian from getting all of your diamonds and other stuff if he makes it in, you should use the materials to decorate with since he can't break blocks to get in the vault. Then if he does get into the actual vault you wouldn't lose anything and you could put joke blocks there instead.
Alen Ryzhkov
Alen Ryzhkov Vor 26 Tage
When Mumbo gets the diamonds it says recipes unlocked in top right, which means he does not have any diamond blocks himself
lulkoek664455 Vor Monat
I just love how proud and happy his about his building process of his vault! You're doing great man! Awesome vault!
wyrmh0le Vor Monat
Having seen the vault attempt from Grian's perspective first, this was sooo satisfying to watch.
Zeldrake Vor Monat
I watched Grian's POV first and it was absolutely hilarious watching him try to break into what I thought was just a facade. What I didn't realise till I watched this was that you had orchestrated every single piece of this xD
John Russel Din
John Russel Din Vor Monat
his predictions tho
Arjav Jain
Arjav Jain Vor Monat
what video is his pov in
Leon Morgan
Leon Morgan Vor Monat
Same with me
Break stair
Break stair Vor Monat
I love it when mumbo has never held a diamond block till this episode, because at 17:16 when grian gives him the diamond blocks he unlocks the recipe XD
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Vor Monat
I feel like they should have a feature where you can manually age copper with water, and it can use the whole bucket per stage so it's not too easy and you need to commit
Dinozilla Vor Monat
Grian trying to enter the deloy vault while Mumbo is watching him failing continuous is most hilarious thing I have watched in months
Random Thing
Random Thing Vor 5 Stunden
For those who are wondering where he is, he took the exit ramp from "Minecraft" Highway and he parked and Repair His car because he is over-exhausted in Content Creation.
78wurrtrat Vor Monat
“Vault day” could mean many things, like breaking into vaults, destroying vaults, opening vaults,
Courier 7
Courier 7 Vor Monat
Leaving a vault. (Fallout reference)
Zitrone_Granate Vor Monat
@Kris_User7 perhaps, is it a strawberry or brick vault
unstable atom
unstable atom Vor Monat
Lets make today officially Vault Day
tamiros Vor Monat
Closing votes
Kris_User7 Vor Monat
What about eating vaults?
seymour47 Vor 4 Stunden
Kind of feels like Mumbo needs to find a new career path. DE-vid clearly isn't what he wants to do anymore.
Jan Witkowsky
Jan Witkowsky Vor Monat
18:56 Next decoy vault ought to have netherite to imply an attempt of explosion proofing. (And time consuming block breaking)
Norped Holland
Norped Holland Vor Monat
This reminds me of when I binged some Season 1 let’s plays and a bunch of hermits tried to get into Generik B’s base. That was hilarious.
Deveraux Short-Henare
I miss your video's mumbo! Hope you're well.
Smocast Vor Monat
I watched Grian's perspective first, and that made this video infinitely funnier because Mumbo perfectly predicted Grian for the most part.
Кирилл Котов
@magma90 please reply to me if they tell you, i wanna know too
magma90 Vor Monat
@Shashank it seem they erased their message, but…I wanna know, what was he saying ?
Shashank Vor Monat
@Johnnylockhart When grian himself isnt mad then why are u freaking out lmao kid
Shashank Vor Monat
@Dqcks_ Its ep 10
Ninja Noodle
Ninja Noodle Vor Monat
The funniest thing about all of this is that even if Grian ever gets through all the way to the Vault inside the Bunker inside the Base inside the Castle etc., there is literally only going to be like a stack of Rotten Flesh or something inside the bunker for him to get. Of course, the Rotten Flesh is worth 2 stacks of Diamonds each so he'll be able to make 900+ Diamond Blocks out of the deal once he trades with Keralis... Grian would be able to make quite the Diamond Block tower at that point!
Marek Votava
Marek Votava Vor Monat
I love how Mumbo is able to do intricate redstone circuits but struggles to hit a squid lol
Sharon- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
I watched Grian's POV first and it was absolutely hilarious watching him try to break into what I thought was just a facade. What I didn't realise till I watched this was that you had orchestrated every single piece of this xD
Leroy The Steroy
For claiming to have the most diamonds on the server, unlocking a recipe when picking up a diamond block in episode 6 is a little strange.
Cluemily Vor Monat
The break-in attempts were even better from a spectator's angle. 😂 Also that scaled up vault door gives off the vibes of like... a guardian's face. I kinda dig it, like it's watching you.
Lawrence Akau
Lawrence Akau Vor Monat
I said that too with the vault door... And Grians attempts are up to par... Hilarious
Jakob Lent
Jakob Lent Vor Monat
put a few guardians in and boom LASERS
Evan Pesheck
Evan Pesheck Vor Monat
@Thomas Buley same
Thomas Buley
Thomas Buley Vor Monat
That’s exactly what I thought!
ThatDeadMeme Vor Monat
Mumbo, the build looks so neat!!! Honestly, I really like the door with the deep slate rather than the dark prismarine. Dark prismarine is such a nice color, especially with this palette, but I definitely think it’s best in moderation so it can contrast with the other blue-greens of the build. It adds a lot of depth and shadows! Also?? The door is giving me slight Portal vibes, and I’m living for it. Edit: THE LANTERNS!! I LOVE THE LANTERNS. IT’S SUCH SPOOKY VIBES AND SO COOL AND JUST- CHEF’S KISS MWAH. SO COOL!!
BrownR87 Vor Monat
Mumbo: I'm filthy rich Also mumbo: new recipes unlocked when handed a diamond block
Best Minecraft
Best Minecraft Vor Monat
This guy gives off such a positive energy that lifts everyone’s spirits and makes everyone feel better ❤️❤️❤️
4nthr4x Vor Monat
The final trap room in your vault, right before you get to the actual goodies, could be a security guard room with an ender pearl stasis chamber. When Grain enters, you could teleport in and go all bri'isch copper like "oi, wots all this then, you cheeky hermit?" Bonus points if it's built out of copper, then you'll be a bri'isch copper copper ^_^
MEL Vor Monat
Dude, seeing Mumbo gradually improve his building from season to season is honestly amazing, I think season 8 really helped mr jumbo branch out and try more things, I think it really did wonders for him! The walls looking amazing, and that vault? Holy shit. it’s like eye candy, and I’m sure me and multiple other people are really proud of how far you’ve come!! Excited to see more builds from you in the future :)
i'm a artist who can draw
Same way with grian in red stone
Joshypoo McBananapan
@ARgamer Mombo*
YAY I think Mr. Mumbo Jumbo Bumbo Gumbo Dumbo has really pushed himself out there.
1Umbreon 4Life
1Umbreon 4Life Vor Monat
He's improved by leaps and bounds recently
MEL Vor Monat
@ARgamer was meant to say mr jumbo
Pheor Rungurd
Pheor Rungurd Vor Monat
Set up a portal trap for yourself, that will teleport yourself in, and then you can set one up to get into your main base. This way only you will be able to enter your vault without breaking blocks. I would suggest a 4x4x2 block room built entirely out of obsidian, with chests filled with shulker chests. That should hold almost everything valuable you can mine within a hermitcraft season.
Anthony Sweeney
Anthony Sweeney Vor Monat
I REALLY love your design my guy! the deepslate and copper is awesome, can't wait for the next vid!
Justin Smith
Justin Smith Vor Monat
Needing chorus fruit to get down a level or two in the actual vault might be fun. Maybe kept in a convenient dispenser that is equally suspicious.
Lucky Tomato
Lucky Tomato Vor Monat
I love how Mumbai was spot on with Grian trying to get into the vault though
Sacha Maillot
Sacha Maillot Vor Monat
Having seen Grian's episode a few days ago did not make this less hilarious, on the contrary. Thank you for having made me giggle for this entire episode of hermitcraft.
Ben Vor Monat
@Sacha Maillot :)
Ben Vor Monat
@Sacha Maillot or you could just not reply
Sacha Maillot
Sacha Maillot Vor Monat
@Ben then they don't have to read my reply
Ben Vor Monat
@Sacha Maillot what if not everyone wants you to tho
Sacha Maillot
Sacha Maillot Vor Monat
@Ben well I mean... why not? There aren't so many of them. I'm glad people answered to my comment so I happily answer to them
Aricw Vor 21 Tag
17:17 when mumbo got the diamond blocks from grian, it said that there were new recipes unlocked, meaning that mumbo has never touched a diamond block. A bit strange for the richest hermit🤔
Jackson Gerling
Jackson Gerling Vor 13 Tage
no, he just stores his riches in netherite block form
Pushkal Gambhir
Pushkal Gambhir Vor 16 Tage
I guess it's because he is from different account
501 4R
501 4R Vor Monat
I love watching mumbo complementing himself for placing a block
Hugo Loopik
Hugo Loopik Vor Monat
17:14 I love how Mumbo got the new recipes, while he keeps talking about his riches
ThaFuzzwood Vor Monat
Look, we all know that at this point his riches comprise 13 bamboo.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Vor Monat
Watching Mumbo get increasingly more and more excited about his own buildings is honestly a joy.
adam schnur
adam schnur Vor Monat
This whole vault thing seems like it could be a good minigame/shop for next season. Having all the hermits that want to try and crack the vault and pull a heist pay for a chance to break in and having a cool down period so you can refresh the traps and mechanisms to thwart the prior progress
BeautifulNova Vor Monat
@Serothil Music Tango did hack the vault Mumbo hid the diamond throne in in season 7 though.
Dragonclaw540 Vor Monat
Bot stole your comment RIP
Kokomik Vor Monat
Kokomik Vor Monat
John Tippetts
John Tippetts Vor Monat
I think replacing some of the concrete with dark prismarine would be a good idea
SavageNerd Vor Monat
I love when it says "New Recipes Unlocked" when he picked up the diamond block lol. It's his first time having one lol
Betsy Vor Monat
I love how he litterally fell into a trap full of lava but died trying to get out
Helene Bouvet Halliday
I’m so exited for the vault to be finished!🤩
Colin Smith
Colin Smith Vor Monat
Suggestion: After the third or so time Grian dies to the 'decoy vault', make it actually the way into your vault, but the path is filled with traps of all kinds.
Marcus Daloia
Marcus Daloia Vor Monat
@Colin Smith No I mean just disguise a access tunnel as a lava pit.
Colin Smith
Colin Smith Vor Monat
@Marcus Daloia Way too easy. But maybe lava bottom, no way to jump out of it, have to elytra across, except there's tripwires all across above the lava that shoot arrows that'll knock you into the lava, and then at the end you have to input a passcode of some kind. And then, since you had to stop flying to put in the passcode, you're in the lava and once the door opens you have to ender pearl or rocket out. And then you're just on to the next death-trap setup.
Adam Nisbett
Adam Nisbett Vor Monat
I was already thinking that a good plot twist is for Mumbo to put out this video out before the two weeks are up showing it has been retrapped knowing that commenters will probably try to warn Grian and then immediately after the video releases, Mumbo switches out the trap for the actual entrance way.
Marcus Daloia
Marcus Daloia Vor Monat
Or just make a lava filled tunnel and use fire resistance potions.
Hacks of Jack's
Hacks of Jack's Vor Monat
@Edgar D. Tan good idea
GamerPax1984 Vor Monat
Mumbo!! :D So glad to see you back on the server and enjoying yourself again! The prank wars between you and Grian? Give me life, I swear! I haven't laughed this hard in a while. LOL Your vault is looking absolutely amazing, and looking forward to see how the base evolves. :) PS - Please stop being your own worst critic. Your fans love you, and we love seeing you enjoy yourself and having fun with your friends more than anything else.
Starman Vor Monat
It would be amazing if you have the entire massive vault, and then the actual entrance is a hidden trapdoor is in one of the corners of the outer layer. Also, I feel like those TNT mine carts will blow up some of your base...
Sinsystems Vor Monat
Mumbo here is a suggestion for the future: Once the main vault is set up you can hold a challenge to the other hermits, basically under the same rules as Grian they need to break into the vault and steal what is inside. You can make it have a very large entrance fee with the winner getting it all, but if they can't before an allotted time (or they use up a limited number of lives) then you keep it all.
manic tornado
manic tornado Vor 7 Tage
In all honesty mumbo has been a hero to me and many other Redstone maniacs I really hope he doesn't go it really is depressing if he does leave completely, if you think about it even grian seemed like he knew what mumbo was up to and just tried making him laugh so he would stay or so that he would have good memories of hermit craft or im just crazy lol still though mumbo don't leave your an inspiration to everyone if you need a break just tell your community im sure they will be more than excepting of it I know id be fine with it.
Alistair Mcghie
Alistair Mcghie Vor Monat
If you leave a decoy vault up, then once hes got into it and realised its a decoy, turn it in to the main vault. He hopefully will discount looking again.
Nobody Vor Monat
Don't read profile photo
Don't read myy name
pjotr swinkels
pjotr swinkels Vor Monat
@Anything. maybe, but then again maybe Grain expect Mumbo to think the same thing and therefor Mumbo would want to make him think that the vault Is fake because grain would think its real but he knows that so grains would have to assume its actually fake and therefor the vault should be real
Anything. Vor Monat
Actually he might go for it again as he would try to be smart and think that mumbo has used purposely deterred him from trying again.
Zack the Maniac
Zack the Maniac Vor Monat
The only thing you need to do to to keep Grian out is to make it so there's 50 buttons in a room, if he doesn't push any for a week the door opens.
Mythicallizzy Vor Monat
Can't wait to see Grian try to break into the vault! It's gonna be so satisfying :D
The Gaming Interpreter
The vault should open by the 3x3 quartz and stairs rising from the ground, just saying it would be a good idea.
TNTNinja 2
TNTNinja 2 Vor Monat
Later vault idea: if he actually gets in have multiple times where he can leave or choose to go through another trapped corridor, but the final one has nothing and is just a super trap
Ellis Vor Monat
Love how Grian gets so upset about losing his stuff then proceeds to not go and get his netherite tools from the lava..
GH1002 Vor Monat
@realmixaoc 💀💀💀💀💀💀☠
realmixaoc Vor Monat
He forgor 💀 He forgor everything 💀
Azowazo Vor Monat
Wasnt he using diamond??
Thomas Williamson
But I’m gonna
Thomas Williamson
Rick roll not gonna troll
ShortBusBoiz Vor Monat
I can't wait until grian fills the empty vault with his own diamonds just to win them back again.
Gustav Leinum Nørgaard
The fact that you have build a wall that looks fantastic on both sides is amazing
Happy Happy
Happy Happy Vor Monat
You could get some elder guardians to restrict mining on your property, then set them into minecarts to move them down if you want to mine sth.
Piper Ricca
Piper Ricca Vor 6 Tage
now that I’ve watched this and grian destroying impulses farm, I can safely say nothing is grian proof
AssumingTaxes Vor Monat
Im excited to see a NON DECOY vault that actually has traps and stuff to break into. Ty for the likes.
Eduardo Castillo
@Don't Read My Profile Photo I've heard of you, I know what game you're playing.
The dood
The dood Vor Monat
@Don't Read My Profile Photo ok if u say so
MurpleDeer Vor Monat
@Don't Read My Profile Photo his name can’t stop me because I can’t read
Colman Dooley
Colman Dooley Vor Monat
I love mumbos VW minibus
AssumingTaxes Vor Monat
@Don't Read My Profile Photo Don't stress, I won't.
Jonathon Vor Monat
After a few times making that a decoy vault, make it the entrance to the actual vault
Matthew Morse
Matthew Morse Vor Monat
Honestly… I was in full support of Mumbo taking some time if he needed it. I think he got in his head too much though. I much more thoroughly enjoyed his videos before his break he took. Not only that, but he comes back after the longest hermitcraft break ever, takes over a month off and then it’s been over 2 weeks since his last episode. I hope he turns things around gets back to normal
Matthew Morse
Matthew Morse Vor 28 Tage
@Danny Houghton except for that whole thing where I said I was in full support of him taking time off if he needed it. And I’ve written several other comments that I was glad to see the hermits take a longer break between seasons as well as them not cranking out an episode every other day because it was far too much to keep up with. The whole point of my comment was that Mumbo clearly got in his head that he NEEDS to go bigger and better. I would say he has one of the more loyal communities out there, we watch because we enjoy Mumbo as a person and the casual entertainment he puts out there. If I expected bigger and better there are far better minecrafters than Mumbo (no offense Mumbo) doing way more innovative things. Point is, no one NEEDS Mumbo to go bigger and he needs to stop feeling like he has that pressure because he has the youtuber equivalent of the yips. His content has gone very downhill the past couple episodes and feel he’s putting too much pressure on himself instead of just having fun which is what we all tune in for. So that’s what I mean by me saying I hope things get back to normal with his channel because it’s fun and great entertainment when he’s having fun, not when he’s feeling pressure to do things that most of his viewers don’t care about.
Danny Houghton
Danny Houghton Vor 29 Tage
You seem to be under the illusion that these guys owe you something and have to upload.. He was burnt out and took a break, yeah, he's then on holiday but you'd have complained if he'd just not uploaded at all and took 2 months off... Not only that, the long break wasn't planned and season 8 thwarted by Mojand splitting the updates... Regardless of any of that, be a fan and enjoy the content when it comes.. Comments like yours are why he ended up burnt out in the first place thinking he had to go bigger and better all the time 😔
random dude
random dude Vor Monat
He's in Phillipines;)
Mohid Shahzad
For those worried about Mumbo, he will be returning in September accordung to his Twitter.
ChaoticHotMess Vor Monat
Grian's portal is beautiful. I hope he uses warped stem and twisting vines in his build. It would really make it look complimentary to your copper and Prismarine vault base. I really like how you include quick tutorials while you play. Those little tidbits work in three-fold: (1) it teaches viewer something new; (2) it flows with the entertainment value of watching Hermitcraft; (3) it leads to viewers wandering onto your channel for other full length "how to" videos and playlists.
WackoMcGoose Vor Monat
I have a prediction for season end. After everyone's made their final episodes and the season is officially over, but _before_ Xisuma packs up the world download, all the hermits are going to transfer their entire wealth into Mumbo's vault, all to get one over on us by making us second-guess whether or not Mumbo's vault really did have things in it all season...
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Vor Monat
@Diagnosis Horror I figure it'll be a very last minute thing, and/or Grian won't actually take directly from the vault lol
Diagnosis Horror
@Sepia Smith that could end horribly for them if Grian manage's to break in. Mumbo would lose everyone else's riches lol
NotRickAstley Vor Monat
It will be the same thing that happened with scar in season 8 ha ha
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Vor Monat
Or maybe Mumbo will go around selling his vault as a safety deposit box and the hermits will play along and use his vault as their "storage" haha
NATPER :D Vor Monat
That’s actually a great idea
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