Hipster at a Country Restaurant

Drew Talbert
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The tables have turned. Luckily, this Southern country cookin restaurant has someone who speaks Hipster.

Co-write w/ Andrea Kelley



30 Nov 2021



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"Your vibes are sketch bro"
Oh no, he's evolving! Also, keep it 100% is definitely the Roll Tide of hipster lingo Lmao
Absolutely brilliant
amir hojat1999
This guy really knows how to make stereotypes funny, don't stop making these
Karma Does More
as someone with both a california hipster and a country girl as parents, I can confirm Collards are country kale and a million times better. just don't tell them we cook it in bacon grease
10th letter
Wasn't ready for the reversal on us. Worked well though!
Sad Boy
I love that, "it's ok Buck I speak hipster" 🤣
Jesse Russell
I’m amazed that each new person is completely different! Almost convinced they aren’t all actually him!
The level of attention in his reproduction of mannerisms and quirks, it’s so well done
Hell Yeah, more settings! He just casually showed us that he's not gonna run out of material for the next decade. God damnit DE-vid blow this channel up already! Can't believe it took until this week for me to stumble over it myself.
"Your vibes are sketch bro"
Atiqah Diyana
This is so wholesome???? It would’ve been so easy to just pick on and make fun of the hipster but instead you just made a really wholesome but funny interaction and I love it
I'm totally feeling the energy of this video, it's straight fire 100%
"Sayless, sounds straight fire"
Minister Avilez
This is a great actor. He embodies the persona he is trying to interpret with a simple wardrobe change but a complete revamping. I hope he does well. He’s very astute and analytical, no doubt.
Oliver Burke
For a Southerner, Drew, you NAILED the hipster and then some!!! Sealed with the presumptuous super comfy facial expressions!!!
Minecraftmom 86
This channel has laid my edges! So relatable. I’ve met these people. You really have to match their energy.
Andrez Chuney
This guy is so funny! As someone who use to serve tables he’s so entertaining and a lot of his skits are so relatable. Keep it up man 👍🏽
Vic H
At least the manager got a break on this one. They got him working overtime, diffusing Timothy.
I love the decorations for this setting! The random saw in the background and the y'all tshirt on the server are everything!
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