House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing - Feldman, Karlan, Gerhardt & Turley Testimony

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House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry Hearing with testimony from Noah Feldman, Pamela S. Karlan, Michael Gerhardt and Jonathan Turley. Hearing starts at 37:25. cs.pn/2ru4pCO



5 Dez 2019



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Roadray Vor 4 Tage
Hey Jordan, is there a question in that rant somewhere? It is extremely obvious that all these republicans are deaf and dumb. I think you are all assuming that Trump tells the truth we are all aware that he is a natural born liar.
Roadray Vor 5 Tage
They didn' impeach in those days they would assassinate.
Roadray Vor 5 Tage
Republicans have only one lawyer, I guess they couldn't find another one to sell their soul and bullshit.
matt snyder
matt snyder Vor 19 Tage
During Noah Feldman's testimony does anyone else notice the hoe on the right blinking her ass off like she's in a blinking championship?
SuperEmitt Vor 21 Tag
Remember Obama exercised the same executive privilege that President Trump is doing, not once did they hold Obama in contempt of Congress or abuse of power even though it cost American lives. Furthermore, when they reference the Clinton and Nixon impeachment that they allowed their people to testify those two Presidents have actually been charged with a crime whereas Congress has yet to bring a single charge against President Trump and now they want to hold him in contempt because they have nothing else. Remember recently they announced publicly bribery charges against President Trump and then they dropped that just as quickly as they did all other past allegations. Proof, all other charges have been dropped and two new charges have been brought forward abuse of power, and contempt of congress. What happened to Collusion, Quid-Pro-Quo, etc. etc. etc. etc. Ask yourself why does congress, keep changing their serious allegation against President Trump and now go with this weak impeachment bull? Is it because they have nothing and they are still grasping at straws? President Trump only order his people not to participate in this kangaroo impeachment hearing because it is a waste of time and tax payer's money. Moreover, if his people are tied up in this BS hearing it would only make it more difficult for President Trump to do his job and accomplish what really needs to be done out in the real world. In other words, if President Trump allowed his people to be tied up, POTUS would not be able to get anything done and Congress will have more to bitch about. President Trump needs his people to do the leg/paperwork and research while he is tending to foreign world matter such as with Russian attacking the UK and how he can help, Korea, China trade agreement, Mexico/Canada NAFTA agreement, our Military, Restoring peoples rights, United Nation, etc, in addition to exposing and dealing with corruption in our Government as well other world Governments before giving them any kind of aid. Not long ago and 40 million dollars later President Trump was attacked with the Russian witch hunt. President Trump was accused of fabricated crimes, lies, fraud and malice swearing he was guilty of Russian collusion. President Trump rebuked it every step of the way, yet the media and congress deceived the public saying that they had hard evidence proving President Trump's guilt. In the end, it turned out that President Trump was right and the only true witch that was exposed was Hillary. The corruption that was exposed was with Obama, his administration, the F.B.I, the Clinton foundation, Biden, and the D.O.J, etc. etc. etc. The President is a busy Man and is getting a lot done and Congress is doing everything within and outside their power to interfere and in some cases what I call obstruct illegally the duties of our President. Congress is not staying within their “Sphere of Legitimate Legislative Activity” or simply not working within the scope of their duties and by failing to stay within the “Sphere of Legitimate Legislative Activity” Congress has lost their rights to “Absolute Immunity,” “Congressional Immunity,” “Qualified Immunity,” and even “Sovereign Immunity,” and indictments should be their New Years late Christmas Presents from POTUS. Congress and all involved should learn the hard way that depriving an American Citizen of their rights and going to war against the Constitution is a crime “We The People” will not tolerate.
Christopher Hernandez
The republican professor Jonathan turley played the emotion card. No we do not forgive trump for being a traitor
Stool_Pigeon Vor 26 Tage
Turley is actually a Democrat I believe. He was one of the first guys to scream that Bush's was in Iraq was unconstitutional. He was the belle of the ball on CNN during the Bush years because he screamed, "unconstitutional " over and over at Bush during that era. Then he later called out Obama for the same thing. Everyone realized he was not towing the party line; that -gasp- he ACTUALLY believes in the constitution in a non biased way.
D lion
D lion Vor 29 Tage
The thing about devine rights of a king. No one in any government on the planet have the authority to deny me of my devine rights. If anyone in government would like to challenge me on the matter. I am available. I am and I will exercise my devine rights no matter what is put into these law books. Devine rights of a king is decided by God. Any one try to deny me of my right will be seen as a sinner in the eyes of God Amen.
Alicia Kaffen
Alicia Kaffen Vor Monat
This is why local elections and midterms are important
south sider96
south sider96 Vor Monat
Just because a hick from Georgia doesnt understand what's going on here doesnt mean the American people are as stupid as the people that elected you, Mr. Collins.
Stephanie Hayek
Stephanie Hayek Vor Monat
Why does Rep Collins and Rep Jordan have to yell into their microphone? Can they turn the volume down if they keep yelling? Also why doesn't it occur to the Republicans that the 2016 election was rigged and it was not the will of the people that got the current president elected but the Russians who got him elected. There is no overturning the will of the people. It's overturning the rigged election that got him in office.
Mel Smith
Mel Smith Vor Monat
Turley just wants Barr’s job 😆
Mel Smith
Mel Smith Vor Monat
Jordan’s ancestors were definitely slave auctioneers. That voice #cringy
GMan Baz
GMan Baz Vor Monat
Schiff and Nadler cant do anything right You liberals and democrats are dumb af to believe any thing the demorats say, just because you hate Trump(for absolutely no reason) doesnt mean you can just impeach him over nothing
We're all witnessing the most LYING CORRUPT DemonRat PARTY IN ALL OF AMERICAN HISTORY playing out !!! The DemonRats and their media are the biggest THREAT this Country has ever faced !!! Thank God Pres Trump is the man he is... no other man could take the slings and arrows that he has !!! His strength and focus is amazing !!! His 2020 re-election WIN will be historically EPIC !!!
James Clements
James Clements Vor Monat
Fran Friel
Fran Friel Vor Monat
Thank you, C-Span!
Jeannette Wuor
Jeannette Wuor Vor Monat
Wow!!!!!!!!! I can't believe Republicans are supporting Trump's dictatorship.
Maria Gil de Sagredo
Mr. Collins go home go home go home you are useless
G. Dileonardo
G. Dileonardo Vor Monat
All these politicians calling for impeachment are so guilty and making so much money on corruption , they HAVE to lie and cheat, changing parliamentary rules etc, or they will go DIRECTLY TO JAIL!!! THIS IS A REAL ATTEMPT AT A COUP AGAINST THE POPULAR CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE USA!!! IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE FROM HERE ON KIDS !!! ALL OUR RIGHTS ARE AT STAKE!!!
You're Nemesis
You're Nemesis Vor Monat
What kind of joke justice system is this... The accused is not allwed to speak..attend.. or defend himself agains Zionist and Gay accusers..in the illegal Coup d'état Pelosi is mentally deranged & a freak enabler.. Bossy mafia style bully hateful Italian.. narssistic Biitch. With her Cyborg right hand that's out of control. What ..WTF is that ? Like a mad scientist in a Bond movie....the left hand drags the right one down. Suddenly showing everyone her wrist and bracelet. LOL, shes mentally unhinged Another Dems finger wagging Taliban clone.. like Obama Bin Laden wag wag, point wag. Pray for Trump? HAHA HAHA LOL HAHA Bossy condescending patronizing.. Sanderous and libelous. A pro freak advocate Jesus christ woman..get your rattling dentures fixed ! She Is mentally disturbed. She should be in Hitchcock birds movie..stabbing with a knife..like Chucky the mad Doll Always waving her right hand around like crazy. And she keeps showing her ear..is that a Masonic sign ? Stupid woman...Quid Pro Quo is in the Bible Talmud Torah Koran..on almost every page The founding fathers were racist Freemasons ..with Freemason connections to England.... Jeeeeeez Almost every word is about her, ME ME ME ...I I I ME ME ME. I THINK ..I FEEL .. "AS I SAID." it's all about Her It started out as a Russian meddling..now morphed into a Closet LBGTQT revenge squad with closet gay Vindman and ugly Shemale Fiona Hill with man hands/ fingers
When spending time on this impeachment people from other country is trying to blow us up this is a mess i never seen anything like this and i am from the old school Trump keep racial remarks to yourselves like others do and run the country like Obama did and make better dems repubs get along and lets make this country eat again for everybody USA cant we all just get along as Rodney King saying rip. Come on Americans i am tired Already WE CAN DO BETTER
WonderWhy Vor Monat
My biggest takeaway from this was the ranking member doug Collins saying "irregardless".
J Aster
J Aster Vor Monat
They all think they're great orators.
Professor Comics
If you look at the previous videos, like those on Muller, Nadler and Collins go back and forth so intensely and rapidly, as lawyers do.
Professor Comics
Correct me if I am wrong, but I have read the transcript SUMMARY (which says that it in the document), and I read the favor in question was Trump asking Zelensky to investigate Crowdstrike. I don't dispute that it also had lines on Biden in later lines, but it was not phrased as a favor in the transcript summary. That document does not explicitly say that there was a quid pro quo for the military aid ($391million). Again, it is not verbatim, but I do not see how the democrats I have heard from have ascertained that Trump undisputably asked for a quid pro quo. The witnesses did not corroborate the allegations specifically and provide admissible evidence, so I do not know where or from who they are getting their information. It also seems strange that the intelligence community has been spearheading this process, in essence. I expect conservatives to say, "yea, well they are abusing their power because they don't like Trump," and liberals to say something that disputes my previous statements. Trying to put aside my personal biases for real, but with everything I have seen and heard, I don't see the evidence for the crime and grounds for it. I won't say this is a "sham," and I think there was something that happened perpetuated by someone, but it does not appear to be Trump as the actor, as much as it is his confidants. Open to any new information I may have missed or other arguments.
Professor Comics
On the bright side, the economy has seen record numbers of low unemployment. It looks like the administration has been continuing the expansion started after Obama's administration helped the economy recover and then started to expand.
Katherene Wedic
Katherene Wedic Vor Monat
When's the last time anybody reading and listening to this had so much effort put into them not being fired from some job
Brock B
Brock B Vor Monat
In his discussion of the meaning of bribery, although a well-intentioned caution against adopting an unfair definition that is overly broad, Turley fails to actually address the others' argument about Trump's bribery. Of course bribery has a meaning and has limits. They are not saying otherwise. What they are saying is that when Trump used his office to attempt to gain a political advantage over his opponent, he not only corrupted his office to his own benefit but also acted AGAINST the national interest. Neither Turely nor the Republicans can overcome this simple fact. Trump did commit bribery in a way that the framers certainly would have understood and that modern citizens understand. It is extremely clear that the framers were concerned about foreign powers corrupting our democracy. They caution EXPLICITLY against this. That is way it is incredibly dishonest for so-called "originalists" to disregard these warnings and the original meaning of constitutional bribery to suit their own political ends.
D h
D h Vor Monat
a "fact", are you serious? When did the "facts" come out? You are assuming due to someone testify "their opinion" or hearsay, 2nd, 3rd and 4th hand......2nd hand info is not fact, where are the people that were there that "know", I only know of 2 people that "know", and they have both stated "not true" ....whether you believe them or not is of no care, this country was based on innocent until proven guilty, not a kangaroo court....in all cases, only witnesses to the "facts" are allowed along with you have a right to face your accusers, so where is the "FACTS"......WHAT else i find funny is the major assumptions (which is their bases) that Trump was in fear of Biden beating him in the future election.....you have to be joking, it is very clear, for no reason would Trump be worried about Biden.....so now flip that thinking....it Was Biden and the dems who "know" they don't have a chance in beating Trump.(they couldn't even do that with voter fraud) They had to do something, clearly they are desperately trying to stay ahead of their crimes......if you can' t beat him, take him out, they have tried assassination attempts already also......get in the real world, take your losses and let the country move on..the time to pay for crimes and abuse of this country has came, they have no one to hide the crimes anymore and they Fear Trump with ALL of their lives....the money is going away, the truth is coming out and they know it, they saw the writing on the wall when Hillary and her rigged election failed........sad day for America, but it sure isn't in what Trump is being accused of.......
Steez Hooligan
Steez Hooligan Vor Monat
What’s the name of the guy who the Dirty Democrats referenced was in prison now
K J Vor Monat
Hebrew Yisraelite Yahawadahite
⚰ *TRUMP 2020* ⚰
Carson Strahl
Carson Strahl Vor Monat
Democrats need to be held accountable for all this BS and spending all the moneys of the taxpayers. Vote them all out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GMan Baz
GMan Baz Vor Monat
Hebrew Yisraelite Yahawadahite MAGA KAG= TRUMP 2020
Hebrew Yisraelite Yahawadahite
*MAGA = Lynch trump 2020*
Brandon Critteria
bosifus jones
bosifus jones Vor Monat
Seems republicans don't know the difference between a impeachment inquiry, and a criminal trial,
bosifus jones
bosifus jones Vor Monat
@Brandon Critteria possibly, I'll ask them when i get off from work lol, are your parents proud of you, i hope so, its so sad when children become a disappointment to their parents
Brandon Critteria
bosifus jones I bet your parents are proud of how you spend your days...
bosifus jones
bosifus jones Vor Monat
@Brandon Critteria truly, one could only hope to reach the intellectual propriety that you have so clearly demonstrated here,
Brandon Critteria
bosifus jones well that’s the first smart thing though said on here #ArrestObama
bosifus jones
bosifus jones Vor Monat
@Brandon Critteria such an intelligent response, addressing the argument and clearly stating a rebuttal, i bow before your superior intellect and eloquence
scott left
scott left Vor Monat
Turley, the star of the show, utteryly DESTROYS (this time for real) The Three govt Stooges, this was a gold standard in how to burn down incendiary minds...he slapped them with a reality check that turned them into putrid fish guts.
cornbreadthedog Vor Monat
You'll never get the Republicans to cross the isle and flip on Trump. You can argue and present evidence all day long but they'll always vote along party lines. Politicians have been bought and paid for by billionaires and big corporations years ago. They may be embarrassed by Trump's behavior and statements but he's doing exactly what they want him to do. This is all just a formality.
Noble Sessalina
Noble Sessalina Vor Monat
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Jason St-Coeur
Jason St-Coeur Vor Monat
That Feldman is a butterface, harvard (I did that intentionally) must regret having him representing them right now.
Jason St-Coeur
Jason St-Coeur Vor Monat
18:31 Hum..That lady in the bottom left corner taking pictures of their notes.. I wonder, I know it's probably nothing malicious since nothing classified would be there in the first place without being redacted but.. Why would she take pictures of what they're gonna talk about it if they're gonna talk about it anyways, which brings the question.. who does she works fort. She seemed awful concerned about having nobody watching.. She could genuinely be stupid enough to believe that cameras don't start rolling before the hearing is started, I've seen dumber people.
Shula Hangel
Shula Hangel Vor Monat
the democrat need medicine they can not help them self
8Bit Latina
8Bit Latina Vor Monat
I am sick to death with all the infighting. Republicans, I do not hate you, but I can’t understand why you anyone would swear your allegiance to any president over the constitution. Democrats, I do not hate you, but I can’t understand why you cannibalize your own people because they don’t agree with everyone of your principles. We, as a people, will never improve ourselves or the country without working together. Now I’m just a nobody, but I call for a political reformation, a clean slate: gut the White House, cut half the senate, and half of congress. Abolish the electoral college and separate California into three separate states. And then we can work from there.
Jessbo Bess
Jessbo Bess Vor Monat
Ugg Collins voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Quit yelling an whining
Goldie Irish
Goldie Irish Vor Monat
Biden's son isn't Trump's political opponent.
Kenneth Lang
Kenneth Lang Vor Monat
Trump’s concern is not exposing corruption.
Angrage Macmuffins
Why is Woody Allen and Bill Nye the Homosexual Guy being questioned?
Deathmachinept Vor Monat
4:22:00 See what mainstream news created... She think Trumps is a puppet of Russia. A president that sold lethal weapons to Ukraine, the country that is at war with Russian that annex part of it's country. The president honestly is the most American person I have seen from attitude, to family and history. But Russia is a superpower being friends, having treaties and understanding they have a place to play in global economics is essential this will create prosperity and jobs for USA. Make friends, make trade and defend your nation interests but not cost at the decency of other countries.
Goldie Irish
Goldie Irish Vor Monat
Jeannette Wuor
Jeannette Wuor Vor Monat
Okayyyyyy, That's probably why He is the clown around.
D. M.
D. M. Vor Monat
Wait for the Senate trial and cross examination of Shit head Schiff ,etc. Pelosi is just a lying , evil , bitch !!
Bernita Jenkins
Bernita Jenkins Vor Monat
What is the collective noun for a group of douchebags ? Republicants ? (give or take a vowel).
Cheri Carreon
Cheri Carreon Vor Monat
The Republications were there to create chaos and did not address the president's charges with they know he has done. Will they represent the truth? History will record the senate's decisions forever, did they do their duty when they took their oath of office, to protect our constitution?
Crimson Clover
Crimson Clover Vor Monat
obama gave them blankets
Anna Koetters
Anna Koetters Vor Monat
7:28:57 omfg the dude sitting next to Debbie Lesko’s face when she says “let me read..” WOW I cannot believe she tried to pull that one I wonder if any media out there ran with it. The man’s face shows just how ridiculous this argument is. (The transcript literally includes the word Biden in the next sentence or two)... wow.
Anna Koetters
Anna Koetters Vor Monat
Next sentence meaning the next time Donald Trump speaks.
Anna Koetters
Anna Koetters Vor Monat
Debbie Lesko’s mascara is funnier
Anna Koetters
Anna Koetters Vor Monat
I was nervous to be embarrassed or ashamed of Andy Biggs because I’m in AZ but he looks so dumb I’m actually laughing out loud and enjoying this
Goldie Irish
Goldie Irish Vor Monat
Feldman wants to be Hamilton on Broadway
Goldie Irish
Goldie Irish Vor Monat
Trump went around these traitor to get corruption evidence of 2016 election. If Joe got caught in that corruption that's jos bad not Trumps!!!!
Goldie Irish
Goldie Irish Vor Monat
Why are these 4 witnesses? This has nothing to do with Ukrain or anything. They are 3 Trump haters and you notice they aren't asking last guy Qs because his open screwed dems lol. Good for him!!!
Goldie Irish
Goldie Irish Vor Monat
My Dear Watson
My Dear Watson Vor Monat
Democrats arguing to uphold the constitution. Satire at it’s finest.
MyLife NotYours
MyLife NotYours Vor Monat
Must stuck to not have "all the information available" that you'd like, right Reps? Maybe tell the top to set a good example and provide all the evidence too? 🤔
Robert Olson
Robert Olson Vor Monat
Funny how witnesses when ask in both hearings "Do you have any FACTS that prove Trump did any impeachable offenses.... everyone was as silent as a church mouse... They knew if they lied, it would be both slandering the president and lying under oath...
Jeannette Wuor
Jeannette Wuor Vor Monat
I did not see that.
WWG1WGA Vor Monat
Noah Feldman is Jeffrey Epstein's Nephew, Facebook content manager and a Shari'a law supporter. In other words, a real austere religious scholar.
Khang Pham
Khang Pham Vor Monat
Can we get an investigation on Biden after this is over? I believe this is a distraction from the true crime.
Jeff Nau
Jeff Nau Vor Monat
Khang Pham you’re right there haven’t been ANY investigations into Biden at all /s
Jeff Nau
Jeff Nau Vor Monat
Khang Pham you’re right there hasn’t been ANY investigations into Biden at all /s
Jeff Nau
Jeff Nau Vor Monat
Khang Pham you’re right there hasn’t been ANY investigations into Biden at all /s
Trevor O
Trevor O Vor Monat
Republicans- "all hale king Trump!" Lets give president Trump Kingly privilages! lets go back to a monarchy! yayayay All hale king trump!!!
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