How Drops be in RPG games 

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27 Aug 2022



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RDCworld1 Vor year
Thank you guys for watching! Can we get the likes to 100k !? We’ve been dedicating a lot of time to some new stuff we got coming out hope you guys love it! For now show love to the short videos !
Wyolkens_ Vor year
Got chu
Conor Doyle
Conor Doyle Vor year
EndāW VV Knightz
I make funny skits that I'm sure you'll enjoy 👍
jrocktwo Vor year
Aceryankingcats channel
Jack Wrath 💀💀💀💀💀
Ryza Vor year
I love how the loot is bigger than the rats, just like getting 3 huge slab of meats from a lizard.
DemonBoyJt Vor year
Jack Wrath in what world
Ryza Vor year
@DemonBoyJt it's a bot, ignore him
gravity777 Vor year
@DemonBoyJt not RDCs that's for sure
AniMe 🌎
AniMe 🌎 Vor year
His Sword Had Looting lll
Just a Guy
Just a Guy Vor year
@DemonBoyJt Bizzaro world
The Sweat Sound of Middle Ground
What Mark didn’t realize was that the legendary armor and weapons were automatically placed in his inventory after his victory.
wasabiluva Vor year
Underrated comment
TalTheBest Vor year
Imagine Vor year
SeanBlessed Vor year
Deon Nathanel Allen
Lmaooooo facts!!!
Viewtiful Ace
Viewtiful Ace Vor year
I think the drops were scaled to your level. The guy fighting a rat was high level, so he got a good drop; while Mark was low level and got bad drops.
MadeByChikar Vor year
No it’s random number generator
Barishakhet Vor year
Any RPG I've played, you either don't get drops from low level mobs at high level or low level mobs just don't drop good stuff. Unless it's a rare glam or something.
Deedee Washington
Marcus Vor year
I think it was a skit so the drops he got were bad so that it would be funny.
Autumneagle Vor year
I remember farming these cool mobs in an RPG for hours thinking they might drop their sword or armor only to find out years later as an adult that it was never in the loot table
normie normie
normie normie Vor 10 Monate
Classic Scott Adams L
Z0rz Vor 10 Monate
rip to all those varrock guards
Brickleskeetle Vor 9 Monate
Warframe/AQW be like
keltec Vor 9 Monate
@Brickleskeetle AQW FAN OMG!!! i cant believe another one exists
ixl2015 Vor 9 Monate
Nice AQW
BronIs TheGoat
Man mark is really such a genius with these skits ahaha. Him, Des, Ben, and Leland be having me so dead. Wish John and Aff would make more appearances though. 😭
MrGUnit27 Vor 11 Monate
I love how in the RDCworld universe, even fantasy RPG characters are sneaker heads
AK Vor year
I absolutely LOVE this real life RPG series. Only discovered you a couple weeks ago and you have some serious comedy talent.
YungDripGod Vor year
I’ve been watching them for maybe 5 or 6 years. Man I wish I just found out about them. Id binge watch they shit all day.
Gawdlyb Vor year
Watch anime house and video game house my dude
Austin A
Austin A Vor year
@Gawdlyb Gotta throw Hood Olympics in there too lol that instigating always has me dyin, matter fact time to go watch that for like the millionth time haha
Gabriel Ike
Gabriel Ike Vor year
@YungDripGod fr
Ak Sosa
Ak Sosa Vor year
@YungDripGod same bro since 5 years almost 6 now they made it hella big
Arc Angelus
Arc Angelus Vor year
Lol I felt this on a personal level it's like every time it destroy a strong boss and monsters that's exactly what they drop nothing heck you get better stuff from the lower creatures than these guys and the most hilarious thing about this is you could be at a really awesome level and still don't get good drops🤣
JahYt Vor year
Yoo, i make short entertaining irl vlog videos if u have nothing to do could u give me your take on them and lmk what i should work on thank u stay blessed day💕
Young Love
Young Love Vor year
I just buy them
El Mayberry
El Mayberry Vor year
@Young Love me too 😅😂😂
Stop Playinn Tre
I apologize for the self promo but Tbh I make entertaining vids just like RDC. I bet 100% it’ll make u laugh. If not you can come to tell me
Merilirem Vor year
I only care when the drops ain't in the game to begin with. Too many games, even those with supposedly full loot have gipped me on the one item i really wanted. Really whatever i want to do in a game is exactly the one thing you can't do.
Iridescent RA
Iridescent RA Vor year
Peep the game. He was looking outside himself the whole time for things, and when he died, he realized he was a king the whole time. He wasn’t grateful for what he did have. The other man who killed the rat and got the good loot, he probably never had any reservations that killing a rat would net anything more or less than killing something else, he was just having fun and accepting things and opportunities as they come. RPGs are more than just killing, and gaining loot, and his mindset going in I think is what reduced his runs time.
CoolTrainer Jay
Backstory kinda ill though I can’t front lol that’s real
Krazy Ki
Krazy Ki Vor year
Mannneee if you don't shutcho- 😂😂
U get it
Dylanz Lol
Dylanz Lol Vor year
Alternative, it's just bad rng lol
Faux d'Auteur
Faux d'Auteur Vor year
Love the twists and turns in this skit, phenomenal storytelling! Good work guys! And it's nice to see Ben at the end doing the ad
OverSeer909 Vor year
I love how he dropped the loot he wanted but was never carrying it 😂😂 this game has some rigged loot drops lmao
Drac Vor year
bro yall are legendary with these skits, always be having me dying, thanks for brightening my day up a bit more gang
K Vor year
As someone who has played RPGs this is painfully accurate.
Ammar Vor 11 Monate
Give me a good rpg game
NovaXII Vor 9 Monate
@Ammar The world ends with you and Neo: the world ends with you both are literal hidden gems
TChris Bass
TChris Bass Vor 6 Monate
I’m triggered
Bonfist Vor 3 Monate
@Ammar Kenshi
vibez Vor Monat
​​@Ammar^ and skyrim
achinesechickin Vor 9 Monate
Bro, I’m a huge elden ring fan,…..and this is EXACTLY how I would think when I would farm stuff 😂
Zen Vor year
The rat having all of that armor was the best part.
Kenzo Ellis
Kenzo Ellis Vor year
You guys should’ve made a series out of this this is awesome man
wavwav Vor year
The air ones were a .5 drop, the emporer armor was a 2% drop, and the exalibur is a .1. Happy grinding!
omegle stuff
omegle stuff Vor year
Dam can I increase my luck stat or get like 30 min increased drop rates?
CTID Vor year
@omegle stuff bruh💀
itzShod Vor year
@omegle stuff that's going to run ya $150 for 2x drop
Funk luck with you guys tomorrow mail mail 🤗😓🤫😬😧
Backpack PePelon
@omegle stuff rate up is always a lie
Abram Walker
Abram Walker Vor year
You guys never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the laughs boys 🤙
Sentinal Vor 2 Monate
Word of advice, do not throw away the loot drop bonus usable items, people always trash them to save up space in their inventories, but you can get rare items with them lol.
Lisa Daniels
Lisa Daniels Vor year
2:43 when he dropped the sword had me dying lol😂
Noble0 Vor year
These guys have never not failed to make me laugh 🤣
Marcus Tussuzian
Rdc getting sponsored by square Enix is crazy, y’all keep it up!
Mr John Official
Read my name ❤️
Square Enix sponsored a lot of trash games before.
Wyolkens_ Vor year
unknown Vor year
2nd time now
dsafasdfasf Vor year
RDCworld1 just made the best ad for any game ever... next level. Good stuff y'all. I was dying laughing the whole time. Thanks so much for all the laughs over the years. My favorite comedic content creators of all time. You guys have revolutionized comedy and skits.
Call me Zelda ONE moar time
Brave Exvius is a gacha, this ain’t no ad
ones and zeros
Had me dead with them beat up maxes 😭😂😂
Flippirino Vor year
I know the feeling of going for good stylish armor/good gear to get basically little than nothing It also hurts when someone else gets what you wanted from a small random world drop - rat part
Logan Isanerd
Logan Isanerd Vor year
Hilarious as always, keep winning guys and grats on the sponsorship!
boudicaa storm
boudicaa storm Vor 8 Monate
I've been playing RPGs for like 20 years and this is the most accurate shit ever 😂 I can't tell you how many times I'm like "why was that fish carrying a fucking crossbow??" Or "hang on, where tf is the sword that guy was kicking my ass with just now, the body's still here!"
Paranoia Keeps Me Wake
*Excalibur* The Holy blade of RDC. The blade was forged after the tragic demise of Jon Jon, repurposing the plate in his jaw to create an unbreakable blade. Excalibur deals holy and light damage to any enemy, grants the wielder protection II, and allows the wielder to cast cleric spells using the sword as an item. The sword, however, must be attuned to to be wielded. If a nonattuned user runs an attuned user's fade, the sword becomes the *Ceremonial Knife* which, when attuned, recreates *Excalibur* Iɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇɴᴅ ɪᴛs ɢᴜɪᴅɪɴɢ ʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴡᴀs ᴀʟʟ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴍᴀᴛᴛᴇʀᴇᴅ... *Mark discards the Ceremonial Knife*
Dylan Vallières
This comments needs more likes ngl
Dlo Vor year
Vibe Vor year
Underrated comment 😂💪
90sK1dF0r3v3r Vor year
Tell me you rpg without telling me you rpg LOL
Leo Vor year
King arthur
This is literally the embodiment of "when you beat the boss and unlock him as little playable character" lol
anima099 Vor year
I remember a few games where the powerful loot early game is dropped by an easy monster (or mini game), but it's locked at like 2% drop.
John Smith
John Smith Vor year
Mark you are actually very talented at acting I hope too see you on the big screen one day
Kids trap House verified
I been subbed for like 4 years and y'all never disappoint, we love y'all brothers 🖤
Ma1q Vor year
The way he was just walking around and said leave me alone had me dying 😂😂😂
Sherman Bunche III
I am literally crying with laughter. You guys nailed another funny fact.
0n0rhc Vor year
Jack Wrath 😐
Random Vor year
Jack Wrath 😐
Phoenix Destiny
The sad part, this is my exact situation when playing Fatal Bullet and I'm trying to go after the Type Z/Alicization weapons. That said, *bleep* you Dimps. You guys were better making Sonic Advance.
uixman Brown31
Jack Wrath 😐
Box Tja
Box Tja Vor year
Sightless Vor year
The ending was pretty much my introduction to Ultima Online way back in the day. Killed and had an entire crate of the only good loot I owned, taken from my body. I never played it again after that.
Shadowphil Vor year
This is so true. 😂 Drops make no sense, like how can a slime monster drop a fully cooked and ready meal? 😂
Thought Conservatory
I love this skit! It's truly like that in the games, how can you get a suit of armor from a rat... but you do :) haha!! You guys gotta make something about how people get better stuff since they're behind a pay wall or something haha! Great work!
Uncle KB MOW
Uncle KB MOW Vor year
bro thank you so much. Always felt like a weirdo for loving anime and stuff but you guys have shown me that its objectively dope
Sacred Provenance
Sacred Provenance Vor 9 Monate
This was my experience as a kid playing ESO for the first time after years of Skyrim
Skibbidi Sleuth
It amazes me how these guys keep getting better and better with every skit
Toy Dubz
Toy Dubz Vor 5 Monate
"I don't even got nothing man. You gone end up with these Champions on your feet!" CRYING!! 😂😂😂
Dust DaRapper
Dust DaRapper Vor year
This was TOO GOOD!!! Everything was on point n accurate. RPGs will have you in ur FEELS. From loot to grinding. And we gon mentioned those CHEAP FIGHTS! oorrr... when devs place an OUTRAGEOUS high level in early parts of the game.*TEARS OF RAGE*
Londin. Vor 6 Monate
When your inventory is full, but you didn't realize it so you don't get your drops 😭😭
Mr. Cage
Mr. Cage Vor year
As a gamer, I can confirm this is one hundred percent accurate
Klayven Demonex
As someone with a rep for getting rare drops on the first try, or at least before all the farmers, I do feel sympathy for him. Getting epic loot from random mobs, yeah that happened more than a couple of times in WoW. I stopped telling ppl once I realized others weren't always happy for me, lol.
Davzii Vor year
RDC makes our day better whenever they upload ✊🏾
JT Vor year
Yeah I think they get it now y’all be saying that 30 seconds into the video for likes…
Felix Maldonado
Aye look at all these damn haters 😂
yiggy Vor year
Sir_fungus Vor year
It’s getting old
William Breeze
Facts their videos always cheer me up!
Carlo Vor year
That throwing of small sword 😂😂 Man i really love rdc comedy skit.
Shady Gentleman
"NAW YOU DONT DESERVE THAT, YOU WAS FIGHTIN RATS BRO!!" I damn near choked on my ☕️ dying of laughter 😂
tomb raid
tomb raid Vor year
mark got the common loot drop from a rare enemy , meanwhile desmond got the ultra rare item from the most common enemy, then mark proceeded to slay the same common enemy for trash ,rng at its finest
Lyle Obligado
Lyle Obligado Vor year
This is so relatable. Like fact that you grind so long in RPG games looking for the best loot and once you get what you wanted some other random player got something better which makes your drop look like a twig.
WOLFMAN 559 Vor year
Don't forget, when you get a powerful weapon but ur level ain't high enough to wield it so you level up as fast as you can then realize that it messes up ur stats when you finally equip it
Samurai Vor year
That's why I always loved skyrim and fallout as rpg's, simply because if you see it you can cope it as is.
Villahermosa Sebastian
Then you turn into a god of destruction after finding out just how broken crafting and enchanting is
Hercules Baterna
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba Vor 11 Monate
@Villahermosa Sebastian Or you dont You focus on building the skills that suit your character and by level 20 everything murders you like a peasant Elder Scrolls,you either a god,or a nobody,no in between
Roodoo Vanger
Roodoo Vanger Vor 10 Monate
Nah there was plenty of enemies where you couldnt wear what they had. Unless im thinking of oblivion
Roodoo Vanger
Roodoo Vanger Vor 10 Monate
@Seto Kaiba nah just because you dont like looking cool and dont care about fashion doesnt mean we trying to look lame😂
Cartortoise_0 Vor Monat
What he didn’t realize was that if he got 500,000 of those rat cloths, he could make the armor of the rat lord
fraxeditz Vor year
I love these types of videos! Accurate and HILARIOUS 😆 🤙🏾
BigFire Vor 11 Monate
100% feel that. When you farm for specific loot, you'll never get it.
Gman Vor year
That actually sounds like a pretty interesting game, like a medieval Escape from Tarkov battle royale where you loot chests, attack npcs, raid dungeons for items and gear. If you win or escape, you keep everything you found, but if you die you lose your character.
DocDirty MrClean
What you need to do is get carried thru the hard dungeon. Ask in General Chat for someone to run you thru the first couple dungeons. Also the Rat drop rate is glitched. Only players on the East coast get the Emperors Regalia set.
Raiin Vor year
it’s always a good day when rdc posts
Carlton Davis
Carlton Davis Vor year
Imagine if they posted every day
Raiin Vor year
DreSaidSo nah cause hating on DE-vid comments is crazy 💀
your father
your father Vor year
@Raiin bruh, he commented 2 mintues in, on a 4 min video. Like what
William Breeze
True that!
Kai Sasuki
Kai Sasuki Vor year
Man that legendary loot drop rate is crazy
From 1:44 to 1:50 had me dying 😂😂. And the sound he made when he picked up a dagger lol
The Lonely Vagabond
I died when he picked up the golden rat pelt. "This bitch kinda clean this time." ☠️☠️☠️☠️
Damien Dingus
Damien Dingus Vor year
Whelp. All I've got to say about that ending is the Pain Squad jumps on every set. Mentally, physically and emotionally.
J da high roller
0:56 i love how how he spin the sword for extra effect
Squad3gaming Vor 11 Monate
That had me dead 😂😂 and when mark said is that excalibur
jakeflowing Vor year
i been a fan for 7 years now and im just realizing how crazy yall be going to the plains for these shorts it rlly shows the commitment keep up the work rdc
Senzu_Beannn Vor year
Nah That’s Their Land Now
jakeflowing Vor year
@Senzu_Beannn facts
Nande Vor year
You do know thats their land right😂. They bought a new crib and they got massive land. They made a vid on it
Savage Lord
Savage Lord Vor year
@Nande that is literally a park in the town we grew up in. I went there all the time in highschool, same park from the cash money mark new crib video where they talked about being displaced.
Nande Vor year
@Savage Lord bro I swear Cashmoney mark was flexing his land and this was it. Was some massive plot. Bigger than a football filed
InTellygent -Alien King
My favorite things to kill on RPGs were Metal Slimes in Dragon Quest. Seeing all the experience gained was so satisfying. Anyone that plays DQ knows what I'm talking about
🔱Raja Trilogy🔱
we need that drop animation he used on the dagger in every RPG in the future 😂🤣
Andre Walker
Andre Walker Vor 11 Monate
His reaction picking up the polo shirt is 100% accurate 🤣🤣🤣
MediumSur Moon
This is like when you farm a hard ass high tier dungeon ten times in a row and get garbage , then you went into a normal patrol zone and killed the lowest level enemy and it dropped an exotic armor . True story btw
John Vor year
never change RDC ❤ realest channel on youtube
Mr John Official
Can everyone agree that these videos are never disappointing 🤗
yiggy Vor year
Why gotta include everyone
Young Love
Young Love Vor year
So the rule of the game is you don't destroy the player that has the useful items, you destroy the player that destroyed the player with the useful items. Then you get the reward
Dean Youil
Dean Youil Vor year
I love FFBE, such an amazing soundtrack
O'Neil Gerald - Reclaim Your Voice
I recognized the music INSTANTLY. Yes, I am re-downloading Final Fantasy Brave Exvius JUST BECAUSE you guys promoted it.
HollowMan Vor year
0:32 The way he ran up on him and said “Gotta come up off that armor” had me crying😭
I honestly can't believe he threw the dagger. I would have at least sold it to a merchant for 3 gold
ShirouBrando Vor year
That dagger was actually the most powerful weapon in the game
Lightspeeds Vor year
Well this is a Square Enix game.
CnationMavs41 Vor year
I love Brave Exvius but I'm so far behind in the story since I'm playing other games and it's demotivating to catch up. the game is fun, alot of grinding but once you get the hang of things it's not bad at all
Sin *
Sin * Vor year
Yea, it sucks atm though for people linked with Facebook, been 5 days since I can login to it.. along with everyone else linked to Facebook ugh
CnationMavs41 Vor year
@Sin * really that sucks! I was suppose to be coming back to it during the anniversary and never did, I guess ima wait till a hype character comes to get back on
The real RPG series is such classical moment
Justin Time
Justin Time Vor year
0:32 Mark went for the Mickey hit 😂🤡
killiron Vor year
Yo this video damn near killed me with laughter. You guys are funny for real
Treton Bullock
I love ya'll RPG video's it's comedy. The outfits had me dying lol
Ant Vor year
RDC never fails to make me laugh😂
Carlton Davis
Carlton Davis Vor year
Jack Wrath Your head game probly better too
William Breeze
They do their thing!
JahYt Vor year
Yoo, i make short entertaining irl vlog videos if u have nothing to do could u give me your take on them and lmk what i should work on thank u stay blessed day💕
Nicholas Houzenga
This video reminds me of the MMORPG Shaiya. The game had something called Global Drops. Any item could drop including some which were Global Drop only.
Tahu33446 Vor year
This is what it's like fighting enemies in souls games without the proper item drop items or in borderlands games after bl1 where enemies didnt drop the weapons they used.
TheGameTrainz HD
Getting a lucky ass drop early in these types of games really decides how it’s gonna be for you the whole game 😭
DIA_07 Vor year
anytime I see these guys in armour I keep remembering their elden ring playthrough 😂
Kerry Taylor
Kerry Taylor Vor year
When he looked to the sky after that first hit. 😂
BeauBegley Vor year
been binging all the rdc videos and just as im done they make a new one. perfect way to finish my day.
Incephony Vor year
i binged all the rdc vids like 3 years ago i feel u
That dagger he had got a glitch that lets you hit everything for max damage, he was missing out.
rageout479 Vor year
Yessir another rpg one and the accuracy is on high levels i was laughing so much at the ending
Ahmya Kiyomi
Ahmya Kiyomi Vor 11 Monate
The thing I like about Skyrim or any elder scrolls series from 3 iv and v the enemy's always drop what they were unless it's a special enemy
Odin Highwind
Odin Highwind Vor year
I bet that Dagger he threw away had mad crit chance 🤣
GFaD6TV Vor year
RDC keep making use laugh and GoD blessings is come and Thanks for all the shit that u kept me entertained no lie
Zayd Snaynay
Zayd Snaynay Vor year
I love the RPG skits they be making
Mr John Official
Read my name 💜
T M Vor year
Ong they could make a whole show/series just off that.
Zayd Snaynay
Zayd Snaynay Vor year
Jack Wrath get past 100 subscribers 😂😂😂😂
William Breeze
I have a soft spot for rpgs!
JahYt Vor year
Yoo, i make short entertaining irl vlog videos if u have nothing to do could u give me your take on them and lmk what i should work on thank u stay blessed day💕
He had that junt in his inventory but wasn't high lvl enough to equip it 😂
when they don't tell you, that certain stats will level up hidden stats like rarity of loot, on a few games my friend started getting legendary drops after 3 missions, while i after 100 missons was getting epics and a legendary 30 levels below me, only to look up and find out my friend was jokingly dumping into crit damage and grernades, this mans legendary chance went through the room, needless to say, did a character reset, with a few friends, beat the game in 5 days goofy
Joshua DeSousa
When the fancy gear dropped out of Mark I literally hollered ☠️😂
Wyatt Beltz
Wyatt Beltz Vor year
Bro I was dyin through this one. Awesome vid 😂
Who Am I
Who Am I Vor year
I think y’all should make an RPG-based series that calls out all the bs real rpg’s pull.
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