How Music Was Made On Super Nintendo

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A closer look at the sound system of the SNES!
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15 Aug 2018

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Uremawife Nowdave
Uremawife Nowdave Vor 54 Minuten
This video was brought to you by the documentary “Beep”.
Seb B
Seb B Vor 11 Stunden
GamerTechKid Vor Tag
Say what you will but Genesis sounds a hundred times better than SNES. Always did and always will
Josh Slavin
Josh Slavin Vor 5 Tage
Aquatic ambience is one of my favorite game soundtracks ever. Well done!
Majoras Love
Majoras Love Vor 6 Tage
Goosebumps anyone? Damn great music
Ziron of Time
Ziron of Time Vor 7 Tage
0:16 That’s not Mario World
Rooflesoft Games
Rooflesoft Games Vor 7 Tage
You mean it wasn't all made with Mario Paint?
johney supergd
johney supergd Vor 9 Tage
No it’s not true that all samples , music and sound effects has to be all fit in just 64K, in fact samples can be swapped in & out once needed, heck tales of phantansia even streames high quality voices during music playback in the intro, i wish snes street fighter 2 & killer instinct did this sothat they didn’t had to shorten those voices .
Hasan Ahmed
Hasan Ahmed Vor 12 Tage
Stickerbrush Symphony ❤️
The cycling NinjaElephant
Secret of Mana anyone?
Joe Baumgart
Joe Baumgart Vor 19 Tage
I want to make a video game music keyboard. Imagine being able to switch from hundreds of different systems and play music that sounds just like each one.
Larry Maxwell
Larry Maxwell Vor 21 Tag
what is most interesting is watching how a tracker plays back good snes music compared to a traditionally tracked song where limits were not so restrictive.
Paulo Corceiro
Paulo Corceiro Vor 22 Tage
Try this one about videogame history: de-vid.com/video/video-X9b4AHNweK8.html
Kai Labre
Kai Labre Vor 23 Tage
Now I'm downloading an emulator...
Ginger Whale
Ginger Whale Vor 26 Tage
Got the feeling you went all out on the animation and style in this one. Verny nice!
Vilver II
Vilver II Vor 28 Tage
We’re spoiled today.
dephis2 Vor 29 Tage
Goosebumps...man! thats crazy how high level of quality your content has!
Proxy Vor Monat
1:09 you wrote 64 kilobits though... kilobyte would be kB
Lostjoy IX
Lostjoy IX Vor Monat
I just can't believe how video game developers could fit music and sound effects on games with just 64kb.
Zesanactor Over-5
Snes 64kb isn’t limited.
Chris Jenkins
Chris Jenkins Vor Monat
Donkey Kong Country was an amazing game when it came out , spent my childhood on it . Now when I play the newer DK I just end up figuratively throwing my controller . It’s like they’re punishing me for still playing vids .
Sam Vor Monat
Awesome video. Awesome graphics and explanations... I’ve loved it!
VZ Matthews
VZ Matthews Vor Monat
What David Wize did in 64kb soundchips could probably be better than what I can do with GB's of instruments and samples xD
Purianite Vor Monat
>Super Castlevania IV >"Den" from Castlevania: Dracula X wat
Hobbesters Vor Monat
this is very well made
Matt Aasen
Matt Aasen Vor Monat
Wait, they didn't just write it in Mario Paint?
gradjevinac09 Vor Monat
your style of making videos and knowledge on the topics you cover are amazing. it's insipiring. keep it up man
2:05 i love this transition into the game
Samuel Mer
Samuel Mer Vor Monat
great video !!
Seb Not
Seb Not Vor Monat
This Channel is diying hard
A. Volt
A. Volt Vor Monat
Any chance of doing something about the FM synth chip in the mega drive/genesis?
Fragmatic Vor Monat
"Aquatic Ambiance" by David Wise sounds so lovely!
San Eckelhöfer
San Eckelhöfer Vor Monat
awesome!!! thanks, Nerdwriter1 💖 💖 💖 David is really Wise, by the way 😉 I love him
Ink Bass
Ink Bass Vor Monat
Yo, that Donkey Kong soundtrack was on point.
Pieter Naude
Pieter Naude Vor Monat
Shows you. Back in the day they made a plan.
JakeStarstorm Vor Monat
frozenaorta Vor Monat
The audio clip at 0:15 is actually from Super Mario All Stars, not Super Mario World.
Lucas Pinheiro
Lucas Pinheiro Vor Monat
I absolutely love your profile !!! have been watching videos one after another!!! super well produced and your sound mixing made me start watching everything on my headphones!!! ... anyways thank you for the production value, for the amazing writing and the hours of entertainment!! you are my new favorite channel :D
IG_Bugz Vor Monat
im gonna attempt to deter anyone from the thought that gary and his demons is "like rick and morty" and go out on a limb to say it is merely an honorable mention. i just watched the first episode of gary and his demons and i will watch more. its not horrible.. im not the "youre too stupid to watch rick and morty" kind of rick and morty fan, but rick and morty is rick and morty. its in its own class that nothing compares yet
Erick Calmet
Erick Calmet Vor Monat
THe old school were magical and genius, with their limitations they make history
CHU TORO Vor Monat
On top of all the various inaccuracies, let me chyme in with that the phrase "heximadecimal code" is nonsense. Hexadecimal is just a number system in base 16, as our typical decimal system is base 10. Would saying "decimal code" or "binary code" make sense? Maybe binary, because that is ultimately how things are represented at the level of transistors, but decimal and hexadecimal code reeks of nonsense, or someone trying to sound like they know what they are talking about when they don't.
The5GIO5 Vor Monat
No guilles theme come on trashbag step your game up
Peppy P
Peppy P Vor Monat
Yeah what about the amazing Japanese human music composers? They’re the real soul behind the games.
mAdius H RAT
mAdius H RAT Vor Monat
Hello Nerdwriter, what about a game like MOTHER 2 (EarthBound) that has a few hundred music cues, many of which use lengthy samples ? The ending theme even has the composer saying, "I Miss You", not to mention the field recordings and samples from the Beatles, Beach Boys and more. How were these handled ? Potential followup vid ? Thank you !
Mikey P
Mikey P Vor Monat
These videos are so good.
you know another game that had good soundtrack for a SNES? Megaman X1
Grimm Hades
Grimm Hades Vor Monat
Oh the Donkey Kong aquatic ambiance track, I used to leave the game on there and fall asleep to that track. Great video!
generic mexican
generic mexican Vor Monat
Thank you donkey kong composer you made my life
Xklusiv Vor Monat
Do one for genesis
Loreee_ Vor Monat
very informative
DrewTube316 Vor Monat
Childish Gambino Sampled Aquatic Ambiance. de-vid.com/video/video-DvGJ5KtR4QY.html
MacKeeper Vor Monat
not that its not a rad track but like i dont think aquatic ambience is the best example to use, it doesn't really use the affordances inherent to the medium the innovation is how he managed to hack it into the system but i thinks its more interesting when composers use the limitations as a kind of aesthetic of its own
BloomSTRAD Vor Monat
It's a shame people have forgotten about how sound trackers are way better at compressing sound without sacrificing quality. This method of composition was widely used in video games until last decade, a good example I can think of is Bejeweled 2. The whole soundtrack of the game is contained within a single file.
Jemone Durante
Jemone Durante Vor Monat
i absolutly love this video. The way the words fade in, the timing of the voice over. the information its just awesome! if youre going to talk about SNES MUSIC what better way to explain than the best music on the platorm??? DK COUNTRY SERIES of course!
Kupo Vor Monat
this video was in my recommended for a while, so i caved and decided to watch it not a very good first impression for this channel ngl
Space Case
Space Case Vor Monat
Cameron Cowles
Cameron Cowles Vor Monat
It's depressing how much smarter than me people are
Enrique Romero
Enrique Romero Vor Monat
David wise is a godly composer
Silas ofNj
Silas ofNj Vor Monat
Excellent Excellent video. Thanks.
Stefan Richmond
Stefan Richmond Vor Monat
So much nostalgia
Abendigo Vor Monat
This stuff interests me so much ❤
cutcc Vor Monat
Man people back in the day were super dedicated and resourceful--I love it. Very appreciative of their hard work =).
cassio lenno
cassio lenno Vor Monat
Oh my God! this is the best Nerdwriter video.
BubExpress Vor Monat
The snes had the best sound chip back when
Lord LunaEquie is me
A lot of my childhood in this video, including that Mark Rosewater quote. Also, as others have already pointed out, you're either misrepresenting the SNES or didn't do enough research to say that all the music and sound had to fit inside 64 KB of RAM. That's just not what RAM does.
flyboy1c Vor Monat
Limitation breeding creativity was the force behind the genius of Vine. 7 seconds to fit as much of a story on video as possible. Think of the amount of different types of vines and their impact... all because a limit was placed.
flyboy1c Vor Monat
There was definitely a lot of that too. But like youtube vloggers, an intelligent person will gravitate toward the smart ones.
Joseph Cserepes
Joseph Cserepes Vor Monat
Genius?!?! All I saw was cringy edits of other crap.
kirby poyo
kirby poyo Vor Monat
pitrox Vor Monat
thanks to sony for snes sound chip
Shark Dude 7
Shark Dude 7 Vor Monat
Street Fighter music is where it’s at
Josh Anderson
Josh Anderson Vor Monat
4:23 It's Stickerbush Symphony. Not Stickerbrush. Unfortunately it's a painfully common mistake. Everyone gets it wrong.
sukhWins Vor Monat
Man I have now more appreciation for the Aquatic Ambiance!!
FGC_ Roofer_07
FGC_ Roofer_07 Vor Monat
I Wonder how they managed RoboCop 3's theme on NES...
The Littlest Giant
It’s insanely impressive how *good* a lot of the music on SNES games was, even when they were so limited by that system’s capabilities.
joeresio Vor Monat
I make video game music!! I use wave and midi! My dream was always to make music for video games. I have all my VGM on my page.
Pär Moberg
Pär Moberg Vor Monat
The SNES and the Amiga had really similar sound system.
Matty Furious
Matty Furious Vor Monat
Brilliant video, very well edited aswell. Subscribed.
Mats Berglinn
Mats Berglinn Vor Monat
I hope in the future that you will make a video how Nintendo 64 graphic works as well as the sound and the general function of those games as there are differences between pixels and polygons (not only just the looks).
Markus Machado
Markus Machado Vor Monat
David Wise was already a respected composer but now sir you just made him a freaking legend. The guy was crazy
Max Valley
Max Valley Vor Monat
Donkey Kong country soundtrack is amazing. How did they make Yoshi's Island music though?
luca simonelli
luca simonelli Vor Monat
Lol it feels like they put more effort in the music than in the actual game xD
opsimathics Vor Monat
Art from adversity.
JMD Vor Monat
64k is not even enough for a decent mod file, i expect there was some bank switching involved to load several sets
Big LeBAUSki
Big LeBAUSki Vor Monat
I always was interested in this topic, thx!
Eleman Vor Monat
Genesis better///
Spunky Animations
All you had to say was David Wise and I would have understood perfectly.
Chiyo Late
Chiyo Late Vor Monat
Respect to the old game developers. Current game developers can't/won't bother optimizing their game and will just eat any resources thrown at them.
D C Vor Monat
Aquatic ambience is my wakeup alarm music
Salih Khamees
Salih Khamees Vor Monat
The keyword here is DEDICATION folks
Adalberto Rodriguez
Goosebumps because this music. Even those limitations you feel the the power of creativity The most memorable gaming OSTs were composed based on those systems.
Meister Oogway
Meister Oogway Vor Monat
Loved the editing of this video.
ViboraUnleashed Vor Monat
2:20 oh that's blank banshee
Raymond Day
Raymond Day Vor Monat
Super video. I did not know this about the SNES. Only 64K. I can relate to this knowing about the commodore 64. I program in that so know how the hardware works. But I did not know this about the SNES. I only know if made good music. Watched this video the other day and the old Aquatic Ambiance song was in my head. Looked on my Logitech Media Server and found the CD I ripped years ago. DK Jamz the number 8 song.
ftw420anon Vor Monat
Thank you for reminding me of the great video game composer, Nobuo Uematsu. He has composed music for every Final Fantasy game (including XV) and was currently working on the score for FFVII Remake. Unfortunately, a Google search revealed that he is experiencing health problems and will be taking the rest of the year off. I will be sending my best wishes to him and his family.
Γιάννης Γαλάνης
Best game musics ever!
killerpot. stuclaire
who's the 579 asshole who put thumb down you pice of trash probably shitty kids dumb ass "millenium" generation they call it yeah pice of trash generation!
killerpot. stuclaire
i love aquatic ambience since i was a kid this guy is a fucking genius!!
iulian ispas
iulian ispas Vor Monat
The snes sound was awful only really annoying hy pich sounds no bass at all ...
interghost Vor Monat
Donkey Kong Country... easily the best video game music ever!
Gambit Vor Monat
David Wise is a genius. Amazing soundtrack
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