How online ratings make good schools look bad

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GreatSchools is America’s biggest school ratings website. But what do its scores actually measure?
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When parents are researching where to move, they typically look at the quality of a neighborhood's schools. But good data on that is hard to find. That's where a website called GreatSchools has thrived. GreatSchools rates almost every public school in America on a scale of 1 to 10. But when we analyzed those ratings, we found that they almost never give high scores to schools in poor neighborhoods - even though data from their own website shows that many of those schools do a good job teaching students.
This video is a collaboration with Chalkbeat, an education news site. To read more about GreatSchools' ratings, read their story here: www.chalkbeat.org/posts/us/2019/12/05/greatschools-ratings-poverty-race-segregation-housing
EdWeek reported on how GreatSchools changed its ratings system in 2017: www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2017/11/01/school-rating-site-greatschools-expands-its-measuring-stick.html
And recently, researchers have found that the GreatSchools ratings may even have an effect on housing prices, locking poor people out of more affluent neighborhoods: www.chalkbeat.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Digitization_and_Divergence__Paper_-2.pdf
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Chua Li
Chua Li Vor 13 Stunden
china would like to know your location.
Hello Turtle
Hello Turtle Vor 2 Tage
I would never send my kid to an urban poor neighborhood school
Robert Ridley
Robert Ridley Vor 3 Tage
I thought it was going to be about the us news rankings. I've never heard of greatschools.
Epic Brussel sprout
But what about what people actually think about the school the "goodness" of a school shouldn't only be measured by tests that is just how much schools can force you to remember stuff for a day. Schools should be rated on the amount of bullying the niceness of the teachers and overall learning environment not just retention
G Cool
G Cool Vor 9 Tage
America has failed its people since the country became independent
Tomas Wright-Katz
Tomas Wright-Katz Vor 15 Tage
How about this, lets improve low income neighborhoods so that all students are prepared to go to school, and thus meet proficiency.
yang li
yang li Vor 16 Tage
And we should notice that it is much harder to make improvement in exams when you have already had a higher score.
hugo 888
hugo 888 Vor 18 Tage
So many lies from VOX. I say not allow test scores from parents with no immigration status. This would prove VOX is wrong. Its not about rich or poor. Its about the culture.
Engineer Ahmed
Engineer Ahmed Vor 18 Tage
Following factors matter 90 % not discussed in this video 1. Student's genetic IQ 2. Matching teaching style with Student's preferred learning method eg I love structured & online learning & hate research 3. Direction for success guided by parents .....parents told me go STEM/Medical 4. Motivation to be high achiever 5. opportunity to express ie bullying free spaces 6.Choice of subjects & activities
Engineer Ahmed
Engineer Ahmed Vor 8 Tage
Lunar Wave, Only school has to do with factors 2,5 & 6 discussed in my post above..... Video discusses schools r rated by avg of all students' standardized test scores.... I've exposed the real factors that actually contribute to each student's standardized test scores, which collectively over all student make school's avg test score
Lunar Wave
Lunar Wave Vor 9 Tage
What does it have to do with a general school quality rating? All of the above are things that depend on the student not on the school.
Raffy Vor 19 Tage
I am not entirely sure about the statement Asian are affluent since Im not from USA. Do Asian-American really have great access to resources especially for studies in America or they are just hardworking students especially with pressure from parents?
Phoebe HB
Phoebe HB Vor 21 Tag
Does America not have anything like Ofsted here in the UK?
mai palazzo
mai palazzo Vor 21 Tag
"...Kelley Williams-Bolar, of Akron, was sentenced in 2011 to serve 10 days in jail after using her father’s address to falsify residency for her two daughters, allowing them to enroll illegally in a school district that posted better student test scores than the district in which they actually lived..."
Fawz I
Fawz I Vor 21 Tag
In Britain it's really similar but it's normally white and Hispanic in Richer 'better' schools. On the other hand Black and Asian communities go to more rundown academies.
Bryan Vor 23 Tage
I didn't know Bowen Yang was doing narration work.
RestoreSanityFear Vor 24 Tage
So much relevant content has been left out of this video like obviously how schools are funded from the towns and how growth does not scale linearly. No sources linked for anything referenced in the video. You can do better Vox.
Aelfy Carcini
Aelfy Carcini Vor 24 Tage
Shh... Keep this a secret, so low income students have better education than richest students.
Oliver Leino
Oliver Leino Vor 25 Tage
Jesus you just always have to speak about race or the video isn't viable?
tv92taylor Vor 25 Tage
Correlation is NOT Causation More affluent families can provide more support for education. More affluent areas are more appealing for teachers and administrators.
Scojopo23 Vor 25 Tage
My school has a 4/10, but the issue is it’s not the school. It’s the kids in it. They don’t care about school and it hurts the rating. Those who do care report a over average AP enrollment and test scores, along with many achievements!
Bugay Den
Bugay Den Vor 26 Tage
Remember... No matter what school you go to, the world isn’t in books! Weigh your options, take into account everything. Listen, thank them for their opinion, but don’t let it be your final decision.
Tony Zan
Tony Zan Vor 27 Tage
Pump money into the poor schools. Stop fight so many wars. Use that money on poor schools
astari djatmiko
astari djatmiko Vor 28 Tage
From my experience in Indonesia, the best schools have the smartest students. But it's because from the beginning the best schools accepted students with the highest national test score. Now the system's been changed. Students go to the nearest school from their home, this can reduce traffic jam too. But some people still can't adapt to this system.
G G Vor 28 Tage
I don't care what school you go to, America's education system is failing behind the rest of the world anyways
Lieutenant Lolz
Lieutenant Lolz Vor 29 Tage
If the walls aren't made of gold, then its a 2.
Dainon McDuffie
Dainon McDuffie Vor 29 Tage
Living in a small rural county, I appreciate that my tax money goes to my community schools that my kids & grandkids will go to one day. I like to see a direct effect in my neighborhood instead of just handing more money to the state or feds & hoping they use it appropriately.
Nick Nomo
Nick Nomo Vor Monat
I think this is very obvious... Smarter and more educated parents produce smarter and more educated children. I know we supposed to be judging the school, but lets be honest why people use the greatschools website. They are usually evaluating an area they plan to move into, and want to see what they are moving into. You want an area where the kids are smart and educated, because that means the people in the area are probably smart and educated. A bad school usually means its a bad area. I think if any parent relies on the school to educate their kid, they are putting too much faith in the school. My kid comes back from school, and I see the reading, writing and math activities... and they are just sub par... and everyone is following the same common core curriculum. I can spend an hour or two a day, for a month, with my kid and get more done than the school can in 9 months. So, the point is, when you have these kids that go into school and end up under performing, that means their parents didn't teach them a thing. That's a huge warning sign. The school and the area are "bad" because of the members of that district. You don't want your smart well educated kid going there.
doom2avatar Vor Monat
I don’t think the flaw is at all important in real life. The people who can check these ratings and make a choice on where to live to send their kids to public school are not poor. I knew Asian immigrant families who would move states and careers for a good school and they were def not moving to the slums.
Marius Piedallu van Wyk
So if I have a child that is below average, I should send them to schools with higher growth scores. But are those schools also good with children who are gifted? The question is, if the 100% is what is average, then will the child who is at 120% converge to 100% faster in low-income schools? I'm just asking since I've had the opportunity to send my child to a higher rated school, but have opted to what I actually think is a better lower-rated school... I'm still second-guessing myself. Either way, I will probably be very involved with their schooling regardless.
Howard Fung
Howard Fung Vor Monat
The video also missed the security factor, richer and more affluent areas also tend to be safer from violence and such, which should be priority when considering schools
Ben Hyman
Ben Hyman Vor Monat
That’s because Denver’s public school system is divided by districts which are divided by city and county. The neighborhoods with more funding are considered better schools to this rating system.
Owe Learn
Owe Learn Vor Monat
2:46 Detroit smash~
Ryan L
Ryan L Vor Monat
But again, the reason why schools in low-income neighborhoods have higher growth is probably because the students start at a level too low to go any lower. It's easier to grow from 10 to 50 than from 80 to 90. You can't say schools are better because10 to 50 is larger than 80 to 90.
Suyog Chandak
Suyog Chandak Vor Monat
Wasn't this obvious?
Anne Traut
Anne Traut Vor Monat
You're completely ignoring the most important factor- CULTURE. Asians and whites value education a lot more than blacks and hispanics. You can't force kids or their parent(s) to care about school or put in the effort. The schools that have the most support from parents and family members are going to be the ones that perform better. It's that simple. It's all about culture.
We need racially segregated schools that are all equally funded in order to prove that we are all equal.
Brick Life
Brick Life Vor Monat
no one goes to school because of playgrounds
Thomas Bui
Thomas Bui Vor Monat
But if you have a high proficiency coming in, there is little room for growth. The school isn't subpar for low growth. It is still very good.
Cutz McOnions
Cutz McOnions Vor Monat
you get inaccurate results like this vid when you focus too much on agenda rather than properly doing fair research.
Cutz McOnions but doing real research and using science properly will reveal the truth and that can’t happen
Ana Pekec
Ana Pekec Vor Monat
I feel like this video is showing causation instead of a correlation. Like the website that rates these schools isn't doing it specifically because of its demographics. It's showing a larger system issue with the USA as a whole.
Tobias Konowitz
Tobias Konowitz Vor Monat
I’m not sure what you were expecting, this is how culture influences school, and it is culture, Asian students have always had higher test scores than the rest and it’s a known fact that blacks and Hispanics tend to have lower standardized test scores, it’s sad but true.
X Lo
X Lo Vor 28 Tage
Tobias Konowitz you cant disagree with facts 😂
Tobias Konowitz
Tobias Konowitz Vor Monat
If anyone disagrees please, feel free to comment, I’m open to criticism.
Ryan Hamilton
Ryan Hamilton Vor Monat
Intelligent people tend to be wealthier. They also tend to have intelligent children, since intelligence is highly heritable. So smarter kids, with smarter parents, make better neighborhoods and better schools.
X Lo
X Lo Vor 28 Tage
LIZARD_1582 as a group yes, but asians as a group are smarter than whites, and ashkenazi Jews as a group have the highest average iq
TheT34Tank Vor 28 Tage
@LIZARD_1582 On average yes. East Asian peoples (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) on average are smarter than the many white peoples (AKA the European peoples).
LIZARD_1582 Vor Monat
so white people are smarter?
So, more racism fixes past racism?
Kermit DaFrog
Kermit DaFrog Vor Monat
Diversity doesn't work
Michael H.
Michael H. Vor Monat
Maybe some kids are smarter than others.....some kids might also be taller than other kids.
Danny Joyce
Danny Joyce Vor Monat
I truly feel sorry for anybody that takes this seriously.
Rusty Shackleford
Wow who would have thought poor black and Hispanic people are less a academically proficient then rich white and Asia people... oh ya everybody for the last 1000 years.
LIZARD_1582 Vor Monat
"I'm racist"
White Leviathen
White Leviathen Vor Monat
So because schools get a bad grade that is based on test scores is bad because it shows that African American and Hispanics are achieving less? Tests are tests, and just because whites and Asians are better at taking tests doesn't make it a bad system.
The premise that the races are equal is wrong and it's why this diatribe is wrong. Whites and Asians perform better. That's it.
5%LowBattery Vor Monat
Which Asians? 1/5 of Vietnamese-Americans don’t have a high school diploma and end up in low paying jobs. 40% if the Hmong Community have less than a high school degree. Which whites? Including the ones from the Appalachian mountain region?
Delta RangerSealNinja
This video will give you cancer because.... REEEEEECISM
X Lo
X Lo Vor Monat
I think you guys are proving another point lol... bell curve
Starius2 Vor Monat
can y'all look into the NFL and NBA?? they're not diverse either. MUST BE RACISM
Suspence Vor Monat
Play grounds are Racist, shut it down !
uri argaman
uri argaman Vor Monat
-higher level of the students ->The school is able to teach more complicated material, making it better - students graduate it with more knowledge. -it is way easier to improve from 6 to 8 than it is to improve from 8 to 10. Perhaps a more relevant way to measure growth is as percentages of the growth in relation to the missing points up to 10 (and then 6 to 8 and 8 to 9 will be worth the same) In the end it also depends on one's children's proficiency...
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze Vor Monat
Question to the people who wrote and narrated this video: what school would you send your children too?
JohnTavares IsALeaF
I've been in mostly white schools in Canada and very diverse schools in Houston Tx, I watched at least 5 teachers have mental breakdowns in Houston ISD. Teachers do not want to teach unruly kids who haven't been disciplined properly so the least experienced teachers or the worst is what you'll find in poorer schools
Cyranek Vor Monat
glad I went to a 10/10 school. look at me now.
frdy fzbar
frdy fzbar Vor Monat
Libby's Crafting Corner
Lies, lies and more lies that's all vox is
Big Hatter
Big Hatter Vor Monat
Only "reporters" without kids could think parents would choose a school based on the condition of the playground and not on how well the school does at educating the students on fundamental subjects.
Perplexeus Vor Monat
I am european and where I live equality of opportunities is not perfect, even though the differences between schools are small. So how difficult must it be for someone in the USA to ascend.
Jackson Turner
Jackson Turner Vor Monat
Vox: never leaves links to there supposed *research* Me:hmmmm 🤔
Zoobz Vor 16 Tage
There’s an entire description with links to all research.
Nathan Levesque
Nathan Levesque Vor 23 Tage
You could click the 'show more' button
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