How the Covenant won the Battle for Earth | Halo Battle Breakdown Fixed

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On today's Battle Breakdown, we examine how the Covenant managed to overwhelm Earth's defenses and win the Battle for Earth.
The Battle of Earth is featured primarily in Halo 2 and Halo 3, and - despite the presence of the UNSC Home fleet and the various Orbital Defence Platrforms and their Super Macs - sees Earth fall to various Covenant fleets, and later the flood. I'll explain it all on today's Halo Battle Breakdown episode!
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Chris Schultz
Chris Schultz Vor year
thank you for explaining that battle eckhart. i have been so confused by that battle in halo 2 for so long
Daniel Aleman
Daniel Aleman Vor year
Wait did you just call earth a human colony!?! Love all of these videos
John Navas
John Navas Vor year
EckhartsLadder how about the battle of reach or even the battle at the supergate -STar gate SG 1
Adamus39 Vor year
Betrayal at Calth 30k
August Price
August Price Vor 16 Tage
Bold of you to assume they won lol
Hunter Stokes
Hunter Stokes Vor 23 Tage
B⃟a⃟r⃟o⃟n⃟V⃟a⃟n⃟A⃟l⃟e⃟x⃟s⃟ X
Damn, there was just no way of beating the covenant in space, what happened to all the Mac guns? Plasma damage
Lordnateyolo dubstep
Can do video about killzone ships and there fleet
Dustii Patron
Dustii Patron Vor Monat
Wait doesn't Earth survive? The Covenant did NOT win..?
JSS Vor Monat
Every Alien invaders vs humans scenario in a nutshell Humanity: Oh no they invaded earth Humanity: Oh no they killed 90% of our population and we have no defenses anymore. Humanity: Nvm we have a brave guy willing to fight for us, we are gonna win. Aliens: OH SHIT
Ethan Self
Ethan Self Vor Monat
The navy got it's butt kicked
Alejandro Chavez
Earth should have been far more prepared for the battle. This is a bit disappointment to loss very fast
halo mastercheff
Zach Plaisted
Zach Plaisted Vor Monat
Officially in halo 2 the covenant real target was Africa right but they only targeted the city in Africa and after destroying what’s left of the earth fleet and ground forces. They digging for the forerunner technology the gateway to the ark.
0peanutman0 Vor Monat
Damn, we really needed those ewoks..
A Vor Monat
Amazing video would love to see more like it
The Shwaznut/ Scar/Faultyspark
Earth lives matter.
When i get punched in the crouch 4:21 when someone wakes me up 4:21 when school exists 4:21
John 117 gaming Boy
Actually the covenant won the FIRST battle of earth 🌍
0RE0 Vor 2 Monate
Halo 3 odst is in the middle of Halo 2?
Kirkdy Teo
Kirkdy Teo Vor 2 Monate
Wait what I thought the UNSC Won the battle of Earth?
Capn Canuck
Capn Canuck Vor 2 Monate
Did they ever say how the covenant found earth?
GundamBro 117
GundamBro 117 Vor 2 Monate
I don't see how the humans lost
wolfgamer Vor 2 Monate
Go's to show that if the great schism didn't happen, humanity would be f***ed.
Walter West
Walter West Vor 2 Monate
No the ynsc won the battle of earth
Harry Max
Harry Max Vor 2 Monate
Stop hit
Bob Stew
Bob Stew Vor 2 Monate
Ur hot
Professional Biologist
Seriously, Halo doesn't have that deep of a lore. I think people who play halo are extreamly ignorant of outside games. Mass effect Trilogy, Kotor, and many other games have FAR deeper stories than "halo" its kindof a lame and unexciting game series.
lumpythebored Vor 3 Monate
What I really want to know is how the ONI handled this in propaganda. We lost Reach just months earlier then the Covenant successfully attacked Earth.
Silver Crescent
Silver Crescent Vor 3 Monate
the UNSC had withdrawn all ships remaining in their entire fleet back to earth to reinforce the home fleet and it consisted of hundreds of frigates and every cruiser, carrier, and super-carrier they had left. Johnson even says ships had been arriving all morning
Lawrence Gaming
Lawrence Gaming Vor 3 Monate
Earth - Most important *colony* world *The emperor would like to know your location*
Autistic Athlete
Autistic Athlete Vor 4 Monate
Prophet Regret did not know the planet he was attacking was Earth. It was kind of a mistake and accident. The Covenant knew that there were Forerunner artifactson this planet but they did not know that it was Earth they were attacking. if the prophet of Regret knew that it was Earth that they had to get through then he would have brought a larger Fleet with him.
Zadeinator Vor 4 Monate
The thing that I find iffy about the whole thing is that, at the end of Halo 2, we clearly see that humanity is giving its all against the (supposedly recently) arrived Covenant Fleet, but there's conflicting points between ODST, 2, and 3 that show us otherwise, as at the end of 2, we see that Lord Hood is still on the Cairo, which I find a lil bit annoying.
S 6 V 9 N
S 6 V 9 N Vor 4 Monate
I wanna know how girls think breaking hearts is okay if they do it.
Little off the top
Little off the top Vor 4 Monate
I still don’t understand how they won, they could’ve repositioned multiple defense platforms. The platform can one shot a csa carrier even with its shield up.
Little off the top
Little off the top Vor 4 Monate
inffected 0 right, the defense platforms could wipe out the entire covenant armada but for some reason only 3 were used
inffected 0
inffected 0 Vor 4 Monate
That's just authors not fully understanding how space combat works.. every mac platform on that side of the planet (150 of them assuming all 300 of them are spread evenly) could have been repositioned to fire at the covie fleet so the idea of only having three be able to effectively fire at them is just dumb..
Agent Washington
Agent Washington Vor 4 Monate
This is only the space portion of it. They didn't defeat us on the planet itself- or even fully in space
Jesse Broberg
Jesse Broberg Vor 4 Monate
Have you made a video about the Battle for the Ark yet? Better known as Battle of Installation 00
Andrea Lo Presti
Andrea Lo Presti Vor 5 Monate
Can you do the battle of Palaven from Mass effect 3 please? (If it's possible)
The idea of distance given by the remresentation is nonsensical. Any defense unable to fire at this distance is useless shit, and if the other defense groups weren't able to help when the mediterranean one was attacked, it's also ridiculous waste. Also, having your fleet protect Earth's protection by standing in front of is fucking stupid, you're just begging for the ennemy fleet to fire all their weapons in the same direction, where are your defenses' defenses, your defenses, and the planet you're trying to fucking defend. Not even taking ibto account the possibility that your fleet is between the defense canons and what they should be firing at.
Robert Wadsworth
Robert Wadsworth Vor 5 Monate
I'm laughing at the fact that Truth found the portal on my birthday
Ernesto_something idk
Why tf do I watch the most random stuff it’s 4 am and I have school
alex:r.c Vor 6 Monate
This needed a video???
Azza Brown
Azza Brown Vor 6 Monate
What dates did these battles occur?
agentgingerman Vor 6 Monate
The only reason the first fleet was puny was due to the prophet not realising he had found earth, it wasn't until the second fleet that they fully understood what they had found
Noah Turner
Noah Turner Vor 6 Monate
"Permission to leave the station?" "For what purpose Master Chief?" "To give the Covenant back their bomb." "Permission granted."
Matthew David
Matthew David Vor 6 Monate
there is no way humanity could recover within the century even with Sanghili help
Big Boi Choi
Big Boi Choi Vor 6 Monate
Where tf were the mac cannons on the second invasion
Rubidium 37
Rubidium 37 Vor 6 Monate
All I see are DICKS
Zachary Hopson
Zachary Hopson Vor 6 Monate
I love the ending with the doggo
Ray Boy_theguy
Ray Boy_theguy Vor 6 Monate
We were never winning a war against such a formidable foe if the great schism never happened, humanity would’ve been done for.
Ray Boy_theguy
Ray Boy_theguy Vor 6 Monate
Thank you I always wondered how many ships and what type of ships took place in this epic battle since I was 6 😭
Joseph Bell
Joseph Bell Vor 6 Monate
Omg the pupper
DeelIo Vor 6 Monate
What about the Covenant Seperatists which helped the human forces?
Chatian Vor 6 Monate
Voi and Mombasa =/= Half of Africa Lord Hood was just overexaggerating
John O'Neil
John O'Neil Vor 6 Monate
Pehaps the battle for Norion in Metroid Prime 3?
Sebastian Rose
Sebastian Rose Vor 7 Monate
i havent played halo in like 15 years and only played till the second one..... watches whole video anyways. i have no clue what any of this is about. great video 9/10
Seth Chapman
Seth Chapman Vor 7 Monate
Did anyone know that cruiser on floodgate is the one from the one in halo 1
dog rocket
dog rocket Vor 7 Monate
Umm they didn't win earth humans won the war
abuseurpublic Vor 7 Monate
Were it so easy...
Jeebz Vor 7 Monate
You have good taste In music
johannes øihusom
johannes øihusom Vor 7 Monate
About the battle of Earth in Halo, did the Covenant only attacked New Mombasa and East Africa, just to uncover the portal you see in Halo 3? What about New York, Washington DC, London, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, New Mexico, Ottawa and Bejing? where they attacked?
Q Anon
Q Anon Vor 7 Monate
The battle of the ark, plus reach book version.
doltBmB Vor 7 Monate
Earth is by definition not a colony you git.
MrAJEO Vor 7 Monate
0:59 that one covenant ship in the back between the two big ones almost bumped into its buddy up front.
Jihan Patel
Jihan Patel Vor 8 Monate
The earth will rebuild 1like =1prayer for earth
Diego Rios
Diego Rios Vor 8 Monate
It still blows my mind how close humanity came to being wiped out, I mean the civilians on earth must have been in complete panic and hysteria once the covenant fleet began its attack with little to no resistance.
Alex Stylez
Alex Stylez Vor 8 Monate
humanity had avantage on ground battles, Covenants in space
Dave Slyker
Dave Slyker Vor 8 Monate
Earth wasn't a colony.
ThatGuy Man
ThatGuy Man Vor 8 Monate
If no other attackers came how did the gravemind in high charity get to the ark without coming through earth’s portal? That part always confused me
Freekofnayture Vor 8 Monate
Damn i couldnt imagine the carnage. Earth got FUCKED
Legend Vor 8 Monate
3 frigates were present when they fired on the forerunner ship 2 went to the ark 1 stayed on earth,earth was on edge
Bennett Fender
Bennett Fender Vor 8 Monate
Technically neither side won the covenant won strategically but tactically humanity won you should have mentioned that more.
Thomas Myers
Thomas Myers Vor 8 Monate
Cuz chief
ragnar40kblackmain Vor 8 Monate
The battle of macrag. Ultra marines vs the tyranids
Jeffry Hiendy
Jeffry Hiendy Vor 8 Monate
Gregory Neff
Gregory Neff Vor 8 Monate
what do you use for your animation?
Harison Gross
Harison Gross Vor 8 Monate
Can anyone tell me where the game's timelines intertwine with this timeline? It looks like there are some points but I can't tell for sure. I've played all of the games through Halo 4 but I've never been able to piece everything together. Maybe I should read the books at some point.... Thanks in advance.
Ashton Ingram
Ashton Ingram Vor 8 Monate
Halo vs star wars halo won no.jokes
Ayo Vor 8 Monate
Earth is a human colony apparently
darth rabid
darth rabid Vor 9 Monate
1:01 why does that one ship move
enCODed3 Vor 9 Monate
did they tho?
Joah The Thread
Joah The Thread Vor 9 Monate
Despite how cool the Halo 2 Anniversary graphics are I would have preferred the whole battle of Earth being displayed as this. (1:22)
Hondo the Razor
Hondo the Razor Vor 9 Monate
Mike Pence brought me here
Suzy Hoover
Suzy Hoover Vor 9 Monate
Battle of installation OO
Matthew Elvins
Matthew Elvins Vor 9 Monate
what was the covinents losses?
The Tremendous Lad
The Tremendous Lad Vor 9 Monate
What's the name of your outro song? Its dope
Bork bakker
Bork bakker Vor 9 Monate
Is your intro home resonance?
Sakkra101 Vor 9 Monate
I think Cortana actually mentions the small size of the initial fleet was because the Prophet of Regret didn't actually know Earth was the Human homeworld and, incredibly, didn't even expect to see Humans there, unless I'm mistaken, the Cole Protocol clearly did its job well.
The Falconeer
The Falconeer Vor 9 Monate
I think Harvest is an obvious yet worthy choice.
The Riverwood Trader
I love your videos. I just wish that they would have treated the MAC weapons like they really were. A projectile weapon system that powerful would be able to reach the moon in under seven seconds. This would have made the effective range of the guns about the distance between earth and mars 58 million km and would take a projectile 2.5 minutes to get there. Yes you could do a lot in three minutes but by the time you noticed a projectile moving at you at .04 C it would have been to late. and you would have been shredded by at least half the defense grid guns so 150 projectiles every minute or so. If a target entered within range of the moon it would have been hit by a 600t slug at 4% the speed of light in 1.2 seconds. Lets calculate the energy that a weapon like that would release upon impact (215,701,242,177,334,335,000 J, the tzar bomba was 339,033,031,529,759 J). Thats 636224.9 times the destructive power of the most powerful 50 mt nuke ever built and detonate. A bomb with the blast radius of 55 kilometers. the MAC fitted to these stations would be able to play asteroids with the moon. The rate of fire and reload according to lore was about five seconds for smaller weapons so we will say twenty seconds for recharge and fire for the larger ones.Ya the covenant fleet was well within kill range of the defense guns. Also what about PDC and anti boarding weapons. It would have taken a covenant fleet of thousands of ships to take out Earth with just these station defenses. Smaller frigates fired smaller projectiles with lower accelerations but they too could hit objects at moon distance in about 5 seconds or so doing more damage than a 100 mt bomb per shot every 5 seconds. At this point I have no idea why the UNSC even has missiles on their craft. They would be considered short ranged weapons at best and low yield.
Olivia George
Olivia George Vor 9 Monate
But then they didn’t
WaveForceful Vor 10 Monate
The covenant never won the battle for Earth, It was a USNC tactical victory thanks to aid from the Covenant separatists (Elites)
Sabbatine Vor 10 Monate
An ODP fires a 3000 ton slug 4% the speed of light... I didn't think even a CAS could survive a hit... but my Halo knowledge is a little dated and founded in mostly the games and the Fall of Reach book. Are there actual lore examples of an ODP hitting a CAS? Can someone point me to them? Thanks!
Silas lew
Silas lew Vor 10 Monate
technically the UNSC won in the end
Niehoe304 Vor 10 Monate
This is an odd star wars episode
Jeffson777 jeff
Jeffson777 jeff Vor 10 Monate
Do you know how much nostalgia i got by watching the halo 3 cutscenes?
Shawn Abraham
Shawn Abraham Vor 10 Monate
One of the cruiser’s needs new power brakes
vodahmiin nonamehere
vodahmiin nonamehere Vor 10 Monate
Battle of Reach
NCR Trooper
NCR Trooper Vor 10 Monate
I don't know why but back when I played Halo 3 all the time I would try and count the Covenant Ships on the mission Tsavo Highway and I got 28 CCS Battleships and 2 CAS Assault Cruisers
Silver Crescent
Silver Crescent Vor 10 Monate
whats funny is that with the speed of a super MAC's round that "Kill Zone" should be roughly to the moon, or further. I did the math in response to a comment in this video, de-vid.com/video/video-IFw6_AAnqCE.html&lc=z22pcd0pwlvnzbzh004t1aokgzxpknzwxnocz0degsflbk0h00410.1527299552512229 full discussion is in the first comment, by Dylan Marx "that round from the frigate sounds fast, and it is, but not really when put on a cosmic scale. Lets use the distance of 1/4 the range from earth to the moon, from what I found when I looked up the distance from earth to the moon it is approximately 238,900 mi or 384,472,282 m. 1/4 of that is 96,118,070.5 m. at a speed of 30,000 m per second that you provided that mac round will cross this distance in 3203.9356833 seconds. or a little over 53 MINUTES! at the immense range where spinal mounted weapons are effective the reapers can dodge them. get in close and their weapons can slice through most ships like scalpels. In the final battle in mass effect 3 you have the reapers packed in to close to dodge with capital ships firing their spinal mounted weapons at point blank range in order to hit them. The Covenant are the best equipped to fight the Reapers as their plasma weapons would melt through the reapers like a hot knife through butter. However as stated in the video their war potential has been severely reduced and as I have stated multiple times, the reapers number in the millions. Their is no outcome where the humans and covenant win unless a third party is engaged and even then its not really that they win, so much as they don't loose. there is a vast difference between those two things ODP speed of light =186000 mi/s 1% = 1860 mi/s 4% = 7440 mi/s speed to 1/4 distance to moon about equal to 8.03 seconds speed to moon about equal to 32.1 seconds" This is the speed of a MAC round, in space there isn't a conventional "effective range" like on earth where the weapon looses to much altitude and hits the ground or the range is limited by the shooter not being steady enough/able to aim well enough (a rifle has a long range but the shooter wont be able to effectively use it without a scope and doing the math to put the bullet on target) to hit the target. The round doesn't have many forces acting upon it, in other words, its gonna keep going until it HITS something! The "effective range" would be the range that that the round would have a high chance to hit before it can be effectively dodged. At the cannon speed that the ODP is said to fire at they would be able to hit a ship at the moon faster than most would be able to react, at the range the ships in game are shown to be at they wouldn't even get the chance to piss themselves. Not to mention every ODP on that side of the planet would have a clear shot at the fleet so roughly 150 based off of what Johnson said. that fleet shouldn't have even gotten the chance to send an SOS. this is bungee trying to make the Covenant out to be more powerful and the UNSC more limited than they actually would be. in reality those ODP would be able to wipe out a massive fleet even without the support fleets surrounding the planet, in Halo 2 the ODP fires roughly once every 14 seconds as counted between the two shots from the Cairo station here, de-vid.com/video/video-ham0pO00SRo.html and there are over 300 of those monsters around earth, if they can put a round "clear through a Covenant capital ship" as Johnson claims then they should have wiped that fleet out in a matter of seconds, a minute tops.
Hunter Powers
Hunter Powers Vor 10 Monate
EckhartsLadder how about star trek next generation? when the Borg attacked earth?
Ashes first of the name
Typ 3 kiryu
Typ 3 kiryu Vor 10 Monate
Battle on crait
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