How To Remove a Computer Virus

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Today I show you how to remove any virus from a computer/laptop. Is your computer running slow? You might have a virus! Malware is incredibly dangerous - It may be stealing your personal information including passwords and bank details. Sometimes you won't even know you have one. This video will show you how to detect viruses and permanently remove them. This will make your computer run good as new! This works with all operating systems; Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
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1 Jun 2020



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Ki bot
Ki bot Vor 8 Stunden
I love how the add I got at the start was about computer viruses
GGcinema_YT Vor 8 Stunden
nobody: the laptop at 0:24 : Smoke ram everyday.
Snay kel
Snay kel Vor 8 Stunden
He is just wasting food and it makes you laugh guys You re really stupid howtobasic🖕
master dillpickle
master dillpickle Vor 8 Stunden
I did this exactly and my computer works better than it did when I bought it. Thanks, HTB!!
pb and jenny
pb and jenny Vor 8 Stunden
Imagine trying to explain this shit to your family 😅
I am ded
I am ded Vor 9 Stunden
0:23 I think he broke the battery
Andrew’s Cubes
Andrew’s Cubes Vor 10 Stunden
Ashanti Vor 10 Stunden
Ty! It actually worked!
Alex Vor 12 Stunden
I tried this until I realized i was using the laptop i borrowed from school I now owe $250😔
ovenplate Vor 12 Stunden
We did it boys the virus is no more
Abhinand Jaikishan
Abhinand Jaikishan Vor 12 Stunden
0:26 every machine is a smoke machine if u use it wrong enough
Cool gamer
Cool gamer Vor 12 Stunden
When I lose online match:
Emma Evelyn R. Canilang
Just a waste I wish he just give it to me when it doesn't have virus
SASH Mendis
SASH Mendis Vor 14 Stunden
My mum watched this thinking it was real
sad _
sad _ Vor 14 Stunden
I hope this happens to my step-dad
Rahul tech
Rahul tech Vor 15 Stunden
Theres a laat of damagge.... 🖕🖕
[•REBIN•] Vor 15 Stunden
I think u are rich and you are doing this
Aaliyah Curtis
Aaliyah Curtis Vor 15 Stunden
I think its funny how he really waited for the laptop to freeze 😂
Chicken Men
Chicken Men Vor 16 Stunden
Oh very thanks :) 😎👌
Screaming 64
Screaming 64 Vor 16 Stunden
I died at 0:23
Abhisekh Jana
Abhisekh Jana Vor 16 Stunden
One min virus attacked PC or him😂😂
zulma figueroa
zulma figueroa Vor 17 Stunden
rip computer XD
Riot Wilson
Riot Wilson Vor 19 Stunden
How to get rid of a virus. Destroy the device
question world
question world Vor 19 Stunden
Joker will fale before this guy
FranksStuff Vor 20 Stunden
0:35 lol
FranksStuff Vor 20 Stunden
And as always, eggs
FranksStuff Vor 20 Stunden
He’s smashing the laptop
Dw_ayneGeoffrey • 10 years ago
You missed a joke
İsmail Navruz TR
İsmail Navruz TR Vor 22 Stunden
Mission Completed.
Nafeesa Mandviwala
Nafeesa Mandviwala Vor 23 Stunden
What if that was his editing laptop?
Nobody Vor 23 Stunden
nokia laptop
Next video: how to remove corona virus
Kokichi with shotgun
Leaked footage of Monokuma fixing Alter ego's virus
BadBoiGames Vor Tag
better yet: buy a new computer *le gasp* amazing.
HarryPottard Vor Tag
That ending gets completely ignored in the clmment section 🤣🤣🤣🤣 buncha normies wahahhaha
Stacy Park
Stacy Park Vor Tag
Ok thats how you do it?!! Wait hahahahaha
Jaycelyn227 Vor Tag
I mean.... the virus is gone And so is the computer
i got a anti virus ad lol
andy sphinx
andy sphinx Vor Tag
0:07 me when I lag on tower of hell on roblox
Murilo Wiltgen
How could u do a video so dumb, yet so funny
Scarlet Amazed
how to remove corona from somebody : That computer shall be the somebody.
Scarlet Amazed
better tittle suggestion: "How to remove computer"
Gavin N
Gavin N Vor Tag
0:32 #egglivesmatter
Abdul Musawir
Please give me one lap Don't waste it
The dislikes are from these kids, that actually tried it.
Mr. Poseidon
Mr. Poseidon Vor Tag
God bless this computer!
Kapukf Tn
Kapukf Tn Vor Tag
1 break it 2 still works 3bear
Pokémon Freaks
Schools be like
Maverick Beach
Hey this guy is pretty good at doing things! He should have a DE-vid Chanel
Istana Cell
Istana Cell Vor Tag
Are you crazy huh.
Beansbeans art and games
No not the computer!-
will 5789
will 5789 Vor Tag
i mean he isnt wrong
Redmiaju Ajsel
Psycho path,😬
Ultimate Gaming
The ad at the start when a clicked this was a virus remover add
Adarsh8 Jithu
Extremely sico
Subi The samurai
Next video "How to remove corona virus from human"
alienowl Vor Tag
Think protogent
Juliana Jose
Juliana Jose Vor Tag
My face after HowToBasic absolutely *DESTROYED* the laptop: D:
AestheticAglow ]
If oppo had seen this Them: I dont like where this is going
SomeKid DontKnow
yes 1:47
InfamousPuppy 101
How to Basic I saw this on Tik Tok!
CharEx Gaming
Thanks! I had 65465 virus from going to DownloadMoreRam.com and now it's fixed!
CharEx Gaming
don't click on that
CharEx Gaming
oh crap it actually gives the link
RussianNightmare Luvs countryhumans
Bro... Don't destroy your computer. Smoke can occur. Because if its broken The battery inside the keyboard can release smoke .
Bluejolt Vor Tag
Lemme guess, by throwing eggs at is?
Autobot Drift
We did it boiz virus no more
woolmusic 627521
Ummm guys it didn't work
Gacha Dill
Gacha Dill Vor Tag
Fear howtobasic he has a endless amount of eggs
Porter Bieszk
0:26 I have no sound on but at point in the video i bet HOWTOBASIC coughed
Graves Vor Tag
I think it needs more egg
Wolf Woof
Wolf Woof Vor Tag
How to remove computer virus: Step 1. remove computer
Jake Vor Tag
Wondered of him hitting the battery was planned
D. Derio
D. Derio Vor Tag
So you just need to cool your laptop :v
therowdyref Vor Tag
My version: Gently apply thermite over the computer. Now throw 6574 eggs while chanting "The Lord of HowToBasic, summon tonight and bless this computer." Now you're going to want to exercise the next demon to come out. Make sure you had a pentegram of eggs with your computer in the middle before chanting! Now after exercising the demon, trap it is a cage and then serve it the computer. It will eat it and light the thermite, burning the virus out of the memory. Now you're going to want to throw EXACTLY 126 eggs at the computer, bang it with an axe, and then run it over with a car twice, thus removing any hidden places the virus has reached. Now your going to want to bathe the computer in holy water, and then eat the space bar. Now turn on the computer (If it doesn't turn on first try, bathe it in holy water for more time) and play Minecraft for PRECISELY 30 seconds. Congratulations, your computer is now fixed.
Sniffles HTF
Sniffles HTF Vor Tag
Can we do this to the coronavirus?
xDaisy _z
xDaisy _z Vor Tag
How to destroying:
Andres Torres Louro
If There's no computer There's no virus👍
Thiago Tronic Ulysses the games of the Sonic.exe!
U broken the real computer?
OozyClapz Vor Tag
Now this is how to get a virus out your computer!
Felipe Rodriguez
Cargulec160 Vor Tag
Hey, he actually removed a virus, but he removed a laptop too
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