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For more information on Yascha Mounk, please visit www.tedxberlin.de Yascha Mounk is a Lecturer on Government at Harvard, a Senior Fellow in the Political Reform Program at New America and an Executive Director at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. A weekly columnist
for Slate, a monthly columnist for CNN, a regular contributor to Die Zeit, and the host of The Good Fight podcast. He has recently completed his third book, which argues
that liberal democracy is splitting into two new regime forms: illiberal democracy, or democracy without rights, and undemocratic liberalism, or rights without democracy. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx



27 Okt 2017

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Dan Howard
Dan Howard Vor Monat
Populism = Democracy where elitists don't like the result.
Marcel Borowiec
Marcel Borowiec Vor Monat
Watch out for TROLLS - so many of them in here. This is 4th thing to watch out for - Disinformation. It is so cheap to plant the seed of false information and then copy it to make it seem spread naturally.
autumn111155551 Vor 4 Monate
He’s promoting a form of genocide against the indigenous European people. I bet he wouldn’t want Israel to take in millions of diverse immigrants.
Kriss Kross
Kriss Kross Vor 5 Monate
hexspell Vor 6 Monate
(((Yasha Mounk))) nothing more you have to know
Debra Legorreta
Debra Legorreta Vor 8 Monate
In answering "how did we get here?" Mounk hones in on three factors: (1) economics (US standard of living doubled twice after FDR until Reagan when it flat lined); (2) identity (all democracies were mono-ethnic at their onset, but now immigrants have upset that); and (3) the rise of social media. He then goes on to prescribe how to save democracy. "Each with a spoon of water, TOGETHER we might quench the fire. But does not promises it will work. Concludes with some profound sounding story that's akin to "don't think about elephants because once you do you can't stop." In other words, when Trump tempts you into a dispute, don't even think about him. Fine, but he misses (I say deliberately) the true causes of our predicament, corporatism, in particular the petro-dollar economy. What about the US Oil - US Military cartel, the neoliberal creed? Conspicuously silent as if these weren't even relevant. Yet, is that not why we are where we are? Is that not the root cause of the three issues Mounk honed in on? Neoliberalism? Then Mounk asserts, "the causes are complicated. NO, Mounk, the causes are not complicated unless you live by a neoliberal creed that blinds you to them. Mounk just wants you think he's on your side, so that they don't come after him and his neoliberal colleagues when the pitchforks come out.
kalumnist Vor 9 Monate
Naturally European people don't want people like this Yascha Mounk to get to sneak in so many people into Europe that Europe is destroyed. They've been doing fairly well so far, banking on people's good nature, but people are finally catching on to people like Yascha Mounk's sneaky intensions
meab12 Vor 9 Monate
(((Yascha Mounk)))
Doug Masters
Doug Masters Vor year
LOL, Yascha, I'm going to be bringing my spoon alright, but I doubt you're going to like what I'm hauling with it.
(((Yasha Mounk)))
rollo cavalier
rollo cavalier Vor 4 Monate
No, Yasha Mook
peloquinful Vor year
jon kaasman
jon kaasman Vor year
TedX is a pro globalist anti-white propaganda machine
Chris Pergantis
Did you consider the anti-capitalistic take over of education in the USA? The removal of most state's rights of autonomy by federalizing the national government is another obvious factor for your results. There is also the advent of the international super corporations that should be considered. There are many more factors to your limited research.
Jon Spencer
Jon Spencer Vor year
Nothing about Islam in the entire talk? What if one of the fires he speaks of is the corrosive effects of a very illiberal religion? The whole bit at the end about willing to risk you life for your freedom to do as you please in the face of Nero's tendency to cut off heads made me think of someone who blasphemies Islam with inappropriate writing, speech, or drawing (think cartoons). It isn't Nero and it isn't European or American populists who have been cutting heads off lately. Mounk's blind spot is showing. Mounk does not take Islam seriously. It is a very minor side show to him, not to be confused with something that might be relevant to the state of liberal democracy in the future. In this regard he is like so many other liberal Westerners who think Muslims will become good Europeans who behave in the public sphere as if secularism is the norm. Good luck with that! How is liberal democracy working out in Turkey? Egypt? Indonesia? Did he notice that the 45 Muslims nations that signed the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam think that all human rights originate from sharia? This document is ignored by self-appointed spokesmen of liberal democracy because, like Mounk, they don't take Islam seriously. The peasants in Europe and America take this threat seriously, and they might be right to do so, but Mounk would not give them an inch of legitimacy.
hildebrandur Vor year
Was der für einen dämlichen Ausdruck hat in seiner Fresse. Als ob er nicht bis 3 zählen könnte
hildebrandur Vor year
Schwachkopf. Null Niveau
Cielarko Vor year
He has a good point. But he misses the point that Iran has taken over the media.
Plowbeast Vor year
I can see why Mounk wanted to avoid clearly labeling the political alignment of the populists movements that alarm him to avoid seeming partisan but the anti-Semitic comments here kind of show that was futile. Populism IS a part of the political cycle in any democracy though. The real lesson is figuring out the difference between populists you like, populists you don't like but can civilly disagree with, and those who seek violence or long-term violent and illegal ends.
Marcel Borowiec
Marcel Borowiec Vor Monat
Troll, comment copied from other users multiple times. People who read comments in here - please pay attention. Disinformation as a 4th case to be worried about.
D. L.
D. L. Vor year
If populism is part of the political cycle in any democracy, why does democracy need to be saved (from populism)? People on the "left" are happy to point out that the "right" blinds the masses with seemingly easy answers that cannot work and appeal to feelings and sentiments rather than logic and reason. They are not entirely wrong. But what are the "left's" answers to mass immigration if not populism at it's best? Open borders with massively differing welfare systems, mass migration of people with poor educaton into high-tech countries, Islam and it's archaic views on women, homosexuality, the role of the state laws, the use of violence etc. The left has no plausible answers: They deny the existence of problems or lay the blame on bogus straw man reason that can't be checked because they are based on their own assumptions (>lack of logic and reason). Their primary arguments are: It is immoral to stop or hinder migration (>appeal to emotion), hence anyone who tries to do so is immoral. They are populists. Just that they have a different populace to blind with different easy answers.
Alkibiades Kleiniou
Why is it that jews(who in fact "invented" cultural marxism-liberalism as they did communism) always promote multiculturalism and immigration from 3th world for all Western Nations but not for Israel???And always make propaganda againsts "fascists" that are "threat to democracy" but they do not accept anyone democraticaly elected if they do not agree with his ideas???How is that"respect for democracy"????And if they are so much FOR DEMOCRACY why they ALWAYS try to enforce censorship to anyone and anything that they believe is critical of them by shouting that it must be outlawed as "antisemitic"???Isnt free speech the VERY ESSENCE of democracy???They always subvert and undermine and then wonder why so many are "antisemites".
alex black
alex black Vor year
Who elected this moron to think thats ok to experiment with European people.
trs77 Vor year
zionist. befürworter des "multikulti EXPERAMENT" wie vom die eldern des zion profizeiht, bzw im gange gesetzt. zitat:" europa wurd mulitikultorel wie kein andere, und der juden wurden im mittel stehen und es leiten" traurig wie blind der menscheit geworden ist. zu dumm und abgelengt 1 und 1 zusamen zu stellen un das 2 erkennen zu könn. heute conspiracytheorist, morgen der der der wahrheit erkante und doch mundtot gemacht geworden ist. ich wurd bald der myrture für das anti genocide movement
Marco Rezzi
Marco Rezzi Vor 3 Monate
Dein miserables Deutsch und die vielen Rechtschreibfehler zeigen, daß Du nicht sehr viel in der Birne zu haben scheinst
TekWiz Vor year
The fact that this video has as many thumbs down as thumbs up proves he's right that many young people are inexperienced and uneducated about the benefits of a true democracy. They have no clue what it's like to live in an authoritarian regime. All the progress that's been made with the rainbow LGBT rights was only possible due to a healthy democracy. Once that's gone you'll be watching LGBT people get thrown off roofs. Go learn some history fools...
google llc
google llc Vor year
nobody want democracy.
Hans Hänserlein
Yascha Mounkey
Nora Lachmann
Nora Lachmann Vor year
Ich wünsche diesem Typen, dass im das Wort „democracy“ im Hals stecken bleibt! Das ist doch alles Verarsche mit dieser Demokratie. Wir haben keine Demokratie! Wir haben Regierungen, die für oder gegen das Volk sind. Aber das Volk ist nicht informiert bzw. durch Dauerpropaganda der Mainstreammedien manipuliert. Wie kann er das als Demokratie bezeichnen? Der Kerl redet total am Thema vorbei.
Marco Rezzi
Marco Rezzi Vor 3 Monate
So ein Schwachsinn! Von was für einem "Volk" redest Du überhaupt? Es gibt genügend Möglichkeiten, sich in Deutschland zu informieren. Dieses ewige Geschwätz von einer Meinungsdiktatur, wie langweilig!
Glxdiator Vor year
Giulia Steinert ach du scheisse wie kann man nur so kleinkariert sein.
Pink Cupcake
Pink Cupcake Vor year
Nora Lachmann Dieser Kerl ist ein Jude und von Deutschland in die USA ausgewandert!!!!Das sagt schon alles!!!Der will aus unserem Europa eine zweite USA machen!!!!!!!
james pong
james pong Vor year
Democracy is good when it serves them, Democracy is bad and needs to be "saved" when it doesn't work how they like it to work
Xell1987 Vor 7 Monate
Pedro Quintana Castillo
Ewan Trevis
Ewan Trevis Vor year
oh dear , poor little zionist is not getting his way......people not giving up their identity easily ? ....oh what a shame
Cielarko Vor year
The world is becoming more like Iran because a lot of news are funded by Iran. Look up where your news in the internet come from!
erik bachmann
erik bachmann Vor year
I hate you from heart
Virik Navarro
Virik Navarro Vor year
I'm not really interested in Yascha Mounk's oligarchy -democracy- In terms of my homeland, The United States, I care about the Republic as the forefathers devised it.
Wolfgang Thom
Wolfgang Thom Vor year
The people want to life peacefull in his own country. Mist people want thus. Normal. If ami deep state would stay home, the world would be a better place. Lile Hillary & Sorros... Color revolution, Clinton Foundation, makimg miney wirh the results. Look xlintons mails and soeek of sorros at the eu parlament to offer a refugee business plan... ding ding... still sleeping
rollo cavalier
rollo cavalier Vor 4 Monate
@Laura Truth hurts, huh tool?
Laura Vor year
Did you have a seizure while writing this?
Wolfgang Thom
Wolfgang Thom Vor year
who has more influence in democracy, Reuters, Goldman Sach and Co. and their owners or the mob? How many former goldman sachs employees are in the lead of the right wing parties? Divide et impera 😉
silverskid Vor 3 Monate
There are always those who don't know what they have until it is gone. I don't deny the problem of elites and corporate interests with enormous influence; but in historical context most people in western liberal democracies have known more freedoms and good standards of living than most other societies at most times and places history.
Wolfgang Thom
Wolfgang Thom Vor year
and if you want to know what democratie is developed for.. lock for what Aristoteles said a the beginning. Its from beginning a fake demokratie and still s Aristokratie, because its only for the Elite. otherwise the poor majority took her money ;) Maybe before the greek time, the summerian democratic System were better and purely.
D. L.
D. L. Vor year
What a liar. "Immigrants" have equal rights in Germany. "Immigrants" don't demand inclusion, they themselves don't want to integrate into the German society. Most are a burdon on the German welfare system and always will be. And by that I mean immigrants from Africa or the Middle East (though there are a few exceptions). But what to expect from the big manipulators.
All InOne
All InOne Vor 11 Monate
I don't get it, what's so bad about multiculturalism? I'm from the US, and I see the US failing not because we're a melting pot but because we seem to be turning into a plutocracy. Immigrants and race have nothing to do with it.
tony thomas
tony thomas Vor year
Immigrants have equal rights theoretically in Germany. You feel the difference as an immigrant when you stand before a club, look for an appartment or job. Germans also dont want much contact with immigrants. I have seen it in German University
D. L.
D. L. Vor year
You are right about many things but wrong about the most crucial (imo). It *is* going according to plan. The violence, the destruction of the welfare system, the balkanization of every European nation is exactly what they want. Islam is a tool for them. As are the migrants. As are the pacifist and "multicultural" ideologies they successfully implemented in the heads of most Western Europeans. They do not suffer any of the repercussions. WE do.
Herr Mann
Herr Mann Vor year
Der Typ ist Mitglied bei der SPD und genauso hohl sind auch seine Ansichten. Ehrlich, was wie eine Kloake.
hexspell Vor 2 Monate
Er ist einfach nur ein Weißenhasser der größten Sorte. Darin begründet sich auch seine ganze politische Agitation. Allein was der Kerl auf Twitter loslässt ist ziemlich durschaubar.
Marco Rezzi
Marco Rezzi Vor 3 Monate
Wieso, er sagt doch die Wahrheit? Im Gegensatz zu Dir, Du scheinst ja noch nicht mal Abitur zu haben.
Firgasz Vor year
Er ist aus der SPD ausgetreten, die Flüchtlingspolitik der SPD 2015 war ihm noch "zu brutal rechts" und menschenverachtend"
Peer Bröcker
Peer Bröcker Vor year
Yascha Mounk, ein Jude, mit wir meint er wahrscheinlich seine Jüdischen freunde. Ja ich weiß darf man nicht sagen, Antisemitismus bla bla....
Oliver Seidel
Oliver Seidel Vor 11 Monate
Die jüdische Harvard Ratte war mal in der SPD.
Pink Cupcake
Pink Cupcake Vor year
Peer Bröcker Ja!!Allerdings!!Das geht mir genauso!!!Einfach nervig!!!!
Herr Mann
Herr Mann Vor year
Und SPD Mitglied....
Dodoakakakadu Vor year
Everybody should see this. This is a warning to everybody in the West. The words are there,. their goals are clear.
maremue111 Vor year
Miese Hayek Chicago Boys Reagan Thatcher - klingelt es?
Malte Blättermann
Frankfurter Schule? Kulturmarxisismus? DING DING DING
Sheamus. Get the fertilizer
I have no faith in liberal democracy. Especially when engaging with Islam
Accelerationist Vor 9 Monate
We need fascism.
David Rapalyea
This guy is the actual arsonist. His baby fascists are out in small numbers throwing chairs, closing free speach and howling at the sky. But I wonder what they want to be when they grow up.
David Rapalyea
American democracy is in no need of saving. And I lived through the 1960s and these times are childs play. Assasination after assasination after assasination. Cities all over the nation burned out. And it gets worse. I, my very own self, was forced to take up weapons (lots of different weapons) dodge 122mm and RPG-7 rockets and 105mm short rounds. Then I got home I happened to be in Kent the very day National Guard killed five students. This dope is simply losing his aristocratic priviledge and it frightens him. Get a therapy dog STAT.
Damon Morris
Damon Morris Vor year
True democracy is non-existent.
Angry Young Man Vanquisher of Tyranny
That's what I expect a white to say...ever heard about Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela! Just because you whites hate democracy doesn't mean the world hates it!
thrashish Vor year
are you saying there is no spoon?
ϟ IVAN ϟ
ϟ IVAN ϟ Vor year
You can not save it because it had not really even existed, only an illusion, it does not even have a definition. In a capitalist world ruled by corporations and money, by a handfew of people. How dare you say its a democracy?!?!? IT IS NOT A DEMOCRACY.
David Rapalyea
FightingTiranny not a democracy? You don't like it, thats all. Lots of us like it well enough. You sound grumpy and thus I must wonder if you believe in free speach or not. So here is s test case for you. "Islamic literary sources are comprehensive and document the Prophet’s times, life and deeds. By the standards of any modern civilization he was an actual real life desert gangster."
Murillo Bonson
democracy is not a good thing, why should it be saved?
All InOne
All InOne Vor 11 Monate
Why isn't democracy a good thing?
POP Vor year
I don’t take advices from people with pink hair
His hair isn't pink, its just the light...
Graham6762 Vor year
He talks about populism like it is a bad thing. That means he holds the people in contempt. They really hate you.
Gersom van Slooten
"the fire" is vague. Mounk's talking about populism, but he's not clear on what defines populism. He gives some extreme examples of parties that have objectionable views and are often put forward as examples of populism, but these populist parties came into power through a democratic vote. Now it's being phrased that they're a threat to democracy. I have the impression that Mounk is conflating two problems and putting them under one umbrella. The one problem is "populism", which again is ill-defined and as such it's unclear whether it can objectively be called a problem. The other is "the threat to democracy". The way Mounk is presenting his story breeds the impression that the people supporting "populists" are the same people who pose a threat to democracy, but he's unclear about how he came to this conclusion. If you really think about it, social democratic movements of the nineteenth century had populist tendencies and (at least in Europe) those are the parties that are put in the right.
Plowbeast Vor year
He makes good points but is purposefully evasive as to whether he means right-leaning nativist populists or left-leaning progressive populists. While he clearly means the former in the case of Europe, it's clear that he's not a huge fan of the latter in America either. I can see WHY he's evasive to avoid seeming partisan but regardless, populism is part of the political cycle for better and for worse. Despite what everyone on the Internets or even many experts claim, liberal democracy happened without any true directing head as a result of multiple inputs from multiple movements who were often in opposition to each other. The real lesson is figuring out the difference between populists you like, populists you don't like but can civilly disagree with, and those who seek violence or long-term violent and illegal ends.
Gersom van Slooten
"A) Does he really need to define “populism”? It is well known term. I don’t think he means anything different that you will find on internet or in books." Yes, it needs to be defined because we may object to his definition of populism. I find that these days populism is a word that is often used by progressives to define and worse, demonize people with more conservative views than their own. He's given some examples of what he considers populists, but he doesn't clearly define why all of these groups are populist, leaving the definition up in the air. In this way he can use the term selectively towards the parties he simply doesn;t agree with. "B) You write: “Now it's being phrased that they're a threat to democracy.” It isn’t “phrased” but observed in the reality." It is being phrased, because that's how he interprets those observations. Finally, my comment was initially towards you're clever use of the saying: "Another young, smart guy trying to build his brand by consciously or unconsciously writing checks with his mouth that his intellect can't quite cash." --> English isn't my native language so I had to look it up, but you used this saying in completely the wrong context. Being: "actions speak louder than words". I didn't make any claims that implied action so the complete saying was wasted on me.
ZP Lake
ZP Lake Vor year
A) Does he really need to define “populism”? It is well known term. I don’t think he means anything different that you will find on internet or in books. B) You write: “Now it's being phrased that they're a threat to democracy.” It isn’t “phrased” but observed in the reality. C) He doesn’t imply that people who elect populist are threat to democracy, but self interested populists who have tendencies to dictatorship are, as history proves. The whole point that he makes is that democracy doesn’t survive on its own but has to be preserved by active participation of the people and by non obstructed activities of democratic institutions and independent courts.
Gersom van Slooten
DeathbyPixels Vor year
We're in dark times, but this has given rise to people who know this is the time to speak out. Twenty years from now, we'll have survived another bump in the road, and we'll be better than before.
Porsche Guy
Porsche Guy Vor year
9,4 million subs and 200 views lol
IGC Member
IGC Member Vor year
fake subs
Gaming Epochs
Gaming Epochs Vor year
I hate to live in India.
Muad'dib 22
Muad'dib 22 Vor year
If you're Indian then stay there. We don't want more of you in the west.
Gaming Epochs
Gaming Epochs Vor year
Go fornicate yourself, man. I left it already.
Bipin Kumar
Bipin Kumar Vor year
Gaming Epochs so why not you go out from India. Just do it
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