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Did you know that we could start building a Lunar Base today?

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How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY



15 Sep 2018



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Kaushal J
Kaushal J Vor 21 Tag
Need more colonization video's
ditiplayz123 Vor 2 Monate
id love to learn about space youre videos are so cool i wish you could work with the best learning companie ever
12shzarmai 55
12shzarmai 55 Vor 2 Monate
A space observatory on the moon would be amazing
Durva` Patil
Durva` Patil Vor 2 Monate
Thank you Kurzgesagt for all these videos. This make imagination for young toddlers like me and others to imagine how to become multi planetary
Jesse Woodward
Jesse Woodward Vor 3 years
Imagine looking up at the moon and seeing cities!
FryGuuuuuy Vor 3 Stunden
Imaging looking down on earth and seeing lights
Ambist Vor Tag
also elon might add some laser guns might be developed and attached onto starship for the funzies( to destroy/ break meteors into smaller parts) Finally a use for weapons that is not killing your own species. There are other uses like nuking mars' poles but thats off topic.
Ambist Vor Tag
it might even be less reflective of light from the shear amount of solar panels or as they also said about new technologies being developed, there could be glass that can prevent large amounts of radiation from the sun in the future. This could mean the light from those cities could reach earth. also i dread the thought of mining on the moon for the not so rational reason that in the movie time machine they mine the moon and it collapses to cause choas on earth
At least it could be a little more brighter at night if the cities light reflects to earth.
The Random Roblox engineer
Imagine looking up FROM the moon and seeing earth
PhantomStrider Vor 4 Monate
I'd love to live to see this.
Christi Mehl
Christi Mehl Vor 6 Tage
You have a good chance at seeing this in your lifetime
Pan Makser
Pan Makser Vor 28 Tage
aye aye
some dumb memer
some dumb memer Vor Monat
@kingofthegamers how old are you even
kingofthegamers Vor 2 Monate
STRIDER I WATCH UR VIDEOS!!!!!!! sry idk to talk without being awkward
Egregious Thoughts
Egregious Thoughts Vor 3 Monate
imagine people living on the moon never having been to earth, just always looking at it, like how we do with the moon now.
我们爱面! Vor 12 Tage
Or if their colony is in the dark side of the moon, only seeing Eartg occasionally when they travel to one on the light side.
Dawn of April
Dawn of April Vor 6 Monate
The Moon makes a great testing ground for a future Mars colony since we will face similar issues either way, especially with the lack of an atmosphere, lack of gravity, potentially toxic dust, and large amounts of radiation. If something goes wrong on the Moon, we can respond much faster.
Sean Williams
Sean Williams Vor Monat
@Dodgy Dodgson “Not exactly true” as you list how what he wrote is exactly true. It’s SIMILAR he wrote. He didn’t say it was exactly the same. Who even thinks going to the moon would be exactly like going to Mars? No one. Who thinks going to the moon will be similar to going to Mars? Everyone.
Dodgy Dodgson
Dodgy Dodgson Vor 4 Monate
Not exactly true. There are significant differences in the challenges we face. For one. Mars has periods (sometimes lasting months) of essentially no sunlight due to storms. The dust buildup on Mars would be significantly more treacherous. Mars also has many more toxic elements. Getting colonists to mars (just getting there alone) is a monumentally difficult task. Even just disembarking the space craft could be nearly impossible. Then there's the fact that neither of those colonies are likely to ever be self-sufficient. Reliant on Earth for shipments of fuels, parts, nitrogen for growing plants etc. Mars would be considerably more difficult than the Moon. If we consider that creating a colony on the Moon is difficult. Then Mars by comparison is close to impossible. Improbable at best and impossible at worst. And don't be trusting what the likes of Elon Musk say about Mars. He's probably the most clueless one there is.
humbug swangkerton
humbug swangkerton Vor 6 Monate
I'm surprised that Kurzgesagt didn't mention the negative health effects of low gravity...that may be a very difficult problem to overcome and may prevent permenant colonies on the moon.
Ethan Forsyth
Ethan Forsyth Vor 6 Tage
@Christi Mehl maybe the moons lower gravity then Mars is why
Christi Mehl
Christi Mehl Vor 6 Tage
Talks about it in the mars colony but not the moon colony, why
Ethan Forsyth
Ethan Forsyth Vor 19 Tage
@Thomas Foster ? The moon has no air bu the way
Thomas Foster
Thomas Foster Vor 4 Monate
I can think of a solution power armour withstanding the air pressure and gravity of earth while cushioning the stringy body of the lune inside
RaiYZe Vor 3 years
If we did build cities on the moon imagine looking up and seeing a crescent moon with the dark part lit up by the lights from the citites
Dorol Vor Tag
My intuition says the light won't be strong enough to reach earth
Brainflowers Vor Monat
@Connor King Avatar pic checks out
Silver Vor Monat
imagine seeing a "terran eclipse" from the Moon, as the Earth engulfs the Sun and the surface of the Moon turns blood red
Juan Atristain
Juan Atristain Vor Monat
Turtles are going to be even more confused
Felipe Vasconcelos
@Nova Typhoon it is. Every living being manipulates the environment, we’re not the only ones. It’s true that, as the species that can cause the most radical changes on Earth, we specially ought to be careful with what we do, but although what we do is on a larger scale, it’s not fundamentally different from autotrophs filling the atmosphere with oxygen.
BlazetheGame Vor 9 Monate
It’s really sad that I’ll probably never live to see all of this happen. Although if we get started fast and find a way to make aging very very slow or non existent then I definitely could, as would most of us. Either way, I think my new goal is to go to space and/or another planet during my lifetime.
MrSpirus Vor 3 Tage
The first human colony will be established in 2025 and will probably be self-sufficient by 2050. Life extension technology is being discovered and tested as we speak and genetic engineering. it is said that by 2030 most people will have access to life extension technology. So people born between 1960 and now could for sure live to be at least 150 if not 300+
Haterade Vor 4 Monate
@George Patrakov 2 more years
George Patrakov
George Patrakov Vor 7 Monate
Artemis mission is closer than you think.
Taiten Guerrero
Taiten Guerrero Vor 9 Monate
I really hope people in the future will be watching this and be happy with how well we will be transitioning into the future and how close this video might be. All I hope for is that I will live long enough to see it all happen.
Taiten Guerrero
Taiten Guerrero Vor Monat
@James Henry Smith interesting 🤔
Land Green
Land Green Vor 17 Stunden
It literally just brought tears to my eyes seeing our country's rover on the moon. Thank you.
Rob Schofield
Rob Schofield Vor 6 Monate
Kurzgesagt has an overall attitude of positivity, making these videos *always* worth watching. Great!
Silias Porter
Silias Porter Vor year
An arguement between earthlings and moon people would end like this: Moon person: "stupid earthling" Earthling: "lunatic"
He just ended this mans hole carrier
SpinningCube Vor 29 Tage
“Lunatic” is already correct because “Luna” is the name of the Roman goddess of the moon.
Dino's Sanbox
Dino's Sanbox Vor 2 Monate
Earthling: "dumb lunartic"
Maheswari Das
Maheswari Das Vor 2 Monate
@Brostrod Aiyo what 😭😭🤣🤣
Jack Vento
Jack Vento Vor Monat
One of my favorite videos on DE-vid I'd say. An all-timer. Sparks so much imaginative energy in me
Crystil Vor Monat
I love this editing style and it is so interesting whenever I found this channel I have been watching it so much because I am so interested in the human body space and technology and especially the guy that is voicing this I love this so much thank you guys for making this channel good luck and I hope you guys the best
Cdchasgotyou Vor 7 Monate
This is why I like engorging my brain with actually interesting lessons from my favorite German youtube science and logical politics channel. Love it
Juan Atristain
Juan Atristain Vor Monat
It'd be interesting to explore the political side of trying to colonize the moon. What would economic treaties be like? Could a moon colony survive if Earth governments decided to cut imports from them? Who would benefit from technology discovered on the moon? How would a war between Earth and moon colonies seeking independence pan out, how hard would it be to achieve independency or to decimate moon colonies?
Danell Serik
Danell Serik Vor 2 years
Imagine how good a space game would be if Kurzgesagt did the art work.
Tubylec Vor 3 Monate
If you would be into a game like this, I strongly recomend "kerbal space program". I had a lot of fun with it
Andy Tabala
Andy Tabala Vor 6 Monate
Someone's trying to make an immune system game, and they're trying to get kurzgesagt's cooperation for the art.
Cloaker Vor year
@James Thomas Kerbal Space Program, a super-complex space game. Look it up, it's super cool.
James Thomas
James Thomas Vor year
@Paolo Galeotti I know right That game was good but I already beat it :( waiting for updates
James Thomas
James Thomas Vor year
@Cloaker What's KSP?
Danese Vor 8 Monate
"Look honey, it's a new moon!" "Wow! Is that light the city where dad works?"
Μηνάς Σταμούλης
It's amazing how perfect our world is. Through a chainsaw of almost impossible events we came into existence in a planet so habitable, protecting us from everything from radiation to asteroids. After all we are the recipe of the universe that was so successful it became self-conscious and could feel the universe itself.
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez Vor 5 Monate
As you mentioned, it's very dangerous as there is no atmosphere to prevent miscellaneous items from crashing down and destroying infrastructure. Even if building in caves or in a crater, doesn't this always pose a catastrophe level threat?
Karen Mkrtchyan
Karen Mkrtchyan Vor 7 Monate
Can't wait for "The loonar wars of independence. Oversimplified"
Planetary Facts
Imagine if Germany used there entire budget surplus to do this and just decided that the whole moon was theirs.
Hy Vor 25 Tage
@Owlpo Animations Germany still has a military, it has 261K soldiers.
soviet pikachu
soviet pikachu Vor 29 Tage
@Owlpo Animations btw Germany does have a military
Shubh Vor Monat
Hail Hydra
big man leighton
@Nayan Dusoruth yes laddd
big man leighton
@Albert Einstein well well well, how the turn tables..
John Sheffield
John Sheffield Vor 6 Monate
Each time I've watched this, I've felt a stab of tears about to flow as soon as the first child is born on the moon. It's a very big, wonderful idea.
John J. Rambo
John J. Rambo Vor 5 Monate
It amazes me that we don’t even have an HD webcam on the moon looking back at earth
Covariance Vor 4 Monate
Yikes! I know that the concept of being able to live for an exceedingly long amount of time (e.g., > 100 years) has a lot of pros/cons to consider, but if there's one definite reason why I'd want to live (in a healthy way) for a very long time, it would be so I could see the collective progress of humanity for ventures like this!
Cloudbloom Vor 8 Monate
I remember seeing this years ago and thinking wow, this is cool but sucks that it will never happen. Now Nasa is actually doing it... it's so awesome that I will get to see this in my lifetime
Five Things
Five Things Vor 3 years
As Kurzgesagt said before, quality > quantity. Waiting a month for these amazing videos is really worth it
maricela tejeda
@Five Things 1200 hour=50 days
Dylen Vor 3 years
Could not agree more
Five Things
Five Things Vor 3 years
They said, on average it takes about 200 hours to make a video like this
Emmur DL
Emmur DL Vor 3 years
Even it's not ten minutes, this video is a representation of their passion, dedicationess and hard working put in this and every video in this years. Wish 5 mins video could be highlighted and be most rated. Therefore, we could have more enjoyable content, plus, time saving for some people to search to other videos
Hamza S.
Hamza S. Vor 3 years
Five Things Even then, they must be working very hard to make these and spending lots of time
Gameknight Vor Monat
Ah yes, Kurzgesagt Always putting out new tutorials on how to become a successful civilization
password 69
password 69 Vor 10 Monate
What would be the effect of the reduced gravity? Could lots of exercise be enough for healthy bones etc? (Especially if people live there for years)
ReVan Prime
ReVan Prime Vor 8 Monate
Ideally, structures would be built with rotating bases to simulate gravity. Some designs do exist, but it's heavily under development currently.
Diamond Cross
Diamond Cross Vor 8 Monate
No need,it will just become part of dna that you don’t need gravity
WARGOD Vor 5 Monate
I would really love to be immortal just to see technology improve and see interstellar travel become a norm. Especially to see myself pilot a spaceship travel to other planets as easily as like driving a car on Earth buying grocery.
Lanel Michaels
Lanel Michaels Vor 6 Monate
I can't wait to have an actual 'Horizon Lunar Colony'. 😊
Astra Nominated
Imagine in the future some child will say: "Mommy, I want to go to earth!"
Agnes Supit
Agnes Supit Vor Monat
@Arno B Uh to stand ofc. OHH ok i get it my bad
Arno B
Arno B Vor Monat
@Agnes Supit what makes you think people will need their legs to fight in 100 years?
sober splash
sober splash Vor 10 Monate
@Jasper Navall space orca
would they even survive moving from moon gravity to earth gravity?
Parker Louis
Parker Louis Vor 6 Monate
Sometimes I just look up at the moon at night and dosed off staring at it for a good few mins and still can’t comprehend this universe, it’s truly spectacular
Ben Whorley
Ben Whorley Vor 6 Monate
"The perfect project to unify nations." Now that's optimism. Makes me think of the series The Expanse.
naman ziu
naman ziu Vor 15 Tage
Best video ever! Yes, the moon is our first step toward interstellar travelling!
Supreme Slime
Supreme Slime Vor 5 Monate
I want this to happen so bad. It hurts my soul knowing that I’ll never get to explore space
Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes Vor 2 years
Phase 4: Moon declares independence because they are tired of Earth taxes
Walter Heisenberg
Walter Heisenberg Vor 6 Monate
There's a tax for that
AndyHappyGuy Vor 7 Monate
United States of Luna
Manoj Ramesh
Manoj Ramesh Vor 8 Monate
@Yoshi Underrated
William Knight
William Knight Vor 8 Monate
Damn your videos make me so hopeful for the future even if it will never happen, they give me a little hope
kosmique Vor 7 Monate
yea yea we humans never get things done without trial and error. there gonna be so many things going wrong early, we'Re gonna abort missions because of wasted money and endangered life. i wouldnt expect much in the next 50 yrs. at most its gonna be the equivalent to the ISS. some janky letdown version of what we now only wish to be some overly cool "base". wake me up when we got concrete buildings up there. if you rly want level9000 excitement for the next decade or two, hope the james webb ST mission goes well.
BloxMan Vor 8 Monate
Look up the Artemis mission and reconsider
sofastealer02 Vor 8 Monate
Wait if gravity is so low then does that mean growing a “sekoya” seed will make it grow faster and bigger?
That Random Imperial
This future looks like it’s getting closer every day, and I love that
Cherri Berri
Cherri Berri Vor Monat
I know this is 3 years ago and just going over the basics with super idealized visuals and whatnot, but actually one of the BIGGEST industries on the moon is low gravity manufacturing. Microgravity isnt ideal for this, mostly at least, as liquids would be very difficult to control there, but processes that involve growing near perfect or absolutely perfect crystals of materials would need microgravity, but would still be made more feasible and reasonable if the mood already had a colony. Point is though, a lot of manufacturing processes are plagued with issues from convection, sedimentation, and other gravity related things. To have far less gravity would help them out massively, and if any of it could be sourced on the moon and simply sent back, would mean so much
Michael Timpson
You know you should discuss the effects on the anatomy of a child born on the moon or mars. Would they even be able to handle the gravity of Earth? That would be a great video.
Ramen Vor 12 Tage
@Strazdas until they adapt they can have an exoskeleton while they don't adapt + a bunch of wierd looks from people who yet haven't seen an exoskeleton ( or it could be implemented in clothes or something idk)
Strazdas Vor 12 Tage
The astronauts in space even for the few months of space station work already exprience problems. They bones become porous in space and they have to get back into shape when they return. For someone living in such enviroment all life it would be very hard to adopt to earth gravity. Imagine if you suddenly had to live in 3 times larger gravity. You could still walk, but it would be exhausting just to stand up. However human body is extremely adaptive and it seems we genetically engineer outselves to our enviroment already.
OmniiToxi Vor 14 Tage
@Ciandhie C. im assuming they would be slowly weined off the earth gravity think gradually over years as to not immedietly impact the bodyd
Ramen Vor 27 Tage
@Mr. Lockwood or an exoskeleton to support them that can be decreased overtime and they can walk on their own .
Ramen Vor 27 Tage
They would need to have an exoskeleton that supports them . They can decrease the power slowly overtime and after a while the power of exoskeleton will be zero and they can just take it off and be suitable.
IGAME Vor 7 Monate
With Artemis and the resent breakthrough in fusion this became more realistic ❤.
Riley Giles
Riley Giles Vor 6 Monate
"The moon is hard." - Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell, 2021
Phlow Vor 4 Monate
"The moon is hard, but we're good at doing hard things" -Kurzgesagt, 2018
zia nator
zia nator Vor 2 Monate
Just ask your mom lol
0 Ninja
0 Ninja Vor 2 Monate
@9601-Turki Faisal M AlAyesh ayooo
Phlow Vor 3 Monate
@9601-Turki Faisal M AlAyesh 😳
9601-Turki Faisal M AlAyesh
He is right
Artamis Bot
Artamis Bot Vor 9 Monate
Imagine staying at the base over the lunar night. I think it would be even worse than staying at an Antarctic base for the winter - so very lonely.
Froggy lad
Froggy lad Vor year
Honestly, this channel is the best on the entire platform. It's so obvious that they aren't doing it for the clout but they are doing it to educate and inspire people.
Luuk_ Twister
Luuk_ Twister Vor 3 Monate
Koranos is very good as well
Dobexx Vor 5 Monate
try lemmino even better
Mr.Saatvik's Facts
Mr.Saatvik's Facts Vor 6 Monate
@Emeraldz Aregood +1
Ro Gaming
Ro Gaming Vor 7 Monate
"We're good at doing hard things" I get weird vibes from this message.
gl!ch ki6
gl!ch ki6 Vor Monat
Sometimes it’s wild to watch these older videos and see things like “helium 3 could one day be used for fusion power, which would make power much more efficient” and think “hey, that’s that thing that they already did”. We’re living in the FUTURE!
Right? When I think the Artemis program will have its test flight this year, to send in crew for touchdown in 2025, I’m like “Phase two in motion!”
Matt Hogue
Matt Hogue Vor 4 Monate
You know... I have a logging company and a butcher shop, but this makes me want to get into aerospace and life support. That... Was inspiring. I wonder how firefighting will take place in a moon base.
Farrel Ramadhan
Farrel Ramadhan Vor 7 Monate
This is a good animation Kurzgesagt - in a Nutshell please make videos every day
pot Vor 10 Monate
I love how he refers politics as a thing that stops humanity from going further lmao
Silver Vor 15 Tage
"We should build a moon colony." "No! That's communism!"
NightSky_098 Vor 16 Tage
I mean yeah..
Ramen Vor 27 Tage
These are long term projects that can't be completed in their 4-5 year term . So if the project finishes during someone else's rule they can take all the credit . That's why leaders don't invest in many long term projects ( china doesn't has to worry about things like this so they focus on space too soo yeah )
Chaotic Glitched
Well, he's not wrong
Zuckies Vor 3 Monate
Your videos are so inspiring!
bluz Vor 10 Monate
i want to live to the day i can look up at the moon and see something going on on the surface, lights, civilisation. Anything that i can look up and say damn, there’s people out in space, left this planet and they’re thriving out in space
Varvara Vor Monat
i would be so jealous of that kid! imagine being born into community where everyone is so educated and determined
ratmilk Vor 3 Monate
Wouldnt the gravity of the moon effect the embryonic development of the fetus? Wouldnt it come out looking more stretched and skinny than an Earth human? Similar to how being on a space station stretches your body and causes muscular degradation?
Tom Carroll
Tom Carroll Vor 3 years
This might have been your most beautiful video yet. Incredible work! You're massive inspirations!
The Introverted Arcanist
Just a thought: The moon will almost certainly host our first extraterrestrial colonies. This makes them a more likely candidate for the first colony to become its own country. When the United States declared independence, it was the first colony in history to do so, and its declaration became the groundwork for several others. And, because the American Revolution was the first war fought over a colony’s independence and the rights of the people, it inspired other people across the globe to fight for both of those things. Therefore, I predict that when the moon colonies (or at least some of them) inevitably become independent, their first actions will be seen as normal for a new space-nation. Other space colonies could decide to revolt for the reasons the moon colonies did (freedom, land being stolen by Earth nations, rights, etc.), meaning that several colonies would no longer provide free/cheap resources to Earth for protection. Perhaps it would turn out like Saudi Arabia today, a separate country the US still extorts oil from. It’ll be different, that’s for sure. Nothing will be the same in space.
HarishMan Vor 4 Monate
I don’t understand why you guys are the channel with the most subs on the platform by now. The sheer effort that goes into your videos is beyond me. Your videos could really change how we look at the earth, and in this case, beyond it.
Imagination Innovation Animations
Hopefully, these treaties will stay unchanged and the Moon will become a place of unity for all humanity.
William Burroughs
William Burroughs Vor 6 Monate
You could use the solar panels to produce enough H and O2 thought electrolysis in the daytime and use that as fuel to power generators to get you through the night.
Ivey Vor 3 years
I love how some of your videos send me into an existentialist crisis and others make me want to build a rocket in my backyard and leave right now
6325 Abhijay Agarwal
6325 Abhijay Agarwal Vor 11 Monate
@Groot *Pathetic Leg
Kristóf Ladányi
Kristóf Ladányi Vor 11 Monate
Sunny be like
Galaxy Pixel
Galaxy Pixel Vor 2 years
Cody Shafer
Cody Shafer Vor 2 years
buy ksp it costs less
Al Do
Al Do Vor 2 years
I think im gonna tell the municipal government...
Seebee2007 Vor 8 Monate
This idea kind of looks like the video game surviving Mars well done!
Lime Vor 10 Monate
If we have a colony outside of earth the word "What world do you live on" will be completely normal
CocoDevs Vor 3 Monate
Thanks for the tutorial, gonna try this out later.
Yan Zhang
Yan Zhang Vor 8 Monate
THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! i now made my own book and most of the ideas came out from you.
Geresh Vor year
"I used to live on earth" Ok that's enough for today grandpa go to sleep
Richard Schofield
Richard Schofield Vor 3 Monate
"Back in my day we had something called 'bones' inside us"
Walter Heisenberg
Walter Heisenberg Vor 6 Monate
@ygot,s vlog "back in my days did I play Skyrim special edition" Okay grandpa, thanks but I'm playing Skyrim Lunar Edition
Walter Heisenberg
Walter Heisenberg Vor 6 Monate
"I had a pet dog once" Ok grandpa time for bed.
ygot,s vlog
ygot,s vlog Vor 7 Monate
back in my day i used to play two blocks games one was called minecraft and one is lego
Rasmus Larsson
Rasmus Larsson Vor 7 Monate
I would consider subscribing to a Kurzgesagt moon base mission patreon-equivalent.
Zaboo Vor 6 Monate
Here's a thing I been thinking about, earth has so many different ores in it and I wonder, wouldn't other planets have ores in them and if they do would they be new or unique ores, only one kind or many like earth?
My Account
My Account Vor 2 Monate
Could you make an updated version of this video with current rocketry and private companies like SpaceX in mind?
Dawid23 Gamer
Dawid23 Gamer Vor 4 Monate
Realization: One day, people will have their honeymoon on the moon.
BrickBot 2.0
BrickBot 2.0 Vor year
Imagine the year that the Olympic Games are hosted on the Moon... So many records will be broken.
H.M.T Olympic
H.M.T Olympic Vor 10 Monate
@Burningendermen of the elemental endermen You know when you'd go to a trampoline place and run on the trampolines and just go SANIC SPEED? You can do that on the moon, atleast with a spacesuit which might slow you down a pretty decent amount
That guy rna
That guy rna Vor 10 Monate
The long jump
Lord Oxyn
Lord Oxyn Vor 10 Monate
Dude the pole vaulting and fucking jumping will be insane
Kittycraft0 Vor 10 Monate
@Aakash Puri what is doping
Kittycraft0 Vor 10 Monate
@Burningendermen of the elemental endermen more like jump off of a wall at an angle
G M P Vor 6 Monate
Idk why the "first human to be born in space" part gave me shivers and goosebumps
Sebastian Aguirre López
Please continue this serie, i need to see which are the next steps to colonize the space, please
These kind of videos give me too much hope 😕 I can't see the change we need, actually happening 😐
Lunatic Cultist
Lunatic Cultist Vor 6 Monate
If this ever happens the other planets in our solar system will be like "what the hell are they doing now"
Berkley Huffman
Berkley Huffman Vor 11 Monate
Moon:*Declares independence* Earth: *Starts building more weapons*
Name is Name
Name is Name Vor 11 Tage
Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare 2
deker095 Vor 18 Tage
@AwesomeSam 676 prohibited by who exactly and how, war?
Denalo Vehgan
Denalo Vehgan Vor 4 Monate
i've played red faction, i know where this is going
Kevin Story
Kevin Story Vor 4 Monate
what will be the minimum air pressure needed for a space base on the moon using ft. above seal lvl on earth as a reference? also is higher oxygen percentage in lower pressure possible?
Juho Huuki
Juho Huuki Vor 6 Monate
If we had permanent habitat in the moon, how would they deflect or survive the meteors? Are they going to make subterranean habitats to be safe from the bombardment? Or is there some other way?
Ryan Gustin
Ryan Gustin Vor 9 Monate
“Lunar war for independence” is the most sci fi thing I’ve heard of
Quacked Vor 3 Monate
Just imagine looking at the dark side of the moon and seeing illuminating lights from the bases...
Half-Cooked Ramen
Half-Cooked Ramen Vor 2 years
Kurzgesagt is from the future and he's trying to save us from failure.
Ian L
Ian L Vor year
@ODL22 a permanent mars colony is quite a ways off I agree, but I think a manned mars landing is well within my lifetime (I'm 22). Im not an Elon fanboy by any means but the general private interest in Space is what is going to get things moving. Optimistically I'd love to see a permanent lunar colony in my lifetime.
Half-Cooked Ramen
@Ian L true. I can't wait :DDDD
ODL22 Vor year
Group B Elon isn’t going to get us to mars. No offense but the moon maybe as far as we go. I mean the logistics and the fact the most people forget mars doesn’t have an ionosphere so a solar flare would ruin us. Plus mars is too small. Elon’s just a mascot for SpaceX and Tesla
Randobot TV
Randobot TV Vor year
Robux Vor year
If it did happen I would stay on earth cause I would Miss the ocean 🌊 that’s my only reason
Joe Buchanan
Joe Buchanan Vor Monat
Who else is looking forward to the Artemis program, we might have finally started on phase 2
SynHD343 Vor 7 Monate
Might have already been said before plenty of times or might be an unpopular opinion but couldn't they create 2 bases, 1 on each side of the moon, that way one base will be 6 months of light, the other 6 months of darkness, every 6 months they jump to orbit and go to the other base. There's plenty of oxygen on the moon to constantly make fuel for the thrusters each time. After plenty of time building and adding onto each base, perhaps they can make it so the one in the dark period can have fusion or nuclear energy so it doesn't have to rely on solar energy? Idk, easier said than done yes but I feel like this'd be the most sufficient way to do it.
Immoral Boi
Immoral Boi Vor 9 Monate
"They could deliver us Helium3, a cheap and clean energy source" Me, whose played Deliver Us The Moon : Hey I've seen this one before.
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Vor 3 Monate
Me, who never played this game: What?! It’s brand new!
Ayaan Sabir Abbasi
Ayaan Sabir Abbasi Vor 7 Monate
"We're good at doing hard things"-Kurzgezat.
Valmitic the Sequel
Born too late to explore the Earth. Born too soon to explore the galaxy. Born just in time to watch kurzgesagt.
ecogreen 123
ecogreen 123 Vor 2 years
and maybe watch the colonization of mars and the moon, depending on your current age of course.
Liamjm Vor 3 years
Are the first days of the ultimate source of information and communication known as the Internet and the rapid rise of technology not good enough for you?
komasdfg Vor 3 years
born the right time for internet. that itself is still a good historical mark.
Neonic Plays
Neonic Plays Vor 3 years
Noone thinks, born too late to fistfight tigers, and other wild animals. Humsna will always complain. But kurzgesagt is worth it
Dragon Curve Enthusiast
Haha! Not so sure about that. :-D There are a lot of much brighter minds out there. It's just cool to be a part of the whole scientific community. You should see me on conferences. Like a little girl in a candy store. In a way I never had to grow up. So, lots of exploring left to be done. And the rush you get when you discover something (even if it's something small that won't change the world) and you know you are probably the first person in the world to have seen this...
Mr. Lengo
Mr. Lengo Vor 7 Monate
The main benefit of seemingly “useless” space exploration is the insane amount of new technology required to complete the tasks, almost all of which gets transferred to every day technology on earth. The same thing happens with automotive racing and new super cars. Lots of people don’t see the point of big companies spending millions of dollars just to drive some fast cars, but without the competition of developing the best car, there will be no more innovation for all cars. It takes a lot of money to make new technology, and using race cars or $1m super cars to develop the tech is the best way and usually the only way to do it. If you like safe tires, seatbelts, roll cages, safe suspension, fuel economy, reliability, crumple zones, aerodynamics, airbags, heads up displays, touchscreens, bolstered seats, safe brakes, AI assists, self driving, EVs, backup cameras, radar, and basically every comfort/safety technology in relatively inexpensive cars, you need to thank racing and the super expensive cars of the past. Same exact thing applies to space exploration and basically every endeavour we do that pushes the limits of human technology. Without pushing these limits human innovation would stagnate.
socketZ rapZ
socketZ rapZ Vor 7 Monate
I was born too late to explore the world and I was born too early to explore space... The best I can do is set the path for the generation after me
Julia Hoppe
Julia Hoppe Vor 6 Monate
Imagine looking up at the moon and seeing it sparkle with cities
Friendly Doge
Friendly Doge Vor 6 Monate
Imagine being born on the moon a lot of years later and you see earth imagine the abandoned cities and animals that took over
Voy Zan
Voy Zan Vor year
"I thought Earth was a country!" - I can already hear someone saying this on camera 👌
Neptunian rep
Neptunian rep Vor 7 Monate
Aw yes America of the moon
Just a cripple who wants to kill the president
@Johnny Uchiha my previous comment was an example of a statement "no earthers" living on the moon would say. It is a joke lol
Arun Moses
Arun Moses Vor Monat
I really like how you compared Moon colonization to Europeans in America. I thought of the same thing when I was thinking of Mars.
LexieAssassin Vor 7 Monate
My biggest concern is actually what living in 1/6th G for a long, long period would do to the human body. Would it perhaps be better to put a space tether on the Moon and have people live in orbit on spinning platforms that simulate 1 G? Most work would be remote, unless you REALLY need to go down to the surface via the elevator to do something.
Brian Kirkpatrick
Brian Kirkpatrick Vor 6 Monate
Maybe take shifts. Two weeks on the surface of the moon during the day, then two weeks in the rotating habitat getting exercise. OSHA would have guidelines on maximum lunar gravity exposure.
Trojohn Dark Horse
Trojohn Dark Horse Vor 10 Monate
I think it would be difficult to live on the moon because of its gravity
Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada
For those whom have seen the anime "Planetes" we already know the 2 possible names for the people born in the moon: Either "Lunarians" or "Selenites".
Achyuth Ramachandran
Whenever I watch Kurzgesagt, I have only 2 extremes: 'Wow, humans are awesome!', or 'Man, we suck...' There is no in-between
Benur M
Benur M Vor 2 years
@Glorious Bastard hidden side of the moon
YoCarter Vor 2 years
@gladitsnotme also we're mammals not parasites
YoCarter Vor 2 years
@gladitsnotme Its fucking google
gladitsnotme Vor 3 years
Tommorow Is Now Google is a thing that exists. "define parasite". That's how humans are parasites. Educate yourself.
Kri Vor 3 years
don't forget "life is meaningless"
Pillar Vor 4 Monate
what would happen if a comet crashed into the earth when we live on the moon? would we be able to see it, and would it influence our orbit?
PONTICUS 🇷🇺 Vor 6 Monate
This channel make my urge to explore the galaxy
MONKE Vor 6 Monate
Can you imagine if humanity came together as 1 for the purpose of exploring space, colonizing habitable planets as we explore further and further.
ALostChild2004 Vor 4 Monate
Nah, because without competition, governments wouldn't spend the ridiculous amounts of money to invent the technology in the first place. Most of the innovations we use today came because of war or something that happen because of the war. Think of Antibiotics, the Internet, Jet engines, computers and much more.
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