How Would A Global Pandemic Really Happen?

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The Coming Pandemic (2005): As the outbreak of Ebola reaches terrifying new levels, this doc reveals how a global pandemic might actually play out...
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It’s the disease the world has been fearing. No country is prepared. Scientists now believe it’s only a matter of time before another major epidemic kills tens of millions. The most likely source is a mutation of the influenza virus, now killing birds and humans across Asia. But what would happen if such a virus struck? Can anything be done to prepare? This week’s high-quality documentary investigates the threat posed by Avian flu.
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3 Okt 2014



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J H Vor 3 Tage
Crystal Wilson, this video is from a false prophet (aka anonymous) - why do you persecute Christians like myself opening on comments on DE-vid ? Is that Christian of you ? Did you need a taste of your medicine? Personally, God says ‘vengeance is mine’ and He will teach you a lesson for being mean to fellow Christians. Why do you harbour so much pride ?
mashroob Vor 9 Tage
6 months? Gahahahaha!! Idiots.
Why was it called the Spanish flu? Why not the Chinese flu, or the American flu, why Spanish?
interpretation 21
interpretation 21 Vor 18 Tage
Ebola affects only about 50,000 people whom live in central Africa or west Africa ...these people live in unhealthy conditions ....exposed to an incredible array of intersecting animal viruses. Maybe they can handle that... Most of non desert Africa is basically as close to dinosaurland as you can get. Europe, middle east, north america used to be full of similar animals...but a strange asteroid happily wiped them out...and allowed room for the dominion of more gentle species.
tiffsaver Vor 20 Tage
David Parry
David Parry Vor Monat
The usa will have a Civil War AND Yellowstone Supervolcano will kick off before any idiot americans get a chance to die of a plague. Got popcorn and a comfortable chair, so anytime you're ready, little trouble-making usa! Feel free...
David Parry
David Parry Vor 22 Tage
@King Taco And what incorrect grammar might that be, buddy? What did I spell incorrectly, honey? You didn't pick up on the fact that 'usa' in lower-case denotes a lack of respect for said nation?What did you have a problem comprehending, Taco Bell?
King Taco
King Taco Vor 22 Tage
Why are you calling people stupid when you can’t even use proper grammar and spelling?
tiffsaver Vor Monat
I'll bet that China will be the epicenter of the next global pandemic. Why?? BECAUSE IT'S ALREADY HAPPENED BEFORE. In only 1956, the Asian Flu epidemic swept over China, then in short order, the entire world. Tens of millions of people died. Now segue to 2019. Only this year, Chinese food producers had to kill MILLIONS of pigs, at least half of their entire herd, when a swine virus struck their most valuable source of protein. Now, China is scrambling to buy pork, even from the United States. All it will take is for the virus to mutate from animal to man, then the consequences will quickly spread around the world, aided by jet travel, infecting the entire world in only weeks. By the time the CDC figures out what's happened, it will take months to crate an effective vaccine, then months more to test and manufacture it, then finally get it out to the general public. By then, the pandemic would have reduced the planet's human population to numbers that would even make Bill Gates smile. THE END.
Maria Felices
Maria Felices Vor Monat
World my err m❤️
Maria Felices
Maria Felices Vor Monat
Yes ,learn and calculate from history and multiply by the poulation of the word now since then ,and transmission by air travel ,immigration etc scary stuff 😈🇬🇧❤️
guada71 Vor Monat
The next one they're working on is the equine strain.
smoothlyez Vor Monat
Start building walls.
smoothlyez Vor Monat
Me right now, hacking all day.
Cristiano Pereira
Go bird flu!
Alfredo Tirado
Alfredo Tirado Vor Monat
It is safe to eat Popeye’s new chicken sammich?
Sea dreams
Sea dreams Vor Monat
Spanish flu
Ann O'Halloran
Ann O'Halloran Vor Monat
Boiron makes a great homeopathic med “OSCILLOCOCUM” available at health grocers. Kicks flu’s ass.
Just Sayin'
Just Sayin' Vor Monat
Right, because if you want to sell a bucket of water, start a fire.
C M Vor Monat
Reset for humanity. Probably sooner, rather than later.
Margaret Phillips
Their chickens were sick so they decided to give them away to the neighbors. Stupid or Sadistic? Hmmmmm......
Ron W
Ron W Vor Monat
When I watch these kinds of documentaries, I always keep in mind how people behave during an outbreak of any respiratory virus. They can be incredibly selfish and go out in public until they become too sick to do so and thus spread the disease everywhere even though they know they have it and it's contagious. They'll even send their sick children to school and go to work thus ensuring numerous others get infected but they always have excuses for behaving that way to justify it. Even in workplaces where it was forbidden for people to come to work sick with a contagious illness, I've seen them do it anyway and then lie and claim they didn't know, that it "just came on them suddenly" and "besides, it's too late now since everyone is already exposed so there's no reason for me to go home." They'd always say it with a smug grin on their faces like they've gotten one over on everybody and were so pleased with themselves. Then, in other work environments, I've heard people get told off by coworkers for coming to work sick only for them to say, "Well! I don't want to use my sick days for when I'm sick! I want to save those for when I want to go fishing or do something fun!" I've even heard people get mad and screech in their own defense, "Well! Somebody gave it to me!" as if that excuses them for spreading it to others. The whole point is that people can and will behave in incredibly selfish and stupid ways and that creates the greatest danger. It's only when many of them are afraid of being the ones exposed that they change their behavior out of self-interest- not out of concern for others. So, if there were an outbreak of a severe pandemic disease, it would spread like wildfire due to the way stupid selfish people behave until the problem became so bad that the government had to enforce closures of public venues and enforce curfews and quarantines~ which, of course, by that time it would be too late. Of course, I'm not discounting the fact that many diseases have incubation periods and can be spread by innocent people who are spreading it unknowingly. However, I still consider the stupid and the selfish to be one of the major ways these diseases can and will spread. All that being said, the best job I ever had was a government related job where the rule was that if you came in sick you would be thrown off site immediately and if you kept repeating that stupid, selfish behavior, it would be an automatic termination offense. That caused the stupid and selfish people to bristle with anger but no one cared what they thought. Yes, I've worked in a health care related position before.
Steven Pivornik
Steven Pivornik Vor Monat
One doctor to another: "He has the bird flu." One doctor to the patient: "Did you eat anywhere that has chickens?" Patient: "KFC"
Joseph Bragg
Joseph Bragg Vor Monat
Thats easy the U.N. Would spread it on airlinesor ships or something faster like mosquitoes from Plumb Island. Simple enough.
Carin Wiseman
Carin Wiseman Vor Monat
Just look at the history of SARS virus outbreak.
Chris Van Bekkum
Pls note , outbreaks of contagious diseases coincides with solar minimum. Guess what point of the 11 year cycle we are now???
Dave Christan
Dave Christan Vor Monat
this is wat u call propaganda n scare mongering, how fucked up is that
Diane Morgan
Diane Morgan Vor Monat
Sadly, Tamiflu is SO expensive, most people cannot afford it. Big Pharma....price gouging & greedy, again.
Diane Morgan
Diane Morgan Vor Monat
I believe the Avian Flu is from chicken poop that has dried, then a "spore off" from wind or turbulence. People inhale those spore off's, are infected, and death. Just like the Hanta Virus in New Mexico from rat poop spore off. And in Miami after Hurricane Amdrew, in 1992. Bunches of people died. Fowl & Animal poop is deadly from mold spores while poop dries. Idiots....sleeping with their chickens.
ste76539 Vor Monat
It's called the 1918 Spanish FLu Pandemic because it happened in 1918 ffs. Factually wrong in less than two minutes.
Melissa Diotte
Melissa Diotte Vor Monat
Through vaccines. What a great way to depopulate.
Anne Mitchell
Anne Mitchell Vor Monat
Oh tamiflu really works when you have flu I’ve had it
Anne Mitchell
Anne Mitchell Vor Monat
No one has any empathy for the chickens bagged up alive but without oxygen way to go humans it’s cruel and they could have killed them humanely huh that’s a joke humans
duffydog1 Vor Monat
get rid of the music
Jeffery Pullin
Jeffery Pullin Vor Monat
Sooner or later a new pandemic , either natural or engineered , will devastate a large portion of the world's population; especially with unchecked illegal immigration and open borders
JaySadboyClub Vor Monat
Sorry only Greenland 🇬🇱 survives
Generic white kid the second
I swear if I start getting dreams about an old black woman named Mother Abigale-
Deborah Armstrong
Better than Randall Flagg dreams!
AceBaby295 Vor Monat
I hope there's a virus that sweeps through the world that kills any human that has ever hit a dog in anger.
Ty Smith
Ty Smith Vor Monat
32:15 "if the whole world pulled together". americans can't even pull themselves together, how do we expect them to help unify on a global scale?
Emmanuel Lagace
Emmanuel Lagace Vor 5 Tage
Right. That’s why I refer to the U.S as the Divided States Of Americas. HA! HA! HA! And NO, no they’re NOT a free Country. Especially when their own Government spies on them.
Joseph Tobin
Joseph Tobin Vor Monat
We unite under common threat.
A C Vor Monat
We wont, we are doomed.
Ty Smith
Ty Smith Vor Monat
13:14 why is that dude just ass up, on top of a bunch of chicken crates? I feel ridiculous just asking that question.
Gerry James
Gerry James Vor 2 Monate
So.....be prepared to immediately quarantine Southern China and Southeast Asia? And sterilize? Maybe that’s the secret reason that so many countries keep nukes? Or perhaps a prophylactic burn?
M Bormann
M Bormann Vor 2 Monate
In the Black Death people fled the cities. As the plague burned its self out the people returned and became infected and most died. Bummer.
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