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Elliot Coll
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This is my collection of GameBoys as at June 2019.
Let me know what you think!
What else would you like to see?



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Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester Vor 21 Tag
That Disclaimer page reminds me of porn
Nitara Lyons Toy Review
How to fix control drift
SirenaCalavera Vor Monat
I would love to watch you buy the Boktai GBA sp someday... I wanna see someone actually owning one
Limerence Vor Monat
@2:15... a WHITEPOWER Switch!? It has kkk joycons?
gi2guna Vor 2 Monate
Can someone tell me where to buy a gba sp ags 101 in georgia? (The country)
Taylor Vor Monat
gi2guna The grocery store, and it's free!
100 000 Subscribers with no videos
The Retro Future: Pretty good nick The viewer named Nick: *happiness noise*
oussama achouri
oussama achouri Vor 3 Monate
Gba sp 14:11
oussama achouri
oussama achouri Vor 3 Monate
m B
m B Vor 3 Monate
Always loved the white dmg!!
Jonny Ogg
Jonny Ogg Vor 3 Monate
I ordered one of those boxypixel gbcs a couple days ago, got the anodised black with brass buttons. So amped for it to arrive
Bruh Vor 3 Monate
Should I get a TS80 or TS100?
mother mantis
mother mantis Vor 4 Monate
i would pay. so much money. for that chargable gba with the backlight
Rwilliams Vor 4 Monate
where can I get that transparent European box from?
Will Hunt
Will Hunt Vor 4 Monate
I have no Gameboys sadly.
coachloy Vor 4 Monate
nice collection... hopefully repro boxes of all your gameboys
Jimena Mendez
Jimena Mendez Vor 5 Monate
Is it possible to make a touch screen gameboy
snoozeflu Vor 5 Monate
I'd like to see this same type of video but show us all of your "knockoff" (or clone) handheld consoles!
gavin ;]
gavin ;] Vor 5 Monate
What about Gameboy color?
Duuuude that G&W tho!! I dream of having one of those.
Outside School Life
Outside School Life Vor 5 Monate
He just flexed on us without knowing or trying, what a legend.
Joe Coles
Joe Coles Vor 5 Monate
ds collection please
The King
The King Vor 6 Monate
How many copies of links awakening does this man have
arsen4life Ribucan
arsen4life Ribucan Vor 6 Monate
EEK Turk
EEK Turk Vor 8 Monate
Can you scan the boxes?
JDM Gemz
JDM Gemz Vor 9 Monate
My game and watch box is in just as bad condition 😂
Knight Vor 9 Monate
Where did you find those sleeves for the gameboy’s boxes? :)
Iana Marley
Iana Marley Vor 10 Monate
i got a custom green re-shelled advance sp ags-101 with pokemon firered and sapphire the other day for $200
Matthew Nations
Matthew Nations Vor 10 Monate
I asked and received. Berry cool. Guess I'm subscribing to this channel too.
Drew Vor 11 Monate
5:32 Okay so I'm one of these people that keeps asking about it, but the issue is I literally cannot find these anywhere on ebay. What do you search for!? That's all I want to know lol. I've searched for every variation of Gameboy case, plastic case, hard case, hard shell, etc, and never, EVER seen one pop up in the results.
devo536 Vor 5 Monate
Drew if you’re looking for just the shell try retromodding.com
Manuel Etchart
Hi Elliot! I was surfing in Aliexpress and saw that "Refurbished DS" for about 50 dollars. Would be awesome for you to make a review and disassembly of one! Product is called "Professionally Refurbished For Nintendo DS Lite Game Console For Nintendo DSL Video Game System Console"
nayr h19
nayr h19 Vor year
Eliot just get tube buddy then you can create your own thumbnails without hitting 1k copy tags over sand set up default descriptions and all sorts
kaio0777 Vor year
Wow I hope this is new
magicVAMPIRE løver13
Damn bro nice collection awesomeness🤙... im so jelly😄lol
Meechree Vor year
I have the Toys R Us Game Boy light as well in AMAZING condition, with the original battery pack. I absolutely love that thing. I also have 2 of the Extreme Green Game Boy Pockets that are in excellent condition as well! Love your collection, and looking forward to more of these videos
Daniel Geometry
Recently i bought a game boy light, is the silver version but i couldnt pay more for a game boy. I bought because because there are very few left. What is the price What is the price for which you bought the game boy
Sebastian Vor year
the gap in the bottom left corner of the video pissed me
CyDragonGM Vor year
hey show your Ds and 3Ds collection!
Pixel Prime
Pixel Prime Vor year
I have a gameboy micro and an ags 101
Joey Grimwood
Joey Grimwood Vor year
DS collection!!! love your videos keep it up!!
Dustin Hamilton
This was awesome to see - my fav recent video, aside from the unboxing! ;) Right on... I also love the spirit of this channel now... I think I may end up liking this channel even more.
Emmanuel Altamirano Garza
Now I would like to see your Pokemon games collection
Kyle Legge
Kyle Legge Vor 7 Monate
Smalls the Timelord
The Donkey Kong Game and Watch you have is the first thing to ever feature a D-pad! Pretty lucky to have one of those.
Alonzo Sanchez
Incredible!!! I'm Jealous That's An Incredible Collection
Radio Frequency
Radio Frequency Vor 2 Monate
@The Retro Future nigga i never ever had my own game boy 😓
The Retro Future
Dont be jelous! I have acquired these over the past few years for cheap prices as they were mostly faulty.
Niels Vor year
HulkHogan Vor year
You should look into the Gameboy Macro mod, to me it's the most aesthetically pleasing gameboy systems. It's pretty much a broken DS lite where the broken top half is removed and either a custom shell is made for the front bottom part or acrylic rods are inserted in the now empty hinges.
Masa Vor year
Cittie-Cat Vor year
Would love to see your ds collection
Noober Vor year
You have millions. I have 2.
Radio Frequency
Radio Frequency Vor Monat
@Lets Joe This Up not availbele in my country
Radio Frequency
Radio Frequency Vor Monat
You have 2 i have 0
Kamlen Naicker
Kamlen Naicker Vor Monat
you have 2 i have 1
Lets Joe This Up
Radio Frequency YOU CAN DO IT
Lets Joe This Up
Just started my collection with the game boy micro
sPork21 Vor year
I will tune into this channel every video Elliot!
The Retro Future
Fabi Kerscher
Fabi Kerscher Vor year
i am the guy that gave you the dmg and the pocket box! you're welcome :)
Elliot Coll
Elliot Coll Vor year
Ayyy! Thanks.
Pete McGIll. Picacho Tactical & Travel Channel
What’s your eBay user name ?? I’d love to get some bits from you if you ever sell anything
MrJ0mmy Vor year
next video your ds collection
Scream Star Gaming
Scream Star Gaming Vor 10 Monate
MrJ0mmy yeah
Charky Vor year
Keep that black pocket for when BennVenn brings out a Pocket replacement LCD! He's looking into it right now so it'll be handy for testing that mod out :0
The Retro Future
Good idea!
LWBII00 Vor year
I still need to send you my old Handy Boy.
Matej Games
Matej Games Vor year
pieta909 Vor year
Victor Gorosin
Philip Ross
Philip Ross Vor year
Can you say hi to me I would be so happy
The Retro Future
Philip Ross
Philip Ross Vor year
LeafyIsBest thanks man
keepsii Vor year
Philip Ross
Philip Ross Vor year
I LOVE your content please PLEASE keep up the awesome work
The Retro Future
Philip Ross
Philip Ross Vor year
I have so much power. I am the first viewer and commentator. Awesome
Philip Ross
Philip Ross Vor year
Am I legit the first? Huh
Philip Ross
Philip Ross Vor year
Victor Gorosin haha! Know man. First comment on the video
Victor Gorosin
Philip Ross First time?
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