"I did trap Paul Rudd in my crotch!" Evangeline Lilly on The Wasp's kick-ass fighting style.

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Evangeline Lilly chats to BBC Radio 1's film critic Ali Plumb about how she become the first titled female lead in a Marvel superhero movie for Ant-Man and The Wasp. Plus, how it felt to sing Spice Girls songs in front of Michael Douglas and how she got The Wasp's costume just right.
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26 Jul 2018

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TheScarecrow78 Vor 18 Stunden
She seems really cool. :D
Dovakiin13 FITFOAT
She's such a stupid bitch and doesn't deserve to play wasp
Lite–Wing Gift
Lite–Wing Gift Vor 4 Tage
Old Man Wasp
Bent Christiansen
Did anyone notice that She spoiled herself in avengers endgame 02:00 . . .
kadariyan jackson
kadariyan jackson
Gaming Leopard
Gaming Leopard Vor 8 Tage
Anyone still watching in 2019?
Adolfo Pena
Adolfo Pena Vor 9 Tage
Will the Wasp grow big in the movies like Ant-man?
RajunCajun34 Vor 9 Tage
Well she was kept under a stuck up too good for comics rock her whole life.
David Clark
David Clark Vor 10 Tage
She can trap me in crotch i would live there
Mrs V
Mrs V Vor 10 Tage
someone correct me if i am wrong but wasn't she on spiderman 2? Wasn't she Jameson's secretary?
Apex Pradator
Apex Pradator Vor 12 Tage
She is in it for avengers end game
I just realized until now that she played that elf in the hobbit
Christian V.
Christian V. Vor 14 Tage
Only in America can a man be trapped in Evangeline Lilly's crotch repeatedly and get paid for it! God bless America......and Evangeline Lilly's crotch!
American Citizen
American Citizen Vor 15 Tage
I would gladly spend eternity there. She's gorgeous.
Mark Proctor
Mark Proctor Vor 15 Tage
i heard breasts and efforts
Gaby Elyzabeth
Gaby Elyzabeth Vor 16 Tage
She is so beautiful omgg 💞
Doug Lazamar
Doug Lazamar Vor 17 Tage
she reminds me of jessica biel, very different gals from the rest. Dont know what it means, by they both differ
eleko23 Vor 17 Tage
cuando sos una verga y no sabes ingles y no tiene subtitulos :,v
CRocketSlim Vor 17 Tage
I don't know about you guys, but I came for the discussion on getting trapped in Evangeline Lilly's crotch. I also clicked the link to load this page.
Fire Side Studios
Fire Side Studios Vor 18 Tage
Ok, on a completely different topic than her crotch, I found it very interesting when she talked about the ADR room work. So much of what makes a movie actually work is the sound, and actors have to spend lots of time recording the sounds of the movies that are not recorded well enough when the video is captured. If you think about it, the mixing engineers who take that audio and blend it seamlessly with the video of the movie are the some of the most important people in the project.
Philip Bernard
Philip Bernard Vor 20 Tage
I need this woman in my life.
Patrick Hoey
Patrick Hoey Vor 20 Tage
Kate from Lost is still a total babe
Will Vor 20 Tage
Paul wants to eat...
steve stiffler
steve stiffler Vor 20 Tage
She is beautiful
preben nielsen
preben nielsen Vor 21 Tag
That weird moment when actors have to do stupid stuff for promotion and talk about like they really liked it. Super embarassing, they cannot even do it convincingly.
Skelton Knaggs
Skelton Knaggs Vor 21 Tag
I wouldn't mind spending a load of time trapped between her crotch! It must seem like heaven! Just thinking about it makes me want to sploooge in my pants.
wetlazer Vor 22 Tage
9:21 she did a bit of Christopher Walken, there "I mean that's what I doooo."
Servizio Corse
Servizio Corse Vor 22 Tage
Doug Jackson
Doug Jackson Vor 23 Tage
Wow, an interviewer who asks intelligent questions, reacts naturally, and knows when to shut up and listen.
CharlieTyler JesseLaika
She is hot and maybe this is a good thing but she dates guys well beneath her in talent and looks. Makes me feel like I have a shot.
skye starz
skye starz Vor 24 Tage
I want to see more of the Wasp in Avengers Endgame!!
Don't know her name, but she's so hot
Lisa Gutierrez
Lisa Gutierrez Vor 25 Tage
Evangeline talking about her butt is giving me life 😂😂
Michael Benge
Michael Benge Vor 25 Tage
HAHAHAHA but she doesnt get into a superhero group. Thanks Thanos.
Gil Harrison
Gil Harrison Vor 28 Tage
Imagine, super heros complaining about what they do and their role in the world...
ck_ Vor 29 Tage
Nobody's forced women to wear high heels and tight clothes if it makes them uncomfortable. You can look nice without it, you don't have to look ultra attractive all the time..unless that is the only thing going for you. In fact often that is taken negatively, whichever sex you're trying to attract. Average woman definitely doesn't wear high heels all the time. I like her but she's becoming like crazy feminists, finding oppression where it doesn't exist. Someone last year managed to blame women's jeans not having pockets on patriarchy. Poop logic
lunch box tooth pick
When she talks about how women wear heels so they can look fine.... My girl like never heels and she always look DAMN fine! 😍😍
Pundit KING
Pundit KING Vor 29 Tage
This is a person who has never read a comic b4 this... lol or watched a marvel / hero movie in the 2000, 18 years of movies .... Hollywood needs to give these movies some respect... and lucky her to catch up on all of her wasps comic information, dedication for sure, she wasn't lost.
Julio Orantes
Julio Orantes Vor 29 Tage
She got my like at 6:12
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Vor Monat
Goddamn she is sexy!
Victor Kreed
Victor Kreed Vor Monat
Great interview.
sudo nym
sudo nym Vor Monat
She was ok in the first movie but the second she was garbage, her costume was bland and dull. This is not a personal attack just what i thought of the movie . Proceed to freak out
theGhoulman Vor Monat
Women always want a fellow to undo the top collar button. So, ya.
Matthew Mckinney
I'm sure he wanted to re do the scene a few
B Bennett
B Bennett Vor Monat
At the end of Antman/Wasp, when they are in the car with the daughter and she says "Is that so"? in an incredibly sexy way sticks in my mind. Sigh.
Corporal_Hicks 1977
Evangeline Lilly is a very beautiful woman and great in the role of The Wasp. I love both Ant-Man movies!
skye starz
skye starz Vor Monat
The Wasp should lead the new Avengers in Avengers 5!
Googadis Beotches
How often do you meditate with a Paul Rudd in your crotch...
Than he saw the movie That kid had no idea how cool his mom can be 😂😂😂🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅
André Mariano
André Mariano Vor Monat
does not want to be sexualized, dresses in uncomfortable clothes to "look good" excuse me what the fuck
Derp Derpson
Derp Derpson Vor Monat
She looks like she's dating a Brotha,
Eyez On Me
Eyez On Me Vor Monat
Shes super sexy! Cant wait for her to join the AVENGERS!
jack cloud
jack cloud Vor Monat
hahaha at ju jitsu we all experienced that awkwardness when you have to work in awkward positions
D. A.
D. A. Vor Monat
Switch the genders and you have a sexual harrassment lawsuit.
Kingchaching Adams
She sexy
Filip Veljanovski
The "Title" it's always at the end of the video!
poop dolla. kobgoate
Triangle chokes are a major part of fighting you pansy
Gurujot Singh Khalsa
She hasn't done anything since Lost that I saw. Marvel calls her and asks her to be a superhero (and make millions of dollars), and her first instinct is about artistic integrity. Yah right.
Gurujot Singh Khalsa
the "flying triangle leg choke" is something that all female action heroes do. I think its ridiculous. It would never work in real life.
Faraz Khan Yousafzai
Unfortunately she never got to do "that".
Sam Riviera
Sam Riviera Vor Monat
What a great interview. Evangeline Lilly is so honest!
cliff4ever Vor Monat
She complains about metoo crap and wears a jacket open to her stomach with the girls out. Shut up.
Rhowski Vor Monat
As someone who does bjj i don't know what's so uncomfortable about a little of a crotch on your head. Nice interview!
Baljinder Sangha
Ant man just killed the logic like a boss😂
Coop Shanks
Coop Shanks Vor Monat
This is a strong woman. Why wasn’t she/her writing put into the new Star Wars?
Frostshokula Vor Monat
Loved her since Lost. ❤️
Disposable_Hero Vor Monat
Evangeline Lilly "I did trap Paul Rudd in my crotch!" Everyone Laughs, It's funny everyone is making jokes If the rolls are reversed. Paul Rudd "I did trap Evangeline Lilly in my crotch!" #MeToo, Rudd accused of Sexual Assault, Rudds career ruined, Disney fires Rudd and terminates contract.
Point Dexter
Point Dexter Vor Monat
New meaning to the words honey pot.
Joe Boxter
Joe Boxter Vor Monat
This is the first of many (bad) Disney MCU movies ... good while it lasted.
Laurence Dobson
Laurence Dobson Vor Monat
6:44 Can someone tell me whether that fan pun still works in Chinese? Surely it doesn't make sense when translated
Ifunny's Vegito
Ifunny's Vegito Vor Monat
What kind of fucked up hairstyle is that
Regal Bellford
Regal Bellford Vor Monat
So that’s not Rachel McAdams?
Ajay Vor Monat
I watched this video primarily to confirm whether Evangeline Lily was British or American
Angel Langarica
Angel Langarica Vor Monat
Fuck she is so sexy 😍
Spiritual Gita
Spiritual Gita Vor Monat
Is it bad I liked the Wasp wayyyyy more than I like Antman
Chase Jordan
Chase Jordan Vor Monat
Oof, canadian women
Arbabosu Mandal
Arbabosu Mandal Vor Monat
She looks better in the movie
Ar man
Ar man Vor Monat
3:00 Blade Runner! 😅
Kalata Spasov
Kalata Spasov Vor Monat
The Beast
The Beast Vor Monat
Flat butt? Over-sexualised? Fuck that. If I’d designed her costume it would have been skin tight wet-look spandex all the way. 🍑
The Beast
The Beast Vor Monat
Interviewers *take note!* This is how to do it.
Yes Vor Monat
She dies in infinity war hahahha
Mr Glass
Mr Glass Vor Monat
My wife did such a great job....
trish B bambo
trish B bambo Vor Monat
She's a pretty lady and I think smart too.
Wine Soup
Wine Soup Vor Monat
Producer: We're offering you ten million dollars to be in Ant Man. Me (as Paul Rudd): "Cool" Producer: But we'll replace you with a stunt when Evangeline Lilly puts your head in her crotch. Me:" Sorry I'm out!"
Becksnnc Vor Monat
Why does she sound different to when she was Kate in Lost?
bearjew Vor Monat
Ugh she tries to banter with that BBC guy and he just looks at her blankly. Too bright. Get her on camera with Craig Ferguson again, or someone with at least a little bit of energy.
Randomizer Vor Monat
That really sucks that they made her suit make her butt look small, hope they realize that in the next movie and improve on her new suit! At least I hope they improve her suit to compliment her butt!
Eric Kruckenberg
Waiting patiently...in my crotch... Lucky Pauly 😘
xd DullDark
xd DullDark Vor Monat
I think the most comfortable marvel suit has to be doctor strange cause he is wearing sweat pants
Rieve Naïlo
Rieve Naïlo Vor Monat
Oh, breaths and efforts. I thought she was saying something else
Decent _S
Decent _S Vor Monat
Wow, she really is sporty person...never thought that before 😱
Ein Stein
Ein Stein Vor Monat
How did i get here? I think I am LOST in the internet, once again!!!
Janherman Robbertse
It was like meditation...... In my croch
godofawesum223 Vor Monat
I’m surprised she didn’t mention anything about how the front outline of her super suit is basically a dick.
fw1421 Vor Monat
Evangeline is just breathtaking!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Spider-Man Forever
She is so Gorgeous
Jacob Hughes
Jacob Hughes Vor Monat
Paul Rudd: “C’mon Peyton, this isn’t a porno!” (Whole studio laughs)
Janae C
Janae C Vor Monat
What a fun movie! Both movies were good actually. Evangeline and Paul seem like two of the most chill actors out there and both are adorable. Look forward to more films from them Happy Thanksgiving to anyone watching this today!
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