I Got Addicted to Heroin in Front of 1.5 Million YouTube Subscribers

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Taylor Nicole Dean is queen of PetTube, a DE-vid niche for bloggers with dozens of pets. But after disappearing for a few months, she finally came back with a video explaining how she had been addicted to heroin. In this episode of MY LIFE ONLINE, we track Taylor’s meteoric rise to celebrity and how addiction took over her life.
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21 Jan 2020



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Butterfly 53084
Butterfly 53084 Vor Stunde
I just got my brother into rehab for the millionth time.He overdosed 3 times in 1 month.I just had to call him and tell him his best friend died from overdoseing.This really hit him hard.He chose to stay in rehab!Our friend that passed would have wanted him to stay and get better.So I ended up here tonight .Ty for makeing this video .If any one has a loved one or a friend going through addiction dont give up on them EVER. RIP DAVE💜💜💜
Mimi Singer
Mimi Singer Vor 2 Stunden
Girl I been there ! Sober 30 yrs
Hayley Murguia
Hayley Murguia Vor 3 Stunden
She looks so different in every clip
Sleepy_ht Vor 3 Stunden
That’s crazy I’m doing some lines rn lol
UniQuely Young
UniQuely Young Vor 3 Stunden
Taylor is such a bright eyed beautiful girl I hope 🤞🏻 she feels better soon she’s a gorgeous girl with a love for animals, who has demons like the rest of us, we are all humans and some times temptations are every where and hard to say no to. I hope she stays strong and continues to say no to drugs she’s too awesome to be another person we lose to addiction and drug death. Stay strong beautiful girl you got this 🙏🏻🥰😇
Sharpixels Vor 4 Stunden
I've been around Taylor's channel long enough to see the dips in her content and her heroin addiction. She's such a genuine person who just so happens to really care about animals. I'm so glad vice did a video with Taylor on this because she's come such a long way in the past few years and I'm happy to see her share her story with us. Love you lots Taylor ♥
Beach Mama Australia
Beach Mama Australia Vor 4 Stunden
I had never heard of you before Taylor but I’ve been in your shoes and you are so effing strong. So much SO SO MUCH love & respect from Liv in Australia ... you give me so much hope and motivation xoxo xoxo
Love is Required
Love is Required Vor 5 Stunden
Jonny Craig is a known addict narcissist and abuser like even in the music community. I used to love dance Gavin dance and emarosa but fell off cause he’s just not it
Kai M
Kai M Vor 5 Stunden
Sometimes it shocks me how highly we put animals over human beings.
Marcie Vor 6 Stunden
I’m so happy for her. Addiction is a bitch and she kicked its ass
YourWaifuisShit Vor 6 Stunden
I'm so proud of you, girl. I'm so proud of all of you fighting on. I'm sorry to any of you that life has let you down that disturbing isolating path. I wish you the best with all my heart. Keep fighting against what demons you got. You'll make it through. It's tough and gut wrenching, but you'll pull through. Best of luck and lots of love from afar ❤
Morgan More
Morgan More Vor 7 Stunden
I lost two beautiful friends to this and one girl boyfriend was her dealer 😢 RIP friend I wish you stayed clean
lilbootycall is my fucking idol
Very proud of her for overcoming this drug abuse as well as having the courage to leave an abuse relationship. But even as she was going through this, and even now, it does not give anyone the right to mistreat and neglect the animals they voluntarily purchased just because they went through pain and abuse themselves.
Elisa Martinez
Elisa Martinez Vor 8 Stunden
I live in san antonio Texas and I've never heard of you or your channel ??
P K Vor 8 Stunden
Why cant a person live his or her own life without any publicity
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy Vor 9 Stunden
She seems very genuine. That says a lot now adays, especially for someone with that kind of following. Imagine how unappealing some famous pop stars and actors are in this world behind the curtain. Probably disgusting egos with no personality or genuineness towards anyone average. Just fake as a nail. Feels like most regular people are that way to anyone but their friends. And even to their friends
Marcie Vor 9 Stunden
I thought she was Blaire white from the thumbnail
That Guy
That Guy Vor 9 Stunden
"Poor me! I made a decision and now I'm suffering the consequences!" Fuckin' women...
HJYJDJC_7 Vor 9 Stunden
I used to be her fan when she was relatively unknown. She was great and tried really hard to provide the best for her pets. But then i stopped watching her when i noticed she became animal hoarder. I hope she's well now
Andrew Griffin
Andrew Griffin Vor 10 Stunden
Anyone that Dr's a person for the first time should be eliminated from society . SMH
mr559 Vor 10 Stunden
What!? Wow! The last time I saw any of her videos were probably 2 years ago. I hope she bounce back, her channel has always been enjoyable to watch and she has a great personality.
MetaWannabe Vor 10 Stunden
sounds like something that happens everyday!
Angel Tenorio
Angel Tenorio Vor 11 Stunden
That’s why I only smoke weed and nothing else going into my body ✊🏽✊🏽
Allie Earps
Allie Earps Vor 11 Stunden
Are used to watch her channel all the time oh my gosh I grew up with her
Barefoot Farmer
Barefoot Farmer Vor 11 Stunden
If I hear my 13 yr old listening I would let her...maybe she could learn something. Glad you are a fighter and got through
Unpopular Opinions
Unpopular Opinions Vor 13 Stunden
WHAT? Wow this is big news.
Eyes of Thunder
Eyes of Thunder Vor 14 Stunden
Wonderful story!!! So happy you're doing better. May God bless you and everyone who reads this ♥️🧚‍♂️
Sierra Roselyn
Sierra Roselyn Vor 16 Stunden
omg Jonny Craig😩 I wish he could get some help I loved him in DGD
Mary_3002 Vor 16 Stunden
I’m shook asf I remember her! I used to watch her awhile back
PB & Legz
PB & Legz Vor 12 Stunden
Mary_3002 me to, I was definitely blown watching this!
pasta kayli
pasta kayli Vor 19 Stunden
Fucking Johnny Craig. POS
KROCK99.7 Vor 19 Stunden
adaywithaleks Vor 22 Stunden
This is insane to think I used to watch her sometimes off and on because of my own love for animals and her devoted understanding and knowledge of so many of them.
IPM Vor 22 Stunden
The editing of this video mind fucked me I didn’t like it 😩😩😩😩 i feel like I didn’t capture it
NMF Vor 22 Stunden
You will be ok. I promise. I am going on 4 years. You can do this. Just stay self aware and grateful. Lean on your support systems.
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown Vor 23 Stunden
crazy. i remember watchin her as she hit 80k almost three years ago. haven’t seen anything about her for the past couple years and jus saw this video. life’s crazy, hope all my fellow addicts are doing good, stay safe everyone
Marissa Williams
Vice, how come you didn't link her channel? I would love to follow..m
Sassymisscassy Vids
She whole dated jonny Craig tho wow what I didn’t know that
Bobbie Wilkinson
Okay AM I CRAZY or does she sound like Amanda Bynes
Jojo Xox
Jojo Xox Vor Tag
I’ve been on methadone for 8 years on and off. Rehab isn’t a “cure all” especially for those of us who use to cope with our god awful lives. I have tried rehab numerous times and I’ve used drug use as an excuse for dealing with tragedies. I’m actively using now more than ever. I keep this picture up to remind me of better days. It’s when I still had my kids and a home. Now I weigh 70 lbs less with no children or a home. 😔🥺
Ryan A Wilson
EDS? Hell, no wonder she self meditated.
Finalboss Oftheinternet
Play a stupid game and win a stupid prize
Norian45 Vor Tag
She is addicted to attention
DannaGoat Vor Tag
Her and Blaire white look alike
Loren Wood
Loren Wood Vor Tag
Literally never heard of this person before....
Brittany Fabian
crawling out of the hell of heroion addiction is honestly the hardest thing you can do. people need to be more open about drug abuse and heroin in general because its scary how many people are dying. keep going girlllll and everyone else!! ~I got 9 months hehe~*
Ylena Green
Ylena Green Vor Tag
I’m not an addict but I am a EDSer that uses painkillers (in a prescribed manner) and I think she’s been so brave and has done so well to do what she’s done
Phil Manak
Phil Manak Vor Tag
I wouldn't admit that on social media.It could be a charge.
Lou Lou
Lou Lou Vor Tag
God bless her! We are all human and this is a reminder of that! Love her as a human! As we all should!
fazrabeautube ag
But u r so preeeettyyyy
Ron Paul
Ron Paul Vor Tag
Jonny Craig strikes again
Ir just doing this to get people to do dub things on DE-vid for cash
Jonn jonzz
Jonn jonzz Vor Tag
Flush this needle with me????
Renee Scott
Renee Scott Vor Tag
I did in front of 1 Billion You Tubers.
Renee Scott
Renee Scott Vor Tag
I did in front of 1 Billion You Tubers.
TnB Dynomite
TnB Dynomite Vor Tag
Taylor, you REALLY need to accept your own responsibility for your addiction. You CAN'T keep saying how he was always there shooting you up: Did he have you held hostage, tied up and that's how he was able to shoot you up? I doubt that since you don't state it. Even if he is the one that injected you (for reasons only you 2 know why) the responsibility still lies on you. I would just like to hear you say that you accept responsibility for your addiction because 1-it's the truth & 2-it's the ONLY way you will get better, & 3-those who suffer from addiction can then empathize with you and it will send the right message. I WISH you ALL the BEST in your recovery
Mystic Mage
Mystic Mage Vor Tag
So that excuses ANIMAL ABUSE !!!! pffffff
Mr. Delisioso
I just had to break up with my partner because of his opiate addiction. I am really thankful I never started using with him. Taylor's story of finding the abandoned ice cream and the burnt spoon really hit home. I had to pause the video and cry for a sec. For me, it was burnt tinfoil. Drugs are just so terrible, man. Anyone working on recovery, or going through something hard like this, I wish you the best. You're so strong. People get sober all the time - and you can too!
Nick Baker
Nick Baker Vor Tag
youre the stupid piece of shit who chose to hang around with rainbow man and shoot up you worthless, qualificationless classic "influencer", where aren't any yters stepping up with some half wit
2muchcensorship Liberalfools
Social media. Yeah. It’s not real life. It’s an alternative reality.
Nando Surname Here
I’m so happy she’s better now... she’s amazing 💗
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