I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

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I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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11 Jun 2019



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brazil Vor year
haha grape
Alena Park
Alena Park Vor 12 Tage
Lol now i get it haha
Neon_ade 3
Neon_ade 3 Vor 14 Tage
Janice Gacha
Janice Gacha Vor 26 Tage
Grape yummy
Teresa Nguyen
Teresa Nguyen Vor Monat
17 subs with no vids Hi
Alex Coates
Alex Coates Vor Monat
adrianna aguilar
adrianna aguilar Vor 9 Stunden
adrianna aguilar
adrianna aguilar Vor 9 Stunden
Weve been taking going out to eat for granted
adrianna aguilar
adrianna aguilar Vor 9 Stunden
Butt funny your videos are hilarious
adrianna aguilar
adrianna aguilar Vor 9 Stunden
Heavy metal? or Metal? *just in general*
Renee Hyatt
Renee Hyatt Vor 10 Stunden
2:54 me when i think of logan paul
I dont give my name
I dont give my name Vor 11 Stunden
4:00 butt lolz
alex palmer
alex palmer Vor 12 Stunden
Sindac Johnny
Sindac Johnny Vor 12 Stunden
2:55 the literal best part of the vid
lizzardman943 Vor 13 Stunden
Funny thing is he said like that smash button
XDlazered Vor 15 Stunden
L I K E that S M A S H B U T T O N
Phurie Quaintance
Phurie Quaintance Vor 17 Stunden
also I'm gay 😈
Phurie Quaintance
Phurie Quaintance Vor 17 Stunden
You are so funny # love It 😚
mister valerka
mister valerka Vor 17 Stunden
I didnt had the same thing. But not tasting the while world full of food combinations and actual food for a long time. After tasting it. Is a blessing of tears.
Kathleen Sears
Kathleen Sears Vor 18 Stunden
1:30 Adam fighting demonetization
Gail Fuller
Gail Fuller Vor 19 Stunden
I love it when he was fighting demonatise
AquaZplayz Vor 19 Stunden
Dude same, but for almost a month :I What was your favorite drink 'food' (I dOn'T have any, I got tired of them in a day, I wanted friessss)
Shotou Todoroki
Shotou Todoroki Vor 19 Stunden
I might need braces. Is it all that bad?
Raspberry Ocean
Raspberry Ocean Vor 20 Stunden
I hate food
The Stanz
The Stanz Vor 20 Stunden
🤣 I thought he was still on medication when he said like that smash button
Faith McDowell
Faith McDowell Vor 20 Stunden
I might have to get a surgery similar done. I’m not ready. Oof
Weird Person
Weird Person Vor 20 Stunden
“What was the weirdest thing you’ve said to a sibling” Adam: ...I once threatened my brother I would eat him when he tried eating my tomato soup
Vibecat OFFICIAL {draws}
Me: **watches this while eating tomato soup**
Pokegleking27 Vor 22 Stunden
Kinda relatable... tmj cheeeeck
RACHEL C.W Vor 22 Stunden
Surya Tani
Surya Tani Vor Tag
Santiago Soares
Adam's brother: Can I try some soup? Adam: time to die brother Adam's brother mind: RUN!!!
unexplored kittenUWU
I'm watching this while eating.
dave & the crew
Potato Edit: why Tf did i comment that
Flamingo Cutie
*I'm still going to pity you*
Kid Jammer
Kid Jammer Vor Tag
Amy Vor Tag
Like dat smash button me: wat
Gaming With Mason
Mortal Kombat : fighting game Street fighter : fighting game Adam : eating game with choccy milk
Unitiled Goose
ADrian_ Vor Tag
brother:Me willl try soup Adam:Nani!? also Adam:You must die
Flak0 Vor Tag
“NO, SHUT UP, SHUT THE FU-“ *gets tackled by demonetization* *grabs black censored sign* “Not this time mother-BLEEEEP-er”
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Vor Tag
You may have experienced this crap but have you experienced to have teeth that look like something that was in the deep deep jungle for the rest of your life?
DU4NRI _ Vor Tag
Hola chicos hablo español y me gusta somethingelseYT Tengo 8 años bye :3
Ori Vor Tag
So I did the math and you could buy 500 iPhone 11 pros with 512 G without Apple care for a little less than $1 million.
Captian Obvious
Neat :D ill take it all U×U
Sam Falardeau
I do the same thing and I hated it and I also loved watching those food
Sam Falardeau
Didn’t eat for an entire month and I only had to eat/drink his entire boost drinks and he sucked
calico chocolate
*i was drinking chocolate milk when I clicked this.*
ImNotBriWhoIsBri ?!?
“Don’t forget to like that smash button”- Adam 2019
Big city Rat-race-shit-hole
I once had a severe stomach flu the wouldn’t leave me alone for weeks. I couldn’t hold water down or in. It was crazy. The whole time I was literally starving. And the whole time I would spend the whole day looking at a little chasers flyer that was in the Sunday paper. And somehow hoping for the pizza and looking at the flyer helped me get through it. Eventually they had to give me this strange cement mix to drink that tasted awful and finally I was able to eat once more. We immediately ordered little ceasers pizza! It was fucking bomb!
Sonic The MLG hedgehog
Real grape hours
EinOmega Vor Tag
Pokémon 620
Pokémon 620 Vor Tag
I have to let the gears turn in my head when talking sometimes. Haha lol
bleeding shadow shadow
It's a borito dumbass not a over zized tortilla
leticia rodrigues
I'm wondering how you brush your teeth that time... It seems you did not open your mouth that much.
Evah Brubacher
Evah Brubacher Vor 2 Tage
The sweater says it all
Yusairah Mahomed
Yusairah Mahomed Vor 2 Tage
I might be getting a similar surgery 😬🤷‍♀️
Blue square boi
Blue square boi Vor 2 Tage
That intro was kinky.
RiftyArmyNumber Fourtythousandseventytwo
i'm eating oreos and milk in bed at 3am. i got my tonsils out last thursday i can tell you i miss food GOD LET THE PAIN BE OVER
William Higdon
William Higdon Vor 2 Tage
630 to say naked
pro player subscribanse
1:30 at a side we have Adam anddd at the other side we have youtube who wins see it now fight
Doggy worrier
Doggy worrier Vor 2 Tage
I love soup
DC Focus
DC Focus Vor 2 Tage
The fact that at the end he said like that smash button made me burst into laughter because there was so much hilarity leading up to that
Austin Nguyen
Austin Nguyen Vor 2 Tage
Does anyone think that Adam looks kind of like Eddie from eddievr
Crystal Memes
Crystal Memes Vor 2 Tage
Laughs in That Soup was equivalent to Jesus himself.
Tonya Farias
Tonya Farias Vor 2 Tage
Smash button: *exists* Me: *I like the smash button :3*
af291 Vor 2 Tage
*Legend says to this day Adam doesn’t have his chocolate milk...*
Annacorn23 Vor 2 Tage
The 5k people that dislike Adam's content can go f**k off :3
AlishaAnimations *
4:46 - 5:17 I- 6:26 I died 7:10 *muffling intensifies* 8:48 oh snap xD 9:40 *laughs in quarantine* 11:30 died x2
malinedn idjdnd xnd
Noah Oyler
Noah Oyler Vor 2 Tage
i like the chocolate boost drinks...did you get that kind?
Jihad Alsafadi
Jihad Alsafadi Vor 2 Tage
When he was talking about watching vids to make him feel better I was like that is how it feels when your fasting when you watch food vids you are like ahhhhhhhh I feel sooooo good
Aiden Morgan
Aiden Morgan Vor 2 Tage
He need some [ chocolate] milk
Darcey Simmons
Darcey Simmons Vor 2 Tage
Conments: like that smash button Me: and NoBody MeNtIoNs the weenie hut general hospital???
Willie Kramer
Willie Kramer Vor 2 Tage
You are a grape youtuber you are a great youtuber
MemeBoiDoge Vor 2 Tage
3:56 microwaves be like
1 vicious Lemon
1 vicious Lemon Vor 2 Tage
One time I had the flu (it was like a year ago) and LITERALLY EVERYTHING TASTED LIKE BOOGERS except the like “healthy chocolate milk” stuff It SUCKED
H Robertson
H Robertson Vor 2 Tage
You know when Adam almost eats his brother. That's me when somebody tries to steal my candy. 🍫🍬🍭
TheGamingLight 360
2:53 Poos have come to invade
Sexy Rexy
Sexy Rexy Vor 2 Tage
Now I know why your character is a devil
Blade White
Blade White Vor 2 Tage
Hands down my fav vid
Star Wolfh
Star Wolfh Vor 2 Tage
Grap man 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Star Wolfh
Star Wolfh Vor 2 Tage
Do you mean smash the like button?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Denis Kracun
Denis Kracun Vor 2 Tage
I want one
MoonyFox Draws and Plays Minecraft
Adam: I needed to write down my needs like ChOcOlAtE MiLk! Me: this man gets me
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