I let My Mom Pick My Boyfriend | Date Takeover w/ Molly Burke

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In this episode of Date Takeover, Molly Burke gives full control of her dating life to her mom, and things get CRAZY! Watch as six guys try to make it to the final round to win Molly’s heart. The real question is who has what it takes to impress Molly’s mom and win a date with Molly?! What will Molly and her mom find when they dig deep through each contestants’ Twitter and Instagram accounts?! AND WHO IN THE WORLD IS CHRIS?! Which of the final two guys will Molly’s seeing-eye dog, Gallup, choose? Watch and find out, and be sure to like, comment and subscribe in the comments section below!!
The show that gives an influencer’s family member or BFF full control over finding them the perfect date.
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Molly Burke (@mollyburkeofficial)
Executive Producer: Christopher Babers
Director: Justin Johnson
Associate Producer: Marta Palley
DP: Sevdije Kastrati
Production Designer: Victoria Slate
Editor: Jacob Gehnert
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Eliana Lozandier
Eliana Lozandier Vor 19 Tage
Y'all know Molly is blind and featured in Sofie Dossi
ProxyPwns Vor 20 Tage
That guy that said he's a Romeo looking for a Juliet must've been listening to Ab-Soul lol. Straight out of one of his songs haha.
Breyer fan!
Breyer fan! Vor 21 Tag
I'm so happy who won he was approved by Gallop. The guy was handsome and nice smile, too.
Connor Dexter 99 Gaming
They spelt gallop wrong. 😂
Kelly H
Kelly H Vor 23 Tage
Big mistake on eliminating clint. He was hardcore my choice for you.
dogskwad catskwad
dogskwad catskwad Vor 26 Tage
umm ... i saw juan othnather vid
NoeNoe Vlogs
NoeNoe Vlogs Vor 29 Tage
Christan Is my favorite.
aardfay Vor 29 Tage
Interesting how Molly kicked out the tallest ones really fast. Juan really seems like a happy, adventurous and sweet person, so that's likely the most interesting person for her to hang out with.
Grace Gilliss
Grace Gilliss Vor Monat
Izzy made Molly soooo uncomfortable... you can just tell lol😂
Autumns Galaxy!!!
Jaun was in telas episode
Mackenzie Zimmerman
Molly really looks great during this video. Shes glowing😂
Lily Corea
Lily Corea Vor Monat
i liked izzy tho he was better than the guy next to him def
Marlen Guzman
Marlen Guzman Vor Monat
@mollyburkeoffical I would love a story time of how this date went.
Hogwarts lover
Hogwarts lover Vor Monat
Did Juan come out in 2 episodes of this series..... I believe he did. Atleast in this one he got approved
Avery and Grace
Avery and Grace Vor Monat
Has anyone talked about Josh's pickup line like what the heck the lady is the lock and the guy is the key like what...
Linda_Engelhart Vor Monat
I am so curious how the date was going
Michaela Vor Monat
I want to start my own you tube channel and I'm kinda nervous any tips or advise anyone? I just wanna have fun with it, nothing to serious, but I just want to show my talents and go on fun adventures.
Michaela Vor Monat
I wanna know if the date went well. Did you go on a second date? Is he as sweet as he seemed? Giiirrll I really wanna know!♥♥♥
Anakam Rotciv
Anakam Rotciv Vor Monat
Anakam Rotciv
Anakam Rotciv Vor Monat
I knew Izzy and Josh were gonna go😂😂😂
Sienna Sky Diaz
Sienna Sky Diaz Vor Monat
Juan Felipe is in the other ep!
Zoe Pitak
Zoe Pitak Vor Monat
i mean im 16 but can Erik be my prince please
Reader4ever Vor Monat
I liked Eric... ☹
Belle from Oz
Belle from Oz Vor Monat
So... is Juan dating Molly?
Dana Belden
Dana Belden Vor Monat
Great pic mom
Maddie Taylor
Maddie Taylor Vor Monat
How did she know what the picture of juan looked like? And how did she know who her mom was pointing at when she got Izzy's name wrong?
Jenna Bates
Jenna Bates Vor Monat
you can see the fenuine smile went away or was very judgy when the mom saw the african american guy you can see racist vibes from her
the amazing mary is awsome
Gallup looked so dead in the intro 😂😂😂 0.30
tuna luna
tuna luna Vor Monat
wait... is molly fully blind or...
KMN Tea Vor Monat
Literally I love Molly’s hair and she is sooo pretty💓💓
Jandira Silva Nascimento
14:45 it looks like gallop was a picture
Keira Schneider
Keira Schneider Vor Monat
2:25 Omg, for a brief second there I thought he meant he'd never read a whole book and I was SOOOO confused/concerned.
Grace Neni
Grace Neni Vor Monat
This guy Juan be from Shanny life in the city!!! Or no????
Melanie Salinas
Melanie Salinas Vor Monat
Erik though :c
Awkward Potato
Awkward Potato Vor Monat
could be just me but i got really weird vibes from Clint. like i feel like he was trying too hard to be smooth, like it sounded like he was deepening his voice on purpose, and just the way he looks at them idk could be just me but...
Hufflepuff710 Vor Monat
Damn Juan is hot though! 😅😆
Callie Foster
Callie Foster Vor Monat
Noooo I was team Erick all the way
Mariana Bednarski
Mariana Bednarski Vor 2 Monate
This is the real definition of blind dating.
Elio Vor 2 Monate
Juan seems like he might be immature. Just the feeling I get from him. Not sure why Molly liked him so much if she wants someone more mature. Pink shirt guy seemed nice, not sure about Eric.
AllysonandAlex Vor 2 Monate
jessy yaikhom
jessy yaikhom Vor 2 Monate
I want to participate🤨
Jazlyn Syvret Creative
Molly looks STUNNING in this
Joice Mou
Joice Mou Vor 2 Monate
Courtney.M Vor 2 Monate
Molly I love your hair! 💜 purple looks amazing on you
Torrey Vor 2 Monate
Erik was so cute and so sweet! No matter what I hope it works with you and Juan, Molly!
Emily Jett
Emily Jett Vor 2 Monate
Ngl Erik was better for her...
Snowy Gacha363
Snowy Gacha363 Vor 2 Monate
Is it just me or is Molly’s mom maybe racist?
Alayna B
Alayna B Vor 2 Monate
You should do a 'kids' version, I'd be happy to start it off
Angie Carlson
Angie Carlson Vor 2 Monate
Neither guy asked you if he could pet Gallop before approaching him. As a former Service Dog user that is a deal breaker for me.
IceNixie0102 Vor 2 Monate
Eliminates Clint & Christian first -- but they are the two who are physically COMPLETELY not her type. She is 4'11 and doesn't like really tall guys, and HATES facial hair. So it's just as well they were nixed.
bigchungus biggy
bigchungus biggy Vor 2 Monate
Christian did good and they let me down
BoxySama Vor 2 Monate
Ayy 🤙🏼 Gallup has good taste
BoxySama Vor 2 Monate
I would be chill AF with Gallup 😉
BoxySama Vor 2 Monate
13:03 That means hes a player and he didn't want you to see the game he's already played I pray he gets taken out for that
BoxySama Vor 2 Monate
@mollys mum 😎🤩🖤✌🏼🇺🇸🧙‍♂️🤓 I speak emoji too!
BoxySama Vor 2 Monate
7:20 ish This is a failure of a question, because there is tons of information on Molly Burke openly available on the internet
BoxySama Vor 2 Monate
You're Canadian for God's sake
BoxySama Vor 2 Monate
Psh, forget about these preppy losers I would just sit you down put on some chill tunes and we would blaze a bowl 😉
BoxySama Vor 2 Monate
Always Falling Short
I agree with Juan, Molly reminds me of Olivia Wilde who was already one of my biggest crushes.
Rachel 1998
Rachel 1998 Vor 2 Monate
I think that Erik and Clint would have been better choices for Molly.
Justin Vaughn
Justin Vaughn Vor 2 Monate
Juan is adorable!!!
Lauren Jade
Lauren Jade Vor 2 Monate
Erik looked kinda like mr beast
Brooke G
Brooke G Vor 2 Monate
I like Christian and Eric and clent!!! In the senior guy.
Shiloh Store
Shiloh Store Vor 2 Monate
Unpopular opinion I can't stand her mom I love Molly but something about her mom just rubs me the wrong way
Jessica Walker
Jessica Walker Vor 2 Monate
How do I compete with my dad and dog 😭😂 or be a "contestant"
Danielle Ackerson
Danielle Ackerson Vor 2 Monate
Is she blind
Paty Gonzalez
Paty Gonzalez Vor 2 Monate
The fact that galop is sleeping haha!!
Henry Leon
Henry Leon Vor 2 Monate
Juan was the correct pick, no matter what anyone says.
Dani-mite Bakes
Dani-mite Bakes Vor 2 Monate
Anyone else feel Clint didn't get the appreciation he deserved? Perspective homeowner and dog lover? Like come ooooooon.
Lisa Chafin
Lisa Chafin Vor 2 Monate
I just want to see Molly happy. The heart wants what the heart wants. I think Erik has a big personality and Molly needs someone who is willing to be in the background ... while she's the star. Juan seems to be a more gentle soul who would prop her up rather than get butt-sore over her success. Whoever is to be Molly's "2nd man" has to be very confident and not jealous of her in any way. To be part of her world, not compete with it.
A N Vor 2 Monate
Molly's hair is so cuteee
Kay Rey
Kay Rey Vor 2 Monate
Okay but Eric calling Gallop was hysterical 😂
aj Vor 2 Monate
Omg you DO look like Olivia Wilde! He really nailed that!
Let Poetry Find Your Heart
So did they ever go on a date?
ITZ UR MOM Vor 2 Monate
Tell me she picked juan
Diamond Beckett
Diamond Beckett Vor 2 Monate
Will we see more of Molly and Jaun? I was so happy they chose him.
Roxxie white
Roxxie white Vor 2 Monate
How old is your mom u are trying to get her arrested
ひsavannah Vor 2 Monate
the two black guys have my whole entire heart :,(((((
hendroo yelvatoo
hendroo yelvatoo Vor 2 Monate
Their rasict
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