I Made Minecraft 2D 

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I made vanilla Minecraft COMPLETELY 2D with NO MODS!! :D
Funny people in this video:
@AntVenom @Fir @PointCrow @PrestonPlayz @Slimecicle
Idea for the 2D character from the incredible DotWav Gamemaster event!
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20 Nov 2022



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@mysticat Vor year
Subscribe & Check Out when I coded YOUR ideas! de-vid.com/video/video-V7DTJzQv--s.html
@Deakytonk Vor year
It just.......... Mewo
@kipcraft09 Vor year
@Noah_Kai2 Vor year
Oklie dokalie
@Deakytonk Vor year
@Noah_Kai2 Vor year
@PrestonPlayz Vor year
This was so much fun. I am so genuinely impressed thank you for inviting me 🔥
@froakie14 Vor year
@jaserr. Vor year
This looks a lot of fun as well. Might want to buy it and play it not gonna lie.
Preston you are a great DE-vidr and I love your videos keep up the good work!
Huh what are you doing here
@_Jac0bs_ Vor year
Guy 1: "Terraria is 2D Minecraft" Guy 2: "Nah, Minecraft is 3D Terraria" Mysticat: "Hold my 2D beer"
The guy who made the terraria craft mod: hold my 3D Red Bull
@_Jac0bs_ Vor year
@@ImPrettySureThisIsMax true 🤣
@kreekquaster Vor year
Some dude on Scratch: *Hold my start flag*
@danodan1589 Vor year
Don’t really like people that call Terraria 2D Minecraft
@asierx7047 Vor 10 Monate
I like how Mysticat videos always feature like, 5 medium-level difficulty commands and 1 ridiculously complex feature And the hard one is only mentioned for, 5 seconds
@ImIndeedCappy Vor 7 Monate
"I make csgo inside minecraft, whithout mods! Oh yeah, I also made a way to end world hunger, but that isn't important."
@Primal_bros Vor 4 Monate
So true
2:41 So… you two are roommates. That explains the shared love of coding useless things. Also, that is so cool to have each other as roommates.
@lin-vg4hn Vor 3 Monate
This is copied.
Who knew fundy and mysticat are roommates, no wonder why their skill set are so similar.
@nehaannathomas320 Vor 10 Monate
yeah who knew
I didn't.
@fhralr7552 Vor 9 Monate
Wait what
@charlenecole8021 Vor 9 Monate
i actuly dident know that they where roomates until i watched this vid i kinda thinks its cool to have a fello coder as your roomate
@ishmowo Vor 5 Monate
And Theyre Also Both Furries.
@teneelong1.365 Vor 6 Monate
The start of the video 0:00 #1 Knowing how to lock the camera in positions 0:18 #2 making the 2D player 0:34 #3 making everything look 2D 1:39 #3 1/2 The texture of the door #4 making the level design 3:11 #5 mechanics 3:41 ... you know why does The name reminds me of a show? #6 simplification revolution 4:03 #7 Z-axes DEPTH 5:18 #8 super Mario power-ups(not actual super Mario powers-ups) 5:45 #9 Watch out for danger 6:04 #10 THE FINAL ROOM 6:40 Finally after one hour of making this #11 Watch and react 9:01 And the mythical cat sees this comment good job on making it
@teneelong1.365 Vor 4 Monate
@jaydennevins-lm4cd Vor 3 Monate
@teneelong1.365 Vor 3 Monate
No you’re a 00:02:54
@AntVenom Vor year
@miabee6267 Vor year
@microfIux Vor year
@duck4738 Vor year
spongi :D
@vladls Vor year
oh hel nah spong bobert turned to 144p (spunh bub)
@john3260 Vor 8 Monate
Everyone is talking about how fantastic the visuals are but I think your level designing is just as fantastic too! It's really clever how you use obstacles to teach the player how to play this version of Minecraft.
@Faitorrr Vor 8 Monate
i especially liked the part where the player breaks a block and then grava falls, allowing them to progress. very creative for me
@nikapartchevskaya Vor 3 Monate
This is actually really impressive! I'd love to see level 2!
Isn't it the nether
And isn't level 3 the mineshaft
@Voided-YT Vor 11 Monate
This was World 1 (Contains Level 1-3): The Beginning of the End The next episode is World 2 (Contains Level 4-6): The Grind for Power
@candismerritt1943 Vor 11 Monate
ayyy Preston! 11:10
@hexagon2185 Vor 5 Monate
I'd love to see a full game version of this with everything from normal minecraft transferred over, including procedual terrain.
@nincomnarwhal1528 Vor 6 Monate
I love how the ores are just used as building blocks and serve no other purpose
@hamburger7243 Vor 10 Monate
Charlie immediately screaming when he sees the world is 2d is pretty on brand.
@doktorkocourek Vor 6 Monate
you are doing impressive work!
@Just_Drepper Vor year
I can't imagine how much patience this guy has to do complicated stuff like this
More than I have lol
@InfernalAce Vor year
@voidx3975 Vor year
It’s not that it’s super complicated stuff, but it’s really clever and I probably wouldn’t have thought to it that way, and now I’m thinking about how you could make this a “normal Minecraft” with survival and random Terrain, and multiplayer 🤔
@Simking Vor year
Actually impressive! As a guy who likes to do this kind of stuff myself, I had this unexplainable relaxation feeling whenever stuff he tried to do actually worked and turned out great :D
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@gabrielgaming602 Vor 4 Monate
@@thebetterone5…. who mentioned
@koopatroopa7968 Vor 8 Monate
I’ve had moments where Minecraft turned into peanut butter as well. I think it’s because the game tries to display the textures, but it misplaces the texture mapping and ends up looking like a fever dream on LSD. It usually happens when there are resource packs or mods installed. Oddly enough, the mobs aren’t affected, it’s only the blocks.
@milahjensen3714 Vor 4 Monate
Koopatroopa79684 My sky in Minecraft has been glitched to fireflies 😭 💀
@kianr2200 Vor 6 Monate
5:01 insane detail made it look so much better
@grasslandbagels Vor 11 Monate
the fact that you didn’t use any mods is insane to me. the amount of effort this must’ve taken is soo cool
@JXDE.STONES Vor 3 Monate
Most of the time i can never watch minecraft youtubers either because of them being cringey or clickbaiting all the time, but once o saw this vid i was genuinely amazed by how you made such a great version of 2d minecraft. Keep up the good work dude!
@harunai Vor year
I have just learned Fundy and Mysticat are roommates. That explains a lot.
@brecas4 Vor year
Lol me to
I actually had no idea
@f0xStarz Vor year
Same here.
The mix of youtubers playing it was insane; a comedic nerd, a speedrunner, a kids youtuber, a slightly worse speedrunner but a funnier guy, and a historian. Awesome!
@wargen8121 Vor 10 Monate
i'm not a native english speaker. after about 10 years of gaming, i finally learned what ambient occlusion actually means. this video added value to my life i didnt know i needed.
@justseffstuff3308 Vor 6 Monate
As a native english speaker, same!
@Ozzbim Vor 3 Monate
a day ago i finally learned what dog earing even is
@user-ge4rl9ky6b Vor 13 Tage
Wow! Have you got name for you 2D game yet? It's amazing! 🙂👍
@JustLevi._. Vor year
As a GameDev myself I'm wondering how interesting that concept would be as an actual (fan) game 🤔 Maybe a future project?
@RealValkor Vor year
@p3chv0gel22 Vor year
Ever played terraria?
@NaraSherko Vor year
Paper Minecraft
@PoProstuBoniacz Vor 11 Monate
Paper Minecraft
@LiIacAster Vor 9 Monate
Yeah Griffpatch made it it's on scratch
@grammaSolar Vor 3 Monate
Fundy and Mysticat being roommates makes me happy. It also explains alot-
AntVenom will always try to break Minecraft, even in 2D.
@wilberdeboss Vor year
@olike245 Vor year
@@wilberdeboss no
sad just 3 messages
@memerdab6674 Vor year
@Robonoob_per Vor year
@Hazmat_Henry Vor year
"This let me place them behind the sky" So, long story short, Mysticat can bend reality
@PoggersFloppa Vor 10 Monate
@Hazmat_Henry Vor 10 Monate
ok so just found this comment after searching through my emails, one question, how does this have 140 likes, its not informational, its not really that funny, so, *how.*
@PoggersFloppa Vor 10 Monate
@@Hazmat_Henry e
@hotfire8188 Vor 9 Monate
@@Hazmat_Henry e
@sixteynine6986 Vor 9 Monate
@@Hazmat_Henry e
bros probably lost all day and night making this but this was worth it for this guy. what an inspiration.
@NaraSherko Vor year
Worth it? He copied paper Minecraft
@VeryE69420 Vor 10 Monate
@@NaraSherko Just Because He Was Inspired By 2D Dosent Mean He Copied ☠☠☠
@willebus4640 Vor 9 Monate
@@NaraSherko they*
@willebus4640 Vor 9 Monate
@@VeryE69420 they*
@VeryE69420 Vor 9 Monate
@@willebus4640 Def An Furry Moment ☠👍
@leecartwright6564 Vor 4 Monate
We need an actual let’s play (and expand it please)
@bonktheidiot Vor year
Gotta love how mysticat goes through probably weeks of effort just to entertain us, and mess with youtubers
@YTKrazykid16 Vor 5 Monate
you could have put the chest back if you redid the textures like you did with the cobweb
@RodPrimata Vor year
this. is. INSANE. make a full game like this and sell it
Also Try Terraria!
@NaraSherko Vor year
Also Try Paper Minecraft!
@ihml842 Vor year
"sell it" 💀
@AhSiek69_ Vor 3 Monate
Minecraft will copyright claim it
@zerik_media Vor 11 Monate
This was an awesome video concept! Love to see what you get up to with command blocks!
@RetroGoldAnimations Vor 10 Monate
Love this. It is so good! I think it could be like it’s own stand alone. If Mojang allows that anyway.
@tramainejones6958 Vor 4 Monate
This is amazing! Good job😁
@ThePencilWizard Vor 10 Monate
Probably been a little easier to have the concrete (lanterns) be behind the terrain layer.
@legacywolf443 Vor 5 Monate
As someone who last made modifications to Minecraft in 1.11.2, I just froze looking at this... mewo
I love how Mysticat's version of "trolling" people is building an entire game for them
@NothingisOver.X Vor 8 Monate
Very fun troll
@Captain_Shadow10 Vor 5 Monate
The best kind of trolling, we need more of it
@Billy_plays2017 Vor 5 Monate
It’s like those good pranks but they make it better and it isn’t touching people’s hands in airports and spraying people with water guns.
@misterk7_- Vor year
Okay but this looks actually like such a cool map, great job!
@thilsiktonix Vor 9 Monate
Love this xD it's such a nice concept and it's executed so well!
@beargreen1 Vor 5 Monate
Gotta love all who played this and the one Mysticat that made this
@chirihuahua Vor 10 Monate
Seria épico una versión online que este demasiado bien adaptada como para hacer un mundo infinito y spawners que funcionan un poco mejor y básicamente minecraft en 2d pero sin errores ni nada, buen video y lo que acabo de decir antes creo que es algo casi imposible xd
@fuckbutcensoredYB Vor 3 Monate
Whoa the steve model is so well made i love this 🎉
@NotSouls Vor year
This is genuinely so impressive, you never fail to amaze my friend :D
@wilberdeboss Vor year
@@wilberdeboss someone already did that ._.
@noahr1126 Vor year
who's your friend?
@CAJfurry Vor year
Now this is super cool. I've seen so many "2D" Minecraft videos, but they're all the same, kinda neat, but not quite what I want to see out of a 2D Minecraft experience.
That was amazing, it’d be funny if you put the dragon at the end like the Mario games, shooting purple fire at you, maybe use a slime entity to shoot at random intervals, and limit its movement to only jumping, lever at the back and nether bricks that disappear to make the dragon (slime) fall into the void,
@Famplayzshorts Vor 4 Monate
When the video just took five minutes the 2D Minecraft is already amazing
@r.p.m_play_z Vor year
The power of coding is unbelievable WOW!!
@jinxiong6739 Vor 4 Monate
This has to be updated because it will just give you the same block like breaking Diamond ore gives you the ore, not diamonds
It's genuinely so impressive how well you can mess with this game to the point it feels official, the amount of effort you put in is honestly incredible!
@CCandFA Vor year
Even after being suggested, this was still overcomplicated. He could have made a resource pack shader for fancy settings to change perspective rendering and done none of that unnecessary work
@Bownutz4ever Vor 11 Monate
Hello mysticat, I think you are an absolute genius when it comes to coding like this
@Vextrove Vor 5 Monate
Could just have used that orthographic shader resource pack that makes everything 2D
Someone already made it, but this is still very impressive.
@iamanunus9141 Vor 4 Monate
Anyone else notice how cute Mysticat’s voice is?
@TeraV Vor year
Mysticat puts as much effort into making the concepts for these videos as AntVenom puts into editing them.
@Hate.all.these.__ Vor 9 Monate
Imagine later on in time he will actually update this and make it to where you can actually fight the ender dragon which would be really weird to see, wonder how he models it, there is a lot of different frames for her, she is a very flexible character. A lot of movement.
@willebus4640 Vor 9 Monate
mysicat uses they/them pronouns
@bunju8990 Vor 10 Monate
Man, I used to watch your videos years ago. You sound more excited than chill recently. I miss your quick and chill tutorial video content. Please make more
@amkatzzz Vor 4 Monate
So i realized. Mysticat is the kinda person who pranks by making other people amazed and makes them feel silly. Fundy is the kind of person who makes pranks who tortures and ruins the lives of all in his path. And call it a prank. For fun.
Slimecicle: 𝘀𝗰𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗴 *𝗦𝗹𝗶𝗺𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗰𝗹𝗲 𝗹𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝘁𝘄𝗼 𝘀𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗱𝘀 𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗿* Slimecicle: Hey guys welcome to episode 2 of the minecraft lets play. 𝕋𝕚𝕞𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕞𝕡: 10:37
@lisam4101 Vor 13 Stunden
He basically made terraria But no 1's complaining And frankly I don't think anyone should complain about this art pc of a video.😄
this is actually utterly insane Mysticat? Like you just kept going and going and going and adding more and more. This is an incredible project!
Make a full game, with proper quests, that makes a good length story without being too short!!! Add some villagers in, and villages for major locations and checkpoints.
as someone who works with texture packs and a little bit of commands, this stuff is absolutely insane
hey you could try to remodel the barrel and make it a chest! idk if irs gonna work though.
@MusesGaming Vor year
the production quality of the things youre making seems to be going up damn
@Kardall Vor 6 Monate
Mysticat: No Mods Also Mysticat: So I made a plugin that...
@magnus0017 Vor year
This is probably the coolest thing I've seen you make. Like, the circle and sphere were technical marvels, the super tiny base was creative and well designed, but this is probably the most amazing thing to make in Minecraft. I am floored by this. Amazing job!
@githano Vor year
Just wondering, what software are you using for your texture packs? Also, this was actually insane
@FluffyDoggie Vor year
I genuinely think this would make an S-tier mod
@CreepyCreeper668 Vor 4 Monate
Congratulations!! You made it 😊😊
@SwitchedPC Vor year
Mysticat the legend, proceeded to bring in 5 legends for the video... I love that!
@rykerknox3693 Vor 5 Monate
Cool! Awesome man love your vids keep it up and have a nice day!
@silents4ever Vor year
Congrats on making Minecraft 2D, love it!
@Deakytonk Vor year
@raahimnotuYT Vor year
you can’t have even whatched the whole video😂😂 no hate 😂😂
@Kelyrrlith Vor year
Sometimes i dont know if youre an entertainer or a saviour. Fire as always, thank you for this amazing project!
Did you open source the code for this? maybe on a shared github? If not, any other open-source material would be great to check out
@Yabe_uke Vor Monat
"No mods" Proceeds to heavily mod the game
@ChickenTanders Vor 9 Monate
It would be cool if you made it an infinite world by making sections of a world that spawn randomly.
@BaconHair648 Vor 6 Monate
could've just change the things the appear when you eat or run with settings to minimal
@kedo Vor year
This is so impressive! Is it possible to make it work properly with randomly generated worlds?
@fictitiousnightmares Vor 10 Monate
Well done. Lots of work for a very fun video.
@insanitygaming1526 Vor 10 Monate
Seeing what these people can do with just Minecraft and some texture changing tools I'm afraid to know what they could do if they used mods
@Zoe-tj4ld Vor 5 Monate
i remember playing 2d minecraft nearly a decade ago lmao
@Averagethebozo Vor 7 Monate
I like how Charlie’s first reaction to almost everything is just screaming unintelligibly
@PumkinKing0116zpt Vor 5 Monate
You should have made the chest a full block so you could actually edit it.
@foist101 Vor year
It would be fairly straight forward to make something like this is in a game engine but doing it in minecraft itself is wild.
@jki7449 Vor 11 Monate
Sometimes I have the feeling that minecraft should be considered a game engine. I mean, really. You can literary make games in powerpoint, but minecraft?
@K_rma Vor year
would be cool if you expanded it i also think adding skeletons would be cool
@abnerramclam6269 Vor 11 Monate
Add skeletron
@erikhuh Vor year
The fact this is not made in any game maker studios is impressive
@LegendKiller-zf7bv Vor 3 Monate
I hope you can make more videos of this type
@st3llast4r Vor 11 Monate
This is so impressive that people can do this with minecraft keep it up mysticat
@jennierawlings95 Vor 17 Tage
How does a man do this it’s crazy 😍
@HelieNerb Vor year
That's actually pretty amazing. It really feels like its a different game made in unity or something like that.
Holy That looks amazing! Great job Mystic keep up the good work!
@AuroraKUV Vor 7 Monate
Loved the effort, keep going.😊
@Rhinestone812 Vor 4 Monate
Mysticat: *Makes this* Griffpatch: *hold my scratch beer*
@jubbi4580 Vor year
Looks fantastic! It kind of reminds me of Alan Becker’s Minecraft videos
@G4ch4.4.3v3r_ Vor 4 Monate
maybe you could have taken the face of the chest and swapped it with the side?
He is literally pushing the limits of code and vanilla Minecraft.
@Zedryx686 Vor year
you haven't seen 2b2t
@@Zedryx686 2b2t got nothin on an actual circle in minecraft
@ndbf1510 Vor year
@@Zedryx686 ???
Just so you know, mysticats pronouns are they/them :D
@@dredpiratetrygle where the hell did they confirm that
@hlpflalms Vor year
It would be very appreciated if you made more of this
That's really awesome! Nice work!
I Made Minecraft Realistic