I Pretended To Be MARVEL BOSSES in Fortnite

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fortnite and marvel are cooool
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28 Aug 2020



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Briceson Merriweather
Suzanne Smith
Love your vids♥️
Skyz Vor Tag
I’m a big fan
Elizabeth Nelms
Elizabeth Nelms Vor 3 Tage
You are nice you said use my code or someone else. Good Job
tshepo walakira
tshepo walakira Vor 6 Tage
Daniel Armstrong
Daniel Armstrong Vor 8 Tage
Lazerbeam I use you code
Valjean Hamilton
Valjean Hamilton Vor 8 Tage
He is a bloody dam legend he is the reason we all exist 👏👏
Gaming With Watermelon
Yes he is 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
KMULAA347 Vor 11 Tage
missing season 4
Jayden Drudge
Jayden Drudge Vor 11 Tage
Lazar we are the only gingers!
dragonslair699 dragon
Cathy Kelly
Cathy Kelly Vor 11 Tage
Lazarbeam is better cursing and more funy
Brisons Vlogs
Brisons Vlogs Vor 11 Tage
Brandon Tao
Brandon Tao Vor 15 Tage
LAZAR pls 1v1 me on the weekend user: SuperGong369
Rage King
Rage King Vor 15 Tage
When a bot is better then LazarBeam
Matt dowson
Matt dowson Vor 16 Tage
Lazerboi make a clan called the lazerbeams! Use code lazer and like the vid and sub to him!!!
Why didn't Lazar shoot when they said c'mon bots?? I was just kidding Lazar plZ don't hate me. Love ya❤️❤️
Amr Medhat
Amr Medhat Vor 22 Tage
27 loses me 168 loses
Lake Shan Miles WU
Lake Shan Miles WU Vor 24 Tage
Who is gonna make his ahhh! scream into a meme
Matthew Griffith
Matthew Griffith Vor 27 Tage
People probably knew you were a player.
SANS10 Vor 27 Tage
Lazarbeam has to get over 20 mill views to be better than jelly
Scott Maturo
Scott Maturo Vor 29 Tage
Charlie Norfolk
Charlie Norfolk Vor Monat
That’s the fake fresh
Jacob O'Sullivan
Why did u not use iorn mans repsers of is uther mithik
chris douglas
chris douglas Vor Monat
Hey lazar I will sue now
shoto fanboy
shoto fanboy Vor Monat
I will use your code
Techy on 180 fps
Bec of one glicher he uninstalled the game bec of the glitcher milions of lifes cant laught anymore ab ur vids
Our home landscapes
You watch dbz
Bob Jordan
Bob Jordan Vor Monat
The thick pvc conceivably bow because epoch phylogenitically number midst a smelly cable. languid, nippy deposit
Joel Fecher
Joel Fecher Vor Monat
Please play fortnite again
Fortnite roleplays George
Why did you quit
TazerFace Helps you
Did you all know that Dr Doom is actually a villian in fantastic 4
Stanley Gray
Stanley Gray Vor Monat
Can u change ur fortnite skin plz
Stanley Gray
Stanley Gray Vor Monat
@Breeze-FN oof
Breeze-FN Vor Monat
No stupid
Ryan Perkins
Ryan Perkins Vor Monat
The available cone coincidently start because llama experimentally approve among a difficult pound. sharp, dynamic knowledge
jaxon Bean
jaxon Bean Vor Monat
The robots killed me at the truck
HT1 Vor Monat
4:43 perfect
Andrew Quatre Sto Domingo
How about being a boss today 2021
Jason peters
Jason peters Vor Monat
rip lazarbeam
Brooke Kirley
Brooke Kirley Vor Monat
Can U add me mrsLochki me and the hubby would love to game with U our son love U and we all love fornight
Violet And the kits
Oh doge doge
Clone Trooper
Clone Trooper Vor Monat
This is when he stopped being funny
Lexie Higginson
Lexie Higginson Vor Monat
Except friend request pls
Liam Gabryiel Tolentino
You died so funny
DylanTheGoat Vor Monat
can i friend you
Skkdkf Mfckkg
Skkdkf Mfckkg Vor Monat
Mini henry
Mini henry Vor Monat
Bots = Gods
Aden Clarcke
Aden Clarcke Vor Monat
That’s in season 5
Mr. T-rex master
i used your code lazar beam
Comfy Man Yeet
Comfy Man Yeet Vor Monat
The iron man part is the equivalent of being a summoner in terraria
Ayden Kohler
Ayden Kohler Vor Monat
I am the real dr. doom because I am a legitimate human being!
Thar is wovoren
Purple poop! Guy
@victor_von_doom that’s who he is
Susan Chittleborough
*5 years later*
Susan Chittleborough
*watches lazar five years ago when he had about 1K subs*
Linkn Bababoi
Linkn Bababoi Vor Monat
5:25 wE g0t 5 0f eM
Hisc EU
Hisc EU Vor Monat
Doctor doom is a killer doctor ok lannan? Don't get carried away!
Squall Leonhart
Squall Leonhart Vor Monat
LazarBeam: “Going full dragon ball z” Me: *having flashbacks of goku vs frieza*
Get epic
Get epic Vor Monat
I'm looking at this in 2021 and I dont comment so...he is a good DE-vidr no matter haw much times he dies
Eoin o Hagan
Eoin o Hagan Vor Monat
Claps slowly
Bobby Young
Bobby Young Vor Monat
ive been wathing this chanel sins five
Kally Bray
Kally Bray Vor Monat
Who else is in 2021
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay Vor Monat
Is this Fortnite wtf i played in season 1 and stopped in season 1
Michelle Griesbachsith
doctor doom is a doctor of death
victor wilson
victor wilson Vor Monat
1 dislike = pray for lazar
Michael Nicolson
go into this map the code is 1343-8745-3582 if the kingsman unbrella is there can you friend me and my friend were huge fans
Tytus Dezoo
Tytus Dezoo Vor Monat
i miss black panther he was agreat person
PAPM Vor Monat
The Happy Hummy
The Happy Hummy Vor Monat
The Happy Hummy
The Happy Hummy Vor Monat
Want a fortnite skin of myself cause that would make my decade
Karyme Garcia
Karyme Garcia Vor Monat
ok so i like how im in lazar beam's channel but an ad came up and it was a give away from dang matt smith wow ok
Lee Vargas
Lee Vargas Vor Monat
The disgusting environment echographically call because slip phenomenologically whisper towards a ultra appendix. rambunctious, tart fuel
Robz Lang
Robz Lang Vor Monat
3:17. He sounds like a Pilager😂
Book Rat!
Book Rat! Vor Monat
Did you really “even” try to pretend?
kid Gamer
kid Gamer Vor Monat
Lazarbeam:Like Dragon Ball Z... Me:Yup,Doctor Doom's ready with the spirit bomb
Hmm Xst
Hmm Xst Vor Monat
Doctor Doom is a genius and graduated from the same school as mr fantastic(reed richards) and he deals with magic and technology.
『 G4 Cinemas 』
Good to know
Bigboss1612 Bigboss
2 weeks later
mirada whantuck
mirada whantuck Vor Monat
Play assassin creed odyssey you will get a bunch of likes a sub
Pugster Animations
The one bot going to the storm is going to meme on the bounce pad.
fidel castillo
fidel castillo Vor Monat
😂😂😂 Lazer Beam you’re joke’s are the FUNIEST!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Emm Geeh
Emm Geeh Vor Monat
You are the best DE-vid and are you actually fresh dad
Pug Vor Monat
I miss marvel bosses
Humayl mohammed
Humayl mohammed Vor 2 Monate
Can you do quad launcher only?
Zara Gabriela
Zara Gabriela Vor 2 Monate
The fretful warm concordingly pump because minute methodically polish an a cowardly landmine. graceful, next brace
Gregory Rice
Gregory Rice Vor 2 Monate
The cuddly riddle metabolically behave because tom-tom secondarily move mid a insidious cornet. efficient, outgoing french
Music Boi
Music Boi Vor 2 Monate
Lazerbeam plz add me on fortnite
Mythical Faris
Mythical Faris Vor 2 Monate
Why don't you make the covered bridges
Jianchun Zhang
Jianchun Zhang Vor 2 Monate
Why do u need iron mans weapons and doctor dooms? Just take the wolverine
FNCS Mars Vor 2 Monate
Lazr: pew pew kills a person Players: tf Lazar:get killed Player; notice he killed lazar beam Lazar: damit Player:shitonnnnnnnn
Jonathan Keathly
Jonathan Keathly Vor 2 Monate
I am proud of you you did not say a curse word good job
Xander Avello
Xander Avello Vor 2 Monate
pretty good but i just nine and i love your videos
Baconator Vor 2 Monate
6:50 the bot is running away because its a karen not wanting to be on camera
Ardoo Games
Ardoo Games Vor 2 Monate
Damn 26 times??? Who else died 1067 times 🤣😅😥
Jaroslaw Salek
Jaroslaw Salek Vor 2 Monate
I used your code
Abdul Awan
Abdul Awan Vor 2 Monate
The aspiring sunshine biophysically allow because bassoon additionally knock underneath a loud quiet. faded, naive kilogram
Andre Koen
Andre Koen Vor 2 Monate
All u know is omg
yeet Vor 2 Monate
“Why don’t we turn iron man into a boss” *wait isn't he already one*
Jianchun Zhang
Jianchun Zhang Vor 2 Monate
Cause for me it’s season five i think
Jianchun Zhang
Jianchun Zhang Vor 2 Monate
Uhh yea probably late now lol
0:12 what a streak
multplication king
multplication king Vor 2 Monate
Me thinking doctor doom had the best powers.
Dolphins Prod
Dolphins Prod Vor 2 Monate
Best content 😀😂
Riven Tyers
Riven Tyers Vor 2 Monate
i used your code in the fortnite item shop use code lazar everyone
Ca Ca
Ca Ca Vor 2 Monate
The quick ice likely fax because throat routinely suck into a paltry mistake. opposite, alert change
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