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The MacMaster is at Diddly Squat Farm Shop Restaurant in Chipping Norton in The Cotswolds owned by Jeremy Clarkson and is there to review one of his Burgers. The big question is what does it taste like? I can tell you one thing what a Smug B@$T he is! Here’s a review of Diddly Squat Farm Restaurant.

In case you didn’t know who Jeremy Clarkson is. He was the main presenter of Top Gear on BBC1 and also The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime and also Clarkson's Farm on Amazon Prime.

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21 Aug 2022



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Paul Batchelor
Paul Batchelor Vor 4 Stunden
I would carry a spare generator in the boot
William Egler
William Egler Vor 7 Stunden
Jeremy Clarkson is the type to bottle his own flatulence and then sell it as cologne.
Dave Sandico
Dave Sandico Vor Tag
EV vehicles ….. not for me, just watching this video (End about car charging) and it gave me anxiety just looking at it…… What’s the point, its not the answer yet…. Im building a stable and learning to ride !!!!😂 its the future !!
ELPaso1990TX Vor 21 Tag
Certainly will not be getting an electric car. I’m happy with my economical diesel with £30 a year car tax and know it’s easy to find a filling station and I can carry a spare can of diesel in the boot.
ivrz Vor 21 Tag
Great soundtrack
brian forward
brian forward Vor 28 Tage
Look on the bright side always on eco... Your NEVER going to get a speeding ticket. Although with the ac off should imagine the car smells like a Turkish prison... As for the honey perhaps you should have edged your bets for Sarah and got a tin of SMELLS LIKE MY BOLLOCKS AS A PLAN B...
TheHullmet Vor 28 Tage
Much much better burger than the Weatherspoon's one you posted a day or two back (that was grim!). On the back of my J. May pub comments... is Clarkson sponsoring you as well!? ;) Only joking! I think the shandy was overpriced, honey... well, how did it taste?? The burger, spot on, overcooked for my liking but seemed like they listened to your needs!
mmmoroi Moroi
JEREMY CLARKSON brand surcharge applied at 20% for the burger, 40% for the shandy
Hydrogen Fuel Cell is the future
Martin McGrath
Haha love this vid..great burger and some effort to get home 🤣
Chris Bird
Electric car…….I don’t think so .🇬🇧
All-In Wonder
People complain about the prices..... Have you ever tried to make anything in the UK? I would expect £10 to be the least you could charge for it to be worthwhile. The reason why you can get cheap mass produced burgers elsewhere is because they're mass produced. The reason you can get a cheap burger up north is because it's up north and the ingredients are mass produced. I'm guessing this burger is made on site from stuff grown on the farm, it's gonna cost a lot of money.
stevie wraxall
Coal powered cars are not for me eco friendly Yh ok
Gregg Thunderburg
The seats in that car look hard and cheap.
Douglas Zwicker
Reminds me of Pulp Fiction, " My that is a Tasty Burger!"
Electric cars are PART of the future and for improving emissions especially in towns and cities. Most people who commute to work drive less than 40 miles each way so why not use an electric car ? Oh but range isn't good in an EV for the two to four long trips you do a year I see. Towns and cities should restrict ALL ice engines including buses and lorries. The government stopped helping people install chargers saying they were investing in a charging network which is a blatant lie. In 2029 people will buy the latest petrol or hybrid models before the UK ban on ice vehicles. They like car tax ££££ but don't invest in roads, public or national travel because its too expensive. Soon cars will be taxed per mile that you travel. Look at BMW charging you £10 for heated seats PER MONTH which BMW can turn on or off remotely. We are screwed whatever we do until politicians tell us how much tax we really need to pay instead of taking with one hand and also taking with the other.
Steve Rose
£10.00 for that, better off at GBK
Steve Rose
restaurant closed down, no planning permission
Kev Watson
Clarkson is off his nut, over priced crap........
Finn Carl Bomholt Sørensen
In my diesel, also with a glassroof, I have a nice, functioning aircondition, and a range of up to 1300 km/800 miles, and after 10 minutes "charging", I'm on the road again!
Kaleb from Clarkson’s farm