I Was Able To Make It!!! The Marines!

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Congratulations guys. So proud of your accomplishments and thank you so much for what you stand for and what you will do for our country.
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11 Feb 2019



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Keith Melton
Keith Melton Vor 5 Tage
Matt, you really are the best You-tuber!
Rickey Jones
Rickey Jones Vor 10 Tage
My cousin was in that
Isaac Torres
Isaac Torres Vor 18 Tage
My bro was in the class of the marine wen you were there. I saw you but I didn't know you that time
Donna Leonard
Donna Leonard Vor 19 Tage
Matt got me in happy tears that he made it to see some of the boys!!!
Eric Zepeda
Eric Zepeda Vor 21 Tag
That was awesome Matt...respect.
Cj marcel
Cj marcel Vor 24 Tage
I’m joining the marine corps I’m 16 and I’m in mcjrotc I’m planning on it
Nolan Gumm
Nolan Gumm Vor 29 Tage
Uhhh Matt there actually has been a couple of recent forest fires in California.
TheDailyMobileGamer Nunez
This isnt fair u met my brother but not me
The Awesome Guy
The Awesome Guy Vor Monat
you think that was big???? You should see the NAVY graduation there is like 2000 sailors (soldiers)
Ghost Leader
Ghost Leader Vor Monat
dang it I was born 4 years too late! I could see Matt at my Marine graduation!
FPx_Wolf Gang
FPx_Wolf Gang Vor Monat
hey bro im thinking of going to marine boot camp
STEP4N0 Vor Monat
This Is crazy I was the same company, Golf/2149. Dec 11, 2017
Marti Cook
Marti Cook Vor Monat
My son is a marine and this made their day!!!
HellWolvez Gaming
I find it weird that there called drill masters not drill sergeant I would have got fucked up at basic calling them them that #USARMY
Roman Stott
Roman Stott Vor Monat
Song ?
Skyler Kelley
Skyler Kelley Vor Monat
I was a drill sergeant myself. When I got to see all of the men and women graduate from boot camp, I could not stop smiling cuz I'm how happy those men and women worked. They work their butts off so well, they got the strength and courage to be one of the strongest men that we know. Their mental mentality is amazing how they can change from being a lazy person to being one of the people that want to help continue on. And help others with thing that go bad.
Nickatrix10 Vor Monat
Great on you Mat!
Ivan Flores
Ivan Flores Vor Monat
7:50 what’s the name of the song
Jacob Kean
Jacob Kean Vor Monat
My little boot ass would have shit a brick if I saw you at my boot camp graduation 😂
grewellnic Vor Monat
Mad respect for you to do this!
Jackey XM8
Jackey XM8 Vor Monat
29 palms a
314Drift Vor Monat
Yo golf company!!! My buddies graduated from golf
Joshua Yeager
Joshua Yeager Vor Monat
Hey I work for the best solar company in Colorado give us a call it’s called Auric Energy were a fantastic company getting ready to lay solar down at CU Bolder A+ BBB.
Hey Luv
Hey Luv Vor Monat
Who would dislike this video it’s so heartwarming and humble(and not to mention shirtless Matt)❤️
gavon martinez
gavon martinez Vor Monat
Abe Peterson
Abe Peterson Vor Monat
I was the tall funny looking kid haha, That was the best day of my life!
Raye Leverenz
Raye Leverenz Vor Monat
Lethal Squirt
Lethal Squirt Vor Monat
I was there that day my brother graduated.... I’m pretty sure that was family day.... he was in platoon 2142 I wish I could have met you
Lethal Squirt
Lethal Squirt Vor Monat
Golf company
chrisanamac Vor Monat
so there hollywood marines my cousin graduated at parris island not haten not being rude just saying whats whats not looking for hate not giving hate i dont even know what hollywood marines are
Kyle Ranallo
Kyle Ranallo Vor Monat
Haha I remember standing at parade rest talking to my family at family day. Boots are so awkward
Rock Island Auction Company
Good on ya for visiting those Marines, Demo. This one warmed my heart.
Mitchell Vor Monat
Respect for trying to be a man of your word and going... I'm surprised people dislike the video
Steven Carsley
Steven Carsley Vor Monat
SunnySlope Homestead
God it seems like yesterday I graduated boot camp. Fox co 2153 yr 2006 best thing I could have ever done for my life. Thanks Matt for the support !
bobcat224 Vor 2 Monate
They graduate that many almost every week. I was one of them many years ago. Cool memories.
Shannan Mcconachy
Shannan Mcconachy Vor 2 Monate
I thought you were part of the marines
Cameron Hofmeister
Cameron Hofmeister Vor 2 Monate
Rah Matt
Jeffrey Latorre
Jeffrey Latorre Vor 2 Monate
Thanks from an old Marine for supporting those young Devildogs! Semper Fi
Abe Peterson
Abe Peterson Vor Monat
Jeffrey Latorre i was the last marine in the video! It was a great experience
Dee Heych
Dee Heych Vor 2 Monate
larry Lathrop
larry Lathrop Vor 2 Monate
I don’t know but with the little bit of gray you sure are looking like pops more and more, Good thing he is a handsome man.
Luke Phillips
Luke Phillips Vor 2 Monate
LSVYeti Vor 2 Monate
Congrats. Matt it was awesome you could make it out. I am going to take a moment to put a plug up for Organizations like 22 Kill and Stop soldiers suicide. In 2018 the Marine Corps saw a horrendous increase in suicides jumping to 75, a 30% increase over the previous year. My brother was one of those 75 other lost souls. Please if you are thinking about harming yourself talk to someone, get some help...
Jay Ski
Jay Ski Vor 2 Monate
Much respect matt for going to those young marines graduation...
Kent Smith
Kent Smith Vor 2 Monate
Thank you Demo for being such a great American. You went and supported our troops when you didn’t have to. Awesome!!
Tanner Barry
Tanner Barry Vor 2 Monate
Brian M
Brian M Vor 2 Monate
You are a true American, thank you for that act of kindness you showed.
Ghostrider304 Vor 2 Monate
Thanks for doing that Matt, you made these guys graduation week a memorable experience! SEMPER FI!
YtS FlameZ
YtS FlameZ Vor 2 Monate
That was fricken’ awesome for you to do for them.
Fit 4 Life
Fit 4 Life Vor 2 Monate
That was super awesome!! What a great role model you are for these young men.
OccasionalGamer Vor 2 Monate
Don't watch your channel much, because I'm not in your target demographic group. Still, this was an awesome thing you did to support these guys and to be there on the day they became US Marines. Well done, sir!
OriginalSdwars Vor 2 Monate
That is awesome
Tom Delleree
Tom Delleree Vor 2 Monate
Matt, it was great to meet you. It's also great to see my whole family of eight in the video. Be well, shoot streight.
nyjohn12 Vor 2 Monate
Went to my son's graduation at Camp LeJeune. Up until it is announced that they are Marines they are called Boots. The best move that I remember was once the announcement was made, they all, as one unit - turned their backs to the Drill Instructors.
abeardedpatriot Vor 2 Monate
How do I like this twice?
Michael Cahill
Michael Cahill Vor 2 Monate
you are honestly the man Matt, this is so humbling !!!
Brandon Vor 2 Monate
Man.. Throwback to MCRD San Diego #KillerKilo'13
jimbo111589 Vor 2 Monate
Daenjure Dave
Kayleen Feher
Kayleen Feher Vor 2 Monate
The fact that you missed something very important to you to go to their friends and family day says something. From a mom of a USAF member thank you for caring. :)
D Guth
D Guth Vor 2 Monate
I loved this! Congratulations to all the marines who graduated 🎉
Richard Escareno
Richard Escareno Vor 2 Monate
The Fancy Dragon
The Fancy Dragon Vor 2 Monate
California: Hears Bomb go off California: Hmm, maybe we should give them a fine. What do you think Texas? Texas: Pulls out a 50. BMG, 12 Ga. shotgun, Machine guns sprout from shoulders, and holds RPG in crotch while riding on the top of a humvee. Texas: I don't know California, what do you think?
Spike Darkblade
Spike Darkblade Vor 2 Monate
Awesome Matt 👍
gapster46 Vor 2 Monate
Wasn’t logged in when I watched this, but after watching what you did for those Marine recruits, I just had to log in and give this a thumbs up.
Tommy Vor 2 Monate
SEMPER FI.......👍
Blake Rindahl
Blake Rindahl Vor 2 Monate
Thanks for coming to our Graduation! So glad that I got to meet you!
David Nachtmann
David Nachtmann Vor 2 Monate
Totally awesome!
Darryl Drax
Darryl Drax Vor 2 Monate
Awesome that you went 👍 😉🙏✌💞🐶💞👍👌😊
Cat backer03
Cat backer03 Vor 2 Monate
Damn I graduated from there on October 12th 2018, brings back great memories of seeing my family for the first time. That whole experience is unforgettable
30ught6 Vor 2 Monate
That is so cool that you went to see those Marines. My first thought was when the hell did USMC recruit training go from 13 weeks to 6 weeks?
vicious gaming
vicious gaming Vor 2 Monate
Blake Bonner
Blake Bonner Vor 2 Monate
Wait if they were in Dallas and we’re heading to boot camp then why were they graduating in 6 weeks not 13 weeks
FatherSonFun 007
FatherSonFun 007 Vor 2 Monate
It was intimidating! Lol. I was 18 years old and lost in the sauce. The drill instructors quickly help guide me and the platoon to the quarter deck.
Jason Schilling
Jason Schilling Vor 2 Monate
Much respect Matt. 20 year retired Marine here. Thanks for supporting our young men, Marines.
Jdubbya Vor 2 Monate
God Bless America!!!
Nikki Tbo
Nikki Tbo Vor 2 Monate
Do Parris Island next!
Kody Hardin
Kody Hardin Vor 2 Monate
Frank G
Frank G Vor 2 Monate
Thank you so much for making it out to our graduation Matt! I was with 2143 GOLF CO it meant the world that you made it out I couldn’t find you after we were dismissed but I saw you standing in the front. Semper Fidelis Matt
Austins 66
Austins 66 Vor 2 Monate
Chocolate thunder is dope to go up on a dirtbike 😉
Riceball01 Vor 2 Monate
Oorah and Semper Fi to my newest brothers!
Aron Moriarty
Aron Moriarty Vor 2 Monate
That is so great you went back to see them!! My son is was there a short time ago and that brings back fun memories of that day!!
Dydeeluv Laro
Dydeeluv Laro Vor 2 Monate
You never know what your presence meant to someone, a man of commitment! Many years from now...they will need that wonderful memory of a stranger who cared enough to keep his word!
Corey Anderson
Corey Anderson Vor 2 Monate
you are AWESOME, Matt, seriously.
Michael James
Michael James Vor 2 Monate
Much respect to you Matt for attending their graduation!
Gary Lux
Gary Lux Vor 2 Monate
Your video of the marines is more intimating than the Venezuela video
JoAnna Haupfear
JoAnna Haupfear Vor 2 Monate
Thank you! It was awesome meeting you! I made into my platoon! (1352/ECHO)
baggd65 Vor 2 Monate
Camp Pendleton
baggd65 Vor 2 Monate
Welcome to So.Cal. Glad you enjoyed it..
debbie boring
debbie boring Vor 2 Monate
The whole family came over from Phoenix to see my nephew graduate a few years back.
Lil K's outdoor life
Thanks for that. Semper fi marines.
Brian Parker
Brian Parker Vor 2 Monate
Matt you have to wear your seatbelts on base
RagingGinger Vor 2 Monate
you're a great guy for doing this.
carlos costa
carlos costa Vor 2 Monate
That was Awesome thank you for supporting us Marines Hooray.
Keene Tiedemann
Keene Tiedemann Vor 2 Monate
Awesome of you!
Joseph Ramirez
Joseph Ramirez Vor 2 Monate
The world needs more people like you Matt
Carl Janse van Rensburg
I'm not an American, but I really respect what you did for the boys. The video reminded me of basic training when I did military service back in 1990. Good old times.
may day
may day Vor 2 Monate
dude you are smokin hot. marines are Hot
victrike Vor 2 Monate
My son graduated that day golf company platoon 2147. Wish we could have met up.
Jordan Robinson
Jordan Robinson Vor 2 Monate
Man the feels. Made some lifelong brothers at bootcamp. Glad you went.
Rye DC
Rye DC Vor 2 Monate
good guy Matt! :)
Simon Riedeman
Simon Riedeman Vor 2 Monate
Super cool that you did!
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