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4 Jul 2022



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Peabody Vor year
This is the best Method Man interview I’ve ever seen. The most open I’ve ever seen him. This podcast is so good!
syckindahead Vor year
ButterFreshTV Vor year
Its like his 3rd time on here lol he the first “famous” guest ever on the podcast.. he right at home
Svend Sværdsvinger
@ButterFreshTV Just shows that hes a real one👌
B W Vor year
I appreciate his vulnerability on this one
Peabody Vor year
@ButterFreshTV I know but this is a very in depth convo. The other ones seemed more casual / shooting the shxt.
Kobla Moats
Kobla Moats Vor year
LOVE these interviews when artists open up and are vulnerable. 🤜🏾💯🤛🏾
Sean Cagney
Sean Cagney Vor year
I liked the fact he mentioned Mc Ren and Deck on here as the lyricists who never really blew like the others... Both of them were two of my faves out of their groups hands down. They never get the recognition they deserve.
Ronald James
Ronald James Vor year
Especially Mc Ren. His first 2 solo albums were hard AF. Besides Ice cube, Ren was writing NWA stuff
riddley39 Vor year
Me n my boys literally studied that song back in them days on the road side!! We always use to say we couldn’t decide who killed who coz they both spazed differently!!! An all time classic track man and it was so weird to hear the details about how it was made! Can’t fucking believe big wrote that bit for him! This is why I love pod casts coz all the shit you always wondered about gets revealed.
Great Vor year
Word, flowclike water
sunfruit Vor year
☀️🍇🖤Math, you encourage your guest artist to blow our minds with what we didn't know during our experiences from that era. We were at the parties going bananas, but didn't realize the hip hop history that was being crafted. I love your show. Meth and Redman showed their azzzzz at HBCU parties.
Adeyeye Momoh
Adeyeye Momoh Vor year
Peter King
Peter King Vor year
Great comment befitting a great show. Peace from the UK 🇬🇧.
Thank you Meth for your humble honesty but mostly for announcing to the WORLD how nice Roc Marciano is!! Right now Roc and Boldy James are in heavy rotation on my playlist! Musical geniuses that are heavily underrated or just under known abt…word
focused313 Vor year
I don't know much about Roc, but I really like Boldy.
@focused313 he colabs with Boldy a lot on almost all of Bo’s projects and vice versa. Roc is who introduced the world to them Griselda boys..fun fact. U should go check out Roc’s catalog all the way back to 2012. He was also a member of the FlipMode Squad with Busta Rhymes b4 they disbanded. Here’s another co-sign of how dope he is; he’s JayZ’s favorite rapper. 💯
Ronald James
Ronald James Vor year
@ContraDaTaxMan back to 2010 when he dropped Marcberg.
@Ronald James yessir…I actually meant to say 2010…I mixed up the years…that was the reintroduction after the FlipMode years were done.
George DePalma
Yeah, Marciano been under the radar for a long time, Marcberg is a classic, he also mentioned Flee Lord, he's dope, too. Another underrated dope artist is Hus Kingpin, I've been checking him since him and Smoovth were Tha Connection.
AA Vor year
Every hip hop head was rapping along, one of the greatest records of all time. Kid in me was geeking
Jayefx Vor 2 Monate
This is such a dope interview! The breakdown of the song, the breakdown of writing.. Great work Math!
Ali Vor year
When Nas came out literally dude was scary as fuck on a lyrical level wasn't many you can say that can go bar for bar with him.
theD!fference TAB
Which is wild that the only person that scared him was... Big L.
Ali Vor year
@theD!fference TAB yeah Big L for his age was a different level, the potential in him was endless. Big Pun was mad nice too and Canibus from his earlier days was nasty nowadays dudes too scientific with it and shit for me lol
Orlando Escoe
Orlando Escoe Vor year
@Ali Canibus is still spitting at a high level, I listened to his recent album "Kiju", it's just that his subject matter can go over people's heads....
J Lang
J Lang Vor year
@Orlando Escoe you still listen to Cannibus?
Esther Vanda
Esther Vanda Vor year
@J Lang yes
PGO Gaming
PGO Gaming Vor year
In high school all I listened to was "The What" for almost three months straight. Beat was FIRE. Flows were FIRE. The bars were top-notch for the time period. One of my favorites.
Worn out Testicles
I heard the ORIGINAL rough copy version of The What with Big's monster verses! Absolutely amazing
Peter Hernandez
Facts...and DacRockwilda
Chillhomie7 Vor year
same when i discovered ready to die in high school, I was obsessed
TrapCapital Vor year
Roc Marciano definitely a super genius. Definitely one of the top lyricist to touch a 🎤 hands down. Shout out the Hempstead 💯👌🏿
BabyGoD Vor year
hands down
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Vor year
Marc is Definitely top 5 in the last 10 years. Period. But any real hip-hop head knows that 💯
CRich Vor year
LI stand up arguably produced the best rappers queens and bk are apart of LI didn't break apart until 84-85
thirdeyegphi Vor year
Yo this interview was dope. Meths on point.
MrSilksoul Vor year
Man, so much respect to Meth, he can admit who he bit as an inspiration for some of his bars. I've never heard any other MC be as real as this dude. That's why he's so beloved in hip hop.
Bronx money
Bronx money Vor year
I like how meth shows you who he a fan of with no hesitation. Giving props out all over the place.
J. Ramsey
J. Ramsey Vor year
Loving this show. And these guys are real hip hop fans. Gotta love that.
Knowledge Tha GOD
Man this is a great conversation 💪🏾🔥🔥🔥
Dexter Vor year
Nas “ name any rapper that ain’t influenced “
Dexter Vor year
Also big ups to methodman
I was gonna say that lol
Mardigraz718 Vor year
Mo_Love Vor year
Chief Virgo Bleu
Chief Virgo Bleu Vor 10 Monate
He says, "name a rapper that I ain't influence"
NoCapZone 🚫🧢
This episode was absolutely phenomenal! 💯
Florida life is the best
This is why I loved the 80’s and 90’s hip hop! Rappers were so passionate about their rhymes. They wanted to be the BEST!
Walter Clark
Walter Clark Vor year
Mef's flow on tracks is flawless and unmatched.
lezlethal Vor year
It's well known that BIG left rap notebooks after he died. It's no way you can make an album like Ready To Die and not have a written reference. Simply because of the level of professionalism and Puffy would have demanded. When people say they never saw Biggie write a verse is probably because he had the verse already memorized. I have been in the studio with dudes that think they are going to just go in the booth and freestyle and they were sent out to go and get their verse together.
Mr. Terrell
Mr. Terrell Vor year
This is the first I've ever heard someone say BIG wrote his lyrics. I think that part went over everybody's heads
Rebel 47
Rebel 47 Vor year
He also said it was written already when he got there so biggie could have did it in his mind before and jot down some shit since it was a collab. And like he said he gave him part of his verse as well so he has to write it down for the other guy at that point as well for it to go smooth.
el84oro Vor year
all rappers write. u cant believe that shit that everybody just as rhymes in they head. big and jay had joints that they didnt write, maybe features, but u listen to some records, aint no way they aint write that shit....what happens is, guys come to the studio and dude goes in the boothe and spits, so cos u seen him with no pad u think oh he just went in and spit off top. nope, he cuda written it at home, could have been playing it on his recorder and knew it by the time he got in. it doesnt take away from their talent.....its very easy to know when a record is really not written, like when wayne was just fucking around and spitting garbage after like cater 4, u cud tell he didnt write some of them shits, and just went in the sudio drunk of lean and started rhyming crap
Watch a Few Movies, Take a few Notes.
you also gotta remember this was early in his career. Ready to die era. The record everyone talks about that he didn't jot down was victory which was the end of his career. I'm sure he had to work on that skill and so did Jay. I don't believe they did that their whole career.
Elijah arvinger
@el84oro Bro it only took one dude to say he didn't write rhymes down and then all of a sudden NOBODY was writing. I NEVER believed that shit. Never.
el84oro Vor year
@Elijah arvinger Exactly. 100 percent
1Kinesis 313GirlGoon
Thank you Mr MethodMan!! 💯💯💯 it's lyricism over record sales!! 🐐👑🖋
Luis Daniel
Luis Daniel Vor year
Man_eee Vor year
Always been that way for real hip hop heads.
Mr K
Mr K Vor year
Biggie said out of all his features. He felt like meth is the only person to kill him on a track. Big gave a lot of people they flowers why he was here👑
Patrick Oakley
He said that about Jay too. He said Jay was the only nigga that genuinely scared him lyrically so he made sure everything he spit on a track with him was 100% on point.
@Patrick Oakley yeah he was nervous about Jay, but he didn't admit to Jay killing him on the track like he did with Meth. He really felt Meth got him no doubt about it. The Jigga track they both murdered and it's debatable on who got the W. But Meth clearly got Biggy on The What
Soul Chapel Music
where did he say this?
Patrick Oakley
@K R X W N V X K I still think it's debatable on The What too but I'm a BIG Stan so I'm biased
Mr K
Mr K Vor year
@Patrick Oakley on his first single he shouted Lil Shawn out people Didn’t know who that was. Then on ready to die he shouted wu mop and a bunch of other people out. Even Kwame😂
MiloniD Vor year
Meth’s authenticity is refreshing. He seems so comfortable and natural in this as opposed to his past interviews. You can clearly see the growth and maturity
Georgy Darius
Georgy Darius Vor year
I just got chills. Meth is in my top 5 along with Roc Marci. So to hear him shout the gawd out validates what I already knew. The gawds of this shit know the real 🔥🌹
Ras Garden and Poultry Pigeons & More
Respect to method man for being honest. His transparency and openness is refreshing.
Electric Relaxation
Meth always bigs up Decks rhyme skill every chance he gets. Even Ghost face said he writes his best material for Wu when he knows Deck is on the record. Rza also mentioned if it wasn't for the flood Decks debut would easily rival Linx and Swords. Meth is a dope guest on the show for what I think is the third time.
VIN VegasOwn
VIN VegasOwn Vor year
I’m glad U mentioned that, not too many know about it. I can only imagine how insane that album would have been. We get flashes of Deck’s penmanship on triumph and other records but MAN! If only…. No disrespect to Uncontrolled Substance which I still copped.
KingVan Vor year
Tical gets slept on. Never stumbles over lyrics and is never off beat
The Eternal Now
The Eternal Now Vor 5 Monate
Great podcast and I love the fact he loves M.O.P. They are way underrated. Truly unique style as well.
C.J. Duckett
C.J. Duckett Vor year
Man…I love it when rappers admit they borrowed from other rappers. It’s like the highest form of flattery. I wish they talked like that more.
Joshua Stephens
Mef's feature on "The What" is legendary
Artist 254grafitti
rockk78 Vor year
Hell yeah it is!!!!🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿👑👑👑
Cj Parks
Cj Parks Vor year
He smacked BIG on that song
TheRob1024 Vor year
​@Cj Parks I don't know bout all that...
Cj Parks
Cj Parks Vor year
@TheRob1024 it's part of the game. Your fave rappers can get smoked
YaBoi Hec
YaBoi Hec Vor year
Cant say it enough! I love what ya’ll do ng out here. Meth the most official top ten mc period on camera and in person. Growing up in staten island since a lid ive seen meth a million times always solo moving like a regular dude. Still to this day see him at my nephews football games and shit. And he always shows love. Realest ever
Bx Bomber
Bx Bomber Vor year
Great interview , Ima 80 baby so you already know what hip hop era raised me. Ive been fucking with Meth from early on. Love that I am a witness to his evolution and love even more that he stood the test of time and remained sharp. Like he can hang with any rapper and match that and most likely scorchem. Its good to see the fan in him too, shows humility . salute to Meth and Math for a great interview. Keep doing it yall!
Factz From AKT
I always wondered why Meth was the ONLY Feature on Ready to Die. I’ve seen some other interviews about him making The What with BIG and all the different interviews & stories add up so he’s not lying at all. The What is a CLASSIC track! I also seen a BIG Documentary when he had said he felt like Meth got him on the track. I can’t remember what the name of that Documentary was called but it was a segment where they talked about The What and Easy Mo Bee was on there, Meth was too actually and he said he felt like they were even.
Terry Williams
Terry Williams Vor 5 Monate
Yup, saw that too
Juggla Assassin
I thought Pac’s performance was on point in all those movies. They live on because he brought so much depth to those characters. Bullet is hard as fuck
Elijah arvinger
It's easy to think Pac was going off in some of those movies because he was next to dudes that was great actors. Duane Martin, Tim Roth, Wood Harris, Marlon Wayans, Courtney Vance, Leon. If you ain't truly seasoned you might get out shined I don't see any shame in that
naw Gang Related was fire
Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace Vor 9 Monate
Danny Winget
Danny Winget Vor year
Best show in hip hop! Congrats Math!
Chosen Pernell
I feel him on what he said about Tupac. Pac didn't give his all in above the rim like the previous ones. If they would have done that movie around the time he did juice it would have been a perfect fit because he still had that NY residue on him. He had become too West coast for above the rim at that time.
Jovan Phillips
Jovan Phillips Vor 5 Monate
As much as I love "Above the Rim", I agree with everything you said 100%.
B0RNfree Vor year
Method Man is one of the greatest lyricist.
Thank you MEF for acknowledging Bill & Fame. The illest duo of all time IMO.
MilliniumPrince Vor 8 Monate
"The What"...glad they got to that. Top3 collabs of all-time. When people Meth bodied BIG, they aren't counting the fact BIG wrote most of the hooks.
Imagine This - Digital Marketing
Cant wait for the next one ....shit....you had me rapping along with you guys
Kevin Hardimon
Me too! One of my fave verses!
ArK MedinA
ArK MedinA Vor year
Smh that must have been amazing spitting meth verse with him for that song.. epic moments... so happy for you ahch. Stay up!
Mccoly Coken
Mccoly Coken Vor year
Man Meth is infamous for not really opening up during interviews and not really giving much to the media! Out of his Icon's Legendary Legacy, this is the most comfortable I have ever seen Tical on camera outside of performing! U got something SPECIAL with this platform! & This isn't considered an interview, this is a conversation amongst Respected MC's & Comrads!💯✊🏿
85 till Infinity
Low key atmosphere with fellow New Yorkers who are real and part of the culture, Meth is comfortable to open up.
Knowledge Tha GOD
Real shit
Man_eee Vor year
Also gotta mention it's inside a barber shop.
Wilson Felipe
Wilson Felipe Vor 2 Monate
Como eu amo wu tang clan voces não tem noção ❤🙏🇧🇷🌍
The Eternal Now
The Eternal Now Vor 5 Monate
Also, was never that big on Method Man's acting, cause I always just saw Method Man, but he really stepped it up in the Deuce. Great performance. He was Rodney in that one.
Alex McNeal
Alex McNeal Vor 10 Monate
BEEN SAID ROC MARCI was one of the most slept on lyricists; intelligent hardcore music. Since his early days with Flipmode and UN. HIs verse from "Cake" made me a believer.
gweah Vor year
Shout out to Meth, my first favorite MC. When I got into hip hop Wu was running the world and Meth was just magnetic. His voice, the way he looked, the way he moved when he rhymed? C’mon. For him to big up Roc Marci like that, it’s beautiful. That guy did it ALL by himself, and he did it RIGHT. Reloaded is such a masterpiece, that’s my favorite “current” hip hop record
ITsSunnyL Vor year
Dope interview, I all the way Appreciate this🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ray Richard
Ray Richard Vor year
Crazy critiquing Tupacs acting, knowing he was going thru attempts on his life, court cases, false allegations recording 100s of songs, etc etc...I'd say he did a great job
Lance G
Lance G Vor year
I feel like they all felt like Meth was tripping when he said that
coreyano Vor year
I just figured the movies were the problem. The director the screen writer the co stars...
So MixedUp
So MixedUp Vor year
Just because he was going through things doesn’t mean one can’t critique his performance.
DJ ST Vor year
Think that was his point ….he had such a high bar for Pacs talent after seeing him in Juice …him as a fan could see he had other things going and wasn’t all there ….Meth just honest man, you can agree or disagree…think he was more crediting Pacs ability and what he expected…but people gonna take it the wrong way
Infinite G
Infinite G Vor year
Pac was a great actor
Neldawg Vor year
Finally someone gave that man his props. Rebel INS.
Broke Enugly
Broke Enugly Vor 5 Monate
I remember Method Man acting in a movie in the late 90s where he had a small part as a street dude in NY and he was like the bad guy and I thought he did a great job 👏 can't remember the rest of the movie though unfortunately must not of been that good of a movie 😂
raul trevino
raul trevino Vor year
To be fair tupac was at his busiest and at the height of his rap career while acting. Not much spare time on hand. He likely ran a schedule like The Rock. Meth had his biggest movie roles when his rap career was winding down, he had more time to focus on acting at that point in his career.
Mr. Get It Done
🎯I just said something very similar up under few comments above yours.. his legal battles, music for the soundtracks, music for his albums plus multiple movies.. idk how he did so much in such little time
JALEN AVERY (Lloyd Avery II's Son)
Tbh, tupac was the most over sensitive studio gangster ballerina out of anybody 🤣
raul trevino
raul trevino Vor year
@JALEN AVERY (Lloyd Avery II's Son) unlike TI, snoop, 50, 69, and several other rappers who got charges and mysteriously got off Scott free, probably from snitching. Tupac did time and didn't snitch. Not snitching is what real G's do. Shyne a G too, he stood on non snitching.
JALEN AVERY (Lloyd Avery II's Son)
@raul trevino tupac snitched on those who set him up at quad and was happy his daddy suge bailed him out to run scared over to the west where he thought he was safe at 🤣
Smokey 9278 Official
@JALEN AVERY (Lloyd Avery II's Son) You just a hater my G! PAC a real G shooting at off duty cops it's that studio Gangsta? In fact PAC was more than Gangsta.
alberto1690 Vor year
I got the chills listening to them recite the lines lol
Finessed Analyzer
I wish you’ve would asked him about that rumored D’Angelo and Nas track that he was supposed to be on on the ‘It Was Written’ album. I believe it has him listed as one of the features on the liner notes of the album but the track never came out
Vash Vor year
Wasn't meth supposed to be on suspect?
Finessed Analyzer
​@Vash I don't even think we got a track name, but they were both definitely slated as guest appearances. I know Trackmasters worked later on with Meth & D'Angelo, so it could've possibly even been that beat but a different song.
Stash Ketchum
Stash Ketchum Vor year
Who else started rappin along with them😂😂
Real talk, we appreciate y’all many. 💯✌🏾
Blizz-‘Lo Vor year
LOVED the Roc Marciano shout out.. Roc has made is argument for one of the GOAT’s of this rap thing. One of the greatest lyricists of all time AND one of the best producers? Nah.. Roc different 🐐
Richard Santiago
Knowledge from the Legend,giving out jewels.
E. Double
E. Double Vor year
Shout out to the Trust Gang too. Ransom,Che. 38 spesh . Some real MC 's. Once you get a ghost writer it's illegal to be put amongst greatness 💯
Tripsz94 Vor year
When they started rapping in unison I got goosebumps
Sam 40
Sam 40 Vor year
Math keep the real shit going we watchin all the way from London
Tre Berry III
Tre Berry III Vor year
Damn, I ain't expect Meth to shout out 38 Spesh, that's big right there....he's an animal on the mic....shoutout to the others he mentioned also (Marciano's dope, Flee Lord is raw....we all know what Griselda is about), but a lot of people aren't aware of Spesh's catalog, which got a lot of dope shit in it.
Truck Vor year
And not only as a rapper, but producer too. I bump El Camino's Corner that 38 Spesh produced on the regular. Spesh is a beast! People need to check out that Trust cypher with Spesh, Benny, Klass, etc. Spesh bodied that shit!
OnTheComeUp Vor year
38 spesh is 🔥🔥🔥
Mr K
Mr K Vor Monat
LL killed it in Krush groove.... 🗣️"BOX"😂😂😂😂😂
Eugene Tumusiime
Be honest, who else started rapping with them? ✋🏿
Alloyd Anoyd
Alloyd Anoyd Vor year
I did bruh 😂
Ammo Vor year
Meth is 1000% correct on Deck getting lost in the shuffle. Cause gotdamn he's nice. He got one of my favorite features every. That joint he did with Gang Starr...Above The Clouds still gets mad spins in my shit to this day.
Pac was an exceptional actor. Pac acting was A1
Love Me More Meticulous
Thank You Thank You we all knew Folk was biting Nas. We knew it, not that Meth BIG aren’t great MCs. Give Nas his 💐
Yome Deer
Yome Deer Vor year
I’m Dominican 🇩🇴 born in Queens and Nas is the best!
TRUEBLUE1922 Vor year
Method Man!!!!!! I've loved you since 1992!!!!!! .... and I still do!!!! Straight fire 🔥
Salute to Roc Marciano and to Meth.for that honest yet modest support
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson Vor year
Method Man is one of does cats that can grab your attention and you want to soak up everything he tells you and you can learn something from him
Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker Vor year
Salute to meth to shoutin out roc marci, hands down he responsible for at least 20 underground rappers the past 10 yrs with his sound, roc is def modern day top 5
Tykie Vor year
I had a cypher with inspector deck on the back of the #8 city bus in Bridgeport. We went off the head 3 verses a piece. Dude is nicer than he ever got the chance to display. Meth ain’t capping
Treal One
Treal One Vor year
Tupac Gridlockd was insanely good and he was like 23 at the time people forget that he was literally a kid going hard like that
Natsu Satsujinki
You know 23 ain't a kid right 😂
jk Vor year
Not sure about 23, pac came out of jail like at 24
Smokey 9278 Official
24/25 when he did that
nonealike Vor year
Word up. PAC’s acting was solid. Meth is bugging on that one. Above The Rim had a decent cast. Wood Harris (who studied acting at freakin Yale as a graduate student before being cast), Duane Martin, Leon, Shawn Wayans, Bernie Mack. Gang Related was smooth too. To me PAC’s presence in the acting world was seamless. Not some rapper who was a actor. He was legitimately both. I think he was a better actor than Cube. More versatility. Cube is official too.
nonealike Vor 5 Monate
Jermaine Anthony ?????
lifestraight Vor year
Big Facts 3:15. Deck is a lyrical phenom. Deck is a better lyricist than all the most famous members of Wu. And in the 90s he would have been able to stand next to lyrical heavyweights like Nas and Jay-z.
That’s wild how people’s ears interpret things. Because that flow sounds Nothing like Nas. But, in his mind, that was his interpretation of what he heard. Music / sound is amazing.
I. Jones
I. Jones Vor year
AND that’s how ill was and STILL is... Meth is talking about Nas’s cadence & flow pattern on some of his earlier material... “One Time 4 Your Mind”
happy journey
happy journey Vor year
That's what I'm saying. If he had a verse in mind that he was copying the flow from I wish he would have told us what it was so we could compare them.
Arnold Gomes
Arnold Gomes Vor year
We need gza on here,believe me his knowledge along with krs 1 is what the world need right now,but props to method cow,as he is still a living legend
Luis Torres
Luis Torres Vor year
The thing that happens is that when expectations are high we set ourselves up for Failure…So Like what might of messed up all artists is that they are compared to their first album…
Gaylord Focker
Gridlockd is a masterpiece and one of 2pacs best performances.
We Need A 5th
We Need A 5th Vor year
The What is one of the best collabs ever!
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Vor year
I appreciate Meth's honesty but Pac's roles did get better and his acting was sharpened Juice was like Prince doing Purple Rain in his short career.
Real Black
Real Black Vor year
“The What” is one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME.
Zooey Ghostly
Zooey Ghostly Vor year
this is so wild to hear because Meth from the start was the first Wu member to get a solo track, because he ripped bars but also because he was beautiful, charming, gregarious, and out in character
Robert Harwood Jr
He's sober.... He's a grown ass man takin care of himself... and when you feel good you appreciate others and aren't afraid to share it... I gotta work on the sober thing... Yo, but, I swear, when I was in 6th grade in 90-91, I was on the Statue of Liberty trip and now I wonder if meth was still workin there or if Dirty, Rae, or Ghost was on the ferry when I was a kid wearing a neon orange New York hat lookin like a fuckin cheez ball... lolz.. wid my 2 best friends at the time, Tywann and Brian.
Manny DeRosa
Manny DeRosa Vor year
Man, I'm glad Mc Ren, Inspectah Deck, and finally Roc Marciano got their props. I've been saying for "years" Roc Marciano is underrated.
sky gusto
sky gusto Vor year
So I used to watch Drink Champs primarily but this shyt basically took over. Idk when the turning point wad but this shyt got better
Tell De Truth
Tell De Truth Vor year
It’s not as chaotic and the hosts stay on topic and focus on the guests. There’s plenty of times when a guest on DC would start a never told story and Nore would just interrupt and the person would lose track
TJ Vor year
The host be drunk that's why 🤣
Zuri Frazier
Zuri Frazier Vor year
They end up drunk by the time you wanna hear the good shit
Imagine This - Digital Marketing
Yeahhh me too, but same here, and i hate the way Nore be like cutting niggaz of every flipping two seconds, you cant speak hahahahaha
Marcel Young
Marcel Young Vor year
Now if they can fix that damn smoke detector 🤣
Kevin servHis
Kevin servHis Vor 10 Monate
Meth knows how to work the camera. He's definitely an educated entertainer.
The Hood Pope
The Hood Pope Vor year
Thanks to method for being that REAL !! 💯
Ely Dot
Ely Dot Vor year
Man, the first time I heard “The what“ , I went from a SQUARE that got out of LINE , and started punching everybody in my CIRCLE .
Obinna Patrick
Big Up Johnny Blaze for shouting out Marci, the man doesn't get the credit he deserves
Real Montana
Real Montana Vor year
That Davis role and free Father on the breaks was a cool role 😂😂
Zuri Frazier
Zuri Frazier Vor year
While I disagree, I can understand Meth’s POV in relation to Pac in some movies Juice is the highlight people look to but I personally love Pac in Gridlock’d & Gang Related. I feel his role in those isn’t talked about enough IMO. Also, Above The Rim has several quotables from him.
Tell De Truth
Tell De Truth Vor year
Him and Tim Roth had great chemistry
Shes_Carry Beyond
I was looking for this, Gridlock he did his thing!!
hoodpimp1519 Vor year
Gridlocked was a great performance from Pac
K G Vor year
I need to see Gridlock'd again.. I remember not liking Gang Related like that... as for Meth's comments about Above the Rim, Pac wasn't supposed to be the star, but his star appeal still shined the brightest on that set... his clothes, his swag, his voice and smile overshadowed everyone. The star was really Duane Martin, but the best actor was Leon.
hoodpimp1519 Vor year
@K G Gang related is mad boring
Trā West
Trā West Vor year
“I’m not gonna let you speed through that.” Right! We gotta hear this Sir! 💯
Jeff Nielsen
Jeff Nielsen Vor year
Griselda is the business. Such good tracks. Love Method Man approves!
BishopZoneTV Vor year
Lovin this interview so far. I respectfully disagree with his opinion of Pac on his later movies. He was great in Grid’lock.
Lance G
Lance G Vor year
Yeah his Pac opinion is super wild because that’s one of the movies he praised on by people who really act no offense to Meth
Chi Chi
Chi Chi Vor year
I totally understand what Meth was saying and agree with him. Tupac was such a talented actor he could make an average movie great. I thought Tupac in Poetic Justice showed his range and ability, he could've done anything. That's why his later movies were a disappointment because we saw flashes of his capabilities.
Luke12 Vor year
He was great in Gang Related too and I still find it strange how that was his last role considering how he died
Stephanie Randall
@Luke12 he was good in BULLET too
TheRob1024 Vor year
meth verse from that joint is Def my all time favorite from him. outside of tical his solo joints don't hit as hard as his features... but they both went in
karateflix Vor year
This is a really good insightful interview. At this point.. Nas is next. Lol.
B12 345
B12 345 Vor year
I like drink champs but there’s too much shouting etc these ..not interviews more like friends having discussions are much more in depth and feel like you’re in the room. Keep it up!
sam sneadd
sam sneadd Vor year
Fam they would have interrupted with claps 20 times by now. That shit was lit a fe years ago now its just annoying
Chi Chi
Chi Chi Vor year
You can appreciate both and prefer one over the other. That said, I've only just discovered this channel and it's my favourite DE-vid channel!
Lerebele 1
Lerebele 1 Vor year
It's got that proper after hours dudes chilling and chopping it up after the barber shop closes vibe.
Worn out Testicles
I hate listening to these videos when it's quiet in the evenings and I'm doing something relaxing like shaving... all of a sudden it will turn from a nice nonchalant discussion into a hysterical laughing competition and I have to swiftly scramble to turn Math's manic laughter down before he wakes my sleeping baby boy up!!!!!
People forget all the lawsuits he had going on at the time and all the albums he was releasing plus making those movies, I still watch his movies today and feel like no one can feel his shoes are going to be at the park better than him at the time..
Mr Rose
Mr Rose Vor year
It was sooo dope to hear meth give Roc Marci his flowers and big him up like that. If you don't know you better get to know!!!!! Start with Marcberg! London locked, STANDARD!!!!!! 🏆🏆🏆
Vibes By Dom
Vibes By Dom Vor year
So technically we got some "Nas" on Ready To Die???? That's some trippy multiverse shit.
Mike Decembre
Mike Decembre Vor year
You must’ve forgot where Biggie got the idea for his album cover
Vibes By Dom
Vibes By Dom Vor year
@Mike Decembre Naw 😅. I remember the talk and the beefs. The irony in Meth saying this is crazy. I gotta hear what Funk Flex has to say.
Shysta30 Vor year
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