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31 Mär 2022



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Score 90
Almost* Impossible
Mike Ratkiewicz
As an American and a goalie myself, the Tim Howard game will live on forever. Still gives me chills watching it.
Mohammad Pratt
That 5 goal record by Lewa will never be equaled, simply amazing.
omprakash Solanki
every single goal is unique in itself, the natural training, vision, and luck of the player, drives them into the video and in the moment of people. I really like the efforts made by Ter Stegen, also the super striker Lewandowski, and the finesse shot of EL Shaarawy.
Muhammad Asad
The effort you put in editing is amazing. Keep up up the good work.
Shorty Shawty
Score 90 and Sir Alex are THE soccer channels. Like how does this dude still find clips that I haven’t seen before? Incredible as always! <3
This video deserves a Like! Well Down to all of the players for putting on a show. Thank You Score 90 for finding all of these clips for our entertainment!
Travels of Timmy
Watched the Mbappe goal live in the stadium as he was running towards us. The video doesn't do it justice. The whole crowd gasped & went silent for a second as we witnessed this non-human speed. Greatest thing I've seen on a sports field.
Safi M.
Also Ibrahimović’s goal against England for Sweden. That was an outstanding moment.
Great video man!
You Suck... But
Iniesta and Messi's dribble was a world class play. The definition of Superstar.
something about playing sevilla seems to back Ter Stegen peak
STAR • Jaani
I respect everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that I' ve ever seen on DE-vid,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEO
Chris Odoi-Atsem
Chriss Szc
That 5 goal record by Lewa will never be equaled, simply amazing
Springfielderin 1
M. Arnold - a free kick legend.
Kingsley Mugisra
5 goals in 9 minutes is impossible with one player even in fifa too
Laycoln Olaih
Unbelievable goals! still feel the same way i felt when I first watched it
SuSsY BAKa 2.0
I agree with the referee, the goal that Silva scored did not count, it went pass the line and if you want to clarify put the video at 0.25x speed. But props to Silva, that goal was 🔥
01Azul Sincero01
Nossa, só lance inacreditável que acontece no futebol. O futebol é o melhor esporte do mundo!!
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