Insane Mountain Bike Downhill! 

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20 Nov 2022



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KOMMENTARE : 4,1 Tsd.   
@BeastReacts Vor 9 Monate
which stunt would you have picked?
@bigv7386 Vor 9 Monate
Why did you just decide to comment this?😂
@gopaldeshmuk1068 Vor 9 Monate
Ofcourse the zipline was the most safe
@art456popo Vor 9 Monate
The zip line probably
@gracesjourney6466 Vor 9 Monate
Zip line for sure
@travis5616 Vor 9 Monate
Mountain bike cus it’s just sick
@lechuga4876 Vor year
If you give Chris the Redbull now, then he could grow wings and do some of the scarier stunts
@Bibi_Dude Vor year
Redbull gives you wings
@ok-zl6sx Vor year
redbull gives you wings
Redbull would grove Chris farts Oh yeah wings too
@Bibi_Dude Vor year
@@ok-zl6sx copy cat >:c
@Liamissocool Vor year
As a mountain bike I can confirm that going on mountains is a thing that I can do
@cooper4790 Vor year
You are a mountain bike?
You're a mountain bike? How are you typing then?
@Adam-mi3oc Vor year
It’s true I was the mountain
@jd5213 Vor year
There's nothing better than a fresh friendly baked Jimmy's videos and he always makes our day or night even better keep it up
U copped my comment
@John-rm1ek Vor year
That’s tuff
@coolkat Vor year
@coolkat Vor year
I've never been on a zip line, but I SO want to. It's definitely on my bucket list!!!!
@nicks6997 Vor year
Zip lines are so fun!!!
@user-vu2xn2hr5c Vor 4 Monate
What's that specific zipline called?
"If you go 99 MPH that means you're going 99 Miles... an hour" - Jimmy & Chris
they are so smart
The match checks out
@Cockerham Vor year
I think they were trying to say that the one mile course will be covered in 36 seconds.
@rohan8884 Vor year
@@Cockerhamwait you right you said through a mile so it is 36
@samir1026. Vor year
I'm jealous of Chris. I would love to replicate so many of those stunts.
@DoctorER Vor year
Well, a lifetime supply of Red Bull sounds extreme as is... 😅😂
@mrchonks690 Vor year
@MaciekDuman Vor year
@user-tq6kx4oj8b Vor 7 Monate
О привет док
@EnderLionINFINITY Vor 6 Monate
Surprised this didnt blow up lol Good stuff doc!
Hallo DoctorER
Of all the unthinkable stunts here, Jimmy draws the line at street racing through thick fog. I guess we all have our limits.
That’s incredibly dangerous tho
Read my name!!
Oh well, there goes another underwear change
@boni_7073 Vor year
As a downhill mountain biker I confirm that it is one of the most dangerous sports out there
Read my name!!
What's the time stamp for the dh
@BeastyMan Vor year
I love this
@ZF_Aspiris Vor year
Ngl it was more MTB freestyle, less DH
@crimsonfairy8865 Vor 10 Monate
Honestly as a mountain biker myself I agree
@samdvhar8673 Vor year
Love how he including Chris zip lining at the end. Man of his word👍
@lingadevaru1988 Vor 10 Monate
@user-vu2xn2hr5c Vor 4 Monate
What's that zipline called and where is it
@ellengal56 Vor year
This just shows how much Jimmy cares for Chris!😂😂😂
2:34 no way I’m trying that thing 😂
Slaptrain legend keep it up bro
I think thats the least scary though
@Zeipio Vor year
Go try it
@roninplayz32 Vor year
Who's asking you to
@littleheck1 Vor year
I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, keep it up!
@UR1ZEN Vor 10 Monate
@@yusufnaimjamal2131 no he's just a cute little cat
@user-io6lk6fw4f Vor 5 Monate
Very entertaining to watch as always
As a mountain biker, I really would love to see someone from the Mr Beast team hit a difficult downhill course.
@SuperSheep. Vor Monat
Yes, imagine if they went otb or locked out their suspension on the downhill ☠️
Lets all appreciate the amount of effort this man puts in his videos, amazing. Keep grinding bro, I love the videos
@Saint_Wolf_ Vor year
Says on a reaction channel.
@WimpyGamerGirl Vor 11 Monate
Chris getting excited over goats just reminds me that he's a kindred spirit of mine. Lol!
@kedo Vor year
As a downhill lover im glad to see jimmy make one of these videos!
@colebrady4289 Vor 10 Monate
“What if I lost a shoe? There would be a Yaga at the Colorado river” 😂 love Chris.
*I love watching until the end, it's always fun to see what chris has to do*
@Wolf.y Vor 11 Monate
This man is gonna have great stories to tell to his grandchildren. What a legend🏆
If he lives long enough to have grandchildren
As a mountain biker I’m glad we are finally getting some recognition
Let’s goo 😅 It’s gonna be famous now😅
@RichyMTB Vor year
@Ghosttte Vor year
it wasn't even downhill, it was a dirt jumper, BMX, and Motorcross stuff
But u know how many vids of those cameras on there heads dirt or mountain biking there arr
@cason5791 Vor year
After coming back from an overlanding trip this weekend, I can confidently say, a good truck can handle some crazy stuff
I love how he is always posting videos to make our day better.
The parkour one looks easy. As someone who actually did parkour for 7 years. It looks fun to do
@sayrisofficial6349 Vor 11 Monate
well ofc its easy for u
@MrGnomerdoom Vor year
Very entertaining to watch as always
Of all the unthinkable stunts here, Jimmy draws the line at street racing through thick fog. I guess we all have our limits. **
being a downhill rider i can confirm chris can do a wall ride
@garydos000 Vor year
Honestly the zipline ones look fun af
@Demaculous Vor year
Those are all a bit scary, but the water slide with loops looks somewhat livable 😅
Congrats Chris on having Wings for a lifetime!
@shilasmind Vor year
Let’s all appreciate the amount of time he puts in his videos. Amazing! Keep grinding Mr beast
@Ronbro737-ro7fc Vor 2 Monate
@tacotube3438 Vor year
Me being a complete Redbull lover, would have done this challange in seconds It's amazing how much Mr.Beast can do! 🙂🤩
@usaid4580 Vor year
If I didn't know Chris and someone told me he has a son. I wouldn't believe it.
@-Dreams-NT Vor year
Enjoy your lifetime supply of redbull! Make Jimmy do one of these :) I would actually proably have to agree with Chris for which one I would do :)
@dunnegang3425 Vor 8 Monate
well done Chris I would have never done any of them so well done
As a mtb rider and a skier I have always dreamed of doing someone these stunts
As a mountain bike DE-vidr I’m glad we are finally getting some recognition
Chris is a legend for doing that just for our entertainment
@gigi-qr2jf Vor year
@@gigi-qr2jf that zip line looked terrifying
@@Sebastian-Miles I’ve been there and it does look scary but it’s really safe when there is no wind
I love how Chris mentions tucker so much in all of the videos
@katrina8231 Vor year
The full body skating looks fun, I'd love to try that
Amo esse canal 😍
@newaj_ Vor year
Chris gonna have wings for life.
Hey Mr. Beast, I would love to do the first zipline, looks awesome. 🙂
@urenbaris Vor year
Jimmy's reactions are so good 👍🏼
Chris gives the world wings.
@r3nz0x Vor year
I hope this channel never ends and keeps spreading happiness ❤️♥️
Ohhh yo también quiero hacer esoo !!!
Mr. beast know what’s better than seeing somebody do parkour seeing Chandler going into pickles
I hope this channel never ends and Keeps spreading happiness ❤️
I agree with Chris. A 50 hour challenge in a cave would be awesome
@meedcreations Vor 11 Monate
Chris's rection at the end 😂😂
@AbsentDice Vor year
“I wanna do it, it’s incredibly dangerous.” -Chris 2022
Me too
@mulinaky Vor 4 Monate
@@VeryEpicDE-vid You're a very epic DE-vidr
@littleheck1 Vor year
There's nothing better than a fresh friendly baked Jimmy's videos and he always makes our day or night even better keep it up:face-green-smiling::face-green-smiling:
@ActionJackson603 Vor 6 Monate
I got to pick one i'm totally in on this one been practicing
7:53 good choice Chris zip lines are super fun it’d be cool to go on one going 90MPH
@katnip266 Vor year
Foggy driving is so scary, but so fun!
@MN_AV8_ER Vor year
@shnazzydan Vor year
I'd do all the stunts if Jimmy offered me a lifetime supply of anything lmao
@Bibi_Dude Vor year
What about a lifetime supply of turd
@Mrmcnugget4 Vor year
Petition to have jimmy make a ‘I spent 50 hours in the world largest cave’ Also it should be the actual worlds largest cave Son Doong it’s basically a underground rainforest
im your biggest fan
@roninplayz32 Vor year
@@aidanwhite5631 you're zotethemighty8134's biggest fan?
Read my name!!
Invest in egg whites
@CarbonFeber Vor year
Always sick to see some MTB coverage.
@Marvel_Talk Vor year
Cool good for you Chris!! I went there this summer!!!
@Marvel_Talk Vor year
Where do I sent it????
@JoshStPierre Vor year
@@Marvel_Talk no way you're this gullible
@Marvel_Talk Vor year
I know😭
Chris should have an uno reverse on him to get Jimmy do one of these!
@AviatorTiger Vor year
I’ve been to that zip line before it was very fun 🤩
@@masontyree731 how do you know?
@littleheck1 Vor year
This guya reactions are so good combine with Chris's it's legendary😂
@happyhere Vor year
Solicitud de Jimmy para hacer uno de estos. Si le das a Chris el Redbull ahora, entonces podría crecer alas y hacer algunas de las acrobacias más aterradoras.
@littleheck1 Vor year
The fact that they stare at the ceilings because they both have partners is HILARIOUS
@chetleycoombs4783 Vor 9 Monate
I love your videos. wish to be in one tho
@zyrppa Vor year
I want lifetime supply of Red Bull too!
For some of these stunts you really wonder how they trained for it
I swear...
As a mountain biker I hope he makes more vids about this topic
@J2theGforce Vor year
Excellent choice, Chris. I would have picked that or the cannon.
@trollem09 Vor year
Now Chris has wings a lifetime supply of redbull sick
@ezrachaves Vor year
The skydiving looks so fun!
I've been waiting this new upload videos, thanks sir Jimmy 🤞😁
Are we all gonna ignore those purple nails that Chris got? They be looking fire bro. 💅
Ya Dundee mimmmjmmmm
@KatR264 Vor year
Please do the 50hrs in a cave one with Chris so he can do it: you could make it 50 hours in that cave that has water and blind fish in the bottom from David Attenborough’s Planet Earth 2, that’d be pretty crazy!
@Zhisaoka Vor year
6:47 "Its all about leaning forward" My man is gonna die
@GogyEnjoyer Vor year
This gave me PTSD just watching Chris hanging over that cliff meanwhile he is the one on the zip line and he is chill. 😂 keep on slaying kings👑⚡️
Chris and Jimmy are friendship goals
If I would given a chance to do the zip line, I’ll definitely do it
I would do all of those for a weeks worth of redbull 😍
The ending had my hands sweating!
@littleheck1 Vor year
I love how he is always posting videos to make our day better xzx
@FitriaPongsimbong Vor 9 Monate
Insane Mountain Bike Downhill!
@kyoopihd Vor year
Holy crap, they really had Chris do the thing lol
CHRIS IS SO FUNNY I love it... Jimmy is trying to put Chris down LOL
All the adrenaline in those people who done those stunts though 😱😱😱😱
Have Jimmy pick blindfold Chis and have him pick one. lol
I love how the wodden rollercoaster in the beginning is one of the few ones in the park next to me 😂
Man those clips were insane 😮
As a mountain biker, I can agree that I can go down mountains.
Jimmy is the most extreme man ever.
@mhafan2913 Vor year
Chris i just love your energy 😂
@Thepwarin_14_10 Vor 5 Monate
@zeebarteau Vor year
Legend has it that Chris’s shoe is still lost in the bottom of the Colorado Gulch
I had a long ruff day but this made me smile
Chris is a badass😂
That zip line was insane.
@mjd3879 Vor year
ziplining is one of those things I make myself do but its also terrifying.
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