Introducing Mrs. Jeannie Mai Jenkins: Exclusive Wedding Details!

The Real Daytime
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Jeannie and Jeezy tied the knot in a surprise wedding last month and we’re getting all the inside scoop, including details about the surprise performance from Tyrese and their unique wedding rings!




13 Apr 2021



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The Real Daytime
Who would you want to give a surprise performance at your wedding?
Carol Jacques
Carol Jacques Vor 7 Tage
So beautiful and so emotional.love it!!
Birdie Orchard
Birdie Orchard Vor 15 Tage
Jill Scott
Kimberly Brabson
Kimberly Brabson Vor 15 Tage
Kci and Jojo
DÈVE Vor 15 Tage
Sunshine Vor 15 Tage
Ct Bt
Ct Bt Vor 8 Stunden
Mr. Jenkins is crazy for marrying her. Did he not hear what she said. Stuff like that you don’t take back.
anastasia liverpool
anastasia liverpool Vor 10 Stunden
Its like its not even a show anymore there is no togetherness
James Davis
James Davis Vor 13 Stunden
'Ammarah May
'Ammarah May Vor Tag
Jeanie just say it you didn’t want Loni and Adrienne being there. They could have been covid tested. I think Loni and Adrienne are visibly upset. This shows you not everyone values friendship like you. I thought Adrienne and Jeanie were close. This is beyond awkward
Jeezy called the shot! Jeanie would never! Men change you i hope she’s being careful
Marcy Whitesell
Marcy Whitesell Vor 3 Tage
Looks like a beautiful wedding and wonderful memories... Gorgeous dress
brea artist
brea artist Vor 3 Tage
Wow she wrong for that fake fake fake
brea artist
brea artist Vor 3 Tage
This was so fake
Yossi Vor 3 Tage
Wedding band on the little finger, hmmmmm.
Lindsay Tranise
Lindsay Tranise Vor 3 Tage
She was so excited and their energy did not match it. That’s really unfortunate because obviously people all over the world are having to do the same thing. They aren’t real friends if they don’t understand that 🤷🏾‍♀️
Zee Pickens
Zee Pickens Vor 3 Tage
*The Oscar 🏆goes to "**#ThreeCoStarsWhoWereNotInvitedToTheWedding**", this is such an awkward interview, and the co-hosts did a great job pretending to be HAPPY or CARE!* #JustWow!!!!!😮
Loni though 😗
Alex Milledge
Alex Milledge Vor 4 Tage
Loni's jaws got to be hurting from all that fake smiling. lol!!
ayantu oluma
ayantu oluma Vor 4 Tage
I guess this 3 are NOT important enough to be invited for her wedding.
Jacklyn Williams
Jacklyn Williams Vor 4 Tage
Congratulations!! So happy for you guys, true Love, God's Blessings indeed...
Solita Griffis
Solita Griffis Vor 4 Tage
We would not keep talking about it. I felt that Jeannie was rubbing it in their face with a smile. Adrienne is hurt and feel betrayed. Loni had Jeannie back on the show with uncomfortable situations with Tamar, Amanda and Tamera who all left the show or got fired. Well played.
ScR II Vor 5 Tage
Good, she doesn’t have to invite “co-worker-friends”
Thina Monique
Thina Monique Vor 5 Tage
Yup as a Libra , I can say im fancy 😌😂
Ash For
Ash For Vor 5 Tage
Just be happy for her instead of being fake
R Vor 5 Tage
Jeanie is going to be divorced soon. Lol or a baby momma. I heard she paid for her and his ring, and also paid the entire wedding cost. She's so dumb lmao
Francisca Aska
Francisca Aska Vor 5 Tage
Libra ♎️ in the house.
Fitore Salihi
Fitore Salihi Vor 6 Tage
Loni :👀😅😄😄😃 Adriene: 👄👄👄🤐🤐woww🤐🤐 Girl the vibes are off
Oluwafisayo Balogun
I love the pinky ring concept.
Marsha Jennings
Marsha Jennings Vor 6 Tage
This wedding had so much symbolism and intimate details. This was the ONLY wedding they were ever planning to have. There was never supposed to be a second celebration. She feels guilty and she shouldn't. She showed her truth. Loni and Adrianne need to just realize where their place is. Not everyone that smiles in your face is your friend.
Vida Gabriela
Vida Gabriela Vor 6 Tage
They either need to get back in the studio or just stop the show because this is getting ridiculous
Nadege kibamba
Nadege kibamba Vor 7 Tage
I understand where loni and Adrienne are coming from, but jesus the hurt on their faces was too obvious ....cmon girls covid-19 has changed so many things ,let's not add into it ...
Alejandra Hinojosa
Vibe is off! Shouldn’t they be more excited???! lol Sheesh!
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba Vor 5 Tage
Maybe they were more excited in private, I don't know.
PlainJane 777
PlainJane 777 Vor 7 Tage
My favorite part was talking to my few friends that came. My husband and I have huge families so only a few friends could come. I kept sneaking off to go talk to them. Also my flowers, I threw an extra bouquet of flowers because no one was taking mine.
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong Vor 7 Tage
“That ship has sailed; shut up loni” LMAOOOOO 😂😂😂😂
ivynya29 Vor 7 Tage
She’s laughable. And this is fake.
Tania P.
Tania P. Vor 7 Tage
this was awkward :(
sindile radebe
sindile radebe Vor 7 Tage
It's Loni for me 😂😂😂 all the way!!!
Sandra Arita
Sandra Arita Vor 8 Tage
Lonis awkward smile and silence and adriennes awkward stare and silence
stephanie vazquez
This soo cringe
D C Vor 8 Tage
I think it's fine that she didn't invite them. Dude it's her wedding, she invites whoever she wants to. And it was a small wedding, do you know how many people they probably had to leave out? Have you ever planned a wedding? It is a nightmare literally to make the guest list. And everyone always has an opinion. Be happy for her and let her be.
krysalious Vor 8 Tage
I understand that they're upset but that's the woman's wedding. I'm more than half way through with the video and loni didn't say a thing =/ it's disheartening She can't even be happy yall? Yeesh. At least at least A had some reactions. And I think garcelle didn't care too much because she's new. I know the girls feel a type of way because they've known each other for years and was even close at one point. Like idk.. If they're gonna react that way then I get why she wouldn't invite them HOWEVER they wouldn't be that way if she had invited them. They're human and it's understandable how they'd feel a bit salty about it. They know her family. They knew about Jeezy and kept it a secret for her. They were there for her divorce... smh This is just a messed up situation I truly feel bad for both sides.
Michelle Ment
Michelle Ment Vor 8 Tage
Dear Jeannie, I am SOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! I love you so much I’m so glad you found true love with Jeezy. You guys look so good together and compliment each other so well! I pray you will live happily forever and even when it’s tough I pray your commitment will keep you fighting for the love you guys share. I genuinely wish y’all the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Now to address this clip: Jeannie deserves better & honestly if this is the type of energy their giving (except Garcelle she’s new and gets a full pass) when someone’s telling you about the best day of their lives, imagine how it’s been behind the scenes working with them? Jeannie has been known to carefully and thoroughly think about things and put it into perspective. I’m almost sure she had good reason not to invite them. She probably even ran it by her husband and he might of told her if you don’t want them there then don’t invite them! Anybody who think because they have history with me and have known me for years and that’s enough to get them invited to my very intimate special moments is bugging. If you are not supportive, happy for, encouraging, And apart of me and my future husbands journey in a significant way, you’re not coming. Only difference with me I wouldn’t be telling the girls about it either but Jeannie is forced bc it’s her JOB. Individually the girls are good girls and I will continue to follow them but together it has truly run it’s course.
Nekoyan Bain
Nekoyan Bain Vor 8 Tage
Maybe Jeannie should have her own show
Nekoyan Bain
Nekoyan Bain Vor 8 Tage
How do you make someone else’s wedding about you.... 😂 😂 😂
Nekoyan Bain
Nekoyan Bain Vor 8 Tage
Loni and that beauty pageant contestant grin...lol
Hamline Lima
Hamline Lima Vor 8 Tage
Loni is awfully quiet but she is saying a lot....and her smile😁
Mariana Kapeller
Mariana Kapeller Vor 8 Tage
Infact the only truth in thís interview is just their names, fake smile fake attention fake everything, so painful
Mariana Kapeller
Mariana Kapeller Vor 8 Tage
the whole interview is hurting
SOUFOU Chamima
SOUFOU Chamima Vor 8 Tage
Loni had been liking many of Jeannie’s ex husband’s Instagram posts (with his « new » girlfriend, who was in conflict with Jeannie). That is a statement (that Loni has the right to make ; but then), we shouldn’t be surprised that Loni did not get invited to Jeannie’s wedding. Jeannie’s ex husband posted that he was a Trump voter on Instagram btw.
lasonja mangrum
lasonja mangrum Vor 8 Tage
Catherine Frye
Catherine Frye Vor 8 Tage
Congratulations Jeannie on your Wedding, I am so happy for you!!!🤗❤
Nero 313
Nero 313 Vor 8 Tage
Jeannie acts like she got some prize. Nobody wants Jeezy but her.🤮
shinysmileceecee Vor 9 Tage
Jeannie needs her own show.
Iriel Vor 9 Tage
When she said good job garcelle wanted to laugh so bad 😂🤣 I screamed 🤣
Iriel Vor 9 Tage
2:55 she knew she f****** up lol _😂🤣
Sue Girl
Sue Girl Vor 9 Tage
Bullshittttt. Lol
Sharon Oshinmade
Sharon Oshinmade Vor 9 Tage
The girls were hurt that Jeanie did not invite them and they could have cared less about her day. This interview was awkward and cold.
Thukela Jaji
Thukela Jaji Vor 9 Tage
Thukela Jaji
Thukela Jaji Vor 9 Tage
Loni that smile
Patricia Nabende
Patricia Nabende Vor 9 Tage
Why was loni awfully quiet?
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba Vor 5 Tage
Xpress Labrish News
Ive been watching this show since inception and Honestly I am really happy for Jeanie she deserves to be happy ..its been a while since I've watched thought 😔anyway, I was hoping she would at least invite adrianne as she invited her .This goes to show you will think you're friends but in the other persons head they have you as a coworker. Just let that sinks in.
Essence Who
Essence Who Vor 9 Tage
😭😭😭😭 I can’t deal with how happy she is without a care! He’s elevating her mindsets, she really needed that. They’re mad yes, she’s finally happy though
Louisa Angelina
Louisa Angelina Vor 9 Tage
The silence is deafening....but I would react exactly like Loni I have friends who have done this about weddings or babies and I just read their actions and kept it moving.
Nicole Cox Newton
Singing... Akward😂
kari granger
kari granger Vor 9 Tage
Happy for Jeannie but Lonnie definitely had her fake smile on and was simply reading of the prompter..clearly holding back some acid comment.Adrienne was alternating between genuine happiness for her friend and the hurt she felt from not being included.
Zen KC
Zen KC Vor 9 Tage
Lol, Loni sitting there like 😬..... Lol Love you Loni 💚....Tamera come get your girl 😂
Chez Nashi
Chez Nashi Vor 9 Tage
She is gleaming with joy!!!!
Dominique D.
Dominique D. Vor 9 Tage
Okay, I have to admit, I would feel a way low-key.... TBH, your co-workers become like family especially in this case when Tam, Loni and Adrienne were there for Jeannie at some very difficult moments.. I had this same thing happen to me with my high school best friend and she tried to make up for it, but the friendship was never the same after that. I know they are talking about it behind Jeannie's back. This is why they probably had Garcelle ask all the questions b/c you can see that Loni and Adrienne are feeling a bit slighted. Even if it was a small ceremony, I believe the co-hosts should have still got an invite b/c they know Jeannie and have met Jeezy although they may not know him personally. It's only 3 invites, I mean c'mon, lol!! Look at all the people she had there and she's saying it was supposed to be a "COVID safe" wedding??? She is being politically correct, lol!! The excuse she gave for not inviting them, she tried to sell it but I am not buying that, lol!! Jeannie, you should have still invited them and when you do your big wedding you give them the option of coming or not b/c they would have already attended your small ceremony... so It's just not a good look, but I hope they are able to still be cool.
Synquette !
Synquette ! Vor 10 Tage
Wait a minute not trying to be petty but things are coming back to my memory. Didn’t Loni on social media congratulate Freddy on his new marriage and baby or something like that? See now when I think about it I wouldn’t invite her to my new wedding either. I could be reaching but it’s just a thought I had.
AKANI Vor 10 Tage
The show changed after I think her name is Amanda, Jeanie was bullied everytime she was talking that girl would take over, everything was about racism, Jeanie comments were never listened to
GoldenGlam Vor 10 Tage
That smile that Loni is giving has to hurt along with her feelings! The smile is fake and Jeannie was the only one excited
Jada Braithwaite
Jada Braithwaite Vor 10 Tage
But why loni look like shes bleaching
Aicha Vor 9 Tage
Bye Girl
NA 19
NA 19 Vor 10 Tage
OMGGG u don’t understand she took his name!!!!!! Jeannie Mai JENKINS!! Likeeee jeezy really was the one for her! and she is gloowinnnng!!
kay taylor
kay taylor Vor 10 Tage
I just heard Jeanni's reference to black men as "dark meat" who the hell is she to make such a statement on TV, she should've been fired. I hope her the best with her black dark meat husband but that statement is considered a poor judgement statement on her part and it says a great deal about her. What ever Jeanni deserves she will get "Karma" has a way of smacking you in the face, some dark meat can turn very foul quick. That's Real.
Ms P Planet
Ms P Planet Vor 10 Tage
So very happy for you and your husband. Very happy 😊
Glenda Freeman
Glenda Freeman Vor 10 Tage
Tasha K was right.
Zachery Wright
Zachery Wright Vor 11 Tage
Listen Jeannie doesnt seem to be a bad person. When Adrienne's wedding was happening there wasn't a global pandemic happening. Plus do you all ever see how Jeannie Mai is serious about Covid Regulations!! That is basically why her and her mom fell out. It was a small intimate ceremony in the house!! Yall just like to stir up drama for no reason. If it was me i would have totally understood. I am sure when this all blows over there will be a big Ceremony and they will be there.
Joss Vor 11 Tage
Seriously Happy for Jeanie. She seems really happy with Jeezy. But on another note, is self not self aware even a little at how it would hurt her friends. Didn’t hear her say wish y’all were there. And her saying there will be another wedding, just not the same.
Joss Vor 11 Tage
Wow just catching up. Haven’t wanted the real in a long time. This was hard to watch. I can see the hurt in their faces. They are not just coworkers! How many segments have there been about them praising each other, expressing how much they care for each other. Although intimate, Jeanie did had a full blown wedding. Ouch, I’d be hurt too just saying.
mbali nhlapo
mbali nhlapo Vor 11 Tage
No one cares
B Lashell
B Lashell Vor 11 Tage
If y’all notice Loni didn’t say a word the whole time jeannie was talking 😂
Jazz Vor 11 Tage
Mrs. Jenkins, it’s weird that so many people want to see your downfall publicly. There’s a pandemic; you will have another wedding when this virus clears up. How can they claim to love and desperately want to be around my Unlce/Brother Jeezy and the Jenkins family but down The Mai family. Jeanie a lot of those folk are white supremacist haters. Mother Mai made mistakes in the past but was distracted and in a trance by the government and working to have money for things! I don’t see why any of the hosts were mad when Jeanie clearly stated that Jay Wayne made her list and she made his 😂🤎💕... And Yes! Us Libras are fancy and have expensive, elegant, loving, caring sharing tastes and want our loved ones and family to share the finer things in life with us. I love that you two decided on pinky rings. That’s out of the norm, creative and loving. 🖕🏽who ever’s not genuinely happy for the Mai-Jenkins union and want to make it about them because they don’t even know the true reasoning behind hating you or other beautiful Asian women/Blasian babies. I am a slave descendant so I look just black to the untrained eye but my DNA results show that I have Asian, Latino, Black blood from love and family and tradition before being forcefully being sold into this land as slaves and Irish & German after being here, my great great great great great... grandmothers were raped by these “men” because they were their property but weren’t truly loved or cared for as a woman family member should be. The US government among many other governments only claim to worship God for materialistic gain and to create, soulless, false idols/demons for the people to follow. Tamera not hating on you, right? She has her own family to take care of and plenty money over there. She haven’t even seen her niece much, if at all during this pandemic so shouldn’t have had none to say but Loni & Adrienne tom bout it would have looked good for a check 💴 💵 well damn greedy ass queens, we are on the real everyday together shading and dragging each other. That 💩 gets draining so what’s wrong with just respectfully, risking our lives and the lives of family only, no haters.
Avionics Tea
Avionics Tea Vor 11 Tage
This is Sooooo SHADY!!!!!!!! The Girls are not close anymore looks like. These people are rich i’m sure she got her family and his family covid tested it wouldn’t be anything to add the ladies if she wanted to. Covid or not who youu want to be around will be there. They need to stop capping and say I just didn’t want y’all there. The ladies don’t even look happy lol. I want to know what y’all got to say behind close doors.
STACEY Vor 11 Tage
The energy in this clip is low no excitement from the co-hosts at all :(
Call me Noxolo
Call me Noxolo Vor 11 Tage
Loni 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shante Jck
Shante Jck Vor 11 Tage
He knew that they were important to her so why not invite the real crew wow.
Elizabeth Mmapaseka
Loni and Adrienne aren't even interested..🤣🤣🤣 Trying to fish out complements.. " ow wow"
Elizabeth Mmapaseka
Why didn't yawl stay in hiatus?!.😥😥
Jade Soland
Jade Soland Vor 11 Tage
I understand jeannie in saying she wanted anintinate ceremony surrounded by people who know her jeezy, but then to say they met on the show. So how don't loni and Adrienne know him ?
Chiq Lou
Chiq Lou Vor 3 Stunden
ANNDD she has known them longer than she has known him...that's just the lousy excuse!
Jade Soland
Jade Soland Vor 11 Tage
Loni just smiling
Angelina Adoko
Angelina Adoko Vor 11 Tage
Its covid but they holding hands? 9:34🤔😬
Lady LaTre'viette Phantumhive
Lonnie looks amazing! I’m in love with her glasses 😍 and her makeup is on point.
Dee R
Dee R Vor 11 Tage
This is why Jeannie is not friends with the girls from the real 😬😬 they’ve never really been kind to her or even real about it. This makes me angry and sad. Jeannie has remained the same and these girls have been bullies more ways than one, I mean the show is live we seen the side eyes and faces since the first season. I’m so glad Jeannie finally found her person and is able to finally decide carefully who she wants to keep close in her life. I’m happy for her and how far she has come. ☺️✨🙌🏼
Hewa MD
Hewa MD Vor 11 Tage
No one: Loni in this episode: 😃
Hewa MD
Hewa MD Vor 11 Tage
Yoooo Lonis fake smile says it all 😂😂
Estefany Vargas
Estefany Vargas Vor 11 Tage
Lmao! So awkward
Zee Wash
Zee Wash Vor 11 Tage
Is Loni's smile glued on.
Late for the Party
Late for the Party Vor 11 Tage
Maybe mama Mai went to high fashion in Houston. Lol
Yul Nikita
Yul Nikita Vor 11 Tage
Yeah I would be bummed if someone told me about their wedding ceremony but didn't even invite me to it 😬 especially during covid.. I would have really been looking forward to it! She could have just blamed the invite list on the pandemic and kept it pushing.
Agustina Espinola
Agustina Espinola Vor 11 Tage
Omg this is so awkward to watch... Adrienne’s face shows how she’s angry and upset she didn’t get invited
SIMPLY MIA Vor 11 Tage
Loni.... Her smile..... It don't move
FaythluvsLyfe Vor 11 Tage
Tamera gone, she brought all the positive and good energy to the table, now it’s just eww , they don’t even talk to eachother no more.. Jeannie and Tam Tam were the closet
Helen L
Helen L Vor 12 Tage
Loni had to massage her cheeks during commercial from holding that fake smile for so long.
Helen L
Helen L Vor 12 Tage
They met ON the show but she didn't invite her co-hosts, cause of cov yet none of her guests had a mask on, huddled together for pictures. Ok. 😒
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