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12 Feb 2019

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shane Vor 6 Monate
I'm so proud of this video and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for letting me make stuff like this and for supporting our channel. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know. -Shane & Andrew
Rais Cooper
Rais Cooper Vor 25 Tage
Lol last reply
Emma Mclean
Emma Mclean Vor 25 Tage
shane so I have no idea if Shane will even see this but, my family actually owned part of a Chuck E. Cheese. My mom and I both worked there and I can Vividly remember going as a kid and having a few birthday parties there. While I worked there I can for sure tell you that we did not take pieces of pizza and put it together but that young teenagers were definitely making your pizza. However to go with the gambling thing this might just be a far stretch but I don’t think it is. My family didn’t only own half of Chuck E. Cheese but we also owned the casino literally connected to Chuck E. Cheese like I am not joking there was a door that if you opened it from the back where the workers are you would get into the casino. They were and are currently right next to each other. I live in Billings Montana you can literally see it if you search. I have also seen firsthand how young kids would be angry if their parents wouldn’t. buy them coin‘s,and how if they won or didn’t win that would really affects them. It was kind of like a competition, and the whole getting one ticket is definitely like a tactic to keep you coming. I have personally played every game and I don’t think I’ve ever actually gotten the jackpot and I have played for the last 18 years. This Might be a far stretch but honestly I don’t think so..... parents would drop their kids off to basically gamble their money away while the parents left to go to our casino and also gamble their money. If Shane wants to know more I’ll tell him.
Erin Connelly
Erin Connelly Vor 25 Tage
Shane... where are you? Where have you been? Why are there no comments asking this? Did you already say something on the channel? Due to all of the very serious things in this video, I’m concerned..
Francis Quisirumbay
Obsessed Kenobi
Obsessed Kenobi Vor 11 Minuten
Shane you are my queen and this video is so sad and I can tell you worked so hard on it it is a great video and great awareness to other victims of abuse
CucumberCheese Vor 42 Minuten
This is fantastic. The justification to show his face was perfect. I screamed YES at my computer screen.
Sabrina Hayes
Sabrina Hayes Vor 55 Minuten
Oh god, i died laughing when he brought the pizza out.I could not stop laughing at that shit,then their faces.LMAOOOOO
big noob 123
big noob 123 Vor Stunde
i live in coatia omg i live close omg lol
shiniku art
shiniku art Vor 2 Stunden
She is the best friend anyone could ask for. Just such an amazing guy.
Journi Johnson
Journi Johnson Vor 3 Stunden
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! Also..... I love my android even more now!
Jenae Whithorn
Jenae Whithorn Vor 5 Stunden
Maybe it was just bad dough work
Lil Johnny 75
Lil Johnny 75 Vor 6 Stunden
Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa S
Ramsey Curts
Ramsey Curts Vor 7 Stunden
We all need a friend to treat us and stand up for us like Shane did savagely in the end by showing that d-bags face.
J R Vor 8 Stunden
David Dobrik is SHOOK
Madisyn Fleming
Madisyn Fleming Vor 9 Stunden
Shane is such an empath. I love that about him.
Melissa Petras missing Chris Cornell
I was with an abusive sociopath for far too long. Sociopaths are extremely charming in the beginning. They have few people they are close to usually treat the people that love them the most the worst. They treat you the way they internally feel about themselves, which is like shit. They call you every horrible thing, which again is how they feel about themselves. My ex started getting psychically abusive 2 yrs into our relationship. He also is an alcoholic. I was so delusional thinking if I loved him even harder he would change. But sociopaths ate unable of giving or receiving love. I heard leaving for he would threaten to hurt my loved ones. I covered up my bru bruises & lied to family & coworkers as too where they came from...when the only person I was lying too was myself. He also has a gambling addiction, & he slowly drained my bank account & savings account. I went bankrupt & I had a six figure income. Also, interesting how her ex faked cancer for mine claimed he had a vasular disease & was lucky if he had a year to live. He claimed this a year into our relationship, & now 6 yrs later douchebag is still alive ( he had to get lab work done & I made sure to get results...nothing wrong with him except he is an asshole). Last September, I got enough courage to leave. I packed up a suitcase & never turned back. I left my career, friends, condo, little brother, basically my whole life behind in SoCal, got on a plane & moved across country to my Mom's in PA. Starting life over at 42 has been extremely difficult, & the mental/emotional scars have been extremely difficult to recover from. But I left, & the most courageous & difficult thing I have ever done in my life. If you think you may be with a sociopath, Google traits of a sociopath & see if you have a match. Sociopaths are usually also narcissistic, but with more specific traits to look out for. Please, if he/she is a sociopath &/or is physically/mentally/verbally abusive then get out. Do it for your sanity, your life, your future. Do not suffer in silence & no more lies/excuses. Thank you for this Shane, though I wish with such a serious matter, you would of kept her story separate from the Chucke Cheese ( although that is appalling as well & grateful my nieces & nephew have never been to one, or ever will)
Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kakashi Vor 9 Stunden
Maybe the employees just be taking bites of the pizzas then cutting them 😂😂
Jill Kramer
Jill Kramer Vor 9 Stunden
I literally just ate pizza for supper...
Beauxelle Draws
Beauxelle Draws Vor 10 Stunden
In my city, we're in the top 5 for human trafficking in the United States. In 8th grade, they give you 5-6 days on how they groom you, what to look out for, etc. I remember finding it all so sickeningly interesting and horrifying because girls in my class would leave then whisper to their friends "That doesn't even matter, why are they so serious on it?" It was always the pretty ones. I don't remember clearly the facts in that presentation, but the most common way to recruit people into human trafficking is preying on people. The ladies explained that they might find a weakness of yours and use it against you. We also have a high homeless population, so that was the example used most. Someone may be recruited into human trafficking to make money and feed their family or to have somewhere to live. It's easy to demonize people in human trafficking but *please* remember there are victims just as there are monsters. The scary thing is, nobody is talking about it. You never see anything or feel anything off. Sex trafficking and labor trafficking *are* human trafficking. Please remember to help someone when you can.
Niamh Mai
Niamh Mai Vor 12 Stunden
Brittani: he was faking having cancer Shane: cHuCKe ChEEsE
Nathaniel Turner
Nathaniel Turner Vor 12 Stunden
this is retarded
Poppy B
Poppy B Vor 13 Stunden
who else fucking loves shane’s coat
social sophie
social sophie Vor 14 Stunden
Who else sees that Shane's old conspiracy videos are being deleted, he hasn't been posting resently and he acts weird when his friends vlog him... Is the government or all minati coming for him... For real though I'm worried what is happening to shane he is my favorite youtube and the only person I the world that helps me with my issues.. I can't afford to lose him
David Basa
David Basa Vor 14 Stunden
Morgan. Morgan. GIVE ME THE TEETH
miss mentel
miss mentel Vor 15 Stunden
thats one day after my baby brother was born
Oli Attack
Oli Attack Vor 16 Stunden
1:30:47 Wtf Shane I watch this video and then u do this??!!
em colbeck
em colbeck Vor 16 Stunden
i had sent you a direct message about lil miquela on instagram ( username : LYNNZCIX ) it would be cool for you to check it out !
Nissrin Rodriguez
Nissrin Rodriguez Vor 16 Stunden
Liam Vor 16 Stunden
Who else is binge watching Shane’s conspiracy theories?
Cornelia Vor 17 Stunden
19:35 37:10 44:30
JUulS ArE nOT CUuL Vor 17 Stunden
That is why I go to Dave and busters
Lovely Gacha 12
Lovely Gacha 12 Vor 17 Stunden
MidnightCat AKAabby
MidnightCat AKAabby Vor 19 Stunden
if you listen to the song doin' it wrong it says "you eat pizza from chuck e cheese the slices dont fit and it makes me scream" by Brent Rivera...
MidnightCat AKAabby
MidnightCat AKAabby Vor 19 Stunden
wait... the chuk e cheese i went to is in florida and i ate pizza and it waskinda like that but not as bad i was jus injoying the pizza i did not reliza how bad it was
Hanna Gabriel
Hanna Gabriel Vor 19 Stunden
i’m so proud he decided to unblur Milos’ face in the end. for all the bad he did he doesn’t deserve it
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones Vor 20 Stunden
I LITTERLY wanted to punch the girl complaining about chuck e cheese gambling and she whispered like STOP WHISPERING LIKK URGGRGGGGHG
krookz Vor 21 Stunde
My gf introduced me to your vids, Im really enjoying them
BumbleBee ReeRee
BumbleBee ReeRee Vor 21 Stunde
7:21 my name is Jordan..
Crazie Ladie
Crazie Ladie Vor 22 Stunden
I prefer this one, and I love how you make the ads scary 😂
Kourosh Nazari
Kourosh Nazari Vor 23 Stunden
This gave chills AND GOOOOOOOOSE BUMBS(not sure if that's right)
Emily Kelly
Emily Kelly Vor Tag
I don’t think I’ve seen one comment talk about this at all yet. Doesn’t a freshly-made pizza have 8 slices? If it does why does Chuck E Cheese’s pizza have 12-14. It’s not possible. Why I was younger it always felt there were so many pieces that we left or took home. For only a family of 4, taking home 7 slices if a pizza has 8? How does that work?
Layla Alba
Layla Alba Vor Tag
Shane's such a great friend
Dana Garza
Dana Garza Vor Tag
Can someone please explain to me why I'm watching this at 4:08 am?
devante phillips
My ex gf worked at Chucky cheese and she quit bc they trained her and told her when people don't don't finish their pizza not to throw it away and she always wondered why and she didn't work on the kitchen but she walked back there and saw one of the cooks or whatever putting un eat pizza on a new trey and handing it out as freshly cooked :/
Small •
Small • Vor Tag
Shane: We gunna expose chuck e cheese boiz! Also shane: oh shit I can get sued... I dont give a rats ass let's do it anyway! brit: You shouldn't show his face. Shane: *blurs face* also shane: haha sike milos: *quakes*
Jakey Gamer
Jakey Gamer Vor Tag
Lucky cause I live in Australia
J Brice
J Brice Vor Tag
How TF does this dude have 22m subscribers
Peyton Hinman
Poor Rex
Tiffany Luu
Tiffany Luu Vor Tag
Shane exposing Milos at the end is so badass!!
Matthew De Jesus
You can tell at 1:32:06 that it's 100% photoshopped, anyone agree?
Candi Cane
Candi Cane Vor Tag
I have never been to a chuckie cheese but I remember seeing commercials for chuckie cheese when I was 6, and I thought it looked nasty. I have heard there pizza tastes nasty and your theory explains a lot!
AvaClare Vor Tag
54:21 omg the Area 51 thing......
Angg Artmont
Angg Artmont Vor Tag
by far my favorite video n i keep rewatching it
Barbara Clements
ill fill you in on more details later
Barbara Clements
shane shane shane listen up sis i got some sketchy news about paul zimmer you know him by any chance? anyways hes was a popular music.ly star (dont even know if i spelt that correctly but i dont care) and now music.ly called tiktok he got married to his girlfreind jamie something and they both deleted there instagram accounts and went missing and now there is a guy named troy becker who looks identical to paul and his spouse name is JAMIE if you dont see this im about to dm you im not famous but i think we should team up and figure this out also im 12 felling like a private investigater right now lol
A useful tip If the Aliens tried to invade us from Area 51 we need armory and high tech gear it's impossible to destroy them by our bare hands.
myodd personality
45:37 so funny ( Chipotle ?) CHIPOTLE ANYONE!, DID ANYONE ORDER A CHIPOTLE !?
LoyallyWxld Vor Tag
shane: human trafficking also shane: CHUNKY CHESE PIZZA REUSED? NOT CLICKBAIT
Gacha Roblox Animal
Hey whos the voice for your intro?
KATIE Richardson
I kno u won’t ever see this but can I just say I am so fascinated by you and I hope you will never stop doing these because they teach me alot
Danna Ferd
Danna Ferd Vor Tag
I don't know how you have a lot of subs because your videos are shit and you raped a cat fucking crazy you don't deserve a life somebody will make you the same you did the poor cat fuck you. I hope you burn in hell soon
Lyzza Panday
Lyzza Panday Vor Tag
I LOVE the edits! Props to that, all the storylines merged. Love it :)
Avery Berg
Avery Berg Vor Tag
The song at the end is literally me
Avery Berg
Avery Berg Vor Tag
You know how when you get a pizza the slices are slightly together like you have to cut the pizza agian to separate all of the slices. When you got your pizza from chuckey cheese they were already separated like you you didn't have to cut it agian
Avery Berg
Avery Berg Vor Tag
There is supposed to be 8 slices of pizza on one pizza but the half pepperoni and half cheese one has 13 SLICES!!!
Jenna Campbell
Idkw that Chuck E Cheese pizza thing was so fascinating to me but it was. Though, like Rylabd said, I'm honestly not surprised either Chuck E Cheese always turned me off Lol
Robert Byles
Robert Byles Vor Tag
This felt more like a chuck e cheese review than a conspiracy video.
The guy or character “milo” is fucking disgusting. What a sick human being
Amber Pair
Amber Pair Vor Tag
Why isn’t Shane uploading
Roddy Grant
Roddy Grant Vor Tag
Sack your video editor
Harrison Kingham
bro i actualy wanted to eat that piza
jander ewo
jander ewo Vor Tag
That's OK for me because were eating dirty food in the first place.
vx V1TAL
vx V1TAL Vor Tag
Shane: they tried to melt that shit together Long pause Shane: *where is the other half of this pepperoni*
I like oatmeal
I heard about him and her from spill I think or somewhere else without me knowing it was them.
freya ellis
freya ellis Vor Tag
I am so proud that Shane chose to show his face because milos is a horrible person
Peyton Miller
but you would know if it was trump because he tweets about everything
Robin Olivia
Robin Olivia Vor Tag
JD CENTRAL Rise of Kingdoms PUBG MOBILE Ragnaroke M: Ethernal love
Luke Axolotl
Luke Axolotl Vor Tag
I tested the lyrebird thing and it was very accurate and creepy
Stephy Vor Tag
Wow he is so happy....... how is that like? Depression 100
Cup quake
Cup quake Vor 2 Tage
I feel so sorry for the boy.. the thing is he will have to learn about this stuff when he's older and trust me I know it's not a great experience
Rouge_BLOX Vor 2 Tage
Wait hold up, i'm Croatian, RIGHT NEXT TO SERBIA
Lyssa Bird
Lyssa Bird Vor 2 Tage
I love that at the end you decided to show his face, cause he deserves it after what he did to Brittani. btw, Brittani, you are so strong for telling your story and I hope that so many good things come your way and that the psychopathic prat stays away from you. love you guys heaps
o i
o i Vor 2 Tage
holy crap this scared the fuck out of me for the 2nd time..........AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH
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