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12 Feb 2019

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shane Vor 5 Tage
I'm so proud of this video and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for letting me make stuff like this and for supporting our channel. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know. -Shane & Andrew
xX Dino5aur Xx
xX Dino5aur Xx Vor 5 Tage
Fuck this shit is wild. PS I will never eat at Chuck E cheese again
Melany Torres
Melany Torres Vor 5 Tage
Maya !
Maya ! Vor 5 Tage
Shane is absolutely a queen
Flashback Mary
Flashback Mary Vor 5 Tage
Claire Wallrich
Claire Wallrich Vor 5 Tage
simply chloe
simply chloe Vor 17 Minuten
Can we all agree on how fucking shook I am. The amount of hard work you’ve put in is unreal. I fucking love you guys Lowkey need a part three
Alexis Skywalker13
Alexis Skywalker13 Vor 17 Minuten
People say they dislike the editing of this one, but honestly I like it more. It causes suspense. Keeps me from clicking off.
Erin McNeilly
Erin McNeilly Vor 18 Minuten
oh my gosh - this is giving me such anxiety! But very well done ( as usual), Shane and Andrew!
Donaa Dollas
Donaa Dollas Vor 19 Minuten
Take out your trash Shane! If you need a housekeeper I’m available!
Gabriel Prado
Gabriel Prado Vor 20 Minuten
He looks like a perv anyways
ludivine A.R. Djeni
ludivine A.R. Djeni Vor 20 Minuten
53:31-Were is my gRanDsON? WeRe is my gRanDsON? 😂😂😂
CremadeCream Sparklezz
anyone else That intro is bomb?
Alexis Skywalker13
Alexis Skywalker13 Vor 21 Minute
Omg the ending when he showed that assholes face almost made me cryyyyyy
Ben Wise
Ben Wise Vor 23 Minuten
Shane you should do a conspiracy theory on the davinci code and make an video on that because it is really conspiracy theory and there are so many mystery’s behind it and also your channel is really good
Javier vasquez
Javier vasquez Vor 24 Minuten
Shane come on come back
indusilicon Vor 24 Minuten
amazing concept
Jolanta Vor 24 Minuten
1:16:53 My favorite part just because of Shane’s expresion😂. “Shut the f*ck up!”
Miroslava Lebaredian
Miroslava Lebaredian Vor 25 Minuten
This was so good this was my 3rd time watching omg
GirlGaara1 T
GirlGaara1 T Vor 25 Minuten
It looks like a pattern - they’re all cut the same way like..there’s larger slices for the grown ups and then the thin ones for children
smkirk29 Vor 26 Minuten
I've been watching Brittani for a couple of years but only found her after she escaped that relationship and all I knew was that there was abuse of some kind, I did not expect that it was this kind of crazy, trafficking horror story that she actually lived and is living. I have so much love for her and her family and thank you Shane for giving her story a further platform to people who may not have heard it otherwise. It is so important for people to hear about and know that it can happen to anybody.
b_.k.h .r._xe
b_.k.h .r._xe Vor 26 Minuten
Anna Loo
Anna Loo Vor 28 Minuten
I wish all the best to Britannia because she deserves safety. I know that the little boy will just be fine xx
kaja AHA
kaja AHA Vor 28 Minuten
ummmmm fuck i live next to Serbian like very close does he live there or in america
C3794 4
C3794 4 Vor 30 Minuten
why am i watching this at night
Hazel Queen
Hazel Queen Vor 30 Minuten
Ok well I’m literally shook and if Chuck E. Cheese sued him that just proves that their pizza is reused and no one is going to eat there
Nevena Terzic
Nevena Terzic Vor 31 Minute
I’m from Serbia, and the hip binding and the belly button thing is a thing that’s done to all baby’s it’s normal here
Reese Nations
Reese Nations Vor 32 Minuten
Did anyone else die at the crack of the crack of the soda can over the intense music lmfao I'm dead
Helen Flaherty
Helen Flaherty Vor 33 Minuten
I loved this video so much! I am a diehard fan and love all of your collaboration videos as well. I think that a fun person to do a series with is Jojo Siwa. She has, in my opinion, a lot of weird stuff going on with her so it would make for a fun series.
Jake RRP
Jake RRP Vor 33 Minuten
Amazing Amazing Series. KEEP IT UP SHANE!
Annabell S
Annabell S Vor 34 Minuten
OK so for hucky cheese they could have individual slices of pizza frozen and then they put it all together to make a full pizza
DIY-Geni !!
DIY-Geni !! Vor 35 Minuten
Literally love this
CUWON 2 ;D Vor 36 Minuten
Adam Playz
Adam Playz Vor 37 Minuten
@ 1:15:24 he didn’t cover the face
esme bruce
esme bruce Vor 37 Minuten
sis snapped when you exposed milos
Gacha Baby Daily
Gacha Baby Daily Vor 38 Minuten
Best one yet!
yasmine BTS LOVE 야스민과 방탄 소년들
Wait we saw Britneys youtube channel in the video so why did he blur the husbands face if people like me would go search the channel and find out how the husband looks like. By the way love you vids especially this one I laughed alot about the pizza theory
Irah Vor 39 Minuten
When are the boys gonna do an escape room
jayspamsig edits
jayspamsig edits Vor 40 Minuten
also bitch u got me shook
Brett Kekeris
Brett Kekeris Vor 40 Minuten
My father worked at Chuck e cheese’s when he was younger for his first job. He always told me that he remembered waking up at the crack of dawn to make the dough and prepare the pizzas. But this was back in the 80’s so this might have changed over time.
jayspamsig edits
jayspamsig edits Vor 41 Minute
A Ab
A Ab Vor 41 Minute
this is probably my favorite shane video so far!! I've been reading the comments how some people preferred the parts to be split up like in part 1, but tbh I LOVED this video's format even more than the last one (which was awesome also) THANKS SHANE
Sa Ra
Sa Ra Vor 42 Minuten
What an end omg 😱 How does Chuck E's Pizza exist anymore? 😂😂
Ami Vor 43 Minuten
they mentioned eastern europe? man that gypsy looking guy. here's a story of my own: i met a guy on tinder who claimed to be an airforce pilot (based in korea) but came here for training and stuff. He said his name was John, he hasn't been in a relationship for over a year and shed lot's of crocodile tears infront of me. Im not usually naive but I totally bought his damn story. However, being the observant person I am, it took me about 2-3 weeks to catch him in his lie of webs. He had use cash for every purchase and refuses to show his ID cards. That immediately raised a flag and he had no choice but to admit his real name is Eduardo. He claimed he's Italian and that he's actually a technician. It was uncanny because everyday he would describe his aircraft training in GREAT details but he's not even close to being a pilot. He created a lot of fake stories. One day, my intuition was telling me to go online and do a dig into his name and stuff on the US database. To my surprise, that led me to more than what I was expecting. He was married with a korean lady and they have been married for 3-4 years. He was 23 at the time I met him... who would have expected such a twist. I contacted her and told her about what happened but being the master manipulator he is, he managed to get her to believe him and she went on to have a child with him. These scammers and anyway, he didn't have any italian blood, he was from Romania. :)
J etz
J etz Vor 43 Minuten
1:08:21 then*
Lea Vor 43 Minuten
shawn omfg im trying to be serious cause of the britani situation and then the fucking facetime call i cant breath
Frederik Rasmussen
Frederik Rasmussen Vor 43 Minuten
love the vids but maybe cut down a bit on the transitions and stuff takes alot out of the video and makes it longer than necesary
Hazzell Elminero
Hazzell Elminero Vor 46 Minuten
This is one of your best videos shane! Im proud of u and your team! All the love
Namjoon Ismybias
Namjoon Ismybias Vor 46 Minuten
Chuck e. and his friends are so creepy gawd
Gabriel Prado
Gabriel Prado Vor 46 Minuten
1:07:54 😂👌💯🔥
Arica Baker
Arica Baker Vor 46 Minuten
This video was intriguing and I understand you’ve probably spent hours and hours filming it but the content was way to long to sit through.
Dorayaki _ Mochi Gacha
Dorayaki _ Mochi Gacha Vor 46 Minuten
What if someone farted on spat saliva on the pizza :0
Con Con47
Con Con47 Vor 46 Minuten
Shane I support what you do. There needs to be someone like you and you came along. I respect you
namelessjeff Vor 48 Minuten
The ending. Wow.
Monique xo
Monique xo Vor 48 Minuten
It’s disgusting to think that people would have the audacity to try and take a baby from the daughter/son’s mother
DCx93x Vor 48 Minuten
i am so shook!!!!!
Very Nice!
Very Nice! Vor 49 Minuten
The only conspiracy here is why the ads keep doubling everytime I watch? Everybody knows shane users to get the shitty ads..mm. Ok
Juicy Oofs
Juicy Oofs Vor 50 Minuten
“its iconic” “oh i mean not to be trusted” 😂
Purple Dino
Purple Dino Vor 51 Minute
I'm so glad that my parents never took me to Chuck E Cheese
BTS A.R.M.Y Vor 51 Minute
GiVe mE tHE *TeA*
Louisa Vor 52 Minuten
Milos and Jon Clark (from Love Island UK), looks almost the same, like, the nose, the smile, the eyes, im just shook
Ajla Gasal
Ajla Gasal Vor 54 Minuten
eeww im bosnian and that serbian guy is freaking me ouut
SeeCC Vor 55 Minuten
Shane, you really snapped. I love you and your content :’)
Lara Salgado
Lara Salgado Vor 57 Minuten
I think milos mom was actually his girlfriend ig?? Cuz maybe she couldn’t have children because of her age so her son tried to get girls pregnant with his charm that’s my theory
Janina! at the Classroom
Shane being a savage at the end part. I AM LIVING OHMYGHAD!
Breda O Brien
Breda O Brien Vor 57 Minuten
Solaire C
Solaire C Vor 58 Minuten
Nigga pizza is pizza just eat it
xXBufferingXx 21
xXBufferingXx 21 Vor 58 Minuten
You need a fucking netflix show like this is so good
Student Life
Student Life Vor Stunde
love the way he cuts up the different sections and mixes them together, keeps you engaged
Ponya G.
Ponya G. Vor Stunde
Ahh this is so good 😭💝💞💞💖💖❣️💕💕💗💘💓💗🙏🙏💕✨✨💖💖💞💞💖❣️✨💕💓💗💘🙏
sixlittlecavies Vor Stunde
I’m so saddened by Brittani’s story. Poor girl 😞
Erin Foster
Erin Foster Vor Stunde
Wait are there no more episodes in the series, that was the last one????
Tammy Mansell
Tammy Mansell Vor 55 Minuten
Erin Foster,he just started the series
Neda121212 Vor Stunde
This is literally the exact same video as the one he posted b4????
Get me to 1000 Subscribers with NO Videos
Omg plush time wins is SHOOK
Kaylee &baby
Kaylee &baby Vor Stunde
You are the most incredible creator honestly ❤️
someone unknown
someone unknown Vor Stunde
Milos je sramota za nas Balkance.
Flight Hacks
Flight Hacks Vor Stunde
Can someone just describe what heppend in this episode🤔
The ending!!! Yes shane
Brooke King
Brooke King Vor Stunde
Hey Shane if u want to film in a place that won’t let u get one of those small cameras that pin on ur shirt and they can’t see it
Jess Wright
Jess Wright Vor Stunde
Matilda Anderson
Matilda Anderson Vor Stunde
what if chuck e. cheese just doesn’t cut the pizza all the way through?? like they make rough cuts to half way and then flip it and make more
jana. Vor Stunde
milos reminds me of petra's weird ex-boyfriend in jtv
Lilijana Mae
Lilijana Mae Vor Stunde
I feel like the pizza is supposed to look like that because those pieces look more “fun” and little kidish
Aesthetic_ Zœy
Aesthetic_ Zœy Vor Stunde
I found it really sweet when Shane was like “but he hurt and cheated on my friend”
Travis Bonanca
Travis Bonanca Vor Stunde
54:40 when Morgan finally calls all of them out on being overdramatic at every point in these conspiracy theories to get views rjdhdjfhd
Ema •
Ema • Vor Stunde
francesca x
francesca x Vor Stunde
they put so many shit DE-vidrd on DE-vid rewind yet Shane actually puts EFFORT into his like actual time and effort, for us, like full lengthed edited like an actual movie and these other basic you tubers like Liza thinking she’s relatable just because she was on vine? bye
Lps Niki
Lps Niki Vor Stunde
My brother and other people I know work at Olive Garden. They throw the breadsticks away lol
Ada tube
Ada tube Vor Stunde
Im from serbia to XD
emi lou
emi lou Vor Stunde
please edit these better. its too jarring for the viewer to go from hearing a devastating domestic violence story to hearing about chucky cheese or some shitty voice app.
B V Vor Stunde
I prefer the stories in one block over this mix of stories as I find it jumps a little too much. However, still really interesting though.
Moriah Gottlieb
Moriah Gottlieb Vor Stunde
why dose Jake Paul deserve a series when nothing happened to him and Brittani who has nothing to do with a conspiracy theory get her story completely cut up and disrespected. #brittanideservesbetter #shameonshane #nohate #shook
Hallee Johnson
Hallee Johnson Vor Stunde
42:26, when Shane started crying, my heart 😭😭
xXBufferingXx 21
xXBufferingXx 21 Vor Stunde
Im so freaking in love with this i may be staying up this night to watch
Sosi2000 Vor Stunde
i always thought the half half pizzas are made separately and then put together, also idk about how it is there but here u can order slices of pizza and not a whole pizza so maybe they treat it like that, like 4 slices this 4 slices, instead of one pizza half made with this half with that? like they dont necessarily come from the same pizza so they dont match up?
Kalifornia Vor Stunde
I Didn’t Think Shane Could Be Scary
Student Life
Student Life Vor Stunde
Shane's videos are legit better than television
lil' B
lil' B Vor Stunde
Andrea Delcher
Andrea Delcher Vor Stunde
funniest people ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anonymous 1234
Anonymous 1234 Vor Stunde
Anyone else rewatch these when they're lonely?
Aundrea Davis
Aundrea Davis Vor Stunde
I’ve been watching Shane for about 8/9 years now and seeing Brit makes me want to cry.
casey jones
casey jones Vor Stunde
It could be true or not. But I will say I work in dominos and some pizzas not cut correctly sometimes don’t slot in properly when the pizza is push together ✨😋 hope this helps. What I would say happened in Chucky cheese is to save time making a half and half pizza. They just put in 2 pizzas. 1 pepperoni and 1 cheese. Then cut half of the cheese pizza and pepperoni and swap them around. Half margarita Half pepperoni. ✨👀
Helen Nguyen911
Helen Nguyen911 Vor Stunde
Did anyone else see Laurex ??
Fern H
Fern H Vor Stunde
Interesting video! One note, however, would be to evaluate how the three sections are presented. Brittani's story is very dark and representative of a very prominent, disturbing global issue. When split up throughout the other parts I feel as if it in some ways trivialises the magnitude of human trafficking and also on a significantly less important side makes it a little jarring for the viewer. Of course, I recognise that this was not the intention and it's not to say that Chuck E Cheese's "actions" and the advancement of AI technologies are not also disturbing, but I don't believe the comparison is there enough to use an editing style that suggests some kind of parallel. *Side*: this isn't to drag this video down just maybe some constructive criticism, I have really enjoyed your documentary style videos, including this one!
Kayla H
Kayla H Vor Stunde
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