iPhone 14 Durability Test - APPLE FINALLY FIXED IT ?! 

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FINALLY, we have been waiting YEARS for Apple to fix this. Grab some protection for your phone HERE: www.dbrand.com/14 The iPhone 14 might look the same as the iPhone 13. The iPhone 14 might even be the same shape as the 13. But inside the iPhone 14... things are very very different.
Watch the iPhone 14 Teardown HERE: • iPhone 14 TEARDOWN! - ...
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18 Sep 2022



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I have a Gun
I have a Gun Vor year
Ahmet Osman Şahin
its so hard to watch someone breaks a phone which I can get after 6 months of working
emailaccountthethird H
man thank oy very much for all the videos love you work
Ginminlen Hangsing
Now buy me a new iphone 14
M.A Vor year
I don't use protection. God is my protection
Kai Sensei
Kai Sensei Vor year
That was the most passive aggressive burn test I’ve seen. I love it.
Tyler N
Tyler N Vor year
Imagine advertising a gold screen and it just being an overcooked OLED 💀
John Carlo Fernandez
He knew the iPhone will not bend so he tripled the burn duration lol
U.E. U.E.
U.E. U.E. Vor year
It got roasted. 🤪🤣
foxception Vor year
Cringe pfp
Eduard Molina Rodas
The bend test lasted longer than the 15 pro max. Love it
Joseph Vor year
I’m really interested in the Apple Watch Ultra being tested, curious if it actually lives up to the hype they portrayed on the release, looking forward to that review, great video by the way
Axel Foley
Axel Foley Vor year
having to charge a watch once a day seems to me utterly ridiculous. they claim 24 hrs under normal usage
neosfire Vor year
@Axel Foley they claim 36 it’s in the press release dude.
Ian Davis
Ian Davis Vor year
@Axel Foley 36hrs for the ultra, up to 60hrs in low power mode.
Levi Guyan
Levi Guyan Vor year
@Axel Foley Nah mate. Really a non-issue for me as a Series 7 owner. First off, the battery life is probs 1 1/2 to 2 days even though it's advertised as 18hrs. And I just take it off and charge it when I have a shower in the morning and get dressed etc. The fast charging usually tops it back up to 80ish% from the 40%ish charge it's on when I wake up (I use it for sleep tracking and an alarm). I've never run out of battery with it. So I assume this Apple Watch Ultra on Low Power Mode could last like 4 or 5 days depending on the actual usage.
Aveka Kristianto
@Axel Foley cant have your cake and eat it too.. thats like using a bicycle to go to work then saying that cars are ridiculous because you have to pay for the fuel
Justice Mitchell
Would love to see a durability test/teardown of the 14 Pro lineup! seems that the repairability wasn't carried over...
EL QIKE Vor 3 Tage
Yes please
Kuya cj
Kuya cj Vor 3 Tage
Where is it
Goro Akechí
Goro Akechí Vor 9 Monate
I love watching these to see what phones are capable of taking as far as damage goes. Only ever used IPhones my whole life and have never damaged one before, so it’s interesting to see what they can do
hassan farooq
hassan farooq Vor year
its really painful to see your videos yet informative and enjoyable. Keep it coming. 👍
Jacob Nunya
Jacob Nunya Vor Monat
Passed the bend test like a champ.
Gordon Davis
Gordon Davis Vor year
No matter how many of these videos I watch, the sound of scratching the aluminum sends a chill and shiver down my spine.
0014 - Amirul Naim
Body's aching all the time
Romella Karmey
I always skip that part.. Very cringe-inducing
Jacob Korban
Jacob Korban Vor year
his test is very unrealistic who's going to get a giant scratch on side of the aluminum with the sharp edge of a box cutter.
Nusrat Jahan
Nusrat Jahan Vor year
@Romella Karmey hi5
jar jar binks
jar jar binks Vor year
@0014 - Amirul Naim goodbye everybody , I've got to go
Mikko Pulli
Mikko Pulli Vor year
Love your teardown. They fun and relaxing to watch! I was wondering would it be possible to do a durability test where you intentionally put rapid disassembling force on the corners of the phone. This is at least where my screen usually cracks when I accidentally drop it to ground. I know some desings of the casing mitigate this would be fun to see that also. Cheers and continue the awesome work you are doing!
Somesh B
Somesh B Vor year
Always looking out for when Jerry "burn tests" the company instead of the phone
Bexldoore Vor year
Same here icl
Fyn Kozari
Fyn Kozari Vor year
1:45 used to be $500 to repair back glass? That's apple fleecing customers.
scatpack Vor year
kropf leuchtenfuß
I'm perfectly fine with edge only bumpers and would love to see more variety on the market. Also there is a missed chance, of making the cutout fit to the magsafe attachments. I made mine Mini fit to the Popsocket card holder, that will now only come of with force.
Peter Xiong
Peter Xiong Vor year
In my personal experience, the ceramic shield is very easy to scratch, but in my two years with my iPhone 12 pro, the camera lens has never been scratched. It is interesting how your tests show ceramic shield to be much more scratch resistant, and the lens to have poor scratch resistance, because I found it scratched way more than previous phones I owned.
Blaze Clarke
Blaze Clarke Vor year
I'd imagine it's probably to do with pressure, with his picks he puts some pressure behind it, even if it isn't a large amount, so any "coating" over the lenses would just be pushed out the way. Day to day use, there probably isn't any real pressure applied to the dust and dirt scratching at the lens, without said pressure their ceramic shield probably does a better job. Jerry did do a test a while back and the lenses did actually contain sapphire, I suppose it's just not enough of it to put up with his method of testing.
ferfire9 Vor year
I agree, i have the iphone 12 and my screen is scratched easily like any other phone but the camera lens got several hits , as the circular pieces arround them are damaged but the lens have no scratch whatsoever so in my experience , the camera lens really works with apple suposed "saphire glass"
Mine never get scratched either. I even ran my phone over by accident shattering the front and back but the lenses were still good
All is Well
All is Well Vor year
My iphone 12pro screen also easy to scratch, but they improve on iphone 13 series screen.
Luke Kreykes
Luke Kreykes Vor year
Likewise my 3 year old 11 Pro has scratches on the screen but the camera lenses are immaculate. I still love this phone
Corxeth 117
Corxeth 117 Vor year
Would definitely eagerly watch the durability/teardown video of the apple watch Ultra…. Hopefully it stacks up, and comes with a special pairing feature, exclusive to the NoPhone.
Jason Ellins
Jason Ellins Vor year
We've done it! We've moved a level up from "Scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7" to "Faint lines at level 6 and scratches at a level 7" Feels great to be a part of this historic moment.
Samuel Carlin
Samuel Carlin Vor year
Very faint scratches at a level 6. But the scratches at level 7, seem worse than other phones.
Moe Vor year
@Samuel Carlin I think he just had to scratch it a bit harder so you could see the scratches
Liam Vor year
Didn’t he say that on the iPhone 12 2 years ago?
Jason Ellins
Jason Ellins Vor year
@Yoked Tesla True, but its still a relevant test.
Super Nova
Super Nova Vor year
Yes next major stop is scratches at a level 7 deeper groves at a level 8
Antonio Sacido
It would be cool to test the water resistant or water proof capabilities. More likely to drop your phone in water than in a fire 😅
Erik Nilsson
Erik Nilsson Vor year
I’ve had the top of the line human sized version of all the iPhone generations and aside from the year I first got the freakishly large version (never again), I’ve never managed to break anything. Typically each iPhone stays in use for about five years through the in-family eco-system and most of them have made it all the way to my archive of old but functional disused Apple hardware without much wear. That being said, I still appreciate the entertainment value of this durability test! A durability test that would actually make a difference to me, given how I use my iPhones, would be a test of iPhone cases. I’ve tried going off-brand for more extreme supposed durability and I’ve tried both clear plastic, silicone and leather cases produced by Apple. For the cases, I’ve found that Apple leather cases seem to last about as long as I use the particular iPhone - a year or so. All non-leather cases I’ve tried have started smelling bad before the year was up. The worst of the bunch was a supposedly waterproof case I got for one of the last iPhone models that wasn’t in it self waterproof. The silicone plug over the charging port prevented moisture from escaping but somehow didn’t keep moisture out. The leather cases, on the other hand, have reminded me that I shouldn’t handle my phone while rinsing fish, processing game, or just generally being covered in mud and/or sweat - thus the leather cases have stayed fresh longer and also done a better job of protecting my iPhones.
Eito Amaral
Eito Amaral Vor 9 Monate
I feel so bad for that poor defenseless screen protector who got dragged into this madness. "You're just here to promote our brand" they probably said.
Awesome like always from you 👍🏼 Would be nice to see how the Matt glass on the pro models behave with scratches at level six and deeper grows at level 7 😉😊
Plumbumas Vor year
Interesting idea. Thumbs up and let Jerry see this.
AlhAssAn kArAr
I wish to include drop tests from different heights. In the upcoming reviews, they are useful for anyone who wants to buy a new phone 🤙
Darcy Walker
Darcy Walker Vor year
- 🤓
African Penguin
Krolza Vor year
Bee Jay
Bee Jay Vor year
Alex Vor 6 Monate
mans just curious and the replies are flaming him 💀💀💀
Jaroslav Lajta
Samsung's new Watch is also protected by sapphire glass. Would be interesting to see how it holds up to Apple's
Next The
Next The Vor year
Why do i sense jealousy here? Ps: i edited this comment because a lot of people misunderstood me, actually i don't like apple devices, i said i sense jealousy because of the way he said that( it's like saying that the samsung product are trash)
Youssef17 Vor year
@Next The hes jealouse? How can you see that through a comment?
Jaroslav Lajta
@Next The naah just wanna know if Samsung is doing the same stuff with sapphire as apple does
Mehmet Vor year
@Next The wtf apple fanboy detected
Ridge Vor year
@Next The yh ok pal
Walkman007 Vor year
Great work once again! I love that you kept at it with the burn test, I always wonder what'd happen should you keep going.... Since usually you break off, the pixels recover and you continue...
Michael Goble
Michael Goble Vor year
But what does the burn test prove? How often is ANY phone exposed to flame in the real world?
LucasCB Vor year
@Michael Goble It isn't a real testing proving anything. The only thing it really does is show the difference between the screens on different phones, specifically between LCD and OLED screens because they react differently to flames
Gorav Atreya
Gorav Atreya Vor year
“The rumored removable back glass is back here on the back.” This is incredible insight😂
Arun S
Arun S Vor year
Nicee one 😂
Tim Padgett
Tim Padgett Vor year
can never be too thorough these days. people's intelligence isn't something we can just assume. ; )
Babloid Vor 11 Monate
Seeing a durability test of the apple watch ultra would be fun to see. And if people are going to spend $800 on a watch, they should be able to see how much went into the durability.
Chris Salgaj
Chris Salgaj Vor year
Would love to see the iPhone 14 pro and pro max versions with the steel frame and also a drop test would be nice. Great video!
Ella4Life Vor 11 Monate
This guy never failed to impress me. Keep making videos!
Steve Kannan
Steve Kannan Vor year
Never been a fan of apple, I just switched to an iPhone about a year ago after airtag was out. Got my self smartwallet to put it in. The amount of times it saved me from shouting "Where is my wallet"??? One of the best invention out there.
Andrew Doe
Andrew Doe Vor year
What's the brand of your smart wallet? Thought to get one for awhile
Steve Kannan
Steve Kannan Vor year
Andrew Doe
Andrew Doe Vor year
@Steve Kannan found it!! Thanks!
Dinesh K
Dinesh K Vor year
Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma Vor year
I just keep my wallet and keys on a table near the door.
Taahir Karim
Taahir Karim Vor 8 Monate
These durability test videos are so satisfying for some reason😂 Keep up the good work
Anmol Sholapurmath
Anmol Sholapurmath Vor 9 Monate
Watched this before I bought my iPhone 14. Now I am commenting from it and watching again. You can never get bored of Jerry’s videos.
MikeJ F
MikeJ F Vor 11 Monate
Jerry have you ever checked the aftermarket camera lens, glass protection. Curious question.
Aidan Kreltszheim
Despite the hundred durability tests I’ve watched this man do, the aluminium scratching still gets me every time.
Sushil Giri
Sushil Giri Vor year
That was the most amazingly customized Apple Watch ultra ever 😂
Daniel Metzger
We know this watch won’t crack if dropped. It will bounce in silence
Dk Vor year
Just 999
AVATR Vor year
Newest technology for sustainable future
empressive Vor year
One of a kind
Charles Flakus J.R,
Hey Zack has your bend test ever been calibrated? I would like to know how much force your hands put on these phones.
Med Ilyes Oudhini
Yep, interesting point
megapunchboy Vor year
Winning point
Like Bot
Like Bot Vor year
I wager the test gets more stringent as his muskles strengthen.
Christopher Schrader
I’ve been saying this since the Nexus 6p phone failed miserably. I made a comment on that video saying he needs a scientific way to test these. Not saying Zack would, but he could be paid off to put more force on a competitor’s phone.
כאב כאב
כאב כאב Vor year
@Christopher Schrader I’m sure he’d already been called out if that was the case. You can always see his hands shaking from the amount of force he’s applying to all phones that don’t break, unlike the ones that do, where he mostly seems to not put a lot of force while bending
Billy Gs
Billy Gs Vor year
I think the sapphire is used only for the actual lens. The cover glass on the camera might only be for protection. You should try to scratch the tiny lens, if thats even possible :)
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Vor year
made mine Mini fit to the Popsocket card holder, that will now only come of with force.
Alex Napier
Alex Napier Vor year
It is oddly painful to watch you destroy phones, but addicting and I can't not watch. I just got my first dbrand screen protector and it definitely feels substantial compared to previous brands I've used in the past. Their marketing is also top-notch and comical
Russell Peake
Russell Peake Vor year
be interesting to see a team up video where you take the phones that failed your durability test and try them again but with the brand case/screen protector in place
D3MiNsTr8 Vor year
I cant be the only one that wants to see what a level 9 would do to all these screens? Also good work on all your videos Zack! Great content.
Jon C
Jon C Vor year
Great test again always through and with lots of satire thrown in there it’s always fun to watch these durable test done on the new phones that come out. I will say that apple users typically keep their phones longer than Samsung and they also keep the software up to date for those that want to keep their old phones but still want an update on the OS. So yes sometimes Apple sticks to the same or similar design while improving the tech to make it work. It is more about an ecosystem where if you are in it then it makes sense. You tend to lose some or most of the configurable like other phones and to those in the Apple ecosystem then it is something that makes sense to them. It also good to have choices and each to their own and what they like. So if you like it then you like. I’m still using my Apple iPhone 8 and will upgrade to the iOS 16 (5 almost 6 years old) thanks Apple !
Adolf Oliver
Adolf Oliver Vor 11 Monate
apple users dont keep their phones longer, smh my grandpa had his s10 since 2019 and he never had a a single crack or and problem witch really shocked me, but my cousins iphone 13 , my moms 11, my aunts 14, they all crack within 8 months of having it, witch i know you had a iphone that cracked before dont even lie
Alexandre Bugado
I think the brightness wasn't broken at the low level, it only did that safety thing that puts the phone on battery saving mode. At least it seemed to be bright again at the end
Jayden🫡 Vor year
I love watching the tests on the iPhone 14 as I just got my iPhone 14 Pro today and packs a lot of punch to protect from drops and cracks
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Vor year
iammagicmatt Vor year
Hi Jerry! Just want to ask about the set of tools you use to test the scratch resistance of the glass. I really wanted to know what's it called. Thanks! :D
DanielTTY Vor year
Try it out with the pro version. The display units that I saw already have many scratches on them, especially the black and purple colours. The 14 pros are perhaps more prone to scratches than 13.
Apotheosis Vor year
More people playing with them = more scratches. Pretty obvious
Owen O'Reilly
Owen O'Reilly Vor year
@Apotheosis compared to my own 12 pro, the 13 pro has scratched extremely easily, to the point where my screen was replaced just from having too many scratches, I am hoping the 14 pro will be better
Apotheosis Vor year
@Owen O'Reilly sounds like your own weird issue. The screens wouldn’t get weaker
Quanta Solace
Quanta Solace Vor 10 Monate
I'm really curious to see how well the 14 Pro holds up considering I own one. I'd do it myself even with Apple Care+ buuuuuut I tend to take good care of my devices and don't have the heart.
SowSow Vor year
Nice job Jerry, I hope you are doing well, and great testing as always! ❤
Fida Mehran
Fida Mehran Vor year
His name's Zack though
Yura Retz
Yura Retz Vor year
Looking forward to the 14 pro durability test. (Really hate that huge camera bump which would make me worried about camera lenses cracking on the pro if accidently dropped on the concrete, and cases cant fully protect it due to the cameras being too fat)
pvic Vor year
is the bump larger than the Pixel 6 Pro's bump? my case on the pixel has been doing a good job protecting the camera tbh
Trevor Thai
Trevor Thai Vor year
I died laughing inside for a good 10 seconds when Zack showed off his “Apple Watch Ultra”😂😂😂
Chief Dog
Chief Dog Vor year
To be a full durability test, we really need drop tests. :)
Glitch Vor year
I was little hesitant to get an apple watch ultra, but after watching this video I'm definitely getting it.
defnist47 Vor year
I’ve been a fan of Dbrand for a while, since the s10, now I’m using it on my iphone13. Best case hands down, the grip is an actual grip. (They have improved the case design since the s10) Honestly the case is as only good as the grip. I’ve broken my screen with otter box and UAG. Case is good but only helps so much(same with dbrand).
Salem Techsperts
0:07 What a sellout, Apple gave him the 2024 Watch so he'd take it easy on them. But seriously, thank you for never holding back and being one of the most prominent voices for device repairability. It helps everyone from the consumer, to the repair shops like me.
Akshay Vor year
idiot in a bandanna
You ever try stand-up 😂
Antariksh Pratham
Loved that burn test 😂😂
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Vor year
A drop test would be very cool. This type of glass is more prone to cracked after a drop.
Fuegor Vor year
“This type of glass” what? Glass is glass and glass breaks, and iphones are still the most durable high end phones on the market
Kasper Andersen
@Fuegor i dont think Iphone has EVER been the most durable Phone,
Simon Müller
Simon Müller Vor year
@Fuegor No, the harder and more scratch resistant a glass is, the more brittle and thus more prone to cracking it becomes. Glass is definitely not glass :)
Blaze Clarke
Blaze Clarke Vor year
@Simon Müller I wonder if the glass itself is actually harder though - or if the ceramic shield is actually just a layer over the top of the actual glass, kinda like ceramic coating on a car. The 13 range last year performed very well in drop tests, and they used the same glass as the 14.
Fuegor Vor year
@Kasper Andersen the most durable HIGH END phone, do you know what a high end phone is? Its not a super resistent phone made of titanium that costs 300$, its a normal use phone made of normal materials at a high price with high quality
J. Goines
J. Goines Vor year
I can confirm that dbrand cases are extremely protective, as I've dropped my Pixel 6 pro numerous times from up to 7ft onto concrete, and my phone doesn't have a scratch on it. I'm still blown away at hell. Dbrand is able to make such a protective case that is way less bulky than an OtterBox cases.
Blaze Clarke
Blaze Clarke Vor year
To be fair to the pixel, I've lobbed mine down a staircase by mistake unprotected and it somehow survived 😅 they do seem quite durable, I think the rear camera bump does a good job of protecting the back glass, the front I've no idea why it didn't break.
Carlie Guercio
I have an iPhone 14 and I’ve had it for about four years now and I drop it about 10 times a day and the only thing that’s broke is my screen protectors but not my actual screen so I’m pretty happy with the durability so far. And yes, I drop it on tile hardwood floors you name it I drop it in the grocery store, the most probably
Md Zubair
Md Zubair Vor year
DE-vidr like you Jerry give an example of how little things can change the world Your helping people to educate I love you 😘❤️
Zach not Jerry
Allseeingeyes Vor year
Okay Noob
DE-vidrs not DE-vidr
@Allseeingeyes be nice I’m just making Md Zubair know that
Allseeingeyes Vor year
@MichiganOfficial i was not taking to u dude , C H I L L OUT
Caden Churchill
I would love to see a video on the Apple Watch Ultra! Very curious to see what they've done with the "sapphire crystal"!
Natè Vor year
I was waiting for this, it's kind of fun watching JerryRigEverything's durability test, especially on iPhone
iosifik Vor year
Great video!😅 I’m sure all of us would love to see a real durability test of the Apple Watch Ultra from JRE! They bragged too much about the watch’s durability smashing it on rocks in the promo video and we’ll love to see it done the proper way by Jerry.😂 (JRE, you can take a rock from the garden and imitate them)
Rodrigo Pinto
Rodrigo Pinto Vor year
Apple isn't doing this because they're 'concerned for the users' or because they're 'fixing missteps'; if Apple ends up shifting to an 'iPhone-as-a-service' business model whereby every customer will pay yearly or monthly to own an iPhone (which has been rumoured and would make sense since they're turning many other products to services), then they might offer to cover front glass/back glass/screen damage for a slight monthly premium, which would then justify their strategy in making repairability easier for them. It also makes sense in a scenario where they sell subscriptions for refurbished iPhones for a reduced fee (repairing them cheaply and quickly would decrease refurbishing costs, etc).
TerraTheWise Vor year
That's ain't happening unless they wanna kill their business.
Mr A
Mr A Vor year
Bro... There already is a subscription for apple repairs, it's called apple care. Apple adding subscription services is nothing new since Microsoft does it all the time. It's dumb to think they'll charge monthly for having an iPhone since they aren't even charging for pre existing services, but adding optional services you don't actually need like apple fitness, apple TV, apple care.
Pete S.
Pete S. Vor year
@Mr A They already kinda charge monthly to have an iPhone but it’s just not a subscription service as of now. Imagine a subscription service with your phone automatically upgraded every two years.
Mr A
Mr A Vor year
@Pete S. You can do that with a carrier. Usually one and a half years.
Sharon Repici
Sharon Repici Vor year
It’s called AppleCare. It’s existed for years
I would love to see an Apple Watch Ultra durability test, although just add a full on "One Grit test"
Rishab Hanamar
That apple watch ultra looks sick... 🔥
tacocat Vor year
Easily a thousand bucks in apples ecosystem
Jay Da-Silva
Jay Da-Silva Vor year
Lee V
Lee V Vor year
Unlimited battery life
pvic Vor year
i wonder what the name will be in 1 0years Apple Watch Ultra Pro Omega 4k Plus +
Avg B
Avg B Vor year
It really looks 'sick'...
kdw75 Vor year
My Ultra is coming Friday and I definitely am wondering about the Saphire screen durability, since my old one is all scratched up.
SynthD Vor year
The Ultra durability test is the first thing I wanted when they announced it.
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Vor year
Even stranger how they didn’t change up the 14 Pro internals as much at all! Glad to see your tear down of the regular 14.
Kahembi Mukuwa
For as long as I've watched these videos, my chest still hurts seeing all the damage to the phones, because I feel the burn in my pocket! But great video nonetheless!
Eyeless98 Vor 2 Monate
Man I started watching these videos when I was like 12 with like a shitty lg android it was a cricket phone now I’ve worked my way up to a 14 pro max getting so into the specs because of learning from your channel made upgrading even more enjoyable
Daniel N.O.
Daniel N.O. Vor year
You're the best Jerry. Your voice over and creative ability are all awesome
MTLVMPR Vor year
Jerry didn't do the voice over though.
Prateek Panwar
@MTLVMPR You're right joe did
Nabeel Ahmed
Nabeel Ahmed Vor year
@Prateek Panwar can't you tell? It was actually Candice
Jack Wein
Jack Wein Vor year
Id usually not go for the latest but if I had a choice between 12 13 and 14 ill go for 14 Cause it had easy repair stuff and its literally the same as 12 and 13 except the removable glass
Huzefa Ranapur
Its hard to see my dream phone surviving this but its always fun to know about it 👍🏻
qactustick Vor year
It's kinda funny how, over the years, the burn test has gone from being pretty harmless back when LCDs were more common, to regularly causing damage now that most phones are using OLED displays.
Bijesh Vor 11 Monate
Hi Jerry, would love to see scratch test of Apple watch Ultra to see how durable the sapphire crystal glass is.
Jay Vor year
The back glass does come off separately and it’s a nice feature of the build.. yes it looks like the 13 but this is 100% different on the inside. Not sure if they use the same display either..
Luis Galeana
Luis Galeana Vor year
It’s a different connection
Jay Vor year
@Luis Galeana our point is that they can change that and serialize it…
Luis Galeana
Luis Galeana Vor year
Actually they do, true tone stops working but it was kind of awkward because some said it was due to software (IOS 16.0 and IOS 16.1)
Jay Vor year
@Luis Galeana that’s good to know.
Eric Gill
Eric Gill Vor year
Interesting that the level 6 pick did far less damage to the screen than most phones.
Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee Vor year
Would love to see an Apple Watch Ultra tear down. Let’s find out if the battery can be replaced without complicated steps.
Bhuwan Sharma
Bhuwan Sharma Vor year
Jerry breaking the tempered glass is the perfect explanation to his channel name. Jerry surely does rig everything 😂
RayStyles Vor year
i never laughed so hard at your durability test videos lmao! 6:08 is top notch!
P N Vor 10 Monate
Mate, YES I want you to test the Ultra. I've been checking your channel multiple times a week to see if the test is on there yet. I'm so curious if they made an actual sapphire display since it's not curved anymore but flat! Please post it :D
Martyn Heaney
Martyn Heaney Vor year
I just love durability tests.. thanks Zak.. excellent video. Regards from UK
mobu Vor year
Jason Frawley maybe get this: he enjoys watching it
Siva Vor year
I would love the apple watch ultra being tested, the one you were wearing. Bet it scratches at level 25 with deeper grooves at level 87.😅 Great video BTW and good luck with your library projects
Enoch Freeman
Enoch Freeman Vor year
Yes! I’m literally waiting for your Watch Ultra durability test before making my final decision on whether to buy it.
Levi Guyan
Levi Guyan Vor year
It bewilders me how Zack has made hundreds upon hundreds of videos essentially doing the exact same thing. And yet he always manages to make it interesting and has so much to talk about lol.
Čojk Vor year
I'm in for a nice phone case, but damn the iPhone 14 pro max looks so great without any case, maybe I'll just order camera lens protection and real glass case, if it exists.
DoubleCTech Vor year
I was hoping you would have gotten the US version. I want to see how they filled in the SIM card slot area.
derekecycle Vor year
There won't be anything to fill in. The spot where a SIM card would go just won't be cut into the frame. Apple did the same thing with the iPhone 4. Verizon and Sprint versions didn't use SIM cards and had no slot. ATT and Tmobile versions had the SIM slot.
Sujit Paikaray
Hidden details - he turned the flash on while explaining the aluminium case to open the eye of buyers that apple just trick you by giving it a different name, that's cool man keep up the good works.
Rana Zubair
Rana Zubair Vor year
It's hard to see the display permanently damaged and wasted, particularly when you can't afford an iPhone 😂 Loved the video though, as always.
Miguel Y
Miguel Y Vor year
It hurts to watch a new expensive phone be destroyed
L Vor year
he doesn't care about the environment.
FamilyMentors Vor year
You’re a hoot. Thanks for an amusing - and informative review.
AlexandreG Vor year
Man you can't give a thumbs up to them for being "sustainable on a budget" The fact that they mantained the 600$ repair for their top models shows it was all about business and not sustainability. They just don't want to lose the more budget conscious costumers that buy a iPhone 14 to save 200 bucks, even some hardcore apple fans would change to Android from the outrage of being asked a 600$ back panel replacement for their 800$ phone... It's almost like they're selling a back glass with a bonus phone at this point
Jose S.
Jose S. Vor year
I love when Jerry discover all the failures of the companies specifically for apple and samsumg, like when they say they use certain type of material but results to be a shame
OllAxe Vor year
Hey if you do a durability/scratch test of the Apple Watch Ultra, please also pit it against the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Would be interesting to see how they both compare in terms of durability - I can't find any third party testing of Samsung's sapphire crystal and I would love to see it
aaron izadi
aaron izadi Vor 10 Monate
Could it be that the lenses have an anti reflective coating? Could be what is scratching off?
Salem Techsperts
6:11 "And if you aren't subscribed after that, you can just die" - I died from wheezing after this delivery 🤣
Marito Cara
Marito Cara Vor year
Lost it 💀
BLOOM Vor year
Good laughs
Am definitely looking forward to an Apple Watch Ultra durability test and tear down.
Arby631 Vor year
Idk. The lenses have never gotten scratched for me while the screen will always catch a couple gouges. Perhaps the sapphire is more resistant in ways other hardness
Rennie Ash
Rennie Ash Vor year
The coating on the lens seems to work in that my iPhones didn't get micro scratches etc on it.
Purav Patel
Purav Patel Vor year
YES! Please make a durability test and a teardown video on the apple watch ultra!!!! Love the videos
Levi S
Levi S Vor year
I want see the durability test for the apple watch ultra. Gotta know if it uses budget sapphire!
AG. Vor year
It would be awesome to know if the MagSafe Magnets on the Grip Case are as strong / weak as the ones on the 13 series cases.
studivan Vor year
I have an IPhone pro Max and wouldn’t use MagSafe anyway, but the whole purpose of MagSafe is to attach a charging cable with WEAK magnets so if someone got tangled in it, the wire would detatch, so why would you want stronger magnets?
AG. Vor year
@studivan because I use a carmount optimized for MagSafe. When I use the phone naked its rock solid. When I use Apple Original cases it’s also solid (and with pitaka or ESR Cases) just the magnets on the Grip Case are to weak to stay on the mount. Keeps falling off (and I’m not driving offroad)
William Hoffmann
I would love to see a comparison of the sapphire on the Apple watch Ultra versus the sapphire on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro!
* unQuestionable TV *
The first generation of Apple using sapphire was good. In the OG Apple Watch the screen never had micro scratches after years. Any Apple Watch after that has a Sapphire mixture that wasn’t as good and definitely shows micro scratches after a year even.
bdrplnt gaming
4:28 "for the time being" I laughed because, you're more than likely right. Soon enough they'll rid the charging port and tell you to go buy a third party (or Apple made) wireless charger. All for "creating less waste for the environment" while their dubious anti-repair and activation lock schemes are causing tons of e-waste.
AB VFX Vor year
Oh Man everytime.....you take it One notch ahead. Absolutely love these videos ❤️❤️❤️
Hochzeitsreise 😍 #shorts
Wir sind wieder SCHWANGER 🌈