ISRAEL celebrating Netta's victory - Eurovision 2018!

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03:00 am, Jerusalem & Tel Aviv, Celebrating after a 4th Eurovision winning! Thank you all for voting! X




13 Mai 2018

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Даниэль Добжанский
I love you Netta! 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
Carlitos Lexman
Carlitos Lexman Vor 9 Tage
Love from Paraguay!!!!!
Danny Umansky
Danny Umansky Vor 9 Tage
Nova ESC
Nova ESC Vor 17 Tage
😭😭😭😭😭😭 Sweden winner
BL4CzEk Vor 18 Tage
Kurwa Europa a nie kurwa jebana afryka
Santiago Martinez Gorostiaga
No vi ni una tía
Piera Pavoni
Piera Pavoni Vor 28 Tage
cat cute
cat cute Vor Monat
nina lrley
nina lrley Vor Monat
They are taking this to serious lom
Γιαννης Δελ
Hey aouts hey!!! I don't travel to Israel...
עידו סולומיניק
Γιαννης Δελ so don't travel see on the phone 😉
rula Vor Monat
bsss1112 Vor Monat
Mazel tov from Costa Rica
יובל וייסמן
Muchas gracias amigo:)
LainaLane Vor Monat
WOW! ‏איזה יופי
Yuval Sher
Yuval Sher Vor Monat
Israel here we comeeee next year kisss from Amsterdam
Eliwood Starlaf
Eliwood Starlaf Vor Monat
איזה אושר!!! רק בשביל זה שווה להיות בישראל!!! מתגעגע ומקווה להגיע סוף סוף לארץ המובטחת.
מגי ברדה
מגי ברדה Vor Monat
גאווה לאומית..אנחנו !! ישראל לא צעצוע של אף אחד!! כל הכבוד נטע!!!!!!!!!
DD Vor Monat
Congratulations Israel and Netta. You deserved it. Love from Portugal :))
Ishtar Shimon
Ishtar Shimon Vor Monat
We meet next year in Jerusalem💖✌🏼😍💃🏻🎉🎊great huggs from Assyrians ❤️ 😚
alena szotkowska
Greetings from Czech Republic!!!!!!
Krakra Kranich
Krakra Kranich Vor Monat
lol looks like they won the worldcup :D
Krakra Kranich
Krakra Kranich Vor Monat
im expecting much from you as hosts then haha
HAVER Vor Monat
Krakra Kranich its true, as an Israeli, i can tell you that not very good at sports except judo and some basketball, eurovision is one of our main entertainment goals to win, thats why its so popular in here and why we celbrated like maniacs lol.
L.D Vor Monat
Thank you for all !!! Love ! "Wonder NETTA don't you ever forget you are the WINNER and he about to amazed ..."
Joel Granlund
Joel Granlund Vor Monat
Congrats from Sweden!
Maytal Erez
Maytal Erez Vor Monat
Since Netta, I have changed. I’ve begun to not feel ashamed of my body, and to celebrate who I am. I'll never be anybody's toy. Netta is a gift to the world and important for so many reasons.Thank you very much for this Netta! The more people talk about this, the faster things will change. These days metoo, Netta and comments like mine--are all contributing to awareness and change. The goal: within a few generations, it will be obvious to kids that they can’t be someone’s human toy, and they can’t have a human toy. I was always proud to be Israeli - even more when Netta won. When Netta and my country Israel won, I burst out crying while laughing and dancing--which lasted for an hour in my house. Thank you to everyone who supported Netta. Hugs from me, Maytal, and Israel. :) Metoo, מאז נטע השתניתי. התחלתי לא להתבייש בגופי, וכן לחגוג את מי שאני. לעולם לא אהיה צעצוע של אף אחד. תודה רבה על זה נטע! תמיד הייתי גאה להיות ישראלית - ברגע הזכייה עוד יותר. כשנטע זכתה פרצתי בבכי, פרצתי בצחוק--שוב ושוב ורקדתי באותו זמן בביתי במשך שעה! נטע מתנה לעולם וחשובה מכל כך הרבה סיבות. ככל שיותר אנשים מדברים על זה, הדברים מהר יותר ישתנה. בימים אלה Metoo, נטע וקומנטס כמו שלי - כל אלה תורמים למודעות ולשינוי. המטרה: תוך כמה דורות, זה יהיה מובן מאליו לילדים כי הם לא יכולים להיות צעצוע אנושי של משיהו, והם לא יכולים להשתמש בבן אדם אחר בתור צעצוע אנושי. חיבוק, מיטל.
Maytal Erez
Maytal Erez Vor Monat
Smadar Avraham :) תודה, אני מקווה שכל משרוצה להוביל לשינוי יקום וידבר או יכתוב.
smadar avraham
smadar avraham Vor Monat
Maytal Erez כל הכבוד לך!! אהבתי כל מילה שכתבת🌹
Wolfgang Nagel
Wolfgang Nagel Vor Monat
What a Great Song and Performance. Congratulations from Germany
Oscar Yildirimlar
alter dein ernst, nach so ner wahnsinn leistung von deutschland sagst du sowas? bin nicht mal Deutsche aber Israel war bullshit
Jan Mark Caratao
Congrats Israel. Greetings from Philippines
Neuron Canavarı
What a country. None of them looks sad for dying people.
keane frank
keane frank Vor 10 Tage
Lia A so... Congrats you can kill other people and you soo happy haha
nope Vor 17 Tage
Neuron Canavarı how about Palestinians should stop fucking protesting and get lives no one is stopping them from living their lives but they won't stop getting themselves killed and paying terrorists to kill innocent Jewish people and if Israel was attacking Palestine 24/7 the UN would've done something about it :/ And who are you to stop people from enjoying their country's winning? Those bitchass lazy Arabs should do something about the conflict instead of belly dancing and drinking tea all day I'm Turkish and I'm gladly standing on Israels side
Lia A
Lia A Vor Monat
Neuron Canavarı wait a minute, you want us, to cry for the death of people who died because they tried to murder us? And if that is not enough, you want us to cry while we win the Eurovision. All in all, it makes a lot of sense. This death had to happen to prevent the death of the israeli citizens. I’ll not tell you I'm happy about this death, I really don’t, but excuse me, I didn’t get depressed.
rakefet gal
rakefet gal Vor Monat
That's actually the other way around.The Palestinians are not Israel's enemy. Hammass and it's supporters are. Hamaass is attacking Israel. forcing women and children to send burning flying kites and missiles into Israeli territory. Hamaass is a cruel and violent organization in a "goverment"/"freedom movement" disguise. but hey, don't let the facts confuse you.
Sag Ichnicht
Sag Ichnicht Vor Monat
I am not a Jew. I am just saying that Palestinians, even those living under terrible conditions will not look miserable and sad the entire day. Even they will appreciate some happy distraction from reality from time to time, won't they? But Jews are evil if they do so as well? Come on. Eurovision does not have to be in the capital and on a number of occasions it has been in other cities than the national capital. So the question of what the national capital of a country is is absolutely irrelevant. Eurovision has been in Jerusalem before, many years ago. I really don't understand what the big deal is when it is happening there again. Personally I'd think Tel Aviv were a much more logical choice and I do view it critically if Israel should attempt to inject politics into Eurovision but merely having it in Jerusalem is not a scandal yet, at all.
shoko slim's yt
shoko slim's yt Vor Monat
כפרה עליך נטע
Juan Miguel Delgado
I want that fountain next year inside the arena. Anyway, it's gonna be awesome and I can't wait to see what the Israelis bring to the table.
Dvir Fight
Dvir Fight Vor Monat
gal gadot host
Youtube Pigs Vs Truth Channels
All these fake accounts pretending to be from Brazil & Poland etc hahahahaha these pigs are not even in Europe they have stolen land in the Middle East which is no where near Europe how desparate are they for acceptance lol
עידו סולומיניק
DE-vid Pigs Vs Truth Channels Israel in EBA and member of EBU. You are stupid boy!!!!!!
rakefet gal
rakefet gal Vor Monat
stupid much are you?
BarBaroN Vor Monat
DE-vid Pigs Vs Truth Channels u know what? U CAN SUCK MY DICK
Nir Hakimian
Nir Hakimian Vor Monat
DE-vid Pigs Vs Truth Channels But at least you are a true pig from jahaanam
MC Apollo
MC Apollo Vor Monat
Boban Milicevic
Boban Milicevic Vor Monat
Congratulations from Serbia
Oleg Med
Oleg Med Vor Monat
Boban Milicevic спасибо.
Only You
Only You Vor Monat
The song of Britain, was on a playback... with a pre-recorded track !! There were another 4-5 songs that were on record... To Israel, they allowed to use "help" for the performance of the song... Cyprus = This song is stolen from Bulgaria....listen to the song: Poli Genova - If Love Was A Crime (Eurovision 2016) .... Is Israel in Europe ?! 🤔 I did not know that... All the good songs remained at the end of the leaderboard...and a prize was given, on a political basis, in an "independent" music competition - Absolute farce !! Just No Comment... this year, Eurovision is a tragedy. I've already hated the Eurovision... It was not Eurovision, it was a 'funeral' for all people who loved Eurovision... disgusting !! I hope that other European countries will be invited to the Eurovision next year, such as: Uganda, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Paraguay, Mexico, Pakistan, etc. 😄 EuroVision 2018 = An Absolute Political Circus !!
nope Vor 17 Tage
Only You at least Israel is closer to Europe than Australia just because its Israel who won doesn't mean politics had anything to do with it :/ There's something called luck And again Israel didn't win since the last 20 to 18 years if it was politics that helped netta don't you think that they would've used that card multiple times I'm the past 20 years? Are you actually that dumb? :/
עידו סולומיניק
Only You if you not have good word to say, not say. Capara aleicha
עידו סולומיניק
Only You she are the best. The vote confirm by Yan and the most of people vote to netta . You stupid boy... Good morning
Only You
Only You Vor Monat
You did not win any prize... She was given you, unfortunately !! This is what everyone knows... and you were invited for political reasons. The sounds of a hen, can not be a song... and gave you the first place. That's why people around the world "love you" so much !! 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄
עידו סולומיניק
Only You and you slave. Love all countries 💗 (but not Bulgaria 💔)
eilat labovis
eilat labovis Vor Monat
כפרה עליכם כפרה על נטע המלכה ניצחנו ישששש
Jd Mc
Jd Mc Vor Monat
Great parties..... wish i had been there. Jerusalem 2019.... Super.
Yaya Vor Monat
Mazal tov Israel! !!
Jd Mc
Jd Mc Vor Monat
Woo Hooooo. So so Happy Israel won.
max rider
max rider Vor Monat
All a bunch of cockroaches
p a l a s p a l o s o
Congrats from Spain
NUNO LP Vor Monat
Love Netta and Israel! Congrats from Lisbon!
I. D.
I. D. Vor Monat
Thank you!
FlexTime Vor Monat
Jerusalemite Vor Monat
Thank you!
Code Rood
Code Rood Vor Monat
Neil C
Neil C Vor Monat
Nekohotstuff Vor Monat
More music less wars please!
OA Vor 29 Tage
It doesn't depend on us😊
Assaf Bin
Assaf Bin Vor Monat
You should refer your request to Israel's "tolerant" neighbors
Dari C
Dari C Vor Monat
Nekohotstuff This is what all of Israelis wishing for!
Patrice Johnson
Patrice Johnson Vor Monat
Wowww... It seems like maybe this musuc contest may need categories of music so that all the haters can go to their individual likes. CONGRATS NETTA, your on fire!
Iván SG
Iván SG Vor Monat
Congratulations ! I ' m so excited for the victory off Netta and Israel. From Barcelona ( Catalonia ||*|| ) with love for Israel and the people Israelian! I voted for Israel! ♥🐔🐓
Iván SG
Iván SG Vor Monat
wan xu tee ade gamisu tin mana sou Ispane skata! To ksereis ola ti grapso einai alithia. Eiste ratsistes... Ispania einai diktatoria, den einai demokratia. SHIT UP! Close the mouth Nazi Spanish racist .... your hatred is my victory!
Iván SG
Iván SG Vor Monat
wan xu tee El odio hacia los Catalanes y Israelis llega hasta DE-vid! Racist Spanish nazi! God Bless ISRAEL! See you in Jerusalem 2019! The Spaniards hate the Catalans and Basques. They always say that they would like to do with Catalans and Basques what Hitler and the Nazi Germans did with the European Jews. In Spain they are supporters of the Palestinians, in Catalonia more than the state of Israel, because we know the lies and the manipulation of the European Telenoticias against the state of Israel !. No to European anti-Semitism. I love Israel and its culture. I invite all Israelis to visit Catalonia and you will see that we love you. The Spanish Government, the Spanish Monarchy and the Spaniards only seek confrontation and hatred to those who do not think like them. They are in favor of the Palestinians. I have been and will continue to visit Israel, especially Tel Aviv is the city with the most open mind, that many European countries. Israel has my full support and would give my life for Israel. Thanks to Israel for the support of the Catalan and Basque people. I lack words to thank all of Israel and your Government. For not giving in to Spanish pressures so that you hate us, as they are doing in Europe. I am 100% Catalan but with my heart divided with Catalonia and Israel. I know what many Israelis feel when they travel, it happens to us in Spain.
wan xu tee
wan xu tee Vor Monat
Te faltaba decir,... la Republica Imaginaria de Catalunya
Iván SG
Iván SG Vor Monat
Steffen Kjeldsen
MAZEL TOY from Denmark 🇩🇰🥇🏆🇮🇱
Roni Itzhak
Roni Itzhak Vor Monat
Haha love it
Net S
Net S Vor Monat
Steffen Kjeldsen thank you! I loved your song too ❤️
destinationcy Vor Monat
Congrats but Cyprus was nicer. See you next year in Tel Aviv
עידו סולומיניק
keane frank not all Jerusalem ;)
keane frank
keane frank Vor 10 Tage
Nissan Nissim Perez Jerusalem it's a place of Palestinian
עידו סולומיניק
Nissan Nissim Perez we don't know where this will be. Maybe in Jerusalem and maybe in Tel Aviv
Nissan Nissim Perez
destinationcy it will be in Jerusalem
hagit a
hagit a Vor Monat
destinationcy you wish...netta was wowww
Samuel Fernandez
Bar Harris
Bar Harris Vor Monat
Kapara Aleichem!
• Penntingranten •
Alex 19
Alex 19 Vor Monat
nulife4ever Vor Monat
May God bless Israel!!! Enjoy your party!!! America and the good people of Iran love you!! Don’t listen to main stream media!!
nulife4ever Vor Monat
Dvir Fight Very true!!
Dvir Fight
Dvir Fight Vor Monat
Since Islam dominates Iran and Turkey, the countries are turning back to the Middle Ages
nulife4ever Vor Monat
Dvir Fight I am with you!! We hate radical Islam too, we have to find a way to get rid of this cancer!
Dvir Fight
Dvir Fight Vor Monat
We in Israel do not hate Iranians The people We actually had good relations between Jews and Persians in Iran During the Persian Empire We hate radical Islam
I. D.
I. D. Vor Monat
nulife4ever thank you 🙏
Igor Polik
Igor Polik Vor Monat
Andreas Vor Monat
Fountain dancing. Now there is the proper way to celebrate a Eurovision win! Big congrats from sweden (where the fountain we do it in in May can be quite cold..)
Interesting videos TV
Israel has a lot of heat in one year. We are not in Europe where it is cold
yulee shalev
yulee shalev Vor Monat
Eilat? 😂 Although Tel aviv is the perfect place in any term to host it, it will be in jerusalem, because of stupid politics.
Andreas Vor Monat
Hmm now have they already decided which arena? In some countries (Ukraine and Sweden) they let different cities compete for who will be best suited to host the event.. Any big arenas in Eilat? Would be sweet to stay in the beach during the day and then party in the evening..
Tal125R Vor Monat
today we had extreme 42° so no problem here..
Andreas Vor Monat
Thank you for enriching my knowledge!
Kristine Willems
🎯🎯🎯 and ✨✨✨ and 🍀T☘️O☘️Y☘️ .
Patriots For Israel
JERUSALEM 2019 😊🇮🇱🐔🎤🎵🤘
Jd Mc
Jd Mc Vor Monat
Can't wait..... Congratulations..
Arkadiusz AGDAN
Arkadiusz AGDAN Vor Monat
Congratulations Israel lots of love from Poland 🇵🇱
Filmex Vor Monat
Lokos Dokladnie Xd
maya le
maya le Vor Monat
Thank you💗
Jerusalemite Vor Monat
Thank you!
Yechezkel Brito
Yechezkel Brito Vor Monat
Congratulations to Israel. Well deserved. Greetings from Brazil ;-)
Oscar Yildirimlar
what do you mean well deserved are you taking the piss
Mayk Şişman
Mayk Şişman Vor Monat
!נטע זכתה בתחרות האירוויזיון I love you, girl! I made a surprise for Netta and her Netta fans. A Hebrew message! Greetings from İstanbul, Turkey...
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i am sow hapyy i am israeli
shoko slim's yt
shoko slim's yt Vor Monat
Me to
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michal b me to *
Interesting videos TV
michal b חחחח
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