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HE has become Britain’s most famous farmer - and its unlikeliest - since his TV documentary Clarkson’s Farm became a smash hit.

Now petrolhead Jeremy Clarkson is finding out what it really takes to make a living from the land. And it is far harder - and more frustrating - than belting around in a half-a-million-pound supercar on his other TV show, The Grand Tour.

Teaming up with the National Farmers’ Union (NFU), Jeremy wants the Government to commit to Britain remaining at least 60 per cent self-sufficient in food. It has slipped from nearly 80 per cent in the 1980s.

Helping to launch the NFU’s new Food Report, Jeremy is also asking shoppers to buy British products, which he insists are better quality and greener.

He gave the Sun an exclusive tour of the Diddly Squat farm and showed off several new additions to his estate.

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14 Sep 2021



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How Jeremy has evolved and is now using his fame for such good use is almost moving.
@LUQIMAAN216 Vor year
Clarksons farm opened my eyes to the difficulty and stress farming is. Farmers are totally under appreciated
@XBullitt16X Vor year
Clarkson's farm has definitely brought a lot more awareness to the plight of British farmers, people have no idea how difficult farming is .
@Oculyss Vor year
I love the fact that he’s genuinely honest about it. Doesn’t say it’s “organic” as many farmers would do, knowing it would make them sound better, even if it isn’t organic.
@ludocrat Vor year
I really hope there's a second series. And I really REALLY hope Jeremy becomes an activist for farmers in it. Now that would be a) hilarious, but b) very effective.
@Mcfc2Rich Vor year
Who'd have thought Jeremy Clarkson would be opening my eyes to the impacts of the British environment
I still find it hilarious how Jeremy clarkson the man who once said he was allergic to manual labour is now a man who's all about manual labour he's grown up so much XD
Can't believe I'm watching something uploaded by The Sun. Jeremy really has me on strings.
@dean5828 Vor year
I love Clarksons farm. He has opened my eyes so much about British farming and laws. The fact there are young lads/girls wanting to work and buy a farm and can’t because of the price hike is just upsetting.
This is the reality of almost every rural community in the western world. Clarkson is getting all kinds of heat and controversy over disturbing the status quo but he is highlighting a massive truly global issue and hopefully offering some solutions.
@lukeyj8745 Vor year
It must be incredibly difficult for farmers that don’t unfortunately have Jeremys bank balance but hopefully videos like this and his show will highlight how important farming and farmers are.
I love how Clarkson has almost taken a fatherly role over Caleb
Im a farmer myself loved Clarksons Farm can’t wait for the next series.
The way Clarkson cares about the happiness of his animals is nothing short of heartwarming
This paints a very sad picture for British farms. A well said piece that everyone in the UK needs to watch 🙏
@PedroE Vor year
"Love me cars, love me cows, love me country simple" Jeremy really is a gen dude
@nitrorsfour Vor year
Pretty impressed The Sun did such a favorable interview.
love Jeremy Clarkson, still can't believe hes an actual farmer now after all the stuff about manual work in top gear haha! can't wait for the next season of clarksons farm, tbh i can see Jeremy giving his farm to Caleb when Jerermy gets too old to farmit anymore.
Jeremy Clarkson talking about doing good for the environment is making me feel like I entered a strange dimension and now anything is possible!
Jeremy is rich, has the backing of Amazon with experts to hand for any issue and he still struggled to keep going. Small farms like the ones around me are never going to survive, there's just far too much overhead
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