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Jeremy describes how his life has taken some drastic changes!

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28 Mai 2021



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ItsHypersonic Vor year
good job on getting 7 likes
Ashley Thompson
Do we get to see him with his hand up a sheep’s Arsehole on camera
ishan dubey
ishan dubey Vor year
I think if there's a man who can make farming interesting, that has got to be Jeremy Clarkson.
Mercure Libbrecht
Mercure Libbrecht Vor 10 Monate
Absolutely, the series is fascinating ! Definitely worth a watch!
Aspynn Vor year
Oh he did. The show was fantastic
Jim Goodwin
Jim Goodwin Vor year
@none one Because its about 3 million times better than America......
ManofMercia Vor year
@none one If you think that not paying any taxes makes your country better and people happier, go and visit the statistically happiest industrialised nation, Norway, believe it or not they are socialist which I heard was a profanity in the USA. They have some of the highest taxes on the world, You will not find a single slum there, you could eat your dinner off the street, USA however, you have people living in their cars and in tents and rummaging for food in dustbins, the richest greatest nation on earth, more billionaires than the rest of the world combined, this is a failure of your people and your politics. Anyway, you asked for some info in clarksons farm and food prices and I gave it you, I didn’t answer your question to enter a shouting match on wether the USA or the UK is a better country to live in, I live in the UK, I am British and In the grand scheme of things, it’s not too bad.
none one
none one Vor year
Spartacus replies: as long as it is some other bloke getting fucked and I am marginally comfortable, I don't care if Britain turns into a shithole.
hiyadroogs Vor year
The biggest revelation for me after watching Clarkson's farm, is how incredibly, inconceivably difficult it is for British farmers to make any form of a living on the pittance they receive for their produce. I will now exclusively buy British farm produce in support of our fantastic undervalued UK farmers, who have been national heroes.
Phillip Johnson
@Mis-ter Solitude no one said it would. What's your problem?
Joseph Kony
Joseph Kony Vor year
most of the money goes straight into the pockets of government bandits, and is subsequently used to fuck over the farmers more. everyone is forced to pay for their own grave.
Riley Mundt
Riley Mundt Vor year
I wish there was a proper farm shop near me. However, I live in the suburbs of a town along the Gulf of Mexico, not too many farms out here.
Whoami691 Vor year
@Mis-ter Solitude Non of it goes to them if you buy non british produce.
Mis-ter Solitude
So thats going to fix it all is it? Are you sure the money goes to them?
Maarten van der Poel
This is why I prefer British late night shows over American ones any day of the week: the host feels free to insult the guest.
Alan Sohn
Alan Sohn Vor 29 Tage
Clarkaon and Ross have been friends for a while now as well so makes the humour even better.
Nick Allfredo
Nick Allfredo Vor Monat
I love Kimmel and Colbert and Conan and Seth.
P Robinson
P Robinson Vor 8 Monate
@none one not reading that.
Butterfly Moon
Butterfly Moon Vor 11 Monate
@Malcolm Walters i mean that's just not true. in the uk certain old men like to use the term 'snowflake' too but we laugh at them for still trying to continue the old macho culture
nicholas carter
nicholas carter Vor 11 Monate
@none one they aren't that expensive and it isnt a shithole either. British food post war was crap because of rationing, considering where we are now its just wrong to say any different - who is by far the most famous chef in the modern day gordon ramsay, where is he from? The UK. This is the problem with lazy stereotypes and Americans who have never bothered to travel outside of their own fat filled and racial segregated bubble.
Epic V7 Dayz
Epic V7 Dayz Vor year
Thing about Clarko is that he’s not afraid of admitting he’s useless. God love him !!
P Robinson
P Robinson Vor 8 Monate
@Phil calm down mate. Jesus h christ.
mike g
mike g Vor year
@Phil yes we “fans” know that the shows are scripted, especially in the case of TG where Clarkson was the main man at writing the scripts for the seasons. So tell us something we don’t know Dr.Phil
Ivan Amassivedump
@Phil Hello ❄️
Callum Ryker
Callum Ryker Vor year
@Nate X an honorary degree
gitxnga Vor year
@Phil if you really did feel this way you could simply dm him on social media and "set him straight" but here you are watching him (like the rest of his fans) under the pretense of telling us "what kind of person he really is"
Callum Evans
Callum Evans Vor 2 Monate
Jeremy has brought so much more attention to farming in the UK and made so many more people aware of the problems and struggles that farmers face, including how badly they were hit during Covid.
Rose Marie
Rose Marie Vor year
It was a brilliant series, it highlights the difficulties British farmers face every day and why they don’t survive. They are paid a pittance for produce that takes a lot of money and hard work, only for the supermarkets to charge the consumer huge amounts and pocket the profits. Changes need to be made
Idris Bukar
Idris Bukar Vor year
Farming generally can be so boring but Clarkson makes it interesting. The man is the main content of whatever show he’s on. He’s a whole brand.
MrArchie800 Vor year
I'm a massive Top gear and Grand Tour (and Clarkson) fan and didn't expect much from Clarkson's Farm but can honestly say it's one of the best things I've watched for ages, and I'd go further to say I enjoyed it more than the Grand Tour.
paul walters
paul walters Vor year
Must say the programs brilliant , some of the characters on the farm have me crying with laughter.
Colin Dowd
Colin Dowd Vor year
I'm reading Jeremy's Sunday Times articles about the farm and I have to say that he really is trying not to mess up. I love his new found love for countryside
Storm SCII
Storm SCII Vor year
I binged the entire show. Loved every second.
Babak Plus
Babak Plus Vor year
This guy can turn anything to something interesting to watch
Quattro Bajeena
Quattro Bajeena Vor 10 Monate
I got to say. Watching this show, made me feel so sorry for the farmers everyday struggle, if the weather isn't on your side it can just messes the whole month. That much land to manage if your on your own (normal farmers) is just amazing of not giving up.
Sean McSweeney
It’s a superb show. I’ve watched it twice
alan elliott
alan elliott Vor 10 Monate
It’s a fantastic show best thing on TV . can’t wait for the next series 🇬🇧
Christian Haselwanter- Grasl
This man is a genius and my all time favorite guy on TV !!!! Long live Jeremy Clarkson !!
Josh Stiltner
Josh Stiltner Vor year
On another interview Jeremy said the best thing about his new show is that Richard and James are not in it. 🤣
none one
none one Vor year
At one point in Clarkson's Farm, he opens a shop. What surprises and puzzles me is how many people show up to buy things. Is Britain really that fucked up, that you are all so desperate to get some fresh food? You can't just go to Tescos or whatever it is and get what you want? I mean....sure, it may be nice food, but the shots showed something like 200 cars trying to get into a shop the size of a one car garage, and all get stuck in the mud parking lot. Are people really THAT desperate in Britain? No, it is not credible that 200 cars appeared at the shop just to get on TV. Unless......are people in Britain seriously that bored, that starved for stimulation? Is it that dull, really? Could someone from Britain please explain this to me? Another scene, Clarkson goes to buy ingredients for ONE MEAL, "a ploughman's" from a shop, and it cost him over 80 pounds....I think that is about 120 American....is that normal? Seems insane. The stereotype is all British food is horrible.....is it BOTH horrible AND expensive? Why would you stay in such a shit hole, if this is true? Don't respond with "Oh it is also bad in other places", EXPLAIN IN DETAIL. If number one, things a really are that awful and really are that expensive, then, number two: Why Do You Stay In Britain? A friend went to Ireland when we were both twenty years old. He came back and I asked him what it was like. "they do literally NOTHING......no skateboarding, no darts, no pool, no video games, no card playing, no joke telling, no dancing, no parties, nothing. No matter what age, all they do EVERY SINGLE NIGHT is sit in a pub, never stand or do anything, never sing or dance, just sit and get drunk with a glum sullen silence. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. This was around 1989 in a major irish city. Around 1985 a cousin went to Britain, came back. What was it like I asked. She said only one thing: "Everything there costs five to ten times more than it costs here. Don't ever go." Which British Prince said, England would be fine if we could just get rid of all the dirty wogs.
decro ws
decro ws Vor year
@ejl1000 kaleb and Clarkson are pure gold but they will never be as good as the 3 top gear/grand tour legends
ejl1000 Vor year
Who needs Richard and James when you've got Kaleb?
Mr.Tobacco Vor year
@Keith Daniels And Hammond insulted Clarkson in his own show, naming a large human like puppet with a head (Which a football ball) 'Clarkson'
Keith Daniels
Keith Daniels Vor year
@Josh Stiltner in fact, I think James may might have insulted Clarkson and Hammond on his travelling in Japan Show 🤣🤣🤣
Siddharth Rawat
Gr8 series with strong messages especially at the end about the life of a farmer. This might be genre which needs people like him since car space is too crowded in which the trio has made their mark
Jonnny Ren
Jonnny Ren Vor year
The perfect quote for this is from Obi Wan-Kenobi: "You have become the very thing you swore to destroy." Why? Well, Clarkson in his younger to more recent years said he hates farming, he hates vegetables and vegetablists, and he is allergic to manual labor. So technically, he's living out his worst nightmare. 😂😂😂
axiomic Vor year
Jeremy is confronting his dark shadow.. Should make for excellent entertainment!
Michael O'Flynn
Saw one episode so far. It was both hilarious and interesting at the same time.
Fern Lewis
Fern Lewis Vor year
Genuinely thought this was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Hope there’s more series to come
enter a name here
They just announced it, there will be another
James Whitehead
JC what a legend.... as are the other two car fellas 🤟🏻
Volgg Vor year
on this episode of Grand Tour: James May eats cheese Richard Hammond wrecks his Morgan Jeremy Clarkson Fists a sheep
TT~Jesus Vor year
...in the arrrrse
Mark Theunis
Mark Theunis Vor year
CHEESE should be in all caps
Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton Vor year
Tonight on Bottom Gear...
Trevor Hardy
Trevor Hardy Vor year
James may films a DE-vid video Richard Hammond builds shit on an island with an American Jeremy fists a sheep
Alastair Atcheson
Drives a Morgan, ha, what a weirdo. 😁
WaRLoKWYATT Vor year
Man I'm gonna miss Jeremy when he's gone. I feel he's not long for this world and I'm usually right with those feelings.
Kiki Vor year
Best show Clarksons has done, love it
David Pimblett
He’s brilliant what a Big loss for the BBC Top Gear .
Dominic Paul Music
Dominic Paul Music Vor 11 Monate
I love this show. I've never seen it. My carer typed this for me. I had a coma once but the end fell off. 7 months ago it was nearly 8 months ago. I'm behind you. Look into the eyes of a stranger and realise they hate you even more than they hate themselves. I gave all my money to charity. I have no money. Charity was the name of my duck.
J DL Vor year
From destroying crops with his rtr mustang to becoming a farmer himself is hilarious in itself
Riordan R
Riordan R Vor year
🤣🤣🤣 Clarkson's reaction when he finds out he is useless
stephanie berry
So laugh out loud, absolutely brilliant.
JG Vor year
I’m sorry this may sound bitter but im glad he doesn’t say he’s a real farmer. Farming is a way of life and we put our heart, blood sweat and tears into farming. People in the UK don’t understand how hard farming really is.
Whoami691 Vor 27 Tage
Thanks to his show we are beginning to understand your struggles. Thank you for feeding our nation. I now exclusively buy British produce. I have also been watching hoof trimming videos and can see how farmers really do care for their livestock here, and how expensive it is. We, as a nation, have been blind to your struggles for far too long.
koop5365 Vor 11 Monate
"People in the UK don't understand how hard farming really is" Err we do now we've seen his show. 👋
bellabana Vor year
You should watch the show because it’s not only brilliant and hilarious but it also helped people truly understand just how difficult farming is, it was a real eye opener in that regard.
britpack dog
britpack dog Vor year
We appreciate you farmers
Paddy Partington
i think he knows.that man chill
Anurag Yadav
Anurag Yadav Vor year
Kaleb is the real GOAT.
Red Parsley
Red Parsley Vor year
He's not a goat, he's a human. He can talk and everything!
Amazin Plays
Amazin Plays Vor year
Gentle and so sensitive, I love it
bestname ever
bestname ever Vor 7 Monate
I cant believe I binged the whole season about farming in England.
alan smithee
alan smithee Vor year
I find it strange that Jeremy thought to make sure he was checking the right one before the vet did. Methinks there's a >50% chance this story was altered before it was told.
The2ndFox Vor year
He also mentioned it on an episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. I guess it’s an easy mistake to make…
Daisy Superdog
One of the best shows ever; Clarkson’s Farm
Scott From England
I learn more from clarksons farm then ive ever learn about a farm 👍🏻
Martyn James
Martyn James Vor year
Nope, he hasn't turned into a farmer, he does farming. Had he turned into a farmer he would speak with a West country accent and say 'ooo arrr' alot. He would also be married to at least one sheep as well as his human wife.
tim fagan
tim fagan Vor year
@Martyn James 😂😂😂😂
whistletutor Vor year
He oughtta at least buy that one sheep dinner, if not a proposal
Martyn James
Martyn James Vor year
@anonUK I'm sorry but if you are from Norfolk you re not a real farmer, you are pretending to be a farmer. Like a pirate that doesn't say 'Yar matey' every other word (they are just a normal sailor if they don't adopt the accent after all) and constantly seek to plunder the merchant ships sailing between the colonies, you are a fake farmer, I bet you aren't even incestuasly involved with your prized milk cow who is also, technically, your sister! Pah, and he calls himself a farmer! 😃
Martyn James
Martyn James Vor year
@tim fagan just because you do not currently engage in farming does not mean that you aren't a farmer, did you know that the surname Fagan is old Gaelic for farmer so you are Tim the Farmer. Obviously I'm talking absolute bollocks. I have added this disclaimer because I never know how people will react to my comments. 😃
tim fagan
tim fagan Vor year
I have the west country ooo arr accent, and I'm definitely no farmer! Plus all the farmers that live around my area, don't actually talk like that, even down in Cornwall!
Mr. Kelly
Mr. Kelly Vor year
Never thought I'd see Steve Coogan and Jeremy Clarkson talk to each other again.
Takeshi Kitano
@David Holgate "I was just pretending to be stupid!"
David Holgate
David Holgate Vor year
@Takeshi Kitano Obviously not as brain damaged as someone who doesn't understand when a comment is made 'tongue in cheek'!
Takeshi Kitano
@David Ravenscroft sorry english is my 4th language. I was trying to say they were just having a bit banter as you english would say
uberping Vor year
@David Ravenscroft Imagine thinking Clarkson is an "ordinary bloke". As up his arse as any of them. A total arsehole to those he considers beneath him.
David Ravenscroft
Want to translate that into English plz!?
Tom The Highland Explorer
I'm a farmer in the Highlands of Scotland we have 1500 acres...I'm so happy he is showing how hard my job really is..I did 108 hours last week and havnt had a holiday since 2016 and do at least 100 hours every week 7 days a week...yet people think farmers are rich and have it easy lol its hilarious
Tom The Highland Explorer
@Stephen Nicholas ah you know me so well..actually I'm doing it simply because I lost my mother and then 3 months later my father found out he had cancer then had a stroke. So actually I'm doing it to keep the farm going...see your problem is you see a comment and think you know best when really you know nothing at all about me or the circumstances as to why I work so hard and run a 1500 acre farm on my own...you actually look so dumb right now
Stephen Nicholas
So, you do what you love doing all day every day. If you didn't love it, you'd have left the industry. Clarkson in a different category as extremely wealthy person who can afford to mess about on a farm and get things wrong while following tax advisor's advice. He used to like how rock stars bought farms. Now he's emulating them. Makes good TV if you have Amazon (I don't), brings in money from TV, writes off tax, and gets farming subsidies. He is very good at what he does.
Team Banchamek
He literally looks like a farmer 😂
lyndon lyndon-watkins
lyndon lyndon-watkins Vor 10 Monate
Clarkson should sell his produce on amazon I’d buy it
Project Rescues
Funny thing is Richard Hammond is now a gardener.
annie in wonderland
Hammond has has a cattery farm for years.
Riley Mundt
Riley Mundt Vor year
Richard is now a golfer, too.
beachboy13 Vor year
an uphill one
Alex Holt
Alex Holt Vor year
And james may is a pub landlord
Marcus Knutsson
@Oh No that was a good chuckle
linda sapiecha
Grown to like Jeremy through Clarksons farm 😊
" the sheep was looking at me in a really cross way " 😂😂😂😂😂😂 loooooll
Asfand Yar
Asfand Yar Vor year
Can't wait to watch Jeremy as farmer
BONEYARD Vor 10 Monate
Imagine if the BBC got the trio back for a 2021 Christmas Special on Top Gear. Would probably be the most viewed TV show in history.
John King
John King Vor 6 Monate
Jeremy, James and Richard will never return to Top Gear. That relationship is broken, and will never be fixed. Amazon Prime and DE-vid are their home now.
Henry Pride
Henry Pride Vor year
Love Clarksons Farm. Awesome show!!!
Joel Hanson
Joel Hanson Vor year
For anyone who doesn’t know, farms and land like that are an amazing tax write off for the wealthy
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed Vor 9 Monate
@Thomas Becker if they're actually going away, then that means the govt desires to make farming fully privatised, like, under a corporate.
Thomas Becker
Thomas Becker Vor 9 Monate
@Noor Ahmed Those are going away, I thought. Which is part of the problem.
Dan M
Dan M Vor year
yes because they usually lose money.
Hugh Marcus
Hugh Marcus Vor year
Yea. Cos you lose money. I an actual farmer.
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed Vor year
@Sitx769 agricultural subsidies.
Hari Sankar H
Hari Sankar H Vor year
I bet he would never imagined that when he said he could pleasure an animal* in the opening scene of grand tour,that he would actually end up doing it in the future. *I know it was a horse.
Tekcore Vor year
...or a dog
Green Energy
Green Energy Vor year
Hi Jeremy you walk on air against your better judgment , well done.
Jon Flynn
Jon Flynn Vor year
Come on Jeremy do the Jamie Oliver thing with farming. We need you guys to show us the way. Get the boys on it I want to see a field cultivated with a Porsche, Sandeo and a Lamborghini. With time trials and end of year profits for the test.
Houssem Mezzine
I can't wait, this is gonna ba hilarious
Clipped Vor year
After all that Clarksons profit is : £144 feel bad for all the farmers after watching that show
Walter Taljaard
Good thing he's got a real farmer as Harry Metcalf for a neighbour
This man is amazing, I love him, and bit of those two buddies also 😏
Pritesh Ruthun
Harry's Farm and Jeremy's Farm should combine with The Simple Life. I'll watch that show.
DashCam UK
DashCam UK Vor year
There's only one Jeremy clarkson.. quick somebody clone him
DaveEdwards21 Vor year
Clarkson now understands the torment of the farmers that Alan Partridge insulted all them years ago
Max Wener
Max Wener Vor year
fancy looking forward to a farm show!
Raynal Wickremeratne
Meanwhile James May starts cooking...
JD Vor year
The JFO show
The JFO show Vor year
And Hammond continues crashing
SpiderPig Vor year
Farming..... a man of your talents
Movin Sharma
Movin Sharma Vor year
This is proof we need the tent back on The Grand Tour.
Charles Taylor
He should run for a MP then PM !
Tazer nuts
Tazer nuts Vor year
Clarkson for PM.. Get some good crack from that 😂
asad khan
asad khan Vor year
I want to see Jeremy drive a tractor and hear him say POWWUUUHHHH
Haq Malik
Haq Malik Vor year
I can totally imagine crazy Clarkson yelling at a cow
annie in wonderland
No it was actually sheep.
Ben Finesilver
because of bad driving.
Dave Gammon
Dave Gammon Vor year
It’s weird when people make fun of a person as much as that person is making fun of themselves.
Patricia Massie
Clarkson`s farm is great. Def watch it
I can see the lockdown stress has gotten to them all.
dxarmy96 Vor year
Enjoyed it more than grand tour
Dominick Thornburgh AKA Texas Rebel Gamer
I can't believe Jeremy and Jonathan.are the same age.
He owns a farm but doesn’t run the farm
Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton Vor 11 Monate
Not only is Clarkson's Farm bigger than The Grand Tour... it's better.
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall Vor year
Can’t wait for this
A.Nicholaou Vor year
Been too his farm shop twice its really nice
Charles Mattina
It's a fantastic way for Jeremy Clarkson to copy Harry Metcalfe
Capt. Tyree
Capt. Tyree Vor year
farmer clarkson ate all the cow pies 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Tazer nuts
Tazer nuts Vor year
Can we now call Jeremy... ABERDEEN ARM!
Kurt Sudheim
Kurt Sudheim Vor year
I live that all of them are friends, well they've both both been on tg, knowing Coogan is a driver, & a fair few other events as well
Wade Vor year
I have gone into the wrong hole too... but not with a sheep
Rampage Vor 11 Monate
hahaha as somone who just started working att a farm it's true xD all they do is yell att you becaus you don't know shit
Baseplate Vor year
This is why I prefer British late night shows over American ones any day of the week: the host feels free to insult the guest.
James Duncan
James Duncan Vor year
Why does he look so “Farmer-ish” in the thumbnail
Aarthurnax Plays
Instead of boning a dog he fisted a sheep, well that's an upgrade
Cool Videos
Cool Videos Vor 11 Monate
Love that clarkson watchs Partridge.
east West
east West Vor 10 Monate
The big galoot is just so charismatic and is more infectuous than C19
Ben 1989
Ben 1989 Vor year
Alisha clearly doesn’t get out much laughing at that..
Callux008 Vor year
Next thing you know Jeremy Clarkson my v8 turbocharged John deer
Mohammed bassaev
Jonathan Ross is the last of the original talk show hosts,
wayne makka
wayne makka Vor year
What do you mean the term ..........Vegetable Farmer. ........ isn’t a reference to the crop ?
Jezza's actually doing farming
Claudiu Aicoboae
Claudiu Aicoboae Vor 8 Monate
Jezza is a Legend
R J Vor year
Calls one of the most successful television stars a big stupid man... meanwhile he himself sounds like he's half tapped dribbling his words on some D grade talk back show.
stevio 1963 Ada
watched ,great fun
Daniel Elmes
Daniel Elmes Vor year
Makes sense, Clarkson and bullshit go hand in hand.
Summus Hieremias Clarkson
Imagine being this much of a salty turd over le funny man.
I Bo
I Bo Vor year
Why do you have a piec of excrement for your profile pic?
o k t o b e r
o k t o b e r Vor year
But it’s sheep? I don’t get it
Due_ Vor year
atheeth vengalil
And waiting for Hamster and Captain slow to join Farming..! Uk what will happen!😌
Mike5 Vor year
Bet Jeremy plants his Turnips deep down in the ground
Brooklyn's Bachelorette Party!
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Gordon Ramsey is Shocked 😳