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With the release of Grand Tour Season 4 slowly approaching, we thought it would be appropriate to share this Jeremy Clarkson's interview that was broadcast in 2006.
Jeremy Clarkson walks us through his thoughts on climate change, the policies that surround gun rentals in the USA and Richard Hammonds' brain-damaging car accident.


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12 Jul 2019



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Friday Night With Jonathan Ross
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Cody Vor 2 years
I'm from America and I grew up watching Top Gear. We like him because he doesn't bow down to other people and try to be fake and politically correct
Ri dan
Ri dan Vor 19 Tage
@Jonesie red Dawn looks appealing now
Jonesie Vor 19 Tage
@Ri dan bet Donald is look pretty appealing now......
D. Castro
D. Castro Vor 2 Monate
Except when his agenda is climate change and bashing Trump
Jojo Baba
Jojo Baba Vor 3 Monate
Unlike Wossy the pus**!!!😂👍🏻
Thomas Tebbutt
Thomas Tebbutt Vor 5 Monate
It doesn’t matter where you are from, real recognise real. Good lad
ISD Revenge
ISD Revenge Vor 10 Monate
My favourite Clarkson quote "They call a liquid gas"
Sir Pootis
Sir Pootis Vor 8 Tage
@Ciel Ledoux Still no excuse, why shorten it?
IIWII Vor 24 Tage
@Jonesie I concur with that. I served in the Royal Marines for 15 years and every time I served alongside US forces, either in Iraq or Afghanistan, I used to delight in ripping the piss out of them, because they are such precious snowflakes when anyone pokes fun at their nation. They are so easy to bait.
Jonesie Vor 5 Monate
@Jon I think is a culture thing, Bill Burr in my opinion is not funny at all, but Frankie Boyle, Jason Manford & Sean Locke in my opinion are hilarious. You also have to remember we Brits take the piss out of people we like, not dislike, but the fact Merica’ hasn’t caught on is why it’s so easy to rip the US as you all react.
Jonesie Vor 5 Monate
@Hans Bjorkman it should be called petroleum anyway
III EXE III Vor 5 Monate
@Jon WOW! It's that kind of thinking that has ruined Britain and the rest of the Western world.
CloverHAL Vor 2 years
For crying out loud I’m French and Jeremy throws quite a lot in our faces but I love his humour. If you take it personally you’re just too thick
crpth1 Vor 11 Tage
Neither French, German, or etc. But I do love my French Peugeot's and Citroën's, Yes, it's plural! That alone makes me cringe! Like I have a bullseye on my face any time Clarkson speak... LOL 😂
IIWII Vor 24 Tage
@Marvin Montgomery But at least they won't be American so, thank god for small mercies.
Anna Pondelik
Anna Pondelik Vor 3 Monate
Exactly. I'm German and I'm the first and the loudest to laugh when he's roasting 'sse dsherrmanns'.
pyrotechnick Vor 4 Monate
Honestly I think Jeremy personally has a lot of love and respect for the French but he's British so he has to bag on them like everyone else to fit in lol
The Batman Who Posts
@Giorno Giovanna our women's teams are better so you're only half correct there. But anyway, we aren't even the only country who doesn't really care about soccer. Last I checked Canada gives zero fucks about the sport, but they don't catch any flak for that for unknown reasons.
Thomas Fenske
Thomas Fenske Vor 2 years
I love Jeremy Clarkson. Because he is the last person on Earth who doesn’t care if he offends anyone and that’s why he’s so funny
Mario Botti
Mario Botti Vor 6 Monate
Great Britain
Great Britain Vor year
To be honest who here actually does give a shit if they hurt some random shites feelinga
Pierre Jean Paul François Jacques Chirac
No there is me instagram pierrealbertparis
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson Vor year
Hmmmmm Ricky Gervais ? He’s funny clarkson is an absolute cock
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson Vor year
Clarkson is a bellend with a head like Nora batty
Carlos Collao Vilches
No matter when you see this, Hammond will be recovering from an accident.
Skater6453 Vor 2 Monate
This is still true today. Lmao!
prettilicious Vor 2 Monate
Reading this in 2021, that comment is true, it's funny
pfalky2k Vor 3 Monate
Zak R
Zak R Vor 3 Monate
@Wildock_no_ 16 it means that Hammond always crashes
Kurdt Kobaine
Kurdt Kobaine Vor 4 Monate
So has his mum for the last 51 years.
Terry Breedlove
Terry Breedlove Vor 2 years
Clarkson attacks everyone even the English. It is his sense of humor
Stephen Drain
Stephen Drain Vor 5 Monate
@Vidar Mathisen :(
The Raptur
The Raptur Vor 6 Monate
@Terry Breedlove you really didn't , despite what history books say in Yankee Doodle Doo Land , yous joined WWI cos Germany sent a message to Mexico saying attack the US , but we British intercepted it and yous joined . WWII yous where bring pathetic and didn't join until the Axis powers where dying . And the "revolutionary war " wasn't even a war it was more of squabble between British citizenns and YOUS signed a peace treaty and yous knew if Britain had beat France we would of pummeled you . But now France where being cunts and Spain was supplying you . Your argument its pathetic until you realise no won the "war" and considering if it wasn't for British yous would be speaking Spanish and French . And hey it's not like George Washington was British so technically the first president was British so get up yey
Terry Breedlove
Terry Breedlove Vor 6 Monate
@The Raptur We kicked the Redcoats asses and created the United States. The British Colonies no longer existed after the War. That is why it is called the Revolutionary WAR. then we saved them in two World Wars.
The Raptur
The Raptur Vor 6 Monate
@Terry Breedlove no , technically and reality it he was British , you technically can class yer self as your country but he was entirely so hence why Britain has never lost a war
Terry Breedlove
Terry Breedlove Vor 6 Monate
@The Raptur You said it. He WAS British but that changed didn’t it.
Video game Valley
Top Gear was a show during a time in TV history when people knew how to take a joke and wasn’t sensitive about every little thing said......thanks Mr Clarkson for keeping it 100
Samuel Pinder
Samuel Pinder Vor 9 Monate
U like handegg lol
Kartik Upadhyay
I think people don’t realize how humble Jeremy Clarkson really is, he’s he says what he feels but in a humorous way. When John asks how many viewers his show has and he says 350, and then thousand, and then he says million and John doesn’t realize, somebody else would’ve wanted to make sure that they got the 350 million part in so that they could brag, but he just moved on. He has even said his whole career is based in luck and he just got lucky. And I’m saying this as an American. I love the guy.
Ian Bartle
Ian Bartle Vor 3 Monate
@Usman Riaz HA! That's quote of the week for me! Hilariously brilliant , though perhaps unintentional.
Usman Riaz
Usman Riaz Vor year
For a people that colonised much of the world, you’d be surprised how self-deprecating the English are.
Paul Derrick
Paul Derrick Vor 2 years
“i’ve just decided i don’t give a shit” a motto for a healthy care free life
Bryan Bill
Bryan Bill Vor 4 Monate
@Offred What dip shit replies to a 2 year old comment?
Offred Vor 4 Monate
@Bryan Bill first learn how to spell . Its INDIA.
Offred Vor 4 Monate
@PG16 one man cant speak on behalf of 120 crore Indians.
Emad Eraghi
Emad Eraghi Vor 6 Monate
I just started understanding and practicing that motto after all theses years!!
Cisium Vor 9 Monate
Closest thing I've found yet to a magic elixir for happiness. Just stop giving a fuck.
wivvix Vor 2 years
Jeremy Clarkson is an antidote to political correctness gone mad.
sicktanick Vor 7 Monate
@irarelyupload so true
Mikey L
Mikey L Vor 8 Monate
Jeremy for PM
Jannick Juul
Jannick Juul Vor 8 Monate
I simply love him. :-))
hughtubecube Vor year
Which is definitely a real thing that’s happening and not just the dumb fever dream of triggered boomers who don’t like change
irarelyupload Vor year
“Political correctness gone mad” -Some dense cunt who used to laugh at censored sex jokes in the 80s.
Trent Bruch
Trent Bruch Vor year
I've always been a fan of Jeremy Clarkson, and as an American I agree with what he says about this land and such
Charlie Chaz
Charlie Chaz Vor 5 Monate
I know he jokes about America but it's mainly for entertainment. The great thing about Clarksons humour is he doesn't always believe what he says. Take everything he says with a pinch of salt. He is well travelled and likes different cultures. He isn't the stuffy Brit people think he is. It's an act of sorts. He plays up being hapless and rude.
Trent Bruch
Trent Bruch Vor 8 Monate
@Jake D Treble it's okay white boy, the system always catered to your kind, Jezza knows what's up
Jake D Treble
Jake D Treble Vor 8 Monate
don't think so!
Ewan Callister
Ewan Callister Vor 4 Monate
This is why I love Jeremy Clarkson, he doesn’t give a toss what people think, he will say he believes, he’s not gonna pretend or be PC, he is brutally honest, plus his sense of humour is absolutely brilliant.
David Vor 3 Monate
James_Luigi Vor year
I appreciate this man and his honesty. If anyone ever tries to cancel him, it'll be one of the funniest fails to happen in a long time
Convilious Vor year
I American and I love Jeremy Clarkson, I think Top Gear is one of greatest TV shows of all time. I envy his sense of humor
Eaub Felangy
Eaub Felangy Vor 2 years
Funny thing, I'm American, and Jeremy Clarkson's humor is hilarious, of all honesty, I offend my people too. I always make jokes about all the pickup trucks and the obesity. I'll admit it we have problems, but don't we all? Screw being politically correct!
mogznwaz Vor 3 Monate
Agree! You have to be able to take a joke and take the piss out of yourselves 🇬🇧🇺🇸
Scooby Doo Yeah farmers need pickups bla bla bla... The vast majority of trucks are owned by regular people in the city to go for grocery shopping or driving to school. That‘s why we make fun of the whole American truck thing. We all get that pickups are very useful for certain professions, but like 99% of them are completely useless cause the owners just want a big fat car, they probably never do anything in life that actually requires a truck. In the US alone, every 54 seconds a F150 gets sold. Now compare that to the number of farmers and other people who actually need them. It‘s absolutely ridiculous to watch the soccer mums struggling with their trucks at Walmart because they desperately wanted a house on wheels instead of a proper car. That‘s what the rest of the world is laughing about. Got it now?
deep toot
deep toot Vor year
Eaub Felangy but we can fit some of those cars in the back of our trucks... Lol I'm not picking at you but my job would be impossible without the pickup. Farmers need off-road capability, towing capacity, and easy access to things they are transporting to and from jobsites. Matthew has a point where something being normal somewhere is funny somewhere else. We should all love and laugh at the inconsistencies amongst our species.
Eaub Felangy
Eaub Felangy Vor 2 years
@Matthew Fogarty the funny part is the accent, and what they say about small cars, "I can put it in the back with my pickup truck", you would have to watch Regular Car Reviews to understand the most of it.
UKinUSA 2021
UKinUSA 2021 Vor 2 years
As an American I love Jeremy Clarkson
Family Bills
Family Bills Vor Monat
@Jk really - why, if I may ask?
Family Bills
Family Bills Vor Monat
@Moskau really?! I’m American and love Jeremy 💁🏻‍♀️
Trading BTC
Trading BTC Vor 5 Monate
@Kilian Hufgard it’s a shit hole. I can confirm
Lug Dame
Lug Dame Vor 7 Monate
@SansAziza no he isn't you idiot He is being himself
obh875 Vor 7 Monate
@Kilian Hufgard not true lmao
Adi M
Adi M Vor 5 Monate
Clarkson once said "the Americas really do have an irony inefficiency" and it's true
white rabbit
white rabbit Vor 2 years
Love seeing these two together, they are actually very good friends in real life....Apparently.
cavscout62 Vor year
I’m American and I’ve always liked Clarkson as he’s real. He doesn’t give 2 shits who he offends.
commodore665 Vor year
Australia is much the same , a quick tip if anyone goes there is , when they ask " do you have any criminal convictions " is to answer " why , do I still need one ? " , they didn't laugh either .
Jonesie Vor 16 Tage
@Samuel Pinder I’m well aware of this but they are known as Māori’s not indigenous kiwis.
Samuel Pinder
Samuel Pinder Vor 18 Tage
@Jonesie Maori and indigenous kiwi are the same thing and it's also easier to day all non indigenous kiwis than kiwis excluding maoris
Jonesie Vor 19 Tage
@Samuel Pinder *Maori
Ryan Fox
Ryan Fox Vor 3 Monate
I'm Aussie and all I can say is...fucking brilliant. Fascist c***s, is if they're gonna catch anyone like that.
Samuel Pinder
Samuel Pinder Vor 9 Monate
@Phil Day but all non indigenous kiwis have had convictions overseas coz we dumped our prisoners there
steve Jones
steve Jones Vor year
Jeremy is a legend , says it outright, no eggshells with him..hahaha
Nicholas Hobson
Nicholas Hobson Vor 2 years
Jeremy Clarkson is one of the funniest people on TV without a doubt.
Railfan Vlogs
Railfan Vlogs Vor 8 Monate
I like how blunt Jeremy is. Jonathan: You're not a fan of American culture? Jeremy: No.
dudewtf1776 Vor 2 years
Man, I miss the early 2000's. Wish I could go back in time
Z1 Maass
Z1 Maass Vor Monat
you're gonna need half an hour to load this video if it was early 2000s
pecado de orgullo
pecado de orgullo Vor 5 Monate
@OtocinclusAffinis that's good because we'll actually have decent politicians, good TV shows and little to no woke shit. Bring it on.
hii d3d3
hii d3d3 Vor year
OtocinclusAffinis 😂😂
i post anime dub clips now i decided
@OtocinclusAffinis yay
rob dog
rob dog Vor 2 years
beth Vor 3 Monate
i love jeremy on this show because he and jonathan genuinely aren’t taking each others’ bs
Alex Vor 2 years
AS AN AMERICAN I really enjoy this content and miss the real top gear! Even if he poked fun at my corvettes leaf springs!
StickPeopleAndPuff Vor 2 years
I like how he is now with the grand tour. Much more brash and outspoken than when he was with the BBC
Bill Bradley
Bill Bradley Vor year
@David Cat The bulk of the Clarkson Top Gear years existed in an era when it was socially acceptable to be less politically correct. Amazon gives them essentially carte blanche, something BBC funded with public money and subjected to British broadcasting regulations could not really do
David Cat
David Cat Vor 2 years
Nah Top Gear was way less politically correct.
Oh Cock
Oh Cock Vor 2 years
And he actually cares about the environment now
StickPeopleAndPuff Vor 2 years
@Phodge99 Yeah no shit, but like, I was just pointing it out
lee nevin
lee nevin Vor 2 years
But now loves Americans
GT Chucker86
GT Chucker86 Vor 2 years
These people hating on Clarkson in the comments is just hilarious. Just goes to show that some people are just too dense to actually understand Clarkson and his humor.
George Carroll
George Carroll Vor 3 Monate
@Gee Bee yeah, but half of the American people voted for Trump. The rest of the world thinks he is an absolute fool, but 49% of Americans love him.
Gee Bee
Gee Bee Vor 9 Monate
In order for an Aussie, Canadian or Brit to make a lot of money, they have to make big in America. Especially, pop and rock bands. Without American fans, they wouldn't make a lot of money. USA has 340 million people. Think about it.
Michael White
Michael White Vor 11 Monate
You might want to re-do the third grade and brush up on the concept of the "plural noun and a singular verb" (people/is...should be people/are) before you start lecturing others about "understanding" anything. It's interesting that you call people who don't "understand" Clarkson's humor "dense." Doesn't that make you the "hater" here? Your claim to intellectual superiority falls flat. If they're "dense," you're what...light in the IQ department? A thin thinker? Stupid? How about a tiresome, condescending dimwit.
Nige G
Nige G Vor year
@Lord Louis of Devonshire manor 😉
Lord Louis of Devonshire manor
@Nige G That's a very Nigel comment
Ladco77 Vor 2 years
It's such a joy to hear Clarkson talking about Americer.
Phil Day
Phil Day Vor year
@Jim Elliott Chu hai.
faustus t
faustus t Vor 2 years
Do what now?
Bob Reil
Bob Reil Vor year
I love Jeremy I loved him on top gear I loved him in his documentary work and he doesn't have to love America for me to appreciate him I spent six and a half years in the United States army to protect people's ability to disagree with me so if Jeremy doesn't like America that's just fine it doesn't mean that we don't have to like him I respect your opinion Jeremy but I still love you.
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat Vor 2 years
Regardless, we love Clarkson on Top Gear...phenomenal host.
acetvr6 Vor 2 years
One of his biggest fan, one of the reasons why I watched Top Gear and now The Grand Tour.. and yeah I'm American !
B U Vor year
Clarkson is a damn brilliant man. He's not really like this. It's a great character. And he does it so well.
alex lanning
alex lanning Vor 7 Monate
Thats why we Aussies appreciate Jeremy's individuality
guess who
guess who Vor 20 Tage
I can't imagine having an interview like this today without those cringe worthy virtue signalling activists making a fuss about it. Feels kinda good looking back into days when "free speech" existed in its real sense and people could speak without being cancelled.
Rob Neil
Rob Neil Vor 7 Monate
Love Jeremey !!!!! He always speaks the truth!!!!
amrinder bahl
amrinder bahl Vor 6 Monate
One of those moments when jeremy was humbled 😂👌
enigma Vor year
When they were talking about DVDs, buying DVDs at Christmas and just seeing a young Jeremy Clarkson it made me very nostalgic 😌.
James Neilson Graham
High quality interviewing from Jonathan Ross, just the right mix of seriousness and banter . . .
Cityzens Vor 2 years
James Neilson Graham said nobody ever
random Vor 2 years
We love you Jeremy keep up the good work mate
Eaub Felangy
Eaub Felangy Vor 2 years
There are only two genders...
Sam MaxGoof
Sam MaxGoof Vor 2 years
andon angel i bet hes changed his mind with all the acid and knife attacks fuck britain at least i can say there is only 2 genders and not get arrested
A House
A House Vor 6 Monate
I like that even the host disagreed they still had common ground and an entertaining show. I think you wouldn’t see that now. Shoutout to this host calling some shit that’s happening years later
SUGAR-3-ME - Vor 2 years
So open and honest I love it 😂😂
Ralph Smallblock
Jeremy loves cars and calls them for what they are. I learned the word rubbish it was the popular word whenever he tested American cars🤣
Pablo Céspedes
Pablo Céspedes Vor 6 Monate
What we like about JC is that he is honest, he is not a damn politically correct person!
Avi Vor 4 Monate
I love how so many of the comments are: I'm from ----- and Jeremy has said some insulting things about here but it's just his humor and we love it.
Prosperity Vor 11 Monate
Imagine if these 2 had their own show 😂🤣😂🤣
Grimm Light
Grimm Light Vor 3 Monate
I have missed Clarkson. He is brutal, honest and anti PC.
Mike Woollen
Mike Woollen Vor year
It's amazing how accurate they were when talking about the future
Jimmy Drums
Jimmy Drums Vor year
“In a few years time I expect that we’ll see you driving a rechargeable electric car” - Prescient. Clarkson couldn’t have spoken of the electric McClaren P1 more highly.
Dieter Von Cunth
As an American, Jeremy is the most American person on top gear. He is the classic example of upperclass American. He is opinionated, excessively confident (entitled), and hates Americans. The man should run for president
Frank Lamagna
Frank Lamagna Vor 2 years
He is so hysterically funny, and so British!!! Loved him for years!!!
Neil Martin
Neil Martin Vor 2 years
2006 what a great year. Top gear was awesome back then. After Hammond’s accident everyone suddenly started watching it. It wasn’t just a show for sad car nerds anymore. Shame really.
Lea1982 Vor year
I love him ....he’s one of our legends!!!
terracer Vor 2 years
Honestly, I am not crazy about our new "culture" either...
Palaven Vor 6 Monate
@nodi db He says while listening to American music, watching American tv, eating American food, wearing American clothes etc.
nodi db
nodi db Vor 9 Monate
American culture? 🤣🤣U don't have a culture
Flying Lion
Flying Lion Vor 10 Monate
Americans don’t have any culture
Cole Jones
Cole Jones Vor year
@Bran Evans What freedom? What freedom does the US have that the rest of the west doesn't have? The US gets their notion of freedom and all their other ideas about life from post enlightenment Europe.
Jón Bjarni Snorrason
Bran Evans barely any freedom
Fish Vor year
I like how Jonathan told him to go apologise like you would a kid
mike ?
mike ? Vor 2 years
Clarkson will always be a legend just speak what's on your mind life's more fun that way and them yanks faces in the back priceless 😂
Adam Ball Southend Guy Paranormal
I think with the exception of May and Hammond, Ross is one of the few that's able to return some proper stick on Clarkson.
Angry Ted
Angry Ted Vor year
I remember Top Gear. True, electric cars are an environmental mess. It takes 5 years to become carbon neutral because of the production process for the batteries; assuming your electricity supply is nuclear, solar or wind... Stupid idea to front load CO2 emissions, assuming it is a principle cause of negative climate change and not just plant food.
enigma Vor year
When they were talking about DVDs, buying DVDs at Christmas and just seeing a young Jeremy Clarkson it made me very nostalgic 😌.
hicksler Vor year
Always fun to see Jeremy Clarkson
Sticksman78 Vor 9 Monate
I love this guy.il watch anything it has his name against,or he's in.Even if he's taking a dump.😂
FPSpammers Vor 2 years
"Have you ever considered a performance electric car" An idea that felt outlandish back then is well grounded in reality today. It's a marvel how far we've come since the last decade
Błażej Wianecki
Tyler Brown There is no such thing as pure electric 3 series. There is a plug-in hybrid. And when it has ic engine and electric engine with (very heavy) batteries, no wonder it also has a bigger range. Get your facts right. There are very few ways pure electric cars are better than ic cars as for now. I’m talking about how such vehicle would play for the average customer all around the world. Not a privileged rich man who only commutes 30 miles a day on the outskirts of London. When this guy plans to go to southern France on summer holidays he is stuffed anyways. The range anxiety in evs in my opinion just finishes discussion. Let’s hope it will improve. Then we will “only” have to deal with actual ecological ways of producing electricity, batteries, their decreasing efficiency in time and nature-friendly ways of disposing said batteries. Only then we are all set.
Luke Pullen
Luke Pullen Vor 2 years
jackaljade claimed mileage is often a fallacy. But affordable electric cars have an utter rubbish range of a couple of hundred miles and that’s if you drive conservatively when you put your foot down that drops horrifically. The thing with petrol is it’s something that’s made when making oil, it’s a waste product and mainly now it’s a waste product if making diesel because that’s what all the lorry’s use and the buses. The question is is are private cars really the issue? I would say aircraft are a bigger problem. They won’t make a battery that lasts that long. Because the batteries are extremely unstable and like to explode. Also unlike a proper engine the batteries degrade over time worsening the range meaning it needs to be charged longer and a lot of manufacturers will have a very limited warranty on the batteries.
jackaljade Vor 2 years
@Luke Pullen - They don't have a shorter lifespan, they have a longer lifespan on average, if the manufacturer's are to be believed. And the range for an electrical car is a lot more than you're making out. For example, you said the lifespan of an electric car is 6 years... But that is plainly untrue. Almost all electric cars come with a warranty of 8 years (or 100,000 miles, whichever comes sooner), so clearly manufacturers are expecting their electric cars to last for more than the 6 years you've said. Also, Tesla say their batteries will be good for 300,000 to 500,000 miles. Which is a lot more than the average lifespan of a traditional car. They are also saying they will be coming out with a battery that lasts 1,000,000 miles soon, something which fuel engines are never likely to achieve. With all dues respect, the things you're saying don't really make much sense. For example, you're saying charging pollutes because the electricity comes from power stations. But conversly a lot of energy goes into getting petrol; it has to be mined and transported, often brought in from overseas and from thousands of miles away. While electricity can be made more locally. So I don't see a difference. All of these things cancel each other out and are not what's important. They're red-herrings. The most important thing you're ignoring is while a car is running on the road is it polluting?? For electric cars, the answer is NO. For fuel cars, the answer is YES. This is what OFFSET means, and why electric cars are a better option for the environment and for the near future, before the next technology comes along.
Luke Pullen
Luke Pullen Vor 2 years
jackaljade how can they offset it when they need charging every few hundred miles using electricity from fossil fuels? How are they offsetting it when they have a shorter lifespan that a normal car. How are they offsetting it when producing an electric car does more damage than diesel cars do in there lifetime?
jackaljade Vor 2 years
@Luke Pullen - I hear everything you're saying, but you're completely missing that electric cars can OFFSET the waste and pollution they're producing... Whereas diesel and patrol cars CAN'T do this, they can only ADD to waste and pollution. This unambiguously makes electric cars a better option for the environment and the future.
It’s so refreshing to see a politically incorrect interview. Made me laugh.
Woogie Harrelson
Woogie Harrelson Vor 2 years
Clarkson is a breath of fresh air compared to all the fake pc media personalities these days.
Richard Hammer
Richard Hammer Vor 2 years
Especially on the BBC, cringe worthy PC.
Woogie Harrelson
Woogie Harrelson Vor 2 years
Matthew Fogarty lmao he likes his vices but I’m sure he can afford a whitening for real
Woogie Harrelson
Woogie Harrelson Vor 2 years
The Truth hurts I’m Canadian but he probably hates us too
buck rogers
buck rogers Vor 2 years
Haha love the punn there too ;)
Isleofskye Vor 2 years
What a sick world we have become when you have to think that for no logical reason,in his case...
Chris pick
Chris pick Vor year
He’s a realist, something a lot more people should be! Better then being fake to keep people happy
Charlie's Models
I totally agree with jeremy on the climate
Simon Vance
Simon Vance Vor 2 years
I love America and I like Clarkson too. Have always loved his non politically correct attitude, which is why BBC got rid of him.
Ben McManus
Ben McManus Vor year
I think Jeremy is a very, very self-conscious person. I didn't realise it until this and a few other clips
MrChippinator Vor 2 years
It's amazing how far electric vehicles have come in the last 13 years. I meant the Grand Tour now features them.
Ice Man
Ice Man Vor 2 years
My thoughts as I watch this now
Gideon Mele
Gideon Mele Vor 2 years
In the past decade I’ve become more of a Clarkson and less a Hammond. Always been a bit of a May though
Felix Leiter
Felix Leiter Vor 4 Monate
As someone who is half english and half American, I can laugh at Jeremy.
David Vor 3 Monate
And his "Chubby Thighs". Named the movie.
christdragon Vor year
I'm a massive Jeremy Clarkson fan. I agree with him on just about everything. Thank you.
Alex N
Alex N Vor 2 years
well, I seem to remember Jeremy Clarkson saying that a right turn under red was the only America's contribution to the civilization or something to that effect. While holding in his hand a Motorola phone.
Pocketsoviet Vor year
@Theodore Dow i detect an error and will auto correct it for you: "im unnecessary"
Theodore Dow
Theodore Dow Vor year
@Whatyalookinat feck off
And your comment sounds like you‘re very bitter about his jokes. By that, you‘re only proving his point. Cause he‘s joking to entertain people while you‘re obviously triggered and now try to point something out and act „smart“ to make him look like an idiot.
Gideon Mele
Gideon Mele Vor 2 years
@Alex N sounds like Clarkson
mike .D
mike .D Vor year
Hardly surprising that the BBC lost a truth teller. mr Clarkson , a hero
gmortimer20031 Vor 2 years
I was stopped at MSP and they went through all my luggage, until they found a Vikings ball. At which point the laughing and joking turned to pure sympathy.
Rick Kinsman
Rick Kinsman Vor year
Growing up in Australia in the 60's, when we had high immigration numbers of English people, I got to observe them closely. For a number of reasons, despite having so much in common, they were universally disliked because of their totally unmerited air of superiority and constant whining about everything - and I mean, everything. The weather, the tax system, the pay, the working conditions, the sport, the traffic rules, the housing, the food - nothing was right. But there was one thing they all had in common - an unmitigated hatred and disdain for Americans. It took me years to work out why this is, but when it came to me it explained everything. The Brits hate Americans for two main reasons; they were humiliated because they had to beg the yanks to rescue them in two wars in the last century, and because the yanks, despite any shortcomings of their own, do everything - everything - better than the Brits. It's a simple matter of sour grapes born of humiliation and envy. It really is that simple, and Clarkson is a perfect example of it. Britain hasn't made a decent car for fifty years, yet Clarkson's favourite reprise when talking about them is, "... this is a marvel of British engineering!" What utter tosh! They're every bit as bad as the crap that comes from China. In Australia, you can't even give away any year-old British car, unless it's to a Pom.
Tamara Carter
Tamara Carter Vor year
Complaining, feeling superior and having a dislike for America are traits that are universal throughout Europe. If we’re being serious however, I do not think the majority of people in the UK (or the rest of Europe), have anything against Americans - I certainly don’t. Plus STRONGLY disagree that “the yanks [do everything] better than the Brits” - that’s just utter rubbish - and your statement regarding the war (no one cares, we’re just extremely thankful to those who fought for our freedom). The real reasons as to why people may indeed dislike the US (because believe me most of the time it has very little to do with envy - although of course they have lots to be proud of), are as follows: *Reasons for disliking the American people:* (certain people believe them to be) annoying, loud, brash, ignorant, arrogant, overly nationalistic, parochial, race obsessed etc. *Reasons for disliking America:* (certain people dislike the) politics (e.g. Trump), overseas conflicts (e.g. Middle East), racism (e.g. recent events such as the death of George Floyd), gun violence (e.g. school shootings), poor quality corporations (e.g. fast food chains, Starbucks, cheap reality television), poor quality produce (e.g. growth hormones, additives and chemicals within a lot of the food, what most people would perceive as “poorer” quality food production methods [chlorinated chicken, egg sanitisation, hormone-treated beef], “fake” food [things that would not be considered “real” in other countries such as chocolate, butter, cheese]), car culture (e.g. strip malls, gigantic suburbs, poor walkability), excessive consumption (e.g. pollution) etc. These are NOT my personal views, I’m just giving some examples to explain my point.
Connor Vor year
But Australia doesn't exist, so this makes no sense
The sky and the cosmos are one
Interesting you raised some valid points, we brits do complain about everything. I don’t know if the dislike of the yanks is strictly down to the wars or not being able to make better cars but it could well be true for some, not all. One thing to say though is that I can see why a lot of people would be annoyed at America with ww2, they were ready to let hitler take over the whole of the world before they did anything as long as it would benefit them financially, and staying out of the war for so long put a terrible strain on the uk economy and allowed the USA to rise as a super power
HG504 Vor 2 years
"Have you considered a performance electric vehicle" Damn, now we're in the age of Teslas, Rimacs, even Lotus and Porsche joining the electric game.
Mark Wright
Mark Wright Vor 2 years
@HG504 EV will only work when two things happen. We get decent battery technology. Two when the infrastructure can cope with multiple charging stations which it can't on average it 5 stations or chargers can be fitted in the average UK street because the grid can't cope with more. As for third world Countries EV are decades away due to the above. And please I'm no moron been in the car industry a long time a d a qualified Engineer and Businesses you condescending twat.
Matt Arnold
Matt Arnold Vor 2 years
@Quandary Some mindsets are too stupid to understand that old does not equate to obsolete. Change isn't always for the better and no real car enthusiast was asking to swap their engines with a battery - that's like asking to have an RC Car or Mobility Scooter when you've already got the real thing! Electric cars are for people who have no appreciation of real cars beyond them being a means of getting from A to B; they're for the people who would pick a Ford Escort over a Ferrari Testarossa. Real cars can be art, the best an electric car could ever hope to be is a sub-par imitation.
dozer games
dozer games Vor 2 years
@The Divine Augustus i wanna meet the guy who thought up how to get power from a volcanos anus
The Divine Augustus
Dung Nguyen Manh Nowadays we have nuclear, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, wind.
Mikke Penttilä
Mikke Penttilä Vor 2 years
@Dung Nguyen Manh There is a reason why every house is not fitted with own generator, that's because it's inefficient. Car only produces energy for going forward and backward, otherwise energy goes wasted. Big powerplants produce power much more efficiently. Power is made in powerplants, only in some cases coal or something is shipped. When producing fuel, they need to first drill it, transport it, refine it, transport it some more and storage them, so that you can finally put the gas inside your car.
Herbert Pocket
Herbert Pocket Vor 11 Monate
It’s fun seeing other people roast Clarkson for a change
Billy Beheler
Billy Beheler Vor year
I am a American who has always loved Top Gear even the old show. But I think he needs to visit rural America where the majority of the petrol heads live!
Blueband 8
Blueband 8 Vor 2 years
'Anything with football in the title i won't watch'. Oh how i agree with that statement.
Ben Van Denten
Ben Van Denten Vor 10 Monate
@LN but why do you have a citeh player as your pp?
Adil Achahbar
Adil Achahbar Vor year
Hahahahahahah, football The American is not played with feet 98 percent of game time
LN Vor year
@Tufty 70 im from donny and everyones a united fan the set of plastics
Tufty 70
Tufty 70 Vor 2 years
AdamTheMan1993 he should of course be a Doncaster Rovers fan.
AdamTheMan1993 Vor 2 years
The irony is Jeremy Clarkson is now a hardcore Chelsea supporter
It's funny when you don't know what to think when someone says something honest rather than what they think you want to hear.
Wasim Mohammed
Jonathan Ross really went after him. This makes the appearance by Peter Kay on the JR show even more satisfying
David Elliott
David Elliott Vor year
He’s spot on right about solar and wind power. The headline figures look good but the reality is an average of 1/5. All that infrastructure for power less than a week out of every month. In the meantime, the gas fired plant is sitting wastefully on standby chucking out loads more CO2 than if it just made power 24/7.
Callum Evans
Callum Evans Vor 2 Monate
"Performance electric cars dont exist" How quickly times have changed
Johan Brand
Johan Brand Vor year
4:40 thank you so much my exact point. Wow I love Jeremy Clarkson. Most people who don't like him is people who can't stand the truth. He doesn't take detours and he will say a thing straight forward. Fantastic host and person. Hope I can meet him someday.
Sam N
Sam N Vor 7 Monate
Jeremy Clarkson is not the hero we deserve….but oh well.
Stockton Slap
Stockton Slap Vor 8 Monate
American who respects the hell out of Jeremy Clarkson. The weather is great. I think I'm gonna go for a drive.
Nick Pazdernik
Nick Pazdernik Vor 2 years
13 years later and he still isn't driving an electric car!
bradengels Vor 2 years
2006 is is just 13 years ago ...seems very short time ...but when compering 2006 with 2019 seems like 100 years apart ...
Nebs Vor year
The difference between 2015 and now seems pretty big. 2006 to now is like several lifetimes
Brett Pritchard
@Mcquiz95 Culturally though, things have changed so much that it's like a 100 years.
mingli yi
mingli yi Vor year
bradengels politically correct took over
Journey awaits
Clarkson aged 30 years in 14
nessotrin jean
@Rich S I agree. I'm surprised at how well thing conversation is turning out to be ! I wish more of my friends were that good at arguing. The statistics are for a first world country, I can't remember which one on the top of my head, probably the US. "You of all people should know how much variety there is when it comes to sexual desires" -> Indeed, in leads to some incredibly fun and open discussions about so called 'wrong' or 'bad' things. I'll just add that I didn't mean to be hateful toward her. I meant something more of a taunt. Like a childish "I won, you lost" revenge, in name of everything that I had to go through. I do understand (and see of my own eyes) that violence causes violence. People like me tend to be overly harsh for no good reason, and I hate that. I guess I just tasted my own medicine. Actually, thank you for reminding me of that comment, I'll try and not do it again. You just made the world better, I offer you 1 internet cookie and hug !
BlueMonk25 Vor 2 years
Classic Clarkson... My hero.
Pharexsys Mage
Pharexsys Mage Vor 2 years
someone needs to show Jeremy this clip.....tagged with him actually driving not just an electric car, BUT an electric PERFORMANCE CAR AS WELL.............haha!!! spilt me tea when he said never...haha!
Pharexsys Mage
Pharexsys Mage Vor 2 years
@Isleofskye have you not seen The Grand Tour series?
Isleofskye Vor 2 years
He does ?
Wahiba El mouaffek
Wahiba El mouaffek Vor 2 years
Pharexsys Mage ikkk
Stephen Kunst
Stephen Kunst Vor 2 years
Clarkson makes many valid points, esp to American "pop" culture. What he seems to not understand is that much of what the US is, has its basis in two very important things the British planted when they occupied North America. Slavery as a large part of the labor force, and unchecked capitalism, which also infected their own country, til after WWII.
mogznwaz Vor 3 Monate
Don't talk rubbish. The French and Spanish were also heavily involved in the slave trade in America. The British ABOLISHED slavery and had more influence on the northern states. The southern USA was more French than British (New Orleans is a French name). Capitalism is not a bad thing, it has created the levels of prosperity we have today. The UK is capitalistic with a social safety net. Americas model is of its own making.
Thomas Philip
Thomas Philip Vor 2 years
Two blokes on the BBC before they were both banned from being on the BBC :O
presh xd
presh xd Vor 8 Monate
@Detective John Klute what the fuck is "white thinking" you fucking moron
f u n n i
f u n n i Vor 9 Monate
@Detective John Klute except Clarkson wasn’t ‘culled’ for being white, he got the boot after punching a producer
servicarrider Vor year
We Americans are proud that the Hamster is one of us.
Shakib Vor 5 Monate
Clarkson worked really hard to be funny here! I just do not get why he always thinks that he has to be funny. Such a fake guy. Jonathan Ross on the other hand, as usual, very quick witted. The best out there.
Avihaj Schnitzelnazi
More jokes at Poles please! They always go mental!
carpballet Vor 6 Monate
Funny, when I went to England customs asked me he exact same thing. Work or pleasure. I answered honestly, work, and oh was that a mistake. Same question in every country I’ve gone to. (Only about 6 but the rest were for mostly pleasure)
Alan S
Alan S Vor 5 Monate
Don't tell the English you're there for pleasure - they'll laugh.
Ich bin Jon
Ich bin Jon Vor 10 Monate
Wow the American guests really were speechless lol
AloisBlazit 005
As an american i genuinely love top gear and the grand tour. Jeremy gives no fucks which makes him special
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