Jeremy Clarkson's Love/Hate Relationship With His Sheep | Clarkson's Farm

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It was an ambitious idea for someone who knew extremely little about farming, but a very rewarding one... if you forget about the money. Behold Clarkson's love story with his sheep. Watch Clarkson's Farm on Prime Video.
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25 Nov 2021



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Leave below your absolute favourite moment 🐑
StigDesign1 Vor 12 Tage
Entire show of Clarkson Farm and Grand Tour :D
LOCK from RaS
LOCK from RaS Vor Monat
"I f**king hate sheep, I f**king hate them. I cannot wait to eat them, I cannot wait." also the thumbnail
camel robot
camel robot Vor Monat
Definitely the Gladiator part LOL
Jordan Sales
Jordan Sales Vor Monat
When is the new series
knick007 Vor Monat
@MegaLuckydog1 Goodbye
Thijs Hooijen
Thijs Hooijen Vor Monat
Jeremy helping giving birth to a sheep was actually the most moving thing ever.
Heidi Bradshaw
Heidi Bradshaw Vor 25 Tage
@Suprise Potato It’s ‘I’ve done a thing!’
Suprise Potato
Suprise Potato Vor Monat
Colin White
Colin White Vor Monat
Yes, I believe there’s to be an equally moving Christmas special where JC and his family watch the old video of the birth while eating said lamb with a few brussel sprouts. I’d watch it - proper laugh.
nekobot Vor Monat
Jeremy’s whole arc with leonardo, wayne and his other sheep were probably the most loving and warming thing ive seen in a long while
Gemma Staines
Gemma Staines Vor 21 Tag
I’m hoping series 2 will show more of Leonardo!!!
I am Amazing
I am Amazing Vor Monat
"I've never fondled anything this size before." Most suspicious line of the year award goes to this guy.
Madhukar Jonathan Minj
@Justin Nykamp SUS
Justin Nykamp
Justin Nykamp Vor Monat
same thing the doc told me at my physical
Potatoes Vor Monat
So sus it's brilliant!
Darmastuti darmastuti
I loved this episode 😂😂..sheepping... it's hilarious.. Charkson Farm is the first reality show i've watch and my favourite ever...it's so educated and entertaining also..
Jonathan Palmer
Jonathan Palmer Vor Monat
It’s because it’s not fake, it’s actually Clarkson not knowing a single thing about what he is doing, I’d call this more of a vlog then a reality show because it didn’t show a whole lot of person life but him doing farm things
Nonameanymore Vor Monat
Yeah. I was watching and my husband said he was not interested. Then he watched one episode and could not stop - brilliant show
Artemis red
Artemis red Vor Monat
I would watch a movie based on this, like an older guy inherits a farm and has to start from scratch
John N
John N Vor 23 Tage
"bless this mess" sitcom is pretty much like this.
Kymberlie Robertson
You should read the book Pigs in Clover by Simon Dawson
Rachmat Wahid Zulfiqar
Well it literally what "Clarkson farm" is, a farm film
Zenocrate Vor Monat
I agree! Have you seen the Icelandic one with the anglophone title 'Rams'?
SighNaps Vor Monat
I envy him. I'd like nothing more in my later years than to sow my own soil and rear my own stock. Slaving away in aerospace now with dreams of acres of land and never having to call another person my boss again.
SighNaps Vor 18 Tage
@Cole Thank you. I hope fortune smiles on you as well.
Cole Vor 20 Tage
No time like the present sir. I share your dream, but am trapped in 'reality'. I hope you find your dream one day.
SighNaps Vor 22 Tage
@Tanveer Hasan We all have our struggles.
Tanveer Hasan
Tanveer Hasan Vor 22 Tage
Kohl Bustamante
Kohl Bustamante Vor Monat
I'm surprised they didn't show the part where he wants to say goodbye but they're been slaughtered and he drives off crying, with the next scene being him eating them.
Sue Boyle
Sue Boyle Vor 20 Tage
Being a homesteaders in America n raising Goats instead of sheep I never enjoyed this episode so much or laughed so hard Thank you Jeremy here to looking forward to another season
the1TJ Vor 12 Tage
"OH YOU'RE ALIVE, I DID A THING!" That brought a nice smile to my face
Cole Vor 20 Tage
I used to love Clarkson for being 'Clarkson', but now I love him for being Jeremy the Farmer
Dean Babister
Dean Babister Vor Monat
just shows you that all the money in the world wont make you happy. Never been happier than when he was there lambing... says it all....
Ace R.
Ace R. Vor Monat
Now I understand where the catchphrases my former special friend kept using are from. Also, Jeremy assisting the birth of that first lamb was heartwarming.
Sledgeh101 Vor Monat
"Where are you going on your holidays this year?" *kicks him in the thigh*
Brother Vibius
Brother Vibius Vor 26 Tage
@Sledgeh101 The inner thigh, which is very close to said delicates.
Sledgeh101 Vor Monat
@Cat Hat To be fair to myself, Jeremy himself said he was kicked in the thigh.
Billy The Goat
Billy The Goat Vor Monat
The sheep knew it is going to a abattoir on a one way ticket not on holiday and it knew it hence the kick.
C.S Vor Monat
Cat Hat
Cat Hat Vor Monat
Are you sure it was the thigh, it looked like a more painful place to me.
Marcia Peacock
Marcia Peacock Vor 28 Tage
I'd love Jeremy as a friend I bet he's a great laugh!!
Summus Hieremias Clarkson
@Okuyama Hisaki the boring are envious of the bombastic. His genius generates gravity. And yes, my profile pic is intended for you.
lzvagias Vor 25 Tage
@Okuyama Hisaki a hilarious and fun sociopath to be around though!!! So who cares?
Okuyama Hisaki
Okuyama Hisaki Vor 27 Tage
Hes a sociopath. You dint want him close
Gazing into the distance with noble aspect- "I shall keep sheep"
The Phantom Raspberry Blower
Got to admit, I thought Jezza was going to name the first lamb, "Mint Sauce".
Seán Fitzgerald
Seán Fitzgerald Vor 27 Tage
Don't count it out. I bet he was thinking of it.
Jon Via
Jon Via Vor Monat
Clarkson will always be the new boy.
MrKittles Vor Monat
Jeremy: sheep farming, how hard can it be🐑🐏
Kakushi Hatake
Kakushi Hatake Vor 27 Tage
Few minutes later: "I hate sheep, Can't wait to eat them"
Andre Gon
Andre Gon Vor Monat
He realised how hard it was as soon as he got hit in the testis.
ken recollet
ken recollet Vor Monat
Surprised Clarkson did not fall asleep counting the sheep jump.
simon peggboard
simon peggboard Vor Monat
Brings back a lot of childhood memories.
Simon Clarke
Simon Clarke Vor Monat
A braver man than me taking all of those on. Me, I'd have planted trees.
Viper vids gaming plus
I would just take the time to mow the grass every once in a while, let it dry out and then sell it.
QurttoRco Vor 29 Tage
I love the butchers such positivity
Ryan Gladstone
Ryan Gladstone Vor Monat
Can't wait for the second season
serenityinside1 Vor Monat
Tyrone Whitehead
Tyrone Whitehead Vor 23 Tage
Jetemy on his farm. as been a real escape for me any farming or country side as been entertaining keeps me happy
Charlie - UK
Charlie - UK Vor Monat
You would hope Jeremy Clarkson has a Real farmer advising him. Everyone who does this for a living, knows you don't keep sheep in fields without barbed wire fences. Unless they are Hefted Sheep...
Cursedfenix Vor Monat
@Nicole Little I'm from a construction background so understand hard work, but this show really put into perspective a few things. One Running a farm/ranch is like running any high stress business, its incredibly difficult and requires intelligence and hard work, the margins even if you don't buy a lambo tractor probably aren't great, it is an incredibly necessary profession.
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Vor Monat
He has a team. Even better, he shows you the team and shows you how incompetent he is, and shows you his team laughing at his incompetence, and then shows you his learning curve... and then shows you that even though he has learned a lot he still isn't an expert and continues giving credit to experts and the whole thing is pretty great.
Joe Vor Monat
Mine are broke to electric. Works great with my flock.
Wasabi Waxy
Wasabi Waxy Vor 2 Monate
Loved this one 😂
leon vanaswegen
leon vanaswegen Vor 9 Tage
😂😂😂can’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dr Leo
Dr Leo Vor Monat
This is funnier than all of his car driving shows
WasabiSniffer Vor Monat
There’s a whole side of jezza in this series we never knew existed
Satnim Roxnal
Satnim Roxnal Vor Monat
I had a sneaking suspicion that he'd choose one of the sheep as part of the Top Gear team.
Ibro Bawa
Ibro Bawa Vor Monat
This was the best series of the lot.
Gunvir Multani
Gunvir Multani Vor 2 Monate
LOOL JERMERY gonna be like my sheep taste the best bc they have extra power
Farrel Gp
Farrel Gp Vor Monat
The Phantom Raspberry Blower
Maybe if he fed them petrol lol
qader Vor Monat
This is hilarious 🤣
areyouundoingthat orwhat?
My daughter's have 4 sheep,the most annoying,petulant,disobedient,violent,violently provocative and vindictive animal ever,they are proper bastards and because many people mistakingly think they are placid they have provided plenty of moments of laughter,some to the point of near collapse! I love them because of the way they behave but I hate them for the same reason😁.
SMITHY C Vor 2 Monate
Love this man
Daniel Vor Monat
Clarkson, you need to put up a scarecrow in your sheep fields to scare off all the bad men looking for some easy sheep loving! 🤣
Charlotte Munday
Charlotte Munday Vor 26 Tage
@Brother Vibius Aint never been to Derby... they uh... got sum of dem hot sheep there?
Brother Vibius
Brother Vibius Vor 26 Tage
@Charlotte Munday Or Derby..
Charlotte Munday
Charlotte Munday Vor 27 Tage
Hes fine hes not in wales 😂
Mr Bill Hilly
Mr Bill Hilly Vor 21 Tag
I wonder if Jeremy's accountant knows that a man who made a living smashing-up cars; doesn't really care much about "saving money".
Not Available
Not Available Vor 22 Tage
Lmfao. This is literally my dad's farm, but the American version and longhorn cows.
Markab Hassan
Markab Hassan Vor Monat
Why do I hear Shaun the sheep theme song when I see this 🤣🤣
The Phantom Raspberry Blower
When is he going to hire a shepherd with their own dogs?
Rachmat Wahid Zulfiqar
A very pretty shepherd
Jack Reilly
Jack Reilly Vor 2 Monate
Did you not watch the season he clearly did
Smug Cat
Smug Cat Vor 2 Monate
He does
james Blonde
james Blonde Vor Monat
Reminds me of the few years we kept sheep😂😂😂😂They're suicidal
Anthony Algorithm
He's almost human. Bless.
mblondon850 Vor Monat
No that’s the probe which is in my hand 🤣🤣🤣🤣
probytez Vor 10 Tage
jeremy feels like the farmer from shaun the sheep
abbas adrali
abbas adrali Vor Monat
no shouting, no aww aww, no i hate you just quietly and calmly the funniest one....!!
Richard Miller
Richard Miller Vor Monat
I love a lamb roast. My mouth was watering watching this.
sonu singh
sonu singh Vor Monat
Save me some for me.
Narasimha Pai
Narasimha Pai Vor Monat
the sheep are cute!
Vincent Trease
Vincent Trease Vor Monat
I love how Kalebs not in any of this
Vincent Trease
Vincent Trease Vor Monat
I love how Kalebs not in any of this
Michael B W
Michael B W Vor Monat
Interesting to see Bob Bladen Shearing….. Used to work there a quarter of a century ago.
Tyrant Witness
Tyrant Witness Vor Monat
Jeremy appears on screen, smiley face ! Boris appears on screen, blood pressure rises, clenched fists and danger of screen being smashed !
Tyrant Witness
Tyrant Witness Vor 5 Tage
@4Leaf Toy Review If only everyone followed JCs example and punched all those who deserve it in the face, the world would be a better place! Forget Gates and custard pies!
4Leaf Toy Review
4Leaf Toy Review Vor 6 Tage
Ironic that you’d post this comment on a sheep video.
Philip Watson 82
Brilliant from start to finish
Anthony Mkandhla
Lovely adventure 😅👌🏽
Tami Ibrock
Tami Ibrock Vor Monat
The Ambulance got me to laugh.
Ahmad Hasif
Ahmad Hasif Vor Monat
Most prophets are Shepherds for a time, imagine the patience and leadersheep needed
dinosaur king
dinosaur king Vor Monat
So true… watching this makes me thing “I shall keep sheep!” Lol I wouldn’t survive a week tho
ozz Vor Monat
Watching this while eating my dinner was a..... poor choice
Jan Nowak
Jan Nowak Vor Tag
I should have a sheeps few hours later: I F hate sheeps 🤣🤣🤣
Abhay Partap Singh
7:14 best moment
Falu Vor Monat
"Well I did put my hand up one's bottom, by mistake, but you've done that." ... "No."
Andy Hunt
Andy Hunt Vor 8 Tage
Great things you can actually do with money 💰.....😁
knick007 Vor Monat
Jeremy and Kaleb’s arguments
Skopters Vor Monat
that vegan teacher would be LIVID!!!
Aaron Reece
Aaron Reece Vor 2 Monate
He should've put up a 8' high fence and there's no way they can jump over that.
Mike Spearman
Mike Spearman Vor 23 Tage
Sheep looks directly into the camera with a smirk.
Alpine Vor Monat
Sheep can and will climb
damo 87
damo 87 Vor Monat
Theyre not sheep Jeremy they're mountain goats 🤣💨💨💨
Mal John
Mal John Vor Monat
Witch ONE JEREMY. AS farmers son all sheep look the same and if one goes thay all follow. 🤭
Hasan Askari
Hasan Askari Vor 7 Tage
They’ve hit me in the testies 🤣🤣🤣
JiWiK Vor Monat
I would pick Hammonds hobby project. :D
That guy Dexter
That guy Dexter Vor Monat
8:07 you just know that hurt.
rich Howells
rich Howells Vor Tag
What are 3 sheep tied to a lampost in Wales called?🤔
rooper _13
rooper _13 Vor 28 Tage
man shawn the sheep change alot
Daddo And Son.
Daddo And Son. Vor 22 Tage
Let's Go Brandon 🇬🇧
Grey Pawx Ttv
Grey Pawx Ttv Vor Monat
6:44 my relation with the outside in a nutshell
EarthKnight Vor 2 Monate
And that's part of why you have a hedge, and a wall, not just a wall.
TheMuffinMan Vor Monat
He gets an electric fence
Mj Murphy
Mj Murphy Vor Monat
Where is the untimely passing of Wayne Rooney 🐏
empty ur bag in it
wat a legend imagine the meltdown the vegos and vegan tree huggers are having if they see this, go Jezza
brassholio Vor Monat
You don't have to be a vegan tree hugger to care about the environment.
Bb Mm
Bb Mm Vor Monat
As a meat eater, look at the reactions whenever a new vegan product comes out, cringe exists on all sides.
Ales Majcen
Ales Majcen Vor Monat
beautiful landscape
steff serpent
steff serpent Vor Monat
Love it pitty it aint on free tv
Charlie Traplin
Charlie Traplin Vor 29 Tage
U can watch it on ev01
Alan Chan Tie Fighters Kuan Liang
Me n my genious 🤣
Jaroslav Keniz
Jaroslav Keniz Vor Monat
"she`s on me" rofl
Lobotomy_Blues Vor 17 Tage
So two dudes eating icecream at the sheep auction, they've just got concessions like that there? Had no idea.
Hooker With A Penis
I'm surprised u didn't name them all Richard Hammond
Mr Boggy
Mr Boggy Vor Monat
And we wonder why the British public follow government advice :-)
Richard Prior
Richard Prior Vor Monat
Having farm all over the world. in 1972 I was living in the outback of Australia, on a beautiful property in the heart of cotton country.
Ali Saleh
Ali Saleh Vor Monat
How do you manage farms in many countries with different regulations?
😏 L. P.
😏 L. P. Vor 29 Tage
Hairdressing chat : Where are you going on your holidays ? Sheep didn't like the small talk.
Janne Velinen
Janne Velinen Vor Monat
RIP Wayne
Anshuman Bisarya
Anshuman Bisarya Vor 2 Monate
When is season 2 coming?
Christoph Bischofs
The next Grand Tour episode is out in a few days.
Rimuru-chan Vor Monat
probably summer
Dietz Nuts
Dietz Nuts Vor Monat
Be patient
clever username
clever username Vor Monat
No release date yet but expect it in 2022
Bad Robot
Bad Robot Vor Monat
Stupidity reigns wherever Jeremy goes
Philippines Unfiltered
Arfa Barmcake
Arfa Barmcake Vor Monat
Ma Name Jeff
Ma Name Jeff Vor 21 Tag
Janetkelly Kelly
Saw your Big Tractor tonight on christmas at Chatsworth just the same
Ali5All5Star Vor 2 Monate
L R Vor Monat
Anyone enjoying the new farm sim?
Rosey K
Rosey K Vor 26 Tage
Shame the sheep in society don't ignore the Government like these ones do.
WileyK Vor Monat
Smash the like mutton, but don't hoggett
Theophilus Jedediah
In my area there is a sheep producers organization with the acronym ‘W.A.S.P.’ While it does stand exactly correctly for their full name it remains that it is an unfortunate acronym.
Tom Smith
Tom Smith Vor Monat
Can someone explain why farmers (landownrs) are paid to NOT grow things on the land?
Mirza Ahmed
Mirza Ahmed Vor Monat
To prevent the production of excess food. Guaranteed prices for farm produce resulted in farmers producing too much, as they don't run the risk of driving prices down to levels where they would make a loss.
Duncan Ross
Duncan Ross Vor Monat
It's being paid not to grow harvestable crops. Instead farmers are paid to grow mixes of plants to benefit nature such as for feeding birds or creating habits for insects. In Jeremy's case I reckon he's got the low input grassland option where you are allowed to graze but not reseed, fertilise or cut it in the first half of the year.
Zak R
Zak R Vor Monat
It destroys the soil and the natural vegetation/insects
Moira Watson-Pickering
matismf Vor Monat
Sheep dogs are your friend.
Max Mach
Max Mach Vor Monat
I wonder how tasty were those sheep, for sure better than Birmingham that we know.
Kaleb from Clarkson’s farm
You missed this in FORREST GUMP
Kaderimin Oyunu 5. Bölüm