Jeremy Clarkson's Love/Hate Relationship With His Sheep | Clarkson's Farm 

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It was an ambitious idea for someone who knew extremely little about farming, but a very rewarding one... if you forget about the money. Behold Clarkson's love story with his sheep. Watch Clarkson's Farm on Prime Video.
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25 Nov 2021



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Amazon Prime Video UK
Leave below your absolute favourite moment 🐑
Gary Curtis 262 enduro
All of it 😂🤙
CRMDoodle Vor year
Gary Curtis 262 enduro
@CRMDoodle think he’s gone to Manchester
Minicle Vor year
When Richard Hammond crashed into the Diddly Squat Farm Shop.
thxft Vor year
litterally just gerald
Jeremy helping giving birth to a sheep was actually the most moving thing ever.
Colin White
Colin White Vor year
Yes, I believe there’s to be an equally moving Christmas special where JC and his family watch the old video of the birth while eating said lamb with a few brussel sprouts. I’d watch it - proper laugh.
Suprise Potato
Lorraine Mcmahon
You make it sound like Jeremy was giving birth to it or the sheep give give birth to him
Will Anderson
Will Anderson Vor year
@Heidi Bradshaw it’s I’ve did a thing
Kohl Bustamante
I'm surprised they didn't show the part where he wants to say goodbye but they're been slaughtered and he drives off crying, with the next scene being him eating them.
Gaia Vor year
He showed emotions?
Fox Prower
Fox Prower Vor year
@Gaia expression of sadness is different for everyone. Some are subtle and some are noticeable.
PrigoX Vor year
Do you have link?
SpareMe Vor year
I’m a vegetarian and even I enjoyed that part. I want at least another 30 series. He is a comedy gold mine and I’ve learned so much. Definitely buying a farmer a pint if I find one. Maybe a Ploughmens too.
SpareMe Vor year
@Gaia he wept like a girl. Bless him. Being able to eat them just shows he’s cut out for this lark emotionally. I’d end up with a sheep rest home for dodgy sheep. Utterly useless I’d be.
nekobot Vor year
Jeremy’s whole arc with leonardo, wayne and his other sheep were probably the most loving and warming thing ive seen in a long while
Gemma Staines
Gemma Staines Vor year
I’m hoping series 2 will show more of Leonardo!!!
Eliot Reader
Eliot Reader Vor year
what sheep breed are they
CRITTa BUG Vor 9 Monate
His joy in his voice when he says "HERE THEY COME!"...so heart-warming!
NotTheWheel Vor year
Jeremy's whole farm journey really is a text book on what it is like as a first time farmer, you get to learn all the lessons from his tomfoolery. Mistakes are often the first step toward Wisdom.
2142 Fitchy
2142 Fitchy Vor 11 Monate
surely the mistakes are funny I mean they are for clarkson
Sunny Jim
Sunny Jim Vor 8 Monate
"Mistakes are often the first step toward Wisdom." But not always, this being a case in point.
the1TJ Vor year
"OH YOU'RE ALIVE, I DID A THING!" That brought a nice smile to my face
Millesimal_Ed Vor year
Jeremy and his sheeps, thoroughly entertaining! Can't wait for season 2.
Blue Sail
Blue Sail Vor year
As someone who lives on a sheep farm myself. I can say everything shown here is spot on, since sheep farming definitely has it's high high's and it's low low's.
Lauren Boothey
I've always liked Jeremy... but Clarkson's Farm has made me LOVE him! Him with the lambs was super sweet 🥰 "IVE DONE A THING!!" 🤣
Aaron Neher
Aaron Neher Vor year
You know you’ve started living when you say that you’ve never been happier at work. Genuinely glad to hear that from someone that looks as though he has had everything.
Justin Tai
Justin Tai Vor year
This series has humanised Jeremy Clarkson in ways I'd never have imagined. It was funny, touching and brilliant. Thank you so much. 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑
David Hans
David Hans Vor year
"I've never fondled anything this size before." Most suspicious line of the year award goes to this guy.
Potatoes Vor year
So sus it's brilliant!
Justin Nykamp
Justin Nykamp Vor year
same thing the doc told me at my physical
Madhukar Jonathan Minj
@Justin Nykamp SUS
mr beast
mr beast Vor year
@Madhukar Jonathan Minj sustainable
Я британец
well he did work for the bbc
Sherrie Kirby
Sherrie Kirby Vor 17 Tage
Love this show, the joys, horrors & reality of farming. "I did a thing"❤️😁
Sue Boyle at Boyle Family Homestead
Being a homesteaders in America n raising Goats instead of sheep I never enjoyed this episode so much or laughed so hard Thank you Jeremy here to looking forward to another season
O'LongJohnson Vor year
I used to love Clarkson for being 'Clarkson', but now I love him for being Jeremy the Farmer
Darmastuti darmastuti
I loved this episode 😂😂..sheepping... it's hilarious.. Charkson Farm is the first reality show i've watch and my favourite ever...it's so educated and entertaining also..
Yeah. I was watching and my husband said he was not interested. Then he watched one episode and could not stop - brilliant show
Jonathan Palmer
It’s because it’s not fake, it’s actually Clarkson not knowing a single thing about what he is doing, I’d call this more of a vlog then a reality show because it didn’t show a whole lot of person life but him doing farm things
theresa94010 Vor 7 Monate
Just read about Mr. Clarkson last week, started watching from California his farming adventures, love them all, I am now hooked. This episode is my favorite thus far, most heart-warming indeed.
areyouundoingthat orwhat?
My daughter's have 4 sheep,the most annoying,petulant,disobedient,violent,violently provocative and vindictive animal ever,they are proper bastards and because many people mistakingly think they are placid they have provided plenty of moments of laughter,some to the point of near collapse! I love them because of the way they behave but I hate them for the same reason😁.
Ms Maria
Ms Maria Vor year
Don't you mean 'sheeps'?
Captain even slower
4 sheep is way to few to have. Sheep are herd animals, and will never be relaxed with so few others around them
Gill Sejus Bates
@Ms Maria plural of sheep is sheep
Ms Maria
Ms Maria Vor year
@Gill Sejus Bates Not according to Clarkson.
patsfreak Vor year
I’ve always kind of wanted to have a flock of sheep. I learned so much watching Jeremy struggle. I’m stoked for the prospect of season 2.
Blue Sail
Blue Sail Vor year
Trust me patsfreak it's a commitment just like any relationship, but if you can make it through the first year, it can definitely have it's wonderful moments.
Artemis red
Artemis red Vor year
I would watch a movie based on this, like an older guy inherits a farm and has to start from scratch
Zenocrate Vor year
I agree! Have you seen the Icelandic one with the anglophone title 'Rams'?
Rachmat Wahid Zulfiqar
Well it literally what "Clarkson farm" is, a farm film
Kymberlie Robertson
You should read the book Pigs in Clover by Simon Dawson
John N
John N Vor year
"bless this mess" sitcom is pretty much like this.
Ms Maria
Ms Maria Vor year
Green Acres sitcom.
Spring Baby
Spring Baby Vor year
Now I understand where the catchphrases my former special friend kept using are from. Also, Jeremy assisting the birth of that first lamb was heartwarming.
Tjalve Vor 6 Monate
I wouldn't call that a "love/hate" relationship. I would call it a "love ate" relationship.
SpareMe Vor year
I never thought I’d see the day when I physically WRITE to Amazon begging for more.Clarkson’s Farm is the best show ever. Thank you Amazon. Jezzer has don more for British farming in a year than the government ever has. I wasn’t a particular enthusiast for either farms or Clarkson. Now I’m pathetically watching clips because I finished binge watching it and I cried when it was over. That was a first. Superb, hilarious, unscripted genus. More! More! MORE!!
Gilly Grey
Gilly Grey Vor year
This series was so funny ,can't wait for the next one.
Kayla Ireland
Kayla Ireland Vor year
He really makes me laugh and he clearly loves his sheep
Stacy Langford
His intention has no guile. He's pure as snow. A charm that will allow you to forgive any fault you might see. I love this old man. I have a friend that is very similar in nature. I'm 59, he's 74. He's a friend to core, no matter what. Clarkson could manage security for Her Majesty very easily. And it would be pure funny. I love this old man
Amrit Vor year
Love this show!!! it gave me a whole knew appreciation on farming... 10 stars!!
Jon G
Jon G Vor year
I hope we get more of Clarkson and his farm in the future!
Amazon Prime Video UK
Clarkson's Farm has been renewed for a second season! de-vid.comWX7-3E6cirQ?feature=share
_The_Bomb Vor 8 Monate
@Amazon Prime Video UKyou planning on letting season four happen if season two and three are popular enough?
Bananabread Vor 11 Monate
Watching the sheep episode was the most stressful yet entertaining episode ever lol
Josip Rosandić
I really enjoyed the whole season. Surprisingly wholesome.
Donatello Vor year
To create the best show, just let Jeremy come up with a brilliant plan, and then record him trying to implement it.
Taex A
Taex A Vor 6 Monate
The show was so funny and perfect 🤣
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller Vor 6 Monate
I love this reality show . Just finished season 2 and already can't wait til 3
Graeme Ess
Graeme Ess Vor 6 Monate
The confusing things about Jeremy is we think hes acting but hes not, hes just being real and we can all put ourselves in his shoes, this is hilarious entertaining and fun to watch but the thing is hes out doing stuff and we're sitting on the couch...im out of here😃
chipsthedog1 Vor year
Watching the sheep jump the wall reminds me of a something I read awhile back, basically there was a mystery over why one night thousands of sheep all over Oxfordshire panicked and fled from their fields over a 200 square mile radius. Come the morning the sheep were found to still be afraid and in many cases miles away from where they had started. The most commonly accepted explanation is that lightning scared one sheep which panicked and through a knock on effect a mass stampede ensued
SighNaps Vor year
I envy him. I'd like nothing more in my later years than to sow my own soil and rear my own stock. Slaving away in aerospace now with dreams of acres of land and never having to call another person my boss again.
Tanveer Hasan
Tanveer Hasan Vor year
SighNaps Vor year
@Tanveer Hasan We all have our struggles.
O'LongJohnson Vor year
No time like the present sir. I share your dream, but am trapped in 'reality'. I hope you find your dream one day.
SighNaps Vor year
@O'LongJohnson Thank you. I hope fortune smiles on you as well.
SighNaps Vor 11 Monate
C9 The work and the time away from home can be difficult. Forgetting the haters though, so easy ;-)
Marcia Peacock
I'd love Jeremy as a friend I bet he's a great laugh!!
lzvagias Vor year
@Brent Schmøgbert a hilarious and fun sociopath to be around though!!! So who cares?
Summus Hieremias Clarkson
@Brent Schmøgbert the boring are envious of the bombastic. His genius generates gravity. And yes, my profile pic is intended for you.
Ricci Zhao
Ricci Zhao Vor 10 Monate
I really really really love this show, season 2 please
chris Baguley
chris Baguley Vor 22 Tage
Come on next season.sheer brilliance from Mr Clarkson
Miranda Roberts
Jeremy and his sheep is the most comical thing I've ever seen
Rytonic Vor year
What he needs is a sheepdog to help keep the herd in line. It can move faster than he can over short distances and help control the group
Mo Vee
Mo Vee Vor year
I just can't get bored of watching Jeremy do anything..
Gazing into the distance with noble aspect- "I shall keep sheep"
Clarkson's comment about Rams (2:55) reminds me of a comment I read once made by a senior Naval Officer about one of his junior officers: 'This officer uses my ship to transport his genitals from port to port and my men to transport them from bar to bar.'
Dean Bab
Dean Bab Vor year
just shows you that all the money in the world wont make you happy. Never been happier than when he was there lambing... says it all....
Gaia Vor year
To be able to do that job you need lots of money...
Dougal Badger
Dougal Badger Vor year
@Gaia you can probably raise sheep on a budget I wouldn’t recommend it though.
1aatlas Vor year
@Gaia You could oh idk.... go and work as a farm hand. you dont actually have to own the farm.
Gaia Vor year
@1aatlas well yes that's true, but it's hard to find a regular job in that field, well at least in my country 😅
Paul Vor year
Clarkson loves his sheep! 💖
Rusty Man
Rusty Man Vor 11 Monate
It’s like Moses watching over the flock, except they don’t get ‘delivered’ very well. Hilarious as usual.
Aidan Kreltszheim
This show really exposed how big of a softy Jeremy is and I love it
The Phantom Raspberry Blower
Got to admit, I thought Jezza was going to name the first lamb, "Mint Sauce".
Seán Fitzgerald
Don't count it out. I bet he was thinking of it.
simon peggboard
Brings back a lot of childhood memories.
QurttoRco Vor year
I love the butchers such positivity
Inot Aarto
Inot Aarto Vor year
As a fellow shepard, i agree. I enjoy it.
Macagaming_ Vor year
This series got me loving farming
ken recollet
ken recollet Vor year
Surprised Clarkson did not fall asleep counting the sheep jump.
Michael Burnside
Michael Burnside Vor 10 Monate
Only Jeremy would compare birth to getting jammed at the A40😂😂😂
Dr Leo
Dr Leo Vor year
This is funnier than all of his car driving shows
Holy Khan
Holy Khan Vor year
No wonder Durable Trades considered shepherding one of the most durable of careers. It's biology, animal psychology. Really visceral and down to earth and therefore really human - even though it takes all your time and is maddening and can't really be mechanized.
MrKittles Vor year
Jeremy: sheep farming, how hard can it be🐑🐏
Andre Gon
Andre Gon Vor year
He realised how hard it was as soon as he got hit in the testis.
Mad Dawg
Mad Dawg Vor year
Few minutes later: "I hate sheep, Can't wait to eat them"
Benjamin Seltmann
Benjamin Seltmann Vor 9 Monate
It seems he should have tried raising for there wool, over them being for food if he gets fund of them. Glad to see he’s enjoying he’s land.
Zakii 99
Zakii 99 Vor year
The show was a big surprice.. extremely fun and i actual learn alot i didnt know… and the best part… every time clarkson said : what !!? ….
Chef Bobby Sponge
Chef Bobby Sponge Vor 11 Monate
Start to finish that was hilarious!😂
Ibro Vor year
This was the best series of the lot.
Tyrone Whitehead
Jetemy on his farm. as been a real escape for me any farming or country side as been entertaining keeps me happy
carsngamin Vor Monat
Jeremy: Sheep keep everything nice and tidy Also Jeremy: *An erupting udder*
Sledgeh101 Vor year
"Where are you going on your holidays this year?" *kicks him in the thigh*
Cat Hat
Cat Hat Vor year
Are you sure it was the thigh, it looked like a more painful place to me.
C.S Vor year
Sledgeh101 Vor year
@Cat Hat To be fair to myself, Jeremy himself said he was kicked in the thigh.
Brother Vibius
@Sledgeh101 The inner thigh, which is very close to said delicates.
ProfGiggles Vor year
I thought for sure he was going to say his famous "In the plumbs!" line. That would have been awful though. xD
Daniel Vor year
Clarkson, you need to put up a scarecrow in your sheep fields to scare off all the bad men looking for some easy sheep loving! 🤣
Charlotte Munday
Hes fine hes not in wales 😂
Brother Vibius
@Charlotte Munday Or Derby..
Charlotte Munday
@Brother Vibius Aint never been to Derby... they uh... got sum of dem hot sheep there?
Bbgun Vor year
The funniest comment of the season to me was Jeremy’s comment about getting is show uber diverse because he has “every type of middle age English man” in it.
Jon Via
Jon Via Vor year
Clarkson will always be the new boy.
SigmaChad Vor year
I am not interested in the show but I just like listening to Jeremy, it soothes me down.
Not Available
Not Available Vor year
Lmfao. This is literally my dad's farm, but the American version and longhorn cows.
Victor Mason
Victor Mason Vor year
Can't wait for the second season
Wasabi Waxy
Wasabi Waxy Vor year
Loved this one 😂
TJM Farming
TJM Farming Vor year
Jeremy: In just 25 minutes I have mastered sheeping! The sheep: Are you sure about that?
Amazon Prime Video UK
The Sheep *calculating how best to ruin Jeremy's day*
Robert Popescu
I remembered when I have seen the series and said to myself 'what a clever accountant' ... profit is still profit...
Charlie - UK
Charlie - UK Vor year
You would hope Jeremy Clarkson has a Real farmer advising him. Everyone who does this for a living, knows you don't keep sheep in fields without barbed wire fences. Unless they are Hefted Sheep...
Joe Vor year
Mine are broke to electric. Works great with my flock.
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Vor year
He has a team. Even better, he shows you the team and shows you how incompetent he is, and shows you his team laughing at his incompetence, and then shows you his learning curve... and then shows you that even though he has learned a lot he still isn't an expert and continues giving credit to experts and the whole thing is pretty great.
Cursedfenix Vor year
@Nicole Little I'm from a construction background so understand hard work, but this show really put into perspective a few things. One Running a farm/ranch is like running any high stress business, its incredibly difficult and requires intelligence and hard work, the margins even if you don't buy a lambo tractor probably aren't great, it is an incredibly necessary profession.
Two wheelin productions
Jeremy: I can’t wait to eat them Also Jeremy: showing emotion to three of the sheep getting slaughtered
Amazon Prime Video UK
He really did go on an emotional rollercoaster with those sheep 🐑
IIIRotor Vor year
When all those sheep finally realizes, the Shepherd is the actual real BAD GUY!🤣
Simon Clarke
Simon Clarke Vor year
A braver man than me taking all of those on. Me, I'd have planted trees.
Viper vids gaming plus
I would just take the time to mow the grass every once in a while, let it dry out and then sell it.
Malcolm Vor year
Well having healthy grassland is equally important
Coreen Evans
Coreen Evans Vor year
After watching Cameron Wilson and his wife Lizzie @thesheepgamevlog this rearing and shearing of sheep is so funny.
George Andrew Forsyth
Shaun Is Clearly Giving Jeremy Clarkson A Run For His Money!!!
Rosie Deacon
Rosie Deacon Vor year
Well, the theme song _does_ say he even mucks about with those who cannot bleat.
Stephen Greenwood
Seriously people don't like this chap but i can not disagree with his devoción he has really put his money where his devoniton is
WasabiSniffer Vor year
There’s a whole side of jezza in this series we never knew existed
Oliver wood
Oliver wood Vor 9 Monate
"In just 25 minutes I have completely mastered sheeping"
Cryscorde Ch.
Cryscorde Ch. Vor year
The most memorable part of this was obviously when he was kicked in the plums. But after that, helping the newborn sheep was the next most memorable.
A320 Nick
A320 Nick Vor year
Good effort, well done! And you're happy, win win👍
Soraya Jaffarian
Soraya Jaffarian Vor 8 Monate
Fantastic. ,love the program. Thanks so much 👍
Stephen Dodd
Stephen Dodd Vor Monat
This is great love this ❤️❤️😁👍
Gator Mike
Gator Mike Vor 11 Monate
Hilarious 😂 🐑
"Rams are just scrotal transportation devices" Aren't we all.
Season 2 please.
Shredz'n'Tredz 1
Jeremy is epic
leon vanaswegen
😂😂😂can’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ricardo Aldair Sousa Veloso de Jesus
this the life i actually want when i get old hahahhahahha
Anthony Burke
Anthony Burke Vor year
Wow, at those prices it’d be economic to ship our ba baas to the UK!
1so Static
1so Static Vor year
Let's face it ...Clarkson is to farming what Myra Hindley was to babysitting ! ! ! ! !
Nicholas Joseph
After watching this series i feel that it is basically River Cottage with extra steps.
alex Vor 11 Monate
Am i the only one who went "in the plumbs" when the sheep kicked Jeremy in the bits
qader Vor year
This is hilarious 🤣
SMITHY C Vor year
Love this man
Problem Lamb #ClarksonsFarm
What Would You Do?!😳