Jeremy Clarkson's Love/Hate Relationship With His Sheep | Clarkson's Farm

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It was an ambitious idea for someone who knew extremely little about farming, but a very rewarding one... if you forget about the money. Behold Clarkson's love story with his sheep. Watch Clarkson's Farm on Prime Video.
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25 Nov 2021



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Amazon Prime Video UK
Leave below your absolute favourite moment 🐑
Kohl Bustamante
I'm surprised they didn't show the part where he wants to say goodbye but they're been slaughtered and he drives off crying, with the next scene being him eating them.
Thijs Hooijen
Jeremy helping giving birth to a sheep was actually the most moving thing ever.
Jeremy’s whole arc with leonardo, wayne and his other sheep were probably the most loving and warming thing ive seen in a long while
I am Amazing
"I've never fondled anything this size before." Most suspicious line of the year award goes to this guy.
Jeremy and his sheeps, thoroughly entertaining! Can't wait for season 2.
Blue Sail
As someone who lives on a sheep farm myself. I can say everything shown here is spot on, since sheep farming definitely has it's high high's and it's low low's.
Darmastuti darmastuti
I loved this episode 😂😂..sheepping... it's hilarious..
Artemis red
I would watch a movie based on this, like an older guy inherits a farm and has to start from scratch
Lauren Thornton
I've always liked Jeremy... but Clarkson's Farm has made me LOVE him! Him with the lambs was super sweet 🥰 "IVE DONE A THING!!" 🤣
Jeremy's whole farm journey really is a text book on what it is like as a first time farmer, you get to learn all the lessons from his tomfoolery. Mistakes are often the first step toward Wisdom.
Aaron Neher
You know you’ve started living when you say that you’ve never been happier at work. Genuinely glad to hear that from someone that looks as though he has had everything.
I envy him. I'd like nothing more in my later years than to sow my own soil and rear my own stock. Slaving away in aerospace now with dreams of acres of land and never having to call another person my boss again.
CB Classics
I used to love Clarkson for being 'Clarkson', but now I love him for being Jeremy the Farmer
Sue Boyle
Being a homesteaders in America n raising Goats instead of sheep
Ace R.
Now I understand where the catchphrases my former special friend kept using are from.
"Where are you going on your holidays this year?"
I’ve always kind of wanted to have a flock of sheep. I learned so much watching Jeremy struggle. I’m stoked for the prospect of season 2.
Gilly Grey
This series was so funny ,can't wait for the next one.
Kaleb from Clarkson’s farm
Best of Jeremy Clarkson on QI