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Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper have called on the British public to back British farming as they highlight the importance of the nation’s food producers.
Speaking exclusively to the British Farming Awards after receiving a special award for Flying the Flag for British Agriculture, farming’s most famous partnership praised the drive and integrity demonstrated by farmers across the industry.
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25 Okt 2021



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MBC Vor year
Clarksons done more for british farmers in one show than the government has done for 30 years.
g8ymw Vor year
Or "Townie-file"
Erect My Greenhouse
@g8ymw Yep. I think it's the best thing he's done. Ok maybe the 10k supercar challenge episode on TG but that was just entertainment. This series hopefully has woken people up to the huge problems farming has had recently, especially the last two years. Rain on Sunday btw!
Andy Hall
Andy Hall Vor year
Well said
Teabag Towers
Teabag Towers Vor year
@g8ymw Country file has never been an accurate representation of British farming.
Teabag Towers
Teabag Towers Vor year
BenJervis62 He showed people how difficult farming is with regards to maintaining and planting crops as well raising livestock. He also showed how financially hard farming can be if you actually watch the final episode of the series. That and he showed the stupid amout of government bureaucracy you have to deal with folks such as DEFRA.
Bob Barker
Bob Barker Vor year
“I’ve met some people from the government now, they’re not impressive.” - Jeremy Clarkson. My favorite new quote.
Vivienne March
I've yet to meet anyone from government who was impressive. But I have been extremely impressed with Clarkson and company on the farm.
Brym Stone
Brym Stone Vor year
@Vivienne March they're not. and it's the people in the background who end up having to fix the mess and actually try to get things done. the civil servants and uniformed day staff etc. not the ones on tv and in the news.
IXI Futureproof
That is an organisation that needs completely restructuring. Politicians should be experts from the field they represent, not "career" politicians with no real world experience and no clue. All parties are a shambles.
Brym Stone
Brym Stone Vor year
@IXI Futureproof sadly that's not how it works. the real talent gets really occasional financial rewards. nothing remotely close to the absurd money mp's make. and what's more, they're not very well incentivised to stick around because of contractors being brought in to inevitably replace them or automate their whole jobs out of existence. if government spent less on contractors (i.e. lining the pockets of their family and friends on the boards of such companies!) and more on keeping their existing talent, they'd get so much more done, staff would benefit so much more, and government would save money hand over fist. but that's just my expert opinion. what the hell would i know about any of it.
Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens Vor year
Clarkson made an extremely good point when he said that if the grants stop being given to farmers, the Government should not interfere.
brad felts
brad felts Vor year
Love him or not, Clarkson is a serious asset to the UK
Sunny Jim
Sunny Jim Vor 4 Monate
I'm ashamed to admit that 30 years ago I was irked by the guy. I grew up. He's a national treasure and I also have so much respect for him.
kevin perry
kevin perry Vor year
The way he’s clutching that award you can tell it means a lot to him.
Or is he covering a brand on it?
Sgt Snugggles
Sgt Snugggles Vor year
@Martin.Brady.RallyCoDriver or he is absolutely blootered
Micheal Gumley
@Sgt Snugggles more like what I was thinking 😂😂
Tom Vor year
Think it was because he was tanked 😂😂
krizsz Vor year
i was actually thinking maybe he is kinda ashamed that he got an award for farming when there are so many more deserving, like Kaleb, let him show off his award and let me hide mine... but ofc i maybe wrong xD
renji abarai
renji abarai Vor year
Clarkson becoming a champion for farming (or anything for that matter) is amazing. He genuinely cares, non schtick, no angles, great chemistry. This is probably the best reality-documentary crossover there is or there ever was. It is genuinely relevant, meaningful, and it affects everyone. Boldly go, Jeremy and Caleb.
MdvK Vor year
'cause he's a bloody good lad, this one' that was from the heart and that sums it all up to me!
Mike Hutchison
Ever thought that it was because…..he knows what he’s doing and he’s the one doing the work ?
Tiberius Vor year
@Mike Hutchison Have you ever thought that Kaleb was hired by Jeremy because Clarkson interviewed a lot of people, and decided to hire someone that he both: got along with, and in some way admired, professionally?
Jack Herer
Jack Herer Vor year
fr, if Jeremy ever said that to me i think i would be in tears
mclarensmps Vor year
@Mike Hutchison Ever thought that Jeremy himself knows that as he mentioned multiple times in this very video?
Gallus Vor year
I'm not crying, you're crying!
Finlay Vor year
Its brilliant that he is using his fame to make people aware of the problems us British farmers face. I am happy to have Clarkson representing us!
CLAAS Fanboy
CLAAS Fanboy Vor year
@Mike Hutchison man you prob work 9 to 5 and googled farm stats
@Mike Hutchison Just to clarify a little about you blaming me for "You have been subsidised by the public since 1947" - I wasn't even born then! When you say "our rivers" - which ones exactly are yours, could post a list please? I don't care that much, but would be interesting to know more about you.
Aaron Erskine
Aaron Erskine Vor year
clarkson is a true gentleman for giving the spotlight to caleb. total class act. true humility. i, for one, will watch any show that clarkson does just to help support him
MagnetNerd Vor 7 Monate
YOU are the carbon they want to reduce.
SodaGG Vor 7 Monate
Agreed I'll listen to or watch anything clarkson does really. The man has his flaws like everyone else but he's an absolute treasure. Hope he comes up with a podcast or something. (becasue that's really cheap to do and means endless hours of clarkson for everyone)
Synchronizor Vor 6 Monate
It really feels like Jeremy has taken Kaleb under his wing now that the kid’s suddenly become a bit of a celebrity.
Keith Chamberlain
"I got an award!" Yes you did, Caleb. And you bloody well deserved it... More power to you both.
Jack Saunders
Jack Saunders Vor year
If Clarksons farm doesn't become a 5 series show I'll be upset. Just the first series alone has taught me so much out British farming, and now I don't buy anything that isn't British farmed.
Rui Nunes
Rui Nunes Vor year
5 series show? I look forward for the next 30 series show.
Totally! Now when I drive past a tractor in a field me and my missus both say “cultivating”
Rui Nunes
Rui Nunes Vor year
@stevenpaddybwoy I always give them way so they don’t loose too much time waiting for someone to let them go.
Baz Vor year
All we need now is east European hands to bag it and pop it on the shelf.
MrProjekts Vor year
"he's a bloody good lad this one" makes you wanna tear up! doing an awesome job these guys and all our farmers.
Tony Spillett
Tony Spillett Vor year
I wasn’t the greatest fan of clarkson before, but now I’m loving what he’s brought to British farming , love the show 👍
tommy fred
tommy fred Vor year
yah the guy was always a bit of a twat. but his love of food has turned into something a bit more.
tommy fred
tommy fred Vor year
@Jordan no mate i thought he was 'a bit of a twat'. that's not the same as being 'a twat'. i suspect you don't understand the difference. i would love to see your definition of both. just to see the way you interpreted my use. also label's narrow the mind? really! now presumption and pre conclusion. they are truly mind closing. but a label is just that, a point of reference. car is a label but without defining more. its just a LGV focused on people transportation. the word is just used so you don't, for instance, try coming by bus. this is mind narrowing? only if your presuming. :)
CJrun Vor year
You may have missed it. In the early days when they added Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson was the one that insisted on adding May. They wouldn't, so he left the show. He WANTED to be the heel, and he wanted to be able to play the insufferable lout against Hammond and May. He didn't want to play the comedian roll, or the equipment nerd, he wanted to play the lout that everybody would hate, sort of. On his show, he's still doing the same roll, I mean... the Lamborghini tractor and the barn door is that roll, but he's also a bit more real at times. Wish him well.
Arl Tratlo
Arl Tratlo Vor year
yip, he shows what you will be missing in 3 years time.... and after your government cant provide you with food, because the ships from Australia stuck in the Suez Canal again!
Zack Morrison
Zack Morrison Vor year
I’ve always loved to watch Clarkson on top gear and the grand tour, but I was so impressed and so entertained watching Clarkson and Kaleb on the farm. I think Clarkson has been one of the best things that could have ever happened to farming and agriculture.
Erect My Greenhouse
Yeah. He has shown how hard it is and how little anyone in big towns realises what has to be put in to get crops and livestock on their plates. Harry Meaden also does a good show - Harry's Farm.
Benjamin Signor
I dunno about the best thing that's happened to farming, Farming Simulator 2022 is looking pretty sweet. :)
john lim
john lim Vor year
I applaud JC for his magnificent work in highlighting the critical issues surrounding farming & the countryside to us city troglodytes. And it’s ridiculous that farmers should be held at the mercy of govt bureaucrats who prob know as much about the countryside as me. It’s also grossly unfair that farmers should remain at bottom of the pile when it comes to reaping the financial rewards for the work put in to produce food. Think farmers, through the BFA, need to start collectively working their way up the value chain instead of letting the supermarket brands monopolise the retailing space.
True Tothegame
@john lim he voted out the EU & thats killing our farmers
navnig Vor year
He's a bit like Boris, in the sense that he's not quite the blithering, bumbling idiot that he's made out to be...There's a sharp, analytical mind in there.
Scott Bond
Scott Bond Vor year
Jeremy and Kaleb and all the off camera folks that made this show possible, thank you! You have helped farmers EVERYWHERE. Jermey plays at being a serious farmer and in the process of stupid mistakes and silliness he makes us all aware how involved and difficult real farming truly is. The two of them are great together. Thank You again!
Chris Brackin
Chris Brackin Vor year
The fact that he not only feels this way about being sort of a voice for farmers but also saying in the show that it's about the happiest he's ever been just makes me feel so good. Well done Clarkson and Kaleb and everyone involved in the show.
Promentery Robbins
Kudos to Jeremy for letting Kaleb shine - and for promoting great British farmers
Jackson Vor 6 Monate
Even in America us farmers love the light Clarkson shines on the whole industry. As he said farmers aren't negligent and most truly care about being good stewards of the land and It's extremely refreshing to hear.
M Vor year
Jermey Clarkson - and his compatriot Harry Metcalfe (Harrys Farm) - have between them, created knowledge and awareness of what is really going on with our Farming community, their struggles, difficulties and motivations. Both should be commended and maybe listened to by UK Government!! Wonderful series both 👍🏼
RHP9898 Vor year
Good shout out for Harry, another great guy.
Graz Vor year
Harrys Farm is brilliant too and i suspect was the Terry Pratchett to JKR Harry Potter with Clarkson Farm. There is so much damage to reverse due to centralisation and regulations imposed to benefit mega corps.
Amano Shrimp
Amano Shrimp Vor year
Jeremy and Kaleb are great ambassadors for the farming community, highlighting the hardships endured by british farmers, they're putting farming back on the map.
Reece Vor year
Give it 20 years and farms will be obsolete. Food will be made in factories using factory grown ingredients and probably factory grown animals.
NeoTag Atg
NeoTag Atg Vor 8 Monate
@Reece The thing is farming as it is for the population we have is not sustainable it's just not we do need to change farming some of it is letting farmers react better to the conditions where they are instead of having some stupid blanket policy for all farms. Yet equally is fundamental changing how we farm. Skyscraper farms is the future for certain crops, Low water, low fertilizer, low chemical farming, wilding like we see on the program is the only way forward. We need to support farmer but and I hate to say it. We also need to push these stubborn stick in the mud who go "It's been done this way for 10 generation i'm not changing it one little bit" out of the way because things have changed and some of the old way can no longer work. Over here in the state our aquifers are going dry from farming It took in some cases it's thought to of taken hundred of thousands of years for them to fill and we have pumped them dry in spots in a few centuries.
MagnetNerd Vor 7 Monate
YOU are the carbon they want to reduce.
Gavin W
Gavin W Vor year
I love the. humility in this, Clarkson could easily turn this into "how great am I", instead he rightly calls out all involved and uses the situation he finds himself in to draw attention to all in the Team and more importantly, the wider farming community. Doff my cap to you sir.
FS Vor year
Real talk for a second. "Im so great" thing is a "presenter persona" of Jeremy. Yes he might have confidence to believe in himself. But in many interviews he has done. He is very down to earth. Plus he most likely knew how much good he can do with his speech at such events and help all of the UK farmers. So very smartly he decided to be serious about it :)
The Harringtons
The Harringtons Vor 3 Monate
Watching Jeremy Clarkson's farm show has educated me on the problems our farmers are facing and made me realise just how important our farmers are to our country.
David Flores
David Flores Vor year
I hope Kaleb carries on with this show after Jeremy. Love seeing him, he is, as Jeremy puts it, "A bloody good lad". He's also like the son to him. It's really special to see.
Mary Wiedman
Mary Wiedman Vor year
What a national treasure Jeremy has turned out to be.
essentialfix Vor year
That nearly made me cry at the end of the video... when Jeezer says" He's a bloody good lad this one!!" my dad says that to me... and I'm 50!
edward michaels
clarckson was impressed from the 1st interview he did with caleb, after listing all his endeavors, jeeza asked how old are you, im 21. jeeza was smitten, finally!
Zack S
Zack S Vor year
The Extra Mile
You know what? You are a bloody good lad!
1eltino Vor year
You're very lucky. Me and my Dad don't speak. I'd love for him to say that about me but he's not a good man. Cherish your old man
Dallas Sukerkin
I have to say it is absolutely remarkable the transformation this fellow has gone through in terms of moving from being merely very entertaining to actually being purposeful and trying to make a positive difference. Lots have said it but I will too, by making this tv series and, because of his prior fame and his talents, making it successful, many people are for the first time getting an idea of what it takes to put food on the table.
yeah you may want to go back and watch some of trips even on the Grand Tour and Top Gear, yeah it was mostly about cars but every now and then he would expose things that wasn't supposed to be seen and made us all think differently... hes actually a very down to earth person and actually cares about things and not the rich idiot everyone tells you that he is.. hes been doing it for yrs and that is the main reason why the BBC will never allow him to host another show or documentary or interview where he has an opinion..
Apti Newim
Apti Newim Vor year
Did you just call Jeremy "merely very entertaining"? 🤔🤔
Paul Gamble
Paul Gamble Vor year
Sounds like you might be new to Jeremy's serious side. I implore you to seek out three things which will give you a new appreciation for him. "The Greatest Raid of all" , "The Victoria Cross: For Valour" and "Great Britons: Isambard Kingdom Brunel". These are subjects he has huge passion for and it really shines through in the documentaries. Jezza may have cultivated a persona of being this big brash oaf, but you'll see the man behind the brand after watching these. He's a lot smarter and a great deal more empathetic than Top Gear or Grand Tour showed you.
Dallas Sukerkin
@Paul Gamble Very true. Those documentaries he did were very high quality and excellently presented.
TheRasmusdc Vor year
@dunhillsupramk3 that is the main part of it, i think they in the topgear / grand tour has always tried to put focus on something horrid, like the water starvation in the Grand tour episode in Vietnam, and going through talking about Polpot, but they have actually tried to show also the beauty of these places, the only place which i felt actually hit them hard, was what they did in Argentina, i do not really thing that they thought that they would be hunted like that, and that the episode ended in being fleeing the country. However i do agree that Clarksons Farm is an extremely good show, but it is lifted by the staff around him, usually he needs Hammond and May, but it just works with the staff he has on the farm.
Mark Mathews
Mark Mathews Vor year
nearly teared up at the end there, Clarkson is desperately trying to keep the English country side & the people that made it going , both of which he clearly loves so much as do we all, thx big fella
Shaun Beatty
Shaun Beatty Vor year
Clarkson is a good bloke! Allowing Kaleb to take the spotlight and standing back. Even Kaleb’s name was at the top of the screen which I thought was a nice touch. Jeremy’s learning but in the meantime using the brand he’s created to provide a platform for British Farming. That deserves an award itself and thats why he’s our national treasure.
Robert Higgins
I'm so glad Jeremy's made the show as he's got such a following and will be a great ambassador for enlightening the public. BBC has an agenda and its plain to see if you look for it.
mweston25 Vor 11 Monate
I’m an ex soldier and I had no clue how insanely difficult it is to be a farmer, in certain scenarios being a farmer is more difficult than being a soldier, when we work hard it is flat out but it’s never flat out 24/7 even on deployment you will have hours of sitting around and doing nothing, farming is early morning and late finishes daily. If it weren’t for Clarkson I wouldn’t have understood the difficulties farmers have to go through and how the government doesn’t just not help but actively hinders the work of the people who literally feed us.
Philip Bridges
I am so glad that Clarkson made a thoroughly entertaining and more informative at the same time farming program, He may not know much about farming, but he sure as hell knows more now than when he first started!!, more importantly however is the generation like Kaleb. A decent young lad with a passion for all the hard work it takes to be a British farmer, a great role model I would say, and deserves every success in the future.
Neil T
Neil T Vor year
Top marks to Jeremy for using his fame to highlight the great work British farmers do. Kaleb you are such a joy to watch.
Aasgard invest
This should be celebrated. The farmers are our heroes!
Kevin B
Kevin B Vor 2 Monate
When Clarkson said he was going to run a farm everyone laughed. Simply one of the most entertaining, educational, funny programmes on TV. Please support UK farmers as much as you can!
Gitimus01 Vor year
I was genuinely surprised how well Clarkson's Farm was made and presented. Plus how involved he got and how much he progresses (despite the jokes) and learns. Never knew until then how bad and how stressful it can be.
Tono ton
Tono ton Vor year
When’s Kaleb getting his own show, he’s brilliant. As someone completely ignorant of what’s involved in farming, this show gave me a whole new appreciation.
M K Vor year
The show was so much fun and the fact that they just happened to stumble on people like Kaleb, that have such good synergy with Jeremy, just made it that much funner. Don't know what they are gonna show but hope they go for season 2.
Tom Goss
Tom Goss Vor year
Well done Didly Squat team, a well deserved award.
Wanda Swafford
Wanda Swafford Vor 7 Monate
Thank you Jeremy Clarkson. Love you show. I wish you had more episodes per season
Space Bites
Space Bites Vor year
Love the love that Clarkson has for him… massive respect to you both. Great job both of you 💪🏻
afe nijmeijer
afe nijmeijer Vor year
I have really grown to like Jeremy Clarkson. He is epic. I just love his no nonsense attitude. Says what he feels and thinks and stuff the rest.A sense of humour off the scale.
Colin Porter
Colin Porter Vor year
Mike . This is a somewhat polarised view. I have several farmer friends and this does not represent their experience!
Paul Yarlett
Paul Yarlett Vor year
It's lovely to see Clarkson backing something so important to the next generation, well said that man .
Anton Johansson
The way the show represented those who worked with Jeremy on that farm with such respect, and were able to get everyone to react so natural, yet entertaining. Amazing.
Terminus Est
Terminus Est Vor year
Clarkson is one of the very few rare people who have been gifted with the ability to change the status quo. He has been doing this for some time, in a few discrete areas up till recently but all the same principles are again present in this one, a fundamental one, farming. The food we eat, or should do. He will revolutionise it.
smkh Vor year
By moving to Poland? At least there are plenty of farm workers in Poland...
Old Geordie Geezer
He has not been "gifted" with that ability. He has worked extremely hard over a number of decades to "earn" that ability.
Wanda Swafford
Wanda Swafford Vor 7 Monate
Gosh he is such an honorable man. God Bless him and please bring fourth more men like him.
Jeff Suter
Jeff Suter Vor year
People get Clarkson wrong. He's intelligent and knowledgeable, who sometimes plays a "laddish" character. Here he talks sense.
Christy Kranig
One of the best shows on Amazon. As a farm kid myself I found this show to be an incredible release. Can't wait for next season.
Grzegorz Niedzielski
I'm so happy that this show was such a success, all the people involved in the production have done such an amazing job.
stevealexR1 Vor 6 Monate
The best line in Season 1 of Clarkson’s Farm was when Jeremy was cogitating about whether to carry on at the farm or return to London and Caleb, with brilliant comic timing, said “Yes, do that”!
ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia
Great ambassadors for British farming and its future. Love Jeremy, he's met the government and he's not impressed. I'd say the same.
Terry Finnie
Terry Finnie Vor year
Heard he likes new Zealand lamb.😁😁😁😁
ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia
@Terry Finnie I think he will come around to organic farming. Big smiles!
ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia
@Michael Scofield Is that all you can come up with? People with common sense throw the race card back at the person that threw it first.
Alan Chadwick
Alan Chadwick Vor year
Me too , they are insufferably dull and stupid
n3hp5 Vor year
@Michael Scofield And?
Gareth Hand
Gareth Hand Vor year
Couldn’t be prouder to have these pair as the face of our industry.
Johnny Morris
Johnny Morris Vor year
Total enjoyed watching this and can't wait for the next. Very educational and worth the watch of Clarkson bungling along and learning on the way. Kayleb must of had a patient of a saint while filming and deserved an award for that. Good job team K & J for bringing the real life struggles and joys of farming.
Clarkson here shows us how to be a real gentleman and how to pursue a truly relevant cause. That is pure class.
Sharon Washington
Kaleb is blown away by his new found fame thanks to Jeremy. Well done guys. ALL out to BRITISH FARMERS.
Henry Intheuk
Henry Intheuk Vor year
I used to know nothing about farming, I took everything for granted, and now I feel a little ashamed that it took a man like Clarkson to open my eyes. I have a huge amount of respect our our nations farmers, and the rest of us need to do more to help them do more for us.
Mike Hutchison
Yeah,must be really hard watching cows eat grass ! Didn’t our children do much the same,when they kept pet rabbits…..feeding,watering,cleaning out ? Really hard !
Gordon Hamilton
Clarkson is simply a thoroughly decent human being, when he talks, people should listen.....there will come a day when they won't be able to.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Vor year
He's super humble, really. Top lad.
Terry Finnie
Terry Finnie Vor year
Yes, a thoroughly true racist.
Ant Vor year
@Terry Finnie Terry, a thorughly true salty bitter helmet
jack mason
jack mason Vor year
@Terry Finnie evidence?
Creepy Smile and Wave
Kaleb and Jeremy are such a good duo, they compliment eachother so well
J Bee
J Bee Vor year
I think Clarkson deserves this award as much as Kaleb. Done so much to raise awareness for the blight of the British Farmers. He's sort of doing something that matters more than a car show and he's actually proud of himself (rightly so) whilst keeping the comedy elements. I mean we were all laughing at his joke entry vid to Farmer Of the Year, but he's actually gone and won an award! Good for them and the other on his farm. Long may it continue!
Liam Johnson
Liam Johnson Vor year
this made me smile. Kaleb is a good lad. So is Jeremey, he's an absolute legend
Having worked with farmers planning goods into food factories it’s hard work. Great to see Clarkson promoting farming to education us all the importance of where our food comes from.
Ann Stuart
Ann Stuart Vor year
Well done Caleb and Clarkson and your team. You have brought reality back to farming. With humour we all love.👍 Merry Christmas to all.
Banksy238 Vor year
Clarkson reminds me of my grandad…one of those guys whose genuine praise and pat on the back, as a youngster, really is worth more than any money, because you know he doesn’t hand it out often
Old Geordie Geezer
Looking back over my lifetime of work I just crease up when people say a pat on the back is worth more than money. I'm guessing this is a millennial concept brought about by that generation's requirement to be loved, appreciated and congratulated at every possible moment. Try buying a loaf of bread with a pat on the back, and see how that goes!
Banksy238 Vor year
@Old Geordie Geezer not at all. I have no feelings of intolerance and I completely understand what you said, I just retorted. My comment was in no way about safe spaces or Molly coddling. It was about the bond created when a young man earns the respect of an older, more accomplished man, or even his role model…through hard work and admirable qualities. You took my point of how it feels to ACHIEVE respect and credit from a mentor/role model and warped it into something you could start to vent your frustrations about the “everyone gets a medal, credit for taking part” culture that is prevalent in modern society. I share your sentiments completely about the weak, woke culture of today…but I thought it poor that you felt the need to infer the things you did from something nice and something that is clearly lacking in today’s society. Hard work, pride in your work, role models, and competence. Congratulations on your success and knowing your worth, I’m sure your an accomplished and decent person. Since you are trying to infer characteristics from what I have said, I will tell you I am no different, in a highly accomplished professional job, I am a husband and father raising a family, having overcome true adversity, I am anti-safe-space etc, self motivated and largely opposed to the softness and obsession with feelings purported in society today. BUT I know when I was a teenager, I valued the day my work was acknowledged and praised by someone I considered a master of their craft, far more than a few extra quid at Christmas (which is what my original comment was about) It’s not the need for a pat on the head, or lacking self worth, it’s developing pride in what you do and enjoying the rewards that come with it. Also I’m not hiding behind a keyboard. I said nothing I wouldn’t feel more than comfortable saying to your face. It just happens that this is the medium in which the conversation occurred. I think if you deem my response as “abusive”…you sound like the exact kind of person you are complaining about. Maybe dumb could be considered an insult (not exactly a particularly nasty one) but ignorant is certainly not abuse. I gave my reasons for why I thought your reply was ignorant. Has nothing to do with tolerance or understanding. Further terms often used within victimhood mentality. And have nothing to do with my response to you.
Advanced Ape
Advanced Ape Vor year
@Old Geordie Geezer You're anonymous, son. Comment also indicates a fatherless household. Sad.
dick the dike's
ive never farmed nor claim to be a know it all about farming but what i can say is.... for every farmer out there, i take my hat off to you all.... im a young lad and trust me there is alot of young people who still believe in you all... keep doing what your doing. good work guys honestly
Lost Dragon
Lost Dragon Vor year
A sobering message from Jeremy Clarkson and a rare statement of praise.
MoistGoat Vor year
You can really tell how passionate he is about what he's doing and the value he has of his team - even if you didn't like him before you'd have to be ignorant not to see that.
lumo Vor year
Never thought in a million years I'd love a farming show, but I can honestly say I do this 1 n hope they make quite a few series of it.
cheryl baker
cheryl baker Vor year
About time farming was represented by decent people like these. Well done all.
Martin Hambleton
Very well earned and deserved. Thank you. It's been too many years since Farming and Farmers have had a voice.
tortoise 🐢
tortoise 🐢 Vor year
Food. It's cost and availability is taken for granted.
Martin Hambleton
@Mike Hutchison Again. They are landowners not Farmers. There is a World of difference. Farmers themselves don't want subsidies of any description. The only reason that Farming receives subsidies is so that the public can have cheap food. If the subsidies were not there, food costs would be sky high. This is not unique to the UK but in one way, shape or form is the same everywhere. But not necessarily worded, "subsidies". This has made Farmers into, Hoop jumpers, box tickers. The landowners you mention are not family run Farms and by no means represent them. Your average Farmer will be working for less than the minimum wage for the hours worked. The investment on any Farm is massive and every penny will be reinvested into machinery, animals, buildings, fertiliser, seed, crop chemicals, maintenance, contractors, labour, vets Bill's, and countless other bills I haven't mentioned. The subsidies that you mention would probably pay the fertiliser bill, and that's it! A lot of people think that Farmers get the subsidy payment and book a holiday in the Bahamas? This is definitely not the case. Are you connected with Agriculture?
Blake A
Blake A Vor 7 Monate
"he's a bloody good lad this one." What a touching and genuinely kind thing for Jezza to say. Can't say I saw this coming when he left the BBC.
MattSaysSmile Vor year
I certainly ended up with a better understanding of farming and the difficulties they face every single day, thanks to Clarkson I have a much higher level of respect for farmers.
MSI2k Vor year
Clarkson has adopted Kaleb as his son. There's so much father-son energy between the two.
Dion Brand
Dion Brand Vor year
Clarkson is doing for Farms in the UK what he did for car fans on Top Gear. Keep it up Clarkson and Kaleb, huge fans from South Africa.
Strike The Root
this was the greatest show. Clarkson opened the eyes of a large number of people about the importance of farm to table. Humanity depends on these great Men and Women.
Gary C
Gary C Vor year
Bravo Jezza. About time somebody stands up for the farmers. regards
nftbound Vor year
Love seeing Clarkson giving everyone else the credit and shining a light to these hard working people. Make our countryside great again!
YanAbaus Vor year
Heart warming and important message! Trots op onze boeren! Much love from the Netherlands
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf Vor year
I'm not a farmer and this series has opened my eyes to that world! It's a hard life. Jeremy makes it entertaining, Kaleb et al. make it work - Looking forward to seeing series 2 👍
Surreptitious Vor year
This is why we love him and he shrugs off the cancellation bs. He is what he is and unashamedly so.
Matt561 Vor year
Kaleb: He never listens Jeremy: carful Kaleb even louder: He never ever listens
Egg_Centric Vor year
Loved Clarkson's Farm. Big fan of Kaleb. Absolutely love the vibe between those two.
Whoami691 Vor year
Who would have thought 10 years ago Jeremy Clarkson would be the champion of British farming... Caleb will go far, he is representative of the future. Keep going guys!
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Vor year
very nice, Jeremy and Kaleb made that series very entertaining and informative to watch. Rumor has it that they have signed on for a 2nd season. well done good sirs...well done
Francesca Garcia Galan
Well done Clarkson your a legend and you deserve the best
Steven H
Steven H Vor year
Jeremy in my opinion has gone up with his humble approach. Well done guys
Jon Limer
Jon Limer Vor year
Great program that was both entertaining and informative, as a family we found it quite moving at times, well done Jezza and the crew.
Ginge F
Ginge F Vor year
That was a cracking presentation by petrol head Jeremy, thoroughly enjoyable and they both have my total support.
Albert Lira
Albert Lira Vor year
Incredible. Doing good for a lot of hard working incredible people.
Anna Ferrara
Anna Ferrara Vor year
I actually teared up at the end of the series. I can’t wait for the next season!
Jas Lion
Jas Lion Vor year
Great stuff keep it up gents don’t let our great industry’s end like so many 🇬🇧👍
Rahul Sohoni
Rahul Sohoni Vor year
Jeremy and Kaleb are doing for farms and farmers what two decades ago, Jeremy, James and Richard did for cars and car enthusiasts. They totally deserved this award!
JohnB63 Vor year
I loved every second. Can’t wait for season 2. I learned while being entertained. Outstanding.
Nartarlyia Tremaynne
I reside in Australia and watching Clarkson's Farm has given me insight into the absolute slog and tireless work put in by Farmers. Their entire Life is dictated by the need of Farm Animals and the seasons of Crops. As a city person I have always done my weekly shop without much thought to Farmers. I now purchase my meat and vegetables from Farmers direct so they benefit from direct sales for their hard work and endeavours on their Farm. Truly eye opening and I am no longer ignorant to Farmers enormous amount of work 24/7.
Mr Bill Hilly
Mr Bill Hilly Vor Monat
I was born & raised in Sydney, it sickens me how the sheep farmer in Merriwa has no train line to their town anymore; meanwhile the welfare-sponge in Western Sydney gets a metro train underneath their existing train line just because they want their kids to come home from school sooner. City-centric politics has ruined Australia's rural towns. I'm so glad I changed my career years ago & got to travel around NSW for work, opened my eyes to the reality of farmers & what they endure.
Nartarlyia Tremaynne
@Mr Bill Hilly Bill, I concur with your sentiment 100%♡
Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey Vor year
Who ever put these two together is a genus it just works
ZDddoerfcs Vor 2 Monate
Not only has Clarkson helped spread the plight and battles of farmers across the world (stated as a semi-rural American) but he’s started to look healthier and brought attention to conservation efforts that were overlooked in the past
TheFateWeaver channel
I knew farming was clearly hardwork but i had no idea how hard until this show. Thank you all British farmers for all the hardwork you do and the meals you help provide every single day.
Eddy Leland
Eddy Leland Vor year
Just watched this series,thoroughly enjoyed it and must admit I didnt realise the problems the weather can cause to farmers.Respect to all of them
Andrew George
Andrew George Vor year
What a great series on Amazon, the work ethic is great. I will always support local farm shops. Well done both of you and the team I love it.
Richard Weetman
Wonderful clip, with real feeling & sentiment from both of them. I've loved the first series of Clarkson's Farm, and it's made me and my family realise and learn that we owe the farming community so much. I'll be taking the advice, look for the red tractors!
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Vor year
You can tell Clarkson thinks the world of him! I mean I love Top Gear/Grand Tour but Clarkson’s Farm is on a whole new level. I didn’t appreciate how hard farming is and how hard they work. Bloody good programme and huge respect to you both, the team and all the other farmers out there. Let’s make sure it doesn’t die out!
B C Vor year
So he got the perm in the end, I see👍🏻😁 But on a serious note, I applaud Jeremy and the team who put together this wonderful series. Never thought Jeremy would become a champion of farming, but he is, and huge thanks to him for showcasing the ups and downs of rural life
Gia Atta
Gia Atta Vor year
Brilliant. Simply Brilliant. I love Caleb, Jeremy Charlie, Gerald and Ellen. Love love this team!!!