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Jeremy Clarkson fitted a speaker to a drone in hopes that it would help herd his sheep.

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7 Dez 2019



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Pirate Pete
Pirate Pete Vor 21 Tag
English humor. Love it. Cheers from Oz.
The Jaggernaut
The Jaggernaut Vor 28 Tage
Jeremy made the classic top gear mistake, asking how hard can it be?
DM87™️ Vor Monat
This was filmed during “Sheeping” Ep
dustojnikhummer Vor 3 Monate
Year and a half later we got an amazing show out of this!
Jon Flynn
Jon Flynn Vor 3 Monate
Why do shop bought tomatoes go mouldy in a week yet my home grown last. The shops are selling us old ruined stock. Why ? Stop nitrogen cold storage now. We have to eat what's in season and pay through the nose at off peak times for our lettuce and radishes.
Simone Trafford
Simone Trafford Vor 3 Monate
The loutish fact compellingly owe because wash likely frame to a vengeful resolution. evasive, entertaining freon
MrGulstad Vor 3 Monate
Jeremy Clarksson should revisit some off the old cars if some off them still are around and see how they fared against time and other cars. He could do it inbetween the farming and such it would be quite interesting, PS watch this clip and especially ca 1,10 mins in to the clip de-vid.com/video/video-7Pqem4I0QYI.html
Juanico Marco
Juanico Marco Vor 3 Monate
"I Cannot wait to eat them" :-D
prince omar
prince omar Vor 4 Monate
I really loved this farm show
K M Vor 4 Monate
Yeah, watch Caleb on this morning with millionaires grey guy and bird with the eyes and there's no comment on his frustration with travelling into London. It was interesting. I wish Schofield would fuck off
#dapros Vor 4 Monate
Him cant get sheep of field me getting them of in 5 mins as a 10 yr old
S K Vor 4 Monate
I stand with the farmers spare a thought for the injustice of Indian Sikh farmers
Mac Vor 4 Monate
He’s turned in to a nice bloke…go Jeremy.
Sandra Gill
Sandra Gill Vor 4 Monate
I love him , the ssheep were harlarious. He plays it hard but when he went to say goodbye to those sheep, and they had already killed them it was so touching
Shubham Bhushan
Shubham Bhushan Vor 5 Monate
Planting trees to own the libs.
Smart Ass
Smart Ass Vor 5 Monate
He is not a farmer. He is a celerity that bought a farm. I bought some scrubs and I'm now a surgeon.
The Smiths Family
The Smiths Family Vor 5 Monate
Try giving yourself a brain transplant once your training is complete!
Matticus Madness
Matticus Madness Vor 5 Monate
_”How hard can it be?”_ A line that gets Clarkson, into a lot of scrapes.
timmy mosqueda
timmy mosqueda Vor 5 Monate
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Mephistopheles Count Caliostro
This guy wanted to field the pie
Syahmi Norizan
Syahmi Norizan Vor 5 Monate
Lord ‘M’ Fitzgerald 3rd
Just watched his farming show, the three sheep that got put down was so sad! Poor Jezza got really upset!
Wicker 2
Wicker 2 Vor 5 Monate
The next scene is him eating them lol
Tejas Vor 6 Monate
Jonathan Ross is Jeremy Clarkson’s unofficial shrink.
Vishnu Vor 6 Monate
At this rate he's doing more good for the environment than Thunberg and her moronic followers
Franca Perotti
Franca Perotti Vor 6 Monate
Jeremy doesnt understand even talking there he still has no idea what farming is all about.
Anita Dejtsch
Anita Dejtsch Vor 6 Monate
Frahkestain farm
Houssem Mezzine
Houssem Mezzine Vor 6 Monate
Im jealous of the retired farmer. He actually witnessed and watched a true "how hard can it be" unfold
Truckerdrone Europe
Truckerdrone Europe Vor 7 Monate
I taie those 96 👎 are from vegans and tesla and prius owners😂
Legion 187
Legion 187 Vor 8 Monate
Thumbnail- The Best Facial Expression from Mr Clarkson XD
Bear Marsh
Bear Marsh Vor 8 Monate
The legend that is Jeremy Clarkson...
Joshua Varghese
Joshua Varghese Vor 8 Monate
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3 v 16
Mohammad Ayaan
Mohammad Ayaan Vor 9 Monate
This looks like a plot for Shaun the sheep!
Stuff&Things Vor 10 Monate
Aaaaah so that's why the farmer shagging sheep comes from. Watching them shag must be like hearing a till ringing...
Mark Luka
Mark Luka Vor 10 Monate
Massive swingers field 😳
Dicomiajr Vor 10 Monate
I could honestly listen to Jeremy waffle on for hours he's such a funny character 😂
The Smiths Family
The Smiths Family Vor 5 Monate
Yes, me too. Even more so, as he breaks a liberals heart everytime he speaks! It is indeed heartwarming!
P Vor 11 Monate
Clarkson and Ross were both born in 1960 but Clarkson looks 20 years older
Pat King
Pat King Vor 11 Monate
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Valerie Nieto
Valerie Nieto Vor 4 Monate
Hu go
Hu go Vor 11 Monate
Clarkson : 'How hard can it be?!' Also Clarkson: 'Why am I so utterly usesless at absolutely everything?!'
Mo Jama
Mo Jama Vor 11 Monate
Is this what people like to do when they are aged 59? Farming and watching sheep shagging?
Chithira Nugagahakumbura
Greta enthusiasts lmao
Angga Rachmadi
Plowing with SPEEEEEEDD
dave h
dave h Vor year
Just a thought, but I read farming is a job with one of the highest suicide rates....
Jonny Jonjon
Jonny Jonjon Vor year
He needs to get a pig and get the "barr ram ewe" password for the sheep 😂😂
DUEL 1016
DUEL 1016 Vor year
1:44 “I can not wait to eat them”
kh-oi Vor year
Two UK Millionaire hosts appeared on The Johnathan Ross Show.
Ben Singleton
Ben Singleton Vor year
Does anyone remember when he blew up a field to plough it.
Sasha Antonia
Sasha Antonia Vor year
Love clarkson
Fedora Vor year
"There are 3 of them they can't get pregnant because if they did they'd produce milk and they'd be unable to deliver that milk and they'll explode" Classic Clarkson
Alexander Davids
No jeremy can antipatick
Poutanas Malakopoulos
Imagine being lost in some back roads in the English country side, you stop by a farmer for directions and it's Jeremy Fucking Clarkson, probably telling you to sod off while herding his sheep in a Ferrari
Khurelbat Bayanbat
Khurelbat Bayanbat Vor 10 Monate
I think all youd see is a drone with a speaker telling you to sod off.
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Vor year
I cannot wait to eat them!
noam Zacks
noam Zacks Vor year
How is 'Christin Scot Donkey' ?
noam Zacks
noam Zacks Vor year
Welcome to the real world,Jeremy
Mr Montgomery
Mr Montgomery Vor year
The new government. Imagine these two in charge of the UK.
stefano song
stefano song Vor year
"How hard can it be?"
Dan Something
Dan Something Vor year
Im Welsh and I got all worked up watching this
Marco Prins
Marco Prins Vor year
Super proud on Clarkson for becoming carbon neutral
90's kid
90's kid Vor year
good for you Jeremy, suits his offensive style to actually do good deeds when most people would't do anything
Woz Mac
Woz Mac Vor year
Mr. Ross, Grand Tour is not even half as good as Clarkson's Top Gear...
Leonardo Vor year
I’d watch a show of Jeremy running a farm
Cal The Peace Loving Clover
2:04 Communism: "You know people are going to come and ask for free potatoes?" Capitalism: "Who said free?"
Tara Marie
Tara Marie Vor year
I love this man.
Michelle Covey
I love Jeremy ... xxxx
David Pace
David Pace Vor year
I thought he was going to retire to Clarkson Island de-vid.com/video/video-DMuO-8S_0Wg.html
David Pace
David Pace Vor year
The Jonathan I dye my hair with cheap black hairdye Woss Show
Woz Mac
Woz Mac Vor year
Top Gear was his show. Even the earlier presenters before him say that. Grand Tour is nowhere close, even though they have improved by using a lot of Top Gear style rhetoric. Now they are closing that down.
Woz Mac
Woz Mac Vor year
@Jay paul Evans They (Amazon and Clarkson team) are closing the Grand Tour. They will do only a few tours in a year under the Grand Tour name. But the 13 episodes per year is finished.
We are seeing the end of the Grand Tour soon. May basically said he wants to step down from it, Clarkson has a farm which is keeping his busy.
stuartj1234 Vor 6 Monate
And Hammond's got pant at Swindon Wyvern.
GloomGaiGar Vor 9 Monate
clarkson said the farm keeps him busy when he's not filming TGT
@Trabant In one of his video Vlogs
Trabant Vor year
Where did May say that ?
Andrew Samosval
such a great voice, hello from ukraine
Keith Chamberlain
In my head, I can hear him shouting at someone; "Oy! Get off my land!"
DM87™️ Vor year
Keith Chamberlain you mean get off my land, followed by a drone & the sound of a double barrel shot gun
He's a great man
Jackie Vor year
0:16 Don't say that!
Armand Desarrierespays
Jeremy should drive an EV if he drives everywhere...
Charlie Norton
Armand Desarrierespays evs are worse for the environment than gas/diesel vehicles
GUYIVKS Vor year
Never thought of Clarkson as a member of the sheep fancier collective. Not sure English farmers are any better behaved towards sheep Welsh farmers.
Filip Mishev
Filip Mishev Vor year
"I've accidentally grown 30 tons of potatoes"
Bloodangel.13 Vor 4 Monate
@Kale Vandaal Well to be fair the people told him that potatoes don't grow well in his area so to plant potatoes and get 30 tons out of a 2 acres is remarkable especially for a novice farmer.
Kale Vandaal
Kale Vandaal Vor 5 Monate
@Ahmad Mamoojee well wen plant a field with potato s what u think going to happen? not accidentally at all,
Ahmad Mamoojee
Ahmad Mamoojee Vor 5 Monate
after watching the show, this man really did accidentally grow 30 tons of potatoes lmao
CzechMirco Vor 9 Monate
@Michael ‘Hee Hee’ Jackson You know what I always wanted to know? What do you all "Saville-was-a-pedo-and-everything-associated-with-him-is-pedo" snarks think and say about all the thousands of kids who were genuinely helped by his charity and had their dreams made true by him. Should they do some public denunciation of him and their own younger selves like it was usual in Stalin's USSR? Or are they supposed to be ridiculled by people like you? Or perhaps labelled as suspicious just in case?
Michael ‘Hee Hee’ Jackson
Filip Mishev To be fair, people said that about Jimmy Savile and his charity work
y1521t21b5 Vor year
Changing caweer... ;-)
humphrey peek
humphrey peek Vor year
you are about to lose your EU grant
Thomas Koukouris
classic english humour at its best, quick and smart...far better than american. coming from a greek
Nutz kun
Nutz kun Vor year
whats it have to do with americans
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart Vor year
Why not make the fence higher?
stuartj1234 Vor 6 Monate
Because the sheep would change tactics and start digging tunnels! Remember they are vindictive and very clever.
guguigugu Vor year
probably some government regulation
d333pmind Vor year
lol just realised they were both fired by the bbc
Deco Dolly
Deco Dolly Vor year
@DeBedschbacher Because the people saying it usually don't like Clarkson and it makes them feel better to say he was sacked.
Why is it so hard for people to understand that not being offered a new contract when your old one runs out and being fired are two entirely different things?
guguigugu Vor year
interesting people are no longer allowed in the BBC
They have cut the but with greta
Fonzie Bulldog
Fu_k what he looks old these days.
Garcia Youssel Davino
39 greta enthusiasts disliked this video 🤣 Edit: looks like 5 more idiots have joined making it 44 greta enthusiasts
F. D.
F. D. Vor year
Gretaism is now officially a mental disease ;-) ... so you can't call them idiots any more.
Mads Vor year
Lol.. idiot
Sadnan Mamun
Sadnan Mamun Vor year
Jezza needs a DE-vid channel
Cham JDM
Cham JDM Vor year
So Power-sliding Tractors coming soon?
r w
r w Vor 5 Monate
Long while ago there was a farmer in UK who bought a tank! Would like to see Jeremy have one of those for fencing or something.... OK could be Australian www.abc.net.au/news/2016-11-19/tinkering-with-tanks-and-preserving-australian-farming-history/8017194
stenbak88 Vor year
All the elites in London who vote Corbyn should have to do an actual days work like this
Andi Griesbeck
Andi Griesbeck Vor 2 years
When can we see that ??
Alex Paulsen
Alex Paulsen Vor 2 years
I think what's great about Clarkson at the moment is that his mindset is changing, but he's still the loveable asshole he's always been. He isn't denying climate change, he isn't denying that electricity isn't a viable means of propulsion, he's not even strongly against vegetablism like he once was. He's even been seen riding a bicycle every once in a while. He's only pretending that all that stuff is shit because that's his on-screen persona and we find that immensely entertaining. I think he's doing a lot better for the planet than we're all lead to believe, you just have to connect the dots and realise it.
low point fair
Electric energy and batteries isnt as great as they think. Take a look at water energy for example, certain fish are complety stuck at the bottom of it, like paddlefish, in fact the chinese paddlefish went extinct this year. As for batteries if you load them wrong they explode.so most enviromentalist are cityfolk that chooses to drive there own cars to the supermarket, when everything is five minutes away, and then complain at countryfolk for driving needlessly, makes you raise an eyebrow doesnt
Alex Paulsen
Alex Paulsen Vor year
@Lauw Exactly that!
guguigugu Vor year
i like the word "vegetablism"
Marty Feldman
Marty Feldman Vor year
Lauw...He saw first hand the damage China was doing to Asia and the world. And how the west relies on China.
Lauw Vor year
He's changing slowly because of all the travels he's done around the world, when he's at Cambodia he saw first hand the impact of climate change have on regular folk that don't have carbon footprint.
Sergei's Adventure
Sergei's Adventure Vor 2 years
I'm not a farmer but I am exhausted watching my sheep enjoying our life it's like driving a car and looking out into the field and thinking wow there are living a simple life simple Life.
Grenville Phillips
Grenville Phillips Vor 2 years
Clarkson just has no respect: everyone knows that whenever the name Greta Thunberg is uttered, it should be followed by the blessing "Peace be upon her!".
tonysaure Vor year
Lunatic lol
Summus Hieremias Clarkson
Greta Thunberg, she's either a moron or a puppet. Climate Science is ridiculously complicated, and to reduce it to boilerplate activisim, nay alarmism is beyond absurd. Climate activism has nothing to do with the climate, it's completely political. I bet I have a much lower carbon footprint than Greta Thunberg.
Ryo Vor 2 years
The interviewer looks like saul Goodman
Srivignesh N
Srivignesh N Vor 2 years
"I cannot wait to eat them" 😁
Jake Husband
Jake Husband Vor 2 years
How the hell do you get a talk show with two speech impediments the British accent and can't see your r's...
Nic Maennling
Nic Maennling Vor 2 years
Why doesn't he just quietly retire and disappear somewhere.
guguigugu Vor year
because we like watching him
riffly Vor 2 years
Clarkson brilliant as ever😂
TechnicPlayer 72
TechnicPlayer 72 Vor 2 years
DodgyCurry Vor 2 years
Ironic that the ad on this was a Greta vegan advert
Thomas Livingstone
Thomas Livingstone Vor 2 years
Come on BBC, let’s have a proper long running top gear series, there’s plenty more for these guys to offer. All because of one argument. THATS typically English...
TeaShark Vor 2 years
Honestly sheep are a bunch of badass.
The Stig
The Stig Vor 2 years
This guy looks familiar
Ray Aviation
Ray Aviation Vor year
The Stig some say he took a break to become a farmer
A B Vor 2 years
He'll be able to grow his meat and eggs now!
Miroslav Szabó
Not eggs. They come from the milkman ☝
A B Vor 2 years
@AMG_Essex 😂 ffs
AMG_Essex Vor 2 years
He can grow his meat and 2 veg
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