Jeremy Grows Potatoes

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Clip taken from Clarkson's Farm Season 1 episode 3 Shopping




9 Nov 2021



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Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones Vor 21 Tag
Cheerful Charlie is great, he doesn't lose his patience with him, and you can see how amusing he finds everything!
Per Person
Per Person Vor 17 Tage
Agreed! Cheerful Charlie is my favourite person on the show
Cumbrian Rider
Cumbrian Rider Vor Monat
Anyone who made a thing can relate to Jeremys expression when he does a thing, no better feeling
Sean Ayres
Sean Ayres Vor 2 Monate
Jeremy farming is the definition of suffering from success.
pim1234 Vor 2 Monate
Expression of the year ! "I've grown a thing !"
@pim1234 he does it on random moments
pim1234 Vor Monat
@KarlsonAnimations o, ok, but I hear "A"
@pim1234 Jeremy swaps his “a”s and “an”s
pim1234 Vor 2 Monate
@Accbar what do you mean ?
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson Vor Monat
I love these so much well done TGT ANOTHER GREAT SHOW
Isaiah Merriam
Isaiah Merriam Vor 2 Monate
Jeremy must be a terrible farmer. I saw purer joy in him from growing a potato than any other thing he had ever done, even his winning and smug faces.
Myrixica Vor 6 Tage
Can't be that bad, in a year where a large number of British farms turned no profit he did.
dagon mc
dagon mc Vor 2 Monate
Such a great channel
Maria Carter
Maria Carter Vor 2 Monate
Thank you for sharing these great clips 😘😘😎
SAM Whitaker
SAM Whitaker Vor 14 Tage
Build a farm shop? Just use the grand tour’s traveling tent that amazon paid a fortune for.
John Wick
John Wick Vor 2 Monate
Tbf I've thrown a potato out the back garden and it grew and I got a load of potatoes
Kaboose79 Vor 19 Tage
@Link Knight potatoes don't require much. Just dig a trench and throw in some lawn clippings/mulch/food scraps and let it rot away in it. Fill in the trench and leave it for a few months. Go to the grocery store and buy the potatoes you enjoy eating and leave them to grow ears(roots). When they've got a few sprouting out dig the trench up and put a line of the potatoes(with roots) in and lightly cover with a few cm of soil and water. When the greenery reaches the top of the trench carefully fill in the trench burying the green stalks while leaving some of it to poke above ground. Leave to grow. Harvest when green starts dying and you should have a plentiful harvest.
Link Knight
Link Knight Vor 21 Tag
I have seen my uncle leave bags of potatoes around and they've grown too. But the thing is, they have a number of pests. Not hard to grow WITH the correct soil. I have never been able to get them to grow at my uncles place since. I am yet to try the sandy area though.
kidney failure
kidney failure Vor Monat
"There are millions... theres like 5""
[ S A R ]
[ S A R ] Vor 12 Tage
🤔 🤨
Seed Delivery #ClarksonsFarm
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Respect #spiderman #shorts #viral