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At last, it's time for Jeremy's precious wheat to be harvested (after Kaleb fixes his hair of course). Whilst getting the hang of driving his iconic Lamborghini tractor, Jeremy is surprised to see Gerald sitting in the driving seat of the combine harvester. Watch Clarkson's Farm on Prime Video.
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4 Okt 2021



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Amazon Prime Video UK
Is 70 year old Gerald harvesting the motivation you needed today? 🙋
Matt Allcock
Matt Allcock Vor 18 Tage
If my motivation is wheat then I suppose he is
C-MONEY Vor Monat
We don't deserve Gerald. The man's a national treasure
Graeme Barriball
The best bit of TV ever!
Mihael Orehovec
Mihael Orehovec Vor Monat
Shame this TV show has been filmed in Cinemascope, not 16:9. It's a TV show, not cinema.
Jack Rasbeary
Jack Rasbeary Vor Monat
I’m glad Mr. Clarkson shared Gerald with the world. Some gifts, like Gerald, are priceless.
Colin Maynard
Colin Maynard Vor 3 Tage
Gerald also worked as an announcer at Banbury railway station.
mudfloods everywhere
Basic anatomy says kaleb was born a female. Surprised more haven't noticed it.
Jay S
Jay S Vor 4 Tage
"okay got ya" I haven't but..... 🤣🤣🤣
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson Vor 8 Tage
Soo funny
World of AMEISO
World of AMEISO Vor 10 Tage
Alright my old lover? Love that old Gerald, him be a right old mucker.
Kongebil J
Kongebil J Vor 11 Tage
I really hope Grand Tour team have a Phileas Fogg trip before Jeremy gets to old.. That have been a one of a kind trip! Around the world in 80 days with a car that cost not more then the first car they buy :)
Logan Bedard
Logan Bedard Vor 19 Tage
Look at Clarkson unloading on the go and everything haha
Ollyss1 Vor 19 Tage
If Ozzy Osbourne was a farmer, you'd get Gerald
Jason Alan
Jason Alan Vor 20 Tage
Despite not being able to understand him I love that man!
Tatertot Gaming
Tatertot Gaming Vor 21 Tag
The announcements in walmart:
David Weston
David Weston Vor 27 Tage
Gerald what a diamond 👍🇬🇧🎶
jay richardson
jay richardson Vor 27 Tage
Simple he said edit that out
Dylan Gaffney
Dylan Gaffney Vor 29 Tage
This makes me laugh so hard
stuart taylor
stuart taylor Vor Monat
Ignoring the accent issues, the correct response to am I at the back either yes or no, possibly "forward a bit, back a bit".
Lee Orr
Lee Orr Vor Monat
Love this show
Nielsen Vor Monat
“Bulletproof liability of the Lambo” That is the first time I heard that said about a Lambo
Troy Cassidy
Troy Cassidy Vor Monat
Is Gerald an Aussie because that's how every Aussie over 50 talks on a cb
Recall Vor Monat
Gerald speaks the language of he’s been told to wear his mask and speak a load of garble for comedic affect
Mark Mathews
Mark Mathews Vor Monat
I've seen fellas in OZ wearing masks on slashers & headers, if you suffer from hay fever, it's a tough job even in a modern cab.
Pucay Glen
Pucay Glen Vor Monat
He talks like antonove!!! 😆😆😆
Bus king
Bus king Vor Monat
Central casting couldn't get near to this group of people in Jeremy's 'team' and he appears to love them all,great seeing him as a fish out of water.
jack jones
jack jones Vor Monat
why is he wearing a mask and then to make it worse shouting... sack him
George Doorley
George Doorley Vor Monat
who will drive the combine ............he makes it look easy as he has been doing it all his life .............
Abs Maali
Abs Maali Vor Monat
😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂 been replaced
Edward Fletcher
Edward Fletcher Vor Monat
Does Gerald speak English ??
Edward Fletcher
Edward Fletcher Vor 28 Tage
@dannyiswandyy I realise that, but the way he speaks is like something from the middle ages.
dannyiswandyy Vor 29 Tage
He is but in a thick country accent
Martha Cochrane
Martha Cochrane Vor Monat
Kurtis Leicht
Kurtis Leicht Vor Monat
I wonder what Gerald thinks he sounds like…
Kurtis Leicht
Kurtis Leicht Vor 15 Tage
Euan Harrison
Euan Harrison Vor 15 Tage
Stephen Fry
VasTs Vor Monat
Gerald speaks the language of Greek cab drivers.
Alexx S.
Alexx S. Vor Monat
well in the end it worked out, didnt it?
Username Vor Monat
Geralds voice on a Sat-Nav ... do it Amazon.
De Oppresso Liber
Gerald could have a job working at a fastfood drivethrew.
berryasta Vor Monat
Jeremy I would like to work with you on your farm mate
Peter Leer
Peter Leer Vor Monat
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor Vor Monat
Of everything that Gerald said in this video, I heard 'fast'. Of a couple hundred words, I understood 1 😅
Skyler Shank
Skyler Shank Vor Monat
I'm guessing Clarkson had no idea when he started how successful and endearing these videos would become. Bravo!
barry phillips
barry phillips Vor Monat
Gerald's instructions were as Clear as MUD 😆
Lotte Vor Monat
Gerald is a gem. ✨
didi zarfnd
didi zarfnd Vor Monat
Im lost when comes to Gerald....
Bruno Martins Neto
Can we have a series of James and Hammond reaction to the farm series? Please?
Vladpryde Vor Monat
I had the closed-captioning on during Gerald's bit, and it just said [Music]. XD
tim fagan
tim fagan Vor Monat
I'm from Cornwall we get accused of speaking like idiots all the time, but I have absolutely no idea what he's saying, I can understand a few words but not 100%
Vince W
Vince W Vor Monat
I feel sorry for who ever had to subtitle this bit of the episode, it's it's career achievement
tt ww
tt ww Vor Monat
The English subtitles for the show don't show most of what he says, and in some places put joke stuff.
Amano Shrimp
Amano Shrimp Vor Monat
Being Scottish i have no problems understanding Gerald lol
Aiden Powell
Aiden Powell Vor Monat
It's just great.
hansmatthia32 Vor Monat
What’s with the mask alone in a combine Amazon playing mind games genuine question jeff
hansmatthia32 Vor Monat
George Doorley sure it dust
George Doorley
George Doorley Vor Monat
he might be feeling the effects of the dust .......it gets everywhere ............
RJ 1999
RJ 1999 Vor Monat
No farmer in the world wears a mask driving a combine
Diego Alben
Diego Alben Vor Monat
Now british, australians and scots know what it feels not understands a word what they say...
Jak Kidd
Jak Kidd Vor Monat
Haliny P
Haliny P Vor Monat
Sergei Abbitjakokov
I think Gerald has figured out the true secret of life.
Gertol Vor Monat
There is not a single person in this show who isnt a whole character of themselfs
Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel Vor Monat
Dude Vor Monat
Question is, how many of the people who claim to understand Gerald actually don’t and are just repeating what one guy said to seem like they understand?
DrumtotheBass Woop
He's not that hard to understand. You just need to filter out the unnecessary words.
david hudson
david hudson Vor Monat
What language is that
DatInnocentGuy Vor Monat
its English but poorly pronounced and really fast
C-MONEY Vor Monat
steven north
steven north Vor Monat
Subtitles please!
Farmer Flemming Nielsen
TJM Farming
TJM Farming Vor Monat
I can get a gist of what Gerald is saying, due to my own farming experiences as such Here's my translation of what he's saying (for the most part) 2:00 he's saying: Indeed as long as you don't drive too fast I can unload into you when you get over here 3:06 he's saying: Ok but I was gonna say if you drive too fast during emptying I then look to see the back of the trailer and I couldn't do the combine and the corn in (Basically he's saying I can't keep an eye on your driving while unloading and driving the combine at the same time park the trailer and I can unload into you in the corner of the field) 2:13 & 3:21 Don't drive the tractor like a racecar cos I can't keep up with you! The rest... yeah nope I can't translate that
Lewis Scotney
Lewis Scotney Vor Monat
Now you say it, I can hear what he’s saying 🤣
Paul W. Reader
Paul W. Reader Vor Monat
I could understand Gerald. He is telling JC if he goes steady and holds the speed he'll load the trailer by adjustment to the combine speed.
steve c
steve c Vor 20 Tage
I couldn't understand a word. Must be farmer speak...
Let Shown Bob Oi
Let Shown Bob Oi Vor 24 Tage
How many replay's did you do to get Geralds message to Clarkson?
Pucay Glen
Pucay Glen Vor Monat
19 71
19 71 Vor Monat
@Nin Stardust nobody can understand a word he says, we drove up from Cardiff over 2.. hours to go to the farm shop, £19.50 for a bag, £12.50 honey, you told me you're going to the party tonight, are the only words that could be understood by Gerald at the end of the last episode sitting around having the Picnic, not even the subtitles worked.
Nin Stardust
Nin Stardust Vor Monat
Thanks for the translation! 🥰 It sounded like the old guy from Hot Fuzz to me lol! 😂😂😂
Mark Rowbotham
Mark Rowbotham Vor Monat
basicly saying, dont go too fast like a racing car because i cant keep up
Mark Rowbotham
Mark Rowbotham Vor Monat
@FlappyPaddles grew up around that area
FlappyPaddles Vor Monat
You must be local, surely?
Noah Airsofting
Noah Airsofting Vor Monat
Gerald speaks a language of his own😂😂
Mark Elwick
Mark Elwick Vor Monat
I love that the auto gen subtitles just give up with Gerald, all that comes up is [music] 🤣🤣
KarlsonAnimations Vor 10 Tage
Best part of the show
Christian Haselwanter- Grasl
I can not wait to see season 2 :-)) Jeremy is a genius of a presenter :-))
MortiestMort Vor Monat
Does any of you Brits actually understand a word Gerald's saying?
Nikki Mae
Nikki Mae Vor Monat
I get bits and pieces but mostly not 😂
Rogue Universities
@Giselle You're probably joking but if you genuinely think that is very basic English, you need to relearn English
Kevin Mothers
Kevin Mothers Vor Monat
Nah then! Translated into Linkisheer (Lincolnshire) dialect Gerald is asking Jeremy to dacker down a bit and not to get too far forr'ard with the cart but then hutch up a bit instead of being all over the okshun and match the speed of the combine when he's emptying. Jeremy is all of a stitherum about losing all them secks of grain off the back of the cart and should allus be lookin' what he's doing. Apart from that he's fair ter middlin'.
Felix C
Felix C Vor Monat
@MortiestMort he's not dim hes just country
Giselle Vor Monat
No idea what the problem is as we all speak English like Gerald over here. Thankfully the Voice of Wales already beat me to the translation, very basic English.
Martin Schneider
For real, is there anyone who can translate what Gerald is saying?
DodgyFPV - Drone Adventures
He was saying, don't go too fast, the combine cannot keep up with you, it only going at the speed it is going at so he will have to watch spout and slow down speed up etc etc standard farmer instructions lol
Lance Wickum
Lance Wickum Vor Monat
[Music] Gerald, your voice is music to our ears. Haha
John O'Neill
John O'Neill Vor Monat
Amazon don't mess up the release date for season 2 like all your other shows. Be like Netflix/Disney/every other major streaming service and release on same time of year every year. not this 18-48 months bs.
pedersenist Vor Monat
I am a farmer and this is hilarious to watch. But Gerald doesn't look like a person i will put on the combine
dashdashdash Vor 8 Tage
@Q8Bart Put Hammond under it.
Ian Behennah
Ian Behennah Vor Monat
Why not
Q8Bart Vor Monat
Put Hammond in the combine ;)
The Great McGeezy
He has been doing it for 50 years, he just needs somebody who knows what they are doing 😂
Felix C
Felix C Vor Monat
Clearly knows what he's doing after 50 years
the tessellater
the tessellater Vor Monat
Its the grain cart's responsibility to be in the right place - what a twerp Clarkson is !!
George Doorley
George Doorley Vor Monat
true ...........clarkson should park on the headland and let the combine fill the trailer there .........!
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor Vor Monat
This is what xqc sounds like to non xqc viewers
Mohd Muqri
Mohd Muqri Vor Monat
even amazon staff hard time to caption what gerald tried to say
Typical Scotland
Cannot wait for another season of this best thing on TV
Mihael Orehovec
Mihael Orehovec Vor Monat
Shame this TV show has been filmed in Cinemascope, not 16:9. It's a TV show, not cinema.
Jack Rasbeary
Jack Rasbeary Vor Monat
Everyone has a Gerald in their life. They improve your day no matter what is going on and ask nothing in return. Mr. Clarkson, I’m glad to say, is able to find the greatness in everyone and that is why he is a pleasure to watch.
Gold Fire
Gold Fire Vor 23 Tage
your spot on jack
tt ww
tt ww Vor Monat
He might be asking for something in return, can't tell what he's saying....
Aswanation Vor Monat
Nairobi is watching and loving it
Gianna Bloomer
Gianna Bloomer Vor Monat
I love everything about this program The Farm!!
Jokes on jokes on jokes
I Am Old Now..
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