Jimmy Kimmel Asks President Barack Obama About His Daily Life

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Jimmy asks the President about cooking, driving, daylight saving time and the dentist.
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Jimmy Kimmel Asks President Barack Obama About His Daily Life




13 Mär 2015

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b millan
b millan Vor 3 Stunden
The other ironic thing about this is this is in 2015 right? This was the time that he began to get reports from the fbi and the secret service n other that Russia was attempting to interfere in our election process..right? now follow.... HE DID NOTHing! wHY? because they were so sure Hillary would win because of his popularity. STUPID MOVE. He did nothing and along with the media continued the narrative(which was false) that hillary was ahead..now lets assume if he would have confirmed was he was told THEN began to tell the American people and point out thru his government what people should do and all that...and go so far as to stop or pause the election things might have turned out very different. Instead, he played along like nothing smiling along and going on talk shows while hillary is falling all over the place coughing at every speech. He could have saved her chances. So while all of you are glorifying him and kissing his ass really look what he did for us...he gave us Trump. The legacy of Obama basically boils down to 1. hundreds of thousands dead in Syria cause he did not defend them when assad crossed his "red line" he condemned them to death. 2. Handed the Presidency to Trump by not stopping the election and revealing to the World what Russian was doing. weak person,,,weak President. That is the legacy he leaves in my mind.
Kavadag Vor 14 Stunden
I'm not even American but Obama is so cool!
Jim F
Jim F Vor 17 Stunden
I was hoping he'd have asked him what he thought of his BLACKFACE sketch as Karl Malone.
Thomas Austin
Thomas Austin Vor 19 Stunden
Sad that Obama isn't here 😥😥😥😥
Kok Koka
Kok Koka Vor 20 Stunden
My good president
deez nuts
deez nuts Vor Tag
*Those 3k are trump's ball lickers*
j money
j money Vor Tag
That will forever be my president!!!
AR Vor 3 Tage
Why did the Americans messed up trump instead of Hillary
What has the World come to
I don’t like Obama’s policy’s but I like Obama
Johnny Tortoise
Johnny Tortoise Vor 5 Tage
Mr Obama would be a good president
iLikeit_ Vor 5 Tage
All I hear is Dana Carvey
Karim Mamdouh
Karim Mamdouh Vor 5 Tage
Best President in usa history
Jason Luna
Jason Luna Vor 5 Tage
I miss this man
amazing nature
amazing nature Vor 6 Tage
Being a president he was down to the earth. That's what made him great.
FireWalkWithMe25 Vor 6 Tage
Pimping ain't easy Kimmel, eh?
Zeusasaurus Vor 6 Tage
Girls jumping on trampolines
Prank T.V
Prank T.V Vor 6 Tage
If this guy had another 8 years things he would’ve won just like the first two terms. The majority of people loved him.
RightWingKing Vor 6 Tage
He's nothing but a celebrity to me.
RightWingKing Vor 6 Tage
+Boxing Expert He is a very smart man, I'll give him that.
RightWingKing Vor 6 Tage
+Boxing Expert His foreign policys were just completely immoral and some were unconstitutional. I hate when people say he's the one responsible for the recovery. The gop took congress and the senate back in 2010 and almost the entire time that were denying spending bills that Obama wanted to put through. Trump's a celebrity that became president, Obama was a president that became a celebrity.
Boxing Expert
Boxing Expert Vor 6 Tage
He did a lot of bad things like destabalizing the middle east.
Demarco Parish
Demarco Parish Vor 6 Tage
2018 and we Miss you Obama
Mike Willams
Mike Willams Vor 6 Tage
3.2K haters. Bye bye b****ches
Society Vor 6 Tage
I am Indian but Obama was greatest inspiration and his speeches was 😎😎😎😎
Giser Ali
Giser Ali Vor 6 Tage
We miss you great guy!
Grade E quality
Grade E quality Vor 6 Tage
Being cool doesn't mean he is a good president
Rutger Hooykaas
Rutger Hooykaas Vor 7 Tage
I miss him
asamvav Vor 7 Tage
No matter what his political opinions are, this man has the dignity of a President of USA. The current one is a long hashed stand up routine. Never before in the history of that country has USA lost so much respect to the world.
World Citizen
World Citizen Vor 8 Tage
Liars of all. Complete disappointment.
Galaxy Vor 8 Tage
Coolest President/man in the Universe !!!
Phuc Do
Phuc Do Vor 8 Tage
I would wake someone up in the middle of the night if I’m hungry- said Donald Trump
Nobodyツ Vor 9 Tage
I Love Obama :'D He is so nice and kind.
Isi Isi
Isi Isi Vor 9 Tage
This obama is very basterd and lucky but god is so clever miss obama
OBAMA please run for president again ! miss you !!
CGI Future
CGI Future Vor 9 Tage
Who was better president Like= Trump Comment = Obama
8D Music
8D Music Vor 9 Tage
It seems cool to be a president. One day I want to be one!
Alejandro Ospina
Alejandro Ospina Vor 10 Tage
You have NO idea how MUCH we MISS you and your family in office!!!!!! There was NEVER any outrage and hate when you were in office!!!! We miss you SO much!!!! You and your family will continue to go down in history as the FIRST MOST AMAZING African-American president ever!!!!!! God bless you and your family!!!!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐
Basil Zaidi
Basil Zaidi Vor 10 Tage
from Pakistan but damn me and my friends are his fan honestly his speech skills are too good and he looks super cool and humble
Ernesto Ybarra
Ernesto Ybarra Vor 10 Tage
😂 Jimmy Kimmel on the first Muslim POTUS daily life? WoW avoid his tranny wife l would say. Jimmy Kimmel great question boxers or briefs?
rbickel666 Vor 11 Tage
J Mehd
J Mehd Vor 11 Tage
Class versus Ass as they say
Aaron Stone
Aaron Stone Vor 11 Tage
a mature and sane person who knows what he's talking about.. Better than the Big Orange Fart..
Alyss Kennedy
Alyss Kennedy Vor 11 Tage
I love these questions.
stefanie okay
stefanie okay Vor 12 Tage
miss him:(
Narcisse Yvancy
Narcisse Yvancy Vor 12 Tage
You will never be sad again
Jeff Duran
Jeff Duran Vor 12 Tage
You lie about everything else, but not about cooking hahahaha
Kells Brown Ng
Kells Brown Ng Vor 12 Tage
Crazy Carl
Crazy Carl Vor 12 Tage
Why didn’t you ask him if the White House was haunted. Dang it Jimmy!!!
The Loving Troll
The Loving Troll Vor 12 Tage
He won’t be back but one like him will be But Trump ain’t gonna be here forever so that’s good
don ferensic
don ferensic Vor 12 Tage
The biggest fake ever on the American people. I cant wait until he goes down! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!
Mark M
Mark M Vor 12 Tage
Obama was one of America’s best presidents
Joseph Munice
Joseph Munice Vor 13 Tage
I used to like jimmy Kimmel until he had obama on his show , SMH
526723 Vor 13 Tage
Barack Obama was easily the worst president we ever had. He did nothing for the country.
Sarwan Hardoel
Sarwan Hardoel Vor 14 Tage
From barrack to donald. What a stepdown.
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Arfen Malik
Arfen Malik Vor 14 Tage
In kenya we drive on the other side of the road, some of u don't even know where is Kenya
Sakshi Sharma
Sakshi Sharma Vor 14 Tage
better than trump
compton101 Vor 14 Tage
Jean Jones
Jean Jones Vor 15 Tage
The Dems are in such a tailspin that they have to dig up a former president to even try and regain any semblance of influence. All he did was give the American people a blow job... All talk and no action... now he can go to his hang out in some Chicago bathhouses and do it there... The American are not interested in your babble ...
Jose De Jesus Pineda Gonzalez
White House
ArmedOx 31
ArmedOx 31 Vor 17 Tage
lol Obama actually took the time to do that
FreeTube Vor 17 Tage
Only Obama can win a Nobel 'Peace' Prize and drop over 20,000 bombs killing thousands of people.
chi chi
chi chi Vor 17 Tage
nice guy but terrible president. globalist scum.
GCCinPP Vor 14 Tage
Said the dimwit who doesn't know what capital letters are for.
Mike OZ
Mike OZ Vor 17 Tage
Obongo the black muslim war criminal!
Bertha Taylor
Bertha Taylor Vor 18 Tage
AbdElHmyd Vor 18 Tage
The best Mr. P ever!
D Omar
D Omar Vor 18 Tage
I love Barack, he’s so handsome☺️☺️☺️
Matti Schuldt
Matti Schuldt Vor 18 Tage
I want him back!!!
BXO Madrid
BXO Madrid Vor 19 Tage
I'm not even American but I love Obama
Elite7555 Vor 19 Tage
This whole ceremony would be too much for me. Cannot live in your own house, go to the dentist you like, drive the car you want, are always watched by some secret service guy... That is not how it is supposed to be.
ashley m16
ashley m16 Vor 19 Tage
Back when the country used to belong to the people
Shivaani Pillai
Shivaani Pillai Vor 19 Tage
Ju Ba
Ju Ba Vor 20 Tage
I miss him so much
gene Vor 20 Tage
He can laugh about sandwiches but not daylight saving time. Like, I don't get your priority, Barry...
Bobby Nelson
Bobby Nelson Vor 20 Tage
Fk Obama. !! The Obama administration was the most corrupt lowlife treasionist, ANTI-WHITE, Anti-American Administration in American history..
HN YS Vor 20 Tage
One thing that stands out from Obama than other presidents he seems like he has a chill social life and is very natural in interviews
Beast Squad
Beast Squad Vor 20 Tage
2:27 lmao “we only care about ourselves”
Joe B
Joe B Vor 20 Tage
Jimmy Kimell, like Obama, liberal left losers!!!!!!!
Sentinel Vor 21 Tag
I miss Obama
성건우 Vor 22 Tage
Obama looks like a good president but Donald Trump is a good president.
Bobby Nelson
Bobby Nelson Vor 22 Tage
Hmmmm ?? Well Jimmy.. First I suck off Mike. Oops sorry. I mean fk Michael.
hafeez Khan
hafeez Khan Vor 22 Tage
The craziest president ever in the history of USA
Chris Wood
Chris Wood Vor 22 Tage
What a chimp/chump
gizdonk Vor 23 Tage
What a bloody sycophant
Proud American
Proud American Vor 23 Tage
Fake nigga
Diana Cabrera
Diana Cabrera Vor 24 Tage
I miss my president soo much
Karma Sauce
Karma Sauce Vor 24 Tage
I've been watching pre-Trump clips of Obama lately...to remind myself of what the world was like before the glitch in the matrix occurred.
thomas scoot
thomas scoot Vor 24 Tage
What a class act Obama is! He was what personified what being a President is .. Trump is a crook who Belongs in a Prison.
Irish Bastard
Irish Bastard Vor 24 Tage
“yo what obama last name”
Rzejdi Vor 25 Tage
Thank God we have Trump now
SNARLACC :/ Vor 25 Tage
Democratic scum...
America needs him back
Densil Grant
Densil Grant Vor 26 Tage
if the earth rotates how does one place constantly have sun
Icespike13 Vor 26 Tage
great guy, bad president
David Semel
David Semel Vor 26 Tage
0:31. I won't lie about THAT.....
Meg Vor 26 Tage
I came here for the sanity 🙏
Nemo Werlen
Nemo Werlen Vor 27 Tage
shut up cunts
Naw BaBi
Naw BaBi Vor 27 Tage
Obama is the World's president
Night Flier
Night Flier Vor 27 Tage
I wonder how he has fun with his lady in the White House you know.
Aleya Ferdousi
Aleya Ferdousi Vor 27 Tage
r Y
r Y Vor 27 Tage
Obama is a hot daddy ! Hmmm daddy ... come to me
KingAg89 Lax
KingAg89 Lax Vor 27 Tage
I miss Obama
Jughead Jacob
Jughead Jacob Vor 28 Tage
This guy is as charming as dwayne the rock johnson
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