Joe Biden tells Iowa voter: "You're a damn liar"

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An Iowa vote confronted Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday, leading the former Vice President to tell the voter "you're a damn liar." Gabe Debenedetti, national correspondent for New York magazine, joined CBSN's "Red and Blue" to discuss the latest on the 2020 race.



6 Dez 2019



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James Hickey
James Hickey Vor 2 Tage
Trump 2020, God Bless America. Biden is a loser for 45 years in politics. He has accomplished very little legally.
Gleekflaglue6345789 Eunis
You got a love these people applauding Joe when he’s acting like a total fool
Hans Hammerhart
Hans Hammerhart Vor 4 Tage
Old white man Joe Biden.
Danny Wiseman
Danny Wiseman Vor 5 Tage
I got my money on that farm
ATTJ76 XXVIII Vor 5 Tage
Based Joe Biden
That's Great
That's Great Vor 10 Tage
>>>>The reason why I'm running is because I've been around for a long time and I know more than most people.
Cheri Smith
Cheri Smith Vor 13 Tage
Biden is an idiot and more of an idiot thinking hes not. How embarrasing
M Vor 15 Tage
Vote for Andrew Yang!!!! He actually has respect for people and wants to help this country!!!
Nic Nak
Nic Nak Vor 19 Tage
Did he call the man “fat” at 2:06?! Called the poor man a damn liar AND fat,!
Cole Man
Cole Man Vor 20 Tage
The only ones who reacted when Biden called the guy "Fat" were four or five kids in the back. Interesting.
knightfive Vor 21 Tag
Slip of tongue fact? fat? fellow?
Hosiah Marczuk
Hosiah Marczuk Vor 24 Tage
Don't call me Jack! JACK!!!!!
mike mcclernon
mike mcclernon Vor 24 Tage
Biden for prison 2020!
Allison Nguyen
Allison Nguyen Vor 26 Tage
You know who doesn’t yell at the people ... Andrew yang #yangganf
Im Flying
Im Flying Vor 26 Tage
IThinkNowListenUp Vor 26 Tage
Republican voting Yang here. Does your candidate identify 21st century problems and solutions? Does your candidate look at solutions for the "common man" or only the left or only the right? Does your candidate unify authentically? Does your candidate bow down to corporate interests? Is your candidate authentic and a good human being?
Clayton L
Clayton L Vor 28 Tage
Haha he is so mad what a pathetic loser
R. Leaver
R. Leaver Vor 28 Tage
I've got your push-ups, right here, "Jack."
Joe Granger
Joe Granger Vor 29 Tage
LOOK HOW PETTY HIS CROWD IS ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA Biden is a laughing stock. And obviously doesnt have the temperament to hold a conversation with an American citizen, How do you think that would work if he talked to other nations leaders that way???
Adam C
Adam C Vor 29 Tage
Doodle Doodle
Doodle Doodle Vor Monat
lol THE GUY JUST CALLED HIM FAT!!!!!.. why is everyone booing for calling him a Trump, OH MY GOD
Doodle Doodle
Doodle Doodle Vor Monat
I love how the ginger kid was the only one who picked up on the bullying of calling that guy fat.
Nihs Brek
Nihs Brek Vor Monat
But He is still leading the race. Old people don't care about what he says.
Rococo Kitchen
Rococo Kitchen Vor Monat
Satan's messenger!
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat Vor Monat
Dirty joe
Gabe Kremer
Gabe Kremer Vor Monat
You cant argue witha foul they will drag you down and beat you with experience~ Samuel Clemens. Guess what its double sided here.
David S
David S Vor Monat
Calvin Long
Calvin Long Vor Monat
You know, until I saw the follow up video to this, I thought this guy's was just another Trumper. But, in that follow-up video he talks about how both parties are playing 'fast and loose' with the rules which I more or less agree with. I think if 'we the people' want this mess in our government straighten out, we're going to have to take a much more active role.
tradin tdon
tradin tdon Vor Monat
Admit it, no democrat has any hope of beating our duly elected and beloved President Donald J Trump! MAGA...WWG1WGA
tradin tdon
tradin tdon Vor Monat
Not gun safety..it`s gun control!
ktm525 Vor Monat
What if the democratic people had a video of Trump talking like this to anybody??!
Stephan Molyneux
When Joe Biden said "Any other questions?", the dude should have replied with "I rest my case!".
Something Orother
Winston Chang
Winston Chang Vor Monat
Old politicians and billionaires have no aim in life....it used to be money and sex....not anymore......THEY RUN FOR PRESIDENT....It is a age crisis.....
Winston Chang
Winston Chang Vor Monat
Biden should just say " I don't think that's not correct" Hunter Biden in Ukraine is just strange......It is not that Hunter had ALWAYS BEEN doing business in Ukraine. It's not like a place like Paris, France....or Rome Italy....If Hunter Biden were in London, Vancouver.....or Madrid......there be no smell of gun powder.... People don't go to Ukraine if not for a purpose.....It's Emperor's clothing ...Everyone can see that.....
Andrew Oikonny
Andrew Oikonny Vor Monat
"Look fat, look! Here's the deal!" -Biden, 2019
solidwork Vor Monat
Look, Fat, I'm gonna do 15 pushups for you to f--- off.
solidwork Vor Monat
You can't ahaaandle the truth!
Nick Garnett
Nick Garnett Vor Monat
Trump did not hold aid.... the aid flowed.... trumps issue with holding the aid for a short time was because other countries don’t step up and let the us take all the burden.... trumps absolutely right and other countries need to stop mooching off the us etc and pull their weight
Kennon Mitchell
Kennon Mitchell Vor Monat
Biden good 2020 white home win
drewga403 Vor Monat
So, a voter asks Joe Biden a question very relevant to campaign, and current impeachment hearings in DC. Biden: 1) borderline cusses at the guy, (trying to intimidate) 2) calls him a liar (trying to intimidate) 3) approaches in a manner clearly intended to intimidate (though not actually very intimidating), 4) insults the voter for watching TV (though most of the campaign info is carried there (including this event)) 5) fat-shames the voter about a push-up contest (and audience applauds) (btw - "If you want to check my shape on it..." makes no sense in this context??? ) 6) claims no one ever said there was anything wrong with Hunter Biden's Burisma connections (though the current impeachment inquiry centers on that.) 7) fat shames the voter AGAIN by straight up calling him "Fat." ("Look, Fat...") @ 2:05 Wow! Just...wow. What a classic illustration of bluster. Mr. Biden can't actually argue that his son's engagement (and $50,000-$85,000 per MONTH salary from Burisma Energy) was above board and not directly connected to his position as Vice President - because it clearly was. And thus constituted corruption in government. >>Part of the very corruption President Trump was concerned about in Ukraine
Gareth D'Haillecourt
Biden does not do himself any favors. He was pretty damn ugly. He was rude, and proved he really has no business being a president. He should be royally embarrassed.
Greg Stelz
Greg Stelz Vor Monat
MAGA 2020
Terry Hesticles
Terry Hesticles Vor Monat
Resorts to attacking the guy's physical appearance and fitness, just like a schoolkid.
Mark D
Mark D Vor Monat
Wow!!! What a double standard. CBS cut out the worst part, Joe saying "You too old to vote for me" What is most shocking about this video is how the crowd claps and cheers when Joe berates this man. All he did was ask him about Hunter and Ukraine and by Joe's reaction just proved its all true!! This is the "inclusive" party that cars about the downtrodden? What a joke!
EpicTyme Vor Monat
biden is an idiot and he well hurt the dems with mistake after mistake....... oh and by the way he is as dirty as you can get Corrupt to the bone
Yang 2020
Sarina Belcore
Sarina Belcore Vor Monat
Joe Biden starting to fight back. U go Biden tell those Damn Trump supporters what's up
Charles Charlemagne
this man was a democrat...regardless, he was an 83 year old voter asking a legitimate question
Nick Name
Nick Name Vor Monat
wow i can't believe there are still people who go to his rallies and would vote for him
MAZEY 85 Vor Monat
This guy just oozes evil..
Jeffery Garris
Jeffery Garris Vor Monat
This will never become a big news story, you want to know why? Because the democrats who control the media dont want Biden to look like he is out of control, but you know damn well if Trump said something like this to a voter there would probably be another impeachment investigation
NationalSniper Vor Monat
Not very wise to insult a possible voter. Acts like these are going to give Trump a second term. This looks like a senile old man. Is this the best candidate the Democrats can come up with? So embarrassing. Fact is: Joe Biden withheld support package to Ukraine unless they fired the investigator that investigated corruption at Barisma (the company his son worked). That is a clear quid pro quo with a personal gain. He even admits it on TV footage. His son also had no experience in oil and gas industry and went along with his dad in Air Force 2 to China, after which Barisma got huge deals from China. Coincidence? That looks a lot like corruption. Abusing his position to help his son get a high position, get his company orders and getting an anti-corruption investigator fired. Joe Biden actually did what the Democrats accuse Trump of. And far worse. Trump just asked whether Ukraine could look into what happened at the time. Nowhere in the conservation there is pressure or asked for something in return. Zalinski said there was no pressure. The military support package was temp on hold because the US did not know what to expect from the new government but Ukraine did not even know this at the time of the conversation. There is no evidence that these two are related. In fact the package was given while there was no investigation. Which proofs there is no link. Also his response to "What do you want from Ukraine" was "I want nothing of Ukraine, tell him to do the right thing to do what he was elected for" (which is fight corruption). There is nothing wrong with asking a question to look into (possible) corruption. If Biden has nothing to hide then what is wrong with an investigation in what happened at the time? If nothing happened he will be cleared. Why are the Democrats not simply talking about policies? Have conversations about how to help American people. All they do is orange man bad. Focus on your own message instead of the pure hate for a political opponent and throwing dirt, fake news and conspiracy theories. Like Russian collusion conspiracy theory and made up Steel report which has proven to be false. Even moderate Democrats like Tulsi Gabberd are accused of being a Russian spy. Its the new way to smear someone, call that person a Russian spy. While there are actual Russian ties on the Democrats side, like the Steele report. Focus on policies and real problems. Like how to solve the immigration problem, get jobs back to the US, give Americans more money to spend, lower costs of energy, healthcare etc.. But all they can focus on is their pure hatred of Trump.
MaTilda D'Hum xoxo
I thought that he was just a body that Obama's handlers put in the White House because he was good at letting his superiors prop him up against a podium to look intelligent and keep his mouth shut. I feel sorry for him because he is babooning his way through his old age like a ghost who refuses to see that they are dead. If he really wanted to do something great for society he could raise Hunter and his poor illegitimate child together.
ak Alksdr
ak Alksdr Vor Monat
When the dude asks about hunter, Biteman walks away as if saying, Man who let this guy in here. I'm supposed to get puff balls.
Jerry Vigil
Jerry Vigil Vor Monat
The only liar in that room is Biden!
MsZeitgeist85 Vor Monat
Joe Biden is unelectable.
Nicky Javier
Nicky Javier Vor Monat
Joe kept it 100 with em, Joe handle it with Style. . At least he didn't say sit down or Shut up Like The president would say.
Charles Charlemagne
@Nicky Javier DE-vid the video and see for yourself
Nicky Javier
Nicky Javier Vor Monat
@Charles Charlemagne No I haven't, what did he do ?. I thought we was taiking about this video About Joe Arguing with Someone and the way he handled the situation?.
Charles Charlemagne
@Nicky Javier what didnt you understand? Did you not see the video of joe Biden groping those pre teen girls in congress?
Nicky Javier
Nicky Javier Vor Monat
@Charles Charlemagne What?? can we speak English here?..what are you taiking about?.
Charles Charlemagne
@Nicky Javier no, pathetic like this senile child groper leading your party's nomination.
Publius Maximus Manlius
I like the That dude didn’t praise trump or anything. He’s truly woke about the idiots running for President.
jan d.
jan d. Vor Monat
wie armselig diese Bonzen die am ende Ihres Lebens noch mal versuchen groß rauszukommen!
Nat Jac
Nat Jac Vor Monat
Biden : Once and for all, I have to say that the Republicans (who continue to argue that Hunter Biden must have been involved in something illegal by being hired to a Ukrainian gas company) are misinformed. They say "He knows nothing about the gas business and is being paid handsomely" and they use this as proof that something is amiss. Well, its bothersome that no one has made the following point yet. Let's see, he is a lawyer and was hired to perform corporate governance best practices and was on the board of directors. 1. Most people know that typically board of directors of many companies include lay persons who are not in the industry and know little or nothing at all about it. Health care boards, county and local goverment boards, school district boards etc all do that! 2. He was providing guidance for corporate compliance and best practices ( one of the primary Functions of corprate lawyers). Which makes since for this conpany since they had previous cases of wrong doing. Perhaps they thought it wise to hire Hunter Biden in order to improve and show the efforts they were taking to conduct honest business. 3. As a lawyer, you do not have to be apart of nor have experience in a particular industry to be a legal representative. You don't have to be an athlete to represent a sports team, don't have to be a former teacher to represent teachers in a union, don't have to be a former doctor to represent an MD or hospital, don't have to be a former pilot to represent the pilot union or airline, and don't have to be in the oil or gas industry to represent or provide legal and consulting services to an oil/gas company. You educate yourself on the services provided, laws that govern that industry, and ways to for the company to conduct themselves ethically. Kushner and Sondland had no prior foreign goverment experience. Ben Carson had no knowledge of Hud and housing other than having grown up in the projects. Biden is not digging pipelines, he is guiding them on the laws that govern their industry and keeping them compliant legally!!! Guess what, Trump was not a politician and knew nothing about governing and now he is presidentThat is what Joe Biden needs to be saying!! I recall when republicans argued that Obama was inexperienced and unqualified because he was a 1 term Senator, yet they love and adore Trump not political experience.
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