Julian Assange Is Not A Good Roommate

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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New leaks about infamous leaker Julian Assange show he spent his days in the Ecuadorian embassy skateboarding, neglecting his cat, and smearing feces on the walls.
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17 Apr 2019



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no internet no books no human contact. welll i guess its time for poo poo art
Moray Mac
Moray Mac Vor 3 Monate
Stuff like this makes me despise the United States. In fact I regard America as morally equivalent to Al Qaeda and ISIS.
Bratan der Meerschweinchen
Michael Martin
Michael Martin Vor 4 Monate
Jokes used to be about the absurdity and truth revelatory to the angered many, laughter being a relief of the eventual comeuppance.
Xymo Nau
Xymo Nau Vor 5 Monate
All the propaganda about Assange was just to justify the new Ecuadorian government (elected in 2017) no longer wanting to protect him because of pressure put on them when they asked for a loan from the US. The stories about him are excuses. There is nothing in the video to explain where that was taken, and he's hardly skateboarding around the place. He can't even stand on the thing. Stephen Colbert has lost my respect now. I didn't know he was also a propagandist. All of his stuff about Trump made me think he was a reasonable person. But he obviously isn't.
Mile Vor 5 Monate
Free Julian Assange !! Now !!!
shelley malcolm berry
Julian Assange is a hero as is Bernie. Youve lost a fan Stephen
askjiir Vor 6 Monate
Why does this clip have 17 000 likes?
Isabella Leandersson
Of course assange stories never mentioned he's been accused of rape twice and needs to stand trial for that...
Nicolette van Amerongen
Why are you so incredible stupid and ignorant.
Samuel Bull
Samuel Bull Vor 8 Monate
Colbert, you used to have your finger on the pulse of the truth. Now that finger is up your ass. That CBS MSM paycheck really warped your fking brain. "Sources" : the Ecuadorian Govt that isn't the same one that granted him asylum, it is the new president that we paid some millions $US personally and +/- 4B in aid. so you want to listen to that as your source so you can make fun of a publisher like Daniel Elsberg, being imprisoned for purely political reasons by the deep state. btw that is who pays your paycheck A$$hole.
randomnobody playthrough
They also don't teach at school that Patrick Henry was the biggest slave owner and that he helped creating the 2nd amendment to shoot freed slaves.
T Hof
T Hof Vor 8 Monate
Trevor Noah and this Colbert corporate mouth piece.. disgusting pieces of shit
Rayan Dani
Rayan Dani Vor Monat
Pu**y Fallon too.
Space Kat
Space Kat Vor 8 Monate
Colbert how much did you get for selling your soul?
Manjei Phom
Manjei Phom Vor 9 Monate
Oh fake comedy .....learn to respect Funny thing....he exposed US LAUGH AT THAT
if assange should indeed be deported to the usa, which has a rotten humanrights reputation and prison conditions there are widely known meanwhile there may even be riots in london streets which is to be both expected and feared it would be a disaster to have that occur - he is neither a us citizen nor connected in any way except having reported the truth about us killings of civilians e.g. from out of a helicopter - the footage of which went around the world. also it makes the life of journalists more and more difficult when reporting about government business, he had dug up the truth in many respects and published or made available documents, and those can be seen on wikileaks. overall, i m would not be happy about disclosing data that maybe irrelevant but sticking to the truth and publicising the most important facts and filmmaterial for all the world to see. also, its very advisable not to travel to the usa, its best avoided regarding one s travels around the world.
Eddie Page
Eddie Page Vor 9 Monate
Man I'm an Colbert fan. But whenever he interviews or talks about Assange he turns into The Patriot-Douche. Real compassionate to make fun of man who stayed locked up in an embassy 7 years for showing the dirty secrets of the governments.
شيماء بعلوج معركة الوعي
Julian Assange is a Hero Assenge showed the people in the usa what the rest of us all around the world knew except for you it showed the true colors of your army and governement they are the enemy not us arabs or muslims . cancaling my subscribtion to you stephan you're just another cheap puppet
REDZER_14 Vor 10 Monate
Dance puppet. DANCE!
Eric Witt
Eric Witt Vor 10 Monate
This might surprise many people reading this, but I am not at all surprised at the corruption of Colbert. He is another corporate puppet and I have sensed that for a while.
John Samuels
John Samuels Vor 10 Monate
So, you are a cnt getting fed by your criminal intelligence agencies. Propagandist pig stephen colbert, someone should throw acid on your face.
Social Credit Score: Critical
A millionaire paid by billionaires to tweak public opinion under the plausible deniability of what some define as "comedy".
ErykaSoleil Vor 10 Monate
Lassie as "Well Dog" 😂😂😂
Everything Matters
Everything Matters Vor 11 Monate
Colbert, you are either completely ignorant to what is really going on or you've sold your soul to the highest bidder. Big disappointment.
purewaterlilly lilly
purewaterlilly lilly Vor 11 Monate
Keep on mocking a person who has guts to stand for the truth. You are a joke to humanity.
purewaterlilly lilly
purewaterlilly lilly Vor 11 Monate
Keep on mocking a person who has guts to stand for the truth. You are a joke to humanity.
purewaterlilly lilly
purewaterlilly lilly Vor 11 Monate
Keep on mocking a person who has guts to stand for the truth. You are a joke to humanity.
Free Jullian Assange Dmtwillsetyoufree
Known tie to Russian intelligence? 😂😂😂 if Russia was committing crimes and Julian had the opportunity, he would immediately expose it. WHAT A JOKE
Free Jullian Assange Dmtwillsetyoufree
The late night misinformation show
Freddy FuFu
Freddy FuFu Vor 11 Monate
What a POS you are
Robert Burdoff
Robert Burdoff Vor 11 Monate
'muricans should wake up & stop buying into this shit, This is what the US corporate government is doing de-vid.com/video/video-PuClrlg-xVw.html
Véronique pidancet barriere
We announce you the birth of the committee in defence of Julian Assange WikiJustice Julian Assange. WikiJustice was established on May 7 2019. The Facebook account was activated on May 19 2019. Since May 19 new names are constantly being added under our own in order to stand up against the infamy of a crime as unfair as the sentence of Captain Dreyfus for espionage or the torments inflicted on the Chevalier de la Barre for hypothetical profanation. We will follow into the footsteps of illustrious predecessors such as Zola for Dreyfus, Voltaire for Barre and fight until justice is done for journalist and editor Julian Assange who has been sold by the Embassy of Ecuador to the government of the Unites States, kidnapped by the British government, persecuted by the Swedish one and cowardly left to defend himself by the Australian. Julian Assange, guilty of no crime, is being detained in high security prison for terrorists, isolated for 23 hours a day, forbidden from visits even of his lawyers, without access to library or possibility of other activities, thus tortured. The United States of America violate the First Amendment by charging him with espionage, whereas this man has been exposing War crimes, torture in Guantanamo, IS-funding provided by the Clinton foundation. Citizens have the duty to reveal crimes. He is expecting a closed trial without a lawyer in the United States as well as life sentence or death penalty. A multi-awarded journalist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee! That’s outrageous! These countries are committing a crime. Despite Julian Assange being ill, hospitalized and in grave danger, Sweden rejects delay to hearing of June 3 2019 to allow him to prepare his defence. And Sweden is suing him for a crime he hasn’t committed. He has been cleared twice by preliminary investigations (2010 the Finné investigation. 2016 Ny investigation). How many preliminary investigations Sweden is going to open to prove that there has been a rape whereas the presumed offender has been found guilty of no crime? Who are they trying to fool? Even in the case of a multi-recidivist sex offender Sweden would have closed the file long ago in absence of evidence. Women know for sure that no court in no country is ever going to persecute a rapist so that the victim must continue to live next to the torturer. The desire to harm Julian Assange is obvious. Julian Assange is a political prisoner. Through that case the United States, Sweden, Ecuador, the UK and Australia are trying to put the freedom of information, the freedom of expression, the freedom of the press, the freedom of opinion to death. We begin to gather in order to create an international network. We are already working in synergy with Belgium and Anglo-Saxon countries. We now call on all democrats of all countries to join us and to oppose these abuses of all kind of rights, to oppose mock trial worthy of a banana republic or dictatorships. It’s a wall made of Voltaire, Albert Londres, Rousseau, John Reed which is being loomed against them to save and protect Julian Assange. In 2016 the UN ruling required Julian Assange’s release, compensation and transfer to a safe place. It’s imperative that the US, the UK and Sweden carry out their duty. No one should ignore the law. No one is above the law. We the committee WikiJustice demand Julian Assange’s release. Immediately! Our mission is not going to stop there. From now on, we are determined to protect in all circumstances the freedom of information, without which all other forms of freedom are just an illusion, and to hold accountable whoever may violate it. WikiJustice Julian Assange Join us! WIkiJustice Julian Assange on FB Our mail : wikijusticejulianassange@gmail.com
Joe Decesare
Joe Decesare Vor year
Disgusting is you Colbert...DISGUSTING!....Making fun of someone who gave up his freedom to expose war crimes...My God do you SUCK!
none business
none business Vor year
you ridiculous moron. how is it possible you don't understand what julian assange has done or how he been so grotesquely victimized. how can you have so few brain cells. it doesn't matter what kind of roommate he was, Duh, do you think they might be lying, duh, he was a political refugee and by selling him to the UK police, they have violated international law and ecuadorian law and acted against every moral imperative you moronic brainless pointless idiot towing the deep states line and gladly sucking their dick, moron i am am choking how could anyone be such a moron. it is a dark night for journalism, for human rights, for peace and non proliferation you fking moron.
TEZ Vor year
Colbert, you're just an overpaid clown. Assange is 100 times the man you are.
dolandlydia Vor year
Steve you are a spineless idiotic tool. You are so corrupt and devasting to this country. But I imagine you sleep well at night. If there is a hell, it is you and your ilk that deserves to be there.
Mary Halverson
It's sad that Colbert's turned out to be a sellout.
Shuman Rotula
Shuman Rotula Vor year
This is not funny at all... What a disaster...
Zlatko Vuckovic
I know he is far from funny but the disturbing thing is theirs people laughing at his jokes regarding a man that revealed the truth. Thankfully Hollywood is dead.
Pomo Dorino
Pomo Dorino Vor year
Lame Colbert complete sell-out.
Cinder Ella
Cinder Ella Vor year
This guy is not even funny.... He's also arrogant. Yuck..... Assange is a hero!
Hong Fei Bai
Hong Fei Bai Vor year
The President is such a liar. How can other other religious people fall for this? This isn't what we are taught to do.
Churchanddestroy churchanddestroy
Just lost respect for Colbert as he shows what a corporate stooge he is. Unsubscribed.
positive approach
Shame on you, Colbert. How much uncle Sam paid you to make fun of a person that gave his freedom and perhaps life to make dumb guys like you to understand the corruption and criminal activities of the governments ? ! Tragic is that you are not dumb, you know all these ,but for the right amount you sold you soul. Shame on those idiots from the audience! Shame on you, scumbags!
RonnocRetep Vor year
I am not the type to comment but "The Aristocrats" was a pretty funny line
Sushee Plate
Sushee Plate Vor year
free julian assange!
gerald kelly
gerald kelly Vor year
Colbert sellout
The Sun State
The Sun State Vor year
mr.Colbert is officially on the wrong side of history. tragic what people will do and say for a paycheck
Zakiya Seedat
Zakiya Seedat Vor year
This segment was a waste of time to watch. It mocked Assange rather than discussing the issues surrounding his arrest.
Λουκάς Σταμέλλος
Democrats don't even have the decency to admit they got Trump elected because they covered for Hillary setting up the Primaries. So they have to demonize one of the few people who dedicated his life in uncovering the worst "classified" state crimes. History teaches us that there's no surprise there: institutional "progressives" were always the best aides of far-right extremists.
Kevin Frenyea
Kevin Frenyea Vor year
If only Johnny Carson could see how the left has ruined his show with this Rat.
thegoodkelly Vor year
Not only are you wrong about Assange, but Jimmy Fallon took Carson's/Leno's spot and his ratings have dropped because he has not been tough enough with Trump,
Kevin Frenyea
Kevin Frenyea Vor year
Boycott this Dogshit and all who sponser this program.
G- Bgcg
G- Bgcg Vor year
Colbert sold his soul to the devil a long time ago. His show is no longer entertaining and has not been for years. Why can’t these comedians just tell clean jokes and entertain instead of using their show for political opportunities to divide our nation.
JustSilly rachet
Didn’t Assange leaked private information about Ecuador’s president ?
JustSilly rachet
Ecuador: *has a $40.47 billion debt* USA: *loans4 billion dollars* Also USA: EcUaDoR iS sTuPid
thegoodkelly Vor year
We are trillions in debt and it is growing. We have no business loaning Ecuador $5k for a used car, let alone $4 billion. From what budget did this come? Who approved it?
JustSilly rachet
I am from Ecuador and everyone is saying that my president is corrupt,well maybe but I also see him as smart,I mean wtf would we need a fugitive,and don’t forget it was your president (Donald trump) the one who gave us the money which is such a stupid move considering you can be more than sure that we are never paying that back
Hissy Cissy
Hissy Cissy Vor year
justSilly rachet -- You win post of the week, that's so funny!
bg6b7bft Vor year
Nice, now even Colbert has his own version of "The Aristocrats" joke.
jd Vor year
It's an ignominious end to an era for sure.... Champion of freedom to GRU patsy, sad.
Carolyn Grinberg
I hope the cat is okay.
Tuffy Logan
Tuffy Logan Vor year
You know, the way this administration leaks like a sieve, you would think Wikileaks would be constantly releasing information about Trump and his criminal associates...funny how that works...
IZ Ewert
IZ Ewert Vor year
Fake laughs, fake comedy, lowlife "comedian".
Thiago Albino Santos
Someone could ask a question and show the orange dude himself saying the opposite. That would be the funniest moment on tv ever.
Fredrik Dunge
Fredrik Dunge Vor year
4:55 Should have been "He got the soul of my firstborn, ha! that's just Don Junior.. sucker!"
sayenshin Vor year
Clinton Stooge
S Rowe
S Rowe Vor year
"I will say, when you're in bed it's much better to have lobster than crabs." Hah! 😬
How did Assange the alt-right enabler who has destabilized several governments worldwide, suddenly become a warrior of "free speech"? Americans are weird.
james devlin
james devlin Vor year
Very disappointed in Steven, we would never have known about the various war crimes committed in Iraq without Assange, didn't think Colbert would shit on a whistle blower like that. He was kicked out because of $4 billion given to new Ecuadorian government.
Sample Dude
Sample Dude Vor year
And so it begins, the slow and gradual assassination of this mans character by media and fake news. So ashamed of you journalists. You eat right out of the shit stained hands of the corporations and governments. Shame on you, shame on you.
ghanima1 Vor year
Let's put you in a room for 7 years with the Usa governement trying to put you in prison and torture you....let's see if you "age gracefully".
*"When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals”* Edward Snowden
Nat Coleson
Nat Coleson Vor 20 Stunden
​@Costa Karras He who is against the US government can only be the opposite of a traitor.
Costa Karras
Costa Karras Vor 13 Tage
Yeah that is from a guy that lives in City 40, look it up. He also gave national secrets to 2 countries, China and Russia. He could have just been fired like everyone in the Trump Administration. Snowden had the right intention but he is a traitor.
Josny13 Vor 7 Monate
none business
none business Vor year
@Fredrik Dunge wow. you idiot. learn the facts. assange is a hero, persecuted, maligned. how can you be so out of touch with reality
Fredrik Dunge
Fredrik Dunge Vor year
But Snowden exposed crimes Assange didn't.
Abbi Covington
"When you are in bed, it is much better to have lobster than crabs" 🤣
Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky
Don't choke on those shekels, pal, the world sure needs more propagandists masked as clowns.
Brian Lacy
Brian Lacy Vor year
Daniel Ellsberg On Assange Arrest: The Beginning of the End For Press Freedom therealnews.com/stories/daniel-ellsberg-on-assange-arrest-the-beginning-of-the-end-for-press-freedom
P.H.A.T Joker
P.H.A.T Joker Vor year
Almost no fucken media is talking about the people of Ecuador protesting against the Julian Assange arrest.... seriously Ecuadorians know how to stand up better than Americans... what a SHAME !!!!
none business
none business Vor year
i admit this was shameful, but this guy is dingbat entertainer. you would expect them to learn SOMETHING if they are going to make comments. colbert...shameful
isse roble
isse roble Vor year
Alright I recant my statement on Assange in the proposal that he was starting flares between nations by counterfiting their intelligence and sending the information about to benefit from the reaction of the different nation. In the light of that practice then Assange wouldn't be a platform for free speach he'd be an arsenist. Trading in state secrets not to check power but to build his own unknown and unballanced and unchecked and unrecognized form of power.
Can people please dislike this fucktard whose having his face in the ass of the US government.
WarBoyz 95
WarBoyz 95 Vor year
Assange is a hero. The man along with Chelsea Manning exposed the corruption of the American Empire and the war crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq!! A bullshit ass war. A war based on lies. Just listening to the people laughing at this is embarrassing.
Oliver Farkas
Oliver Farkas Vor year
Very nice propoganda!
Uaine Diabhal
Uaine Diabhal Vor year
"He aged poorly..." We love you Stephen. And fuck Assange, what he did stopped being about transparency the moment he started coordinating the e-mail releases with a political campaign to sway an election - and what kind of gross shit is that?
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