Jurgen Klopp gives a lesson in respect when asked about Sadio Mane's handshake snub

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Jurgen Klopp was asked about Sadio Mane in a press conference today following an incident between the two last night where Sadio Mane refused to shake Jurgen Klopp's hand. He says he is relaxed about the situation.

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14 Mai 2021



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Karthikeyan Thangamani
For sure!
Sebastian Andersson
stop making him the messias for using common sense. he is normal. now start acting like him.
bombousboy Vor 25 Tage
Respect Sir. I doff cap.
Tony Vor 25 Tage
Thought it was standard to ONLY big up rivals 5/10 years after they have left, like fergie for them lot and Gerrard for us...hard not to like old kloppy though...man is just class
Taps Tach
Taps Tach Vor 26 Tage
Only if it was Lampard
Anirudh Bisht
Anirudh Bisht Vor 26 Tage
It hard not to like a person/manager like Klopp. Class personified!! Brings smile on faces whenever you watch him interact. From a Die hard Man Utd Fan.
jag singh
jag singh Vor 26 Tage
Problem with the world today is we have too many leaders who just aren't leaders and have no idea how to unlike Jürgen How do u become so wise ?
Rudi Patolla
Rudi Patolla Vor 26 Tage
Was erlauben Strunz?
Jeremy Grant (Curant)
The world needs more people like that as public role models.
To See
To See Vor 28 Tage
Amazing answer, shows both confidence and benevolence.
Jaša Gladež
Jaša Gladež Vor 28 Tage
Doing the boss thing like a boss.
Isse da belangriek Hekke oe nette seg
A good men has a good heart. Klopp has everything
halim tuah
halim tuah Vor 29 Tage
gud man Jurgen
Pat Flanagan
Pat Flanagan Vor 29 Tage
Very good reply, Mr Klopp
Ben kopite
Ben kopite Vor 29 Tage
Media tried to blow this out of proportion but Klopp handled it like a boss. Goes to show the sort of relationship he has with his players.
Simon Dhar
Simon Dhar Vor Monat
Thoughtful Klopp..... Brilliant guy...
Andy Lane
Andy Lane Vor Monat
A proper chap.
P J Vor Monat
Worst tutor defence ever. What a fraud.
Karl-Heinz Heinbach
Er war schon der Normale, er ist der Normale und wird immer der Normale bleiben. Er weiß, was ein guten Führungsstil beinhaltet. He was already the normal one, he is the normal one and will always be the normal one. He knows what good leadership is all about
Jason Kiigespere
What a great teacher!
Carl Dolan
Carl Dolan Vor Monat
what a man....what a manager.....the comments he makes remind me of the great Shanks.....comments that stay in your head...because he believes...YNWA
Sas Vor Monat
Educated end huge common sense, this Jürgen, fantastic gay enyway. Respect
Ajibola Odukoya
Ajibola Odukoya Vor Monat
💯 Class
Mark C
Mark C Vor Monat
Legend ++
davva360 Vor Monat
Love Klopp. Not a Liverpool fan but I have a lot of respect for him both in terms of football management and the kind of person he comes across as.
Oliver Uschmann
Oliver Uschmann Vor Monat
How better the world could be if people would act like Klopp, with heart and balance.
patrick o donnell
He's exactly right way the world is now
chris smith
chris smith Vor Monat
Class manager? makes a change not hearing moaning or complaining or excuses, no fans ,injuries, var just like every other teams in the league.
Hiten Solanki
Hiten Solanki Vor Monat
Brilliant response.. No wonder he's such a likeable manager
liviooo liv
liviooo liv Vor Monat
What you can say about this wise wise answer provided by Klopp??? Not even philosophers could give a better one!
Jabulani Hlongwane
Respect klopp
Chris Chappel
Chris Chappel Vor Monat
Love Klopp
eddyvideostar Vor Monat
Dear Black Hound Rise: The one time is as a tear in the fabric. The office politics is treacherous. The tiny acorn that we ignore in a good positive light eventually grows into a tree of bad apples that don't fall far enough from each other.
dan wekoya
dan wekoya Vor Monat
I really hope Mane apologised later.
Annee Wah
Annee Wah Vor Monat
U said it Boss.... 5 million respect compared to 1 time disrespect .... don’t take to heart yeah. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Lemo _Slag_Grass
Klopp is like the Captain Picard of football
Ghulam Afzal
Ghulam Afzal Vor Monat
Spurs fan here I love Klopp such a class act
selfmade57 Vor Monat
Respect to Klopp for his humbleness. Arteta would have been given it the big 1 with his silly little F.A. Cup hat on. He needs to go be Klopp's coneman for a few years he might learn something.
Waluwa Dana
Waluwa Dana Vor Monat
This is why I love you (Klopp)
Filosofa Stone
Filosofa Stone Vor Monat
This man is a rooted and wise.
Janine Dumont
Janine Dumont Vor Monat
The venomous shorts admittedly follow because snowplow curiously grip after a sick sunday. short, white roadway
Lars Berge
Lars Berge Vor Monat
Thats my manager❤
We are Liverpool family from Liberia Bong county 🇱🇷
drew mesiano
drew mesiano Vor Monat
Goes far beyond football. 👏👏
A O Vor Monat
Top bloke
Adam Vor Monat
Brilliant from Klopp there
DREW Vor Monat
Great man to work with!
Jay Gee
Jay Gee Vor Monat
DE-vid listen, no more sport, no more foreign language videos, no more brain dead type videos. Please read this; we want interesting videos. Will you please rectify this problem in the near future or at least hire someone who knows how to do that
White Shepherds
White Shepherds Vor Monat
Jürgen Klopp - how Intelligence creates sympathy ♥️♥️
Faizal Bin Ibrahim
Sadio Mane is always like that .
Clembo Vor Monat
Words of immense wisdom.
Syed Muhammad Saim
This is therapy.
Tom Bartram
Tom Bartram Vor Monat
So it's ok to do something wrong as long it's a one-off & out of character? Great. I can't stand me neighbour. Can anyone lend me a gun?
Andrew Billingsley
I hope your our manager for yrs and yrs to come please sign long contract again.
John Kealy
John Kealy Vor Monat
A great manager!
Ivanka dump
Ivanka dump Vor Monat
Parasites 🦠 get a proper job.
D Mensah
D Mensah Vor Monat
Don Lamba
Don Lamba Vor Monat
I love everything about this. Sadly, as a United-fan... However the best of all, is his "The normal one" mug! I'm loving it to bits! :D
MarcusThe9 Vor Monat
This man is a LEGEND. Best answer a man can give.
Joseph Panteluk
Joseph Panteluk Vor Monat
Mean what you say Klopp.
Muhammed Touray
Muhammed Touray Vor Monat
That's real humanity Jurgen. Who never get upset in life 🤔? 💯 Understanding that's what we need to move on ✌️.
Iain Cathro
Iain Cathro Vor Monat
Good answer from Jurgen!
Matt Deadman
Matt Deadman Vor Monat
Only Citeh are happy with their Manager, but I think everyone else would love The Klopp at their Club! A Man Utd fan I work with is sooooo jealous! Pfffttt Single handily, The Klopp has brought Liverpool FC to the Highest Profile Level in their History! He must be worshipped!!!
King Pin
King Pin Vor Monat
- Jounalist asks a manipulative question - Klopp destroys journalist
Petros Noctis
Petros Noctis Vor Monat
Muesli711 Vor Monat
Love that he takes his time but answers the question with a perfect example.
L Bayout
L Bayout Vor Monat
WTF this man is a genius
Mohamed Ibrahim
Mohamed Ibrahim Vor Monat
Well done klop that's good answering we all make one time mistake move on lad
Atte La
Atte La Vor Monat
The "journalist" thought he's being clever here but only embarassed himself (and his boss). Well done Jurgen.
The Scally Trader
Sell Mane he can be replaced.
Tops Miah
Tops Miah Vor Monat
Awesome. So True. One bad does not undo hundreds of good 👍🏽👍🏼💪🏽🤲🏽
Alexander Munro
Alexander Munro Vor Monat
They are NOT 'journalists'...the ARE 'fabricators of normality, fantasists...and vastly overpaid shills.'
TheAnan7777 Vor Monat
Repay evil with good.
The journalist came in to add fuel to the fire. Klopp: fire is good, it keeps us warm
Righen Sawmynaden
Klopp turn into Alan watts suddenly....🤣🤣🤣
Phiona Waiswa
Phiona Waiswa Vor Monat
You are an example of a great leader. Hope my beloved murinho and the world learn from you
Craig Martin
Craig Martin Vor Monat
Pure drama out of nothing English media are the reason I want England to lose
LoL Footy
LoL Footy Vor Monat
SAF: Fvck that, he better pack his bags in the summer
Alibabu Vor Monat
I need this guy at Real Madrid... Sorry for you!!
Sazzan Poudel
Sazzan Poudel Vor Monat
klopp and liverpool both are stupid
marvily eduards
marvily eduards Vor Monat
Klopp , showing what Leadership looks like.
Jude Ugwuegbulam
Class act Jurgen 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
maguled Vor Monat
That is what you call moral superiority, period.
Kevan Simister
Kevan Simister Vor Monat
Just leave him alone
MrAli171 Vor Monat
Top man
degase81 Vor Monat
Absolute class!... still can’t believe he is our manager 🙌🏾
Jamal Robinson
Jamal Robinson Vor Monat
The absolute empathy and wisdom of this man should be studied taught
Mark Briers
Mark Briers Vor Monat
Mr. Klopp, I've got the utmost respect for how you've managed to make a molehill out of what some perceive to be a mountain. One sunny day doesn't make a Summer, just as one disagreement doesn't make a relationship. It's not what happens to us in life that's important, but the way we deal with it.
laurentHK Vor Monat
Leadership "par excellence"
Job Mbeta
Job Mbeta Vor Monat
Big respect for Klopp
Abe Hussein
Abe Hussein Vor Monat
Loyalty One of the top 3 principles of life y'all. We will handle it at our home. We all make mistakes man.
mutongoria Vor Monat
mihspz Vor Monat
And I'm a completely normal guy
Ashraf Azid
Ashraf Azid Vor Monat
Ah, wise as he always is
Willyd123 Vor Monat
Be like Klopp
M S Vor Monat
Good talk .
Syed Danyal
Syed Danyal Vor Monat
That’s really high of you mr klopp, no wonder we all are where we are in life with our perspectives..! Time to really not make much of a deal with these little discomforts along the way,,!
Silvio Vor Monat
Of course it had to be Moose from TalkSPORT 🤡
Rav Vor Monat
Klopp: "Get a real job".
M.S. 88
M.S. 88 Vor Monat
I hope my boss is watching this video.
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