Kanye West in the Oval Office with President Trump (C-SPAN)

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President Trump met with Kanye West and Jim Brown in the Oval Office to discuss criminal justice reform and other policy issues. The trio had lunch afterwards as well to continue the conversation. Full video here: cs.pn/2CaycUn



11 Okt 2018

Kanye WestWhite HouseOval OfficePresident of the United StatesDonald TrumpC-SPANCSPAN



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Norman Adkins
Norman Adkins Vor 15 Stunden
Kanye aint neen mentally right since his mammy died kim talks like she is a special ed student stupid bitch
T -Bird
T -Bird Vor 2 Tage
Yor have to have overstanding to understand what just actually took place🔯
YeahMeToo Vor 9 Tage
this fucking nuts
That's The Recipe
That's The Recipe Vor 17 Tage
kanye will easily be president if he decides to run. just look at how he dominates the whole meeting and keeps everyones attention. he is like a living breathing drug, boosting everyones serotonin levels with his existence and whether they like it or not
BankerTV Vor 18 Tage
thrump 2080
hey folks cspan president and kanye west do ya need a break from modern livin lol nostalgia disneys a goofy movie 1995 sweet freedom 1986 micheal mcdonald I am a VirginKid at 23 22 years old life in year 2018 soles of peoples feet👣👕🌈💪🎮⭐️ 🎶quasimodo🔔🏰 🥋🛡🏠smell alexandria cortezs soles of feet 👣smell soles of peoples feet👣
Gabriel Herrera
Gabriel Herrera Vor 24 Tage
Kanye is the modern day Martin Luther King.
Gabriel Herrera
Gabriel Herrera Vor 24 Tage
Kanye called Trump Bro. God Bless America Kanye, and whoever is our sitting president.
Gabriel Herrera
Gabriel Herrera Vor 24 Tage
The cheapest factory ever. The Prison system.
live cooking demonstration K
Thank you kanye, very cool!
Armando Olivares
Armando Olivares Vor 26 Tage
Kanye West is a certified "HOUSE NIGGA!....say it ain't true!?lol
hadzra hatta
hadzra hatta Vor 27 Tage
What the f he was talking about
Edward Guzman
Edward Guzman Vor Monat
Lol lol lol lol lol lol!!!!!! WTF Kanye West is a fucking joke!!! Lol lol lol!!!! And Trump is now a joke for listening to it!!!! Lol lol lol🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 super man!!! Lol lol iplane lol lol lol lol!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nehemiah Dunn
Nehemiah Dunn Vor Monat
Too much inside Kanye's mind that we have to think so deep to know what he means.
CraftedPixel Vor Monat
What? I didn't know he had a brain.
Bobby O
Bobby O Vor Monat
this is what happens when Satan who is Lucifer takes ur mind
jean faublas
jean faublas Vor Monat
He can be the speaker of the right house
Mani Zahir
Mani Zahir Vor Monat
He cooking
Vanessa Davidson
The problem isn't "legal" guns, it's "illegal." Just like, the problem isn't even solely the guns, it's the citizens who use them " illegally." Kanye West found Jesus, or rather started following Jesus instead of fame. He's one of the lucky ones that broke his mind away from greedy, selfish, evil, fortune/fame❤❤❤❤
Family Channel
Family Channel Vor Monat
He's a fucking lick ass lunatic. strange
Beyond BeyondAmnesia
& pause & breathe... still love u though ♥
Michelle Williams
Dammmm! Kanye West really had some rock hard solid points though, with all the fast talking you really have to listen..He still a lil foolish though..Lol!
Mundie Bernard
Mundie Bernard Vor Monat
Kanye West is so intelligent. This guy says the truth and make good point and always factual
Gustavo Carreno
Gustavo Carreno Vor Monat
Everything Kanye said, trump does not care about , it went through one ear and out through the other
Majed ALGahtani
Majed ALGahtani Vor Monat
The guy is crazy it is so clear.
Brian Pittman
Brian Pittman Vor Monat
Trump's talking out of both ides of his mouth because he said in his campaign for president that STOP AND FRISK WAS BRILLIANT TRUMP IS A DAMN LIAR AND HES PASAPHYING KANYE WEST THIS IS A PUBLICITY MEETING.
Kanye is a character. Too fashion oriented. Wild card anomaly. Positive alien force.
Cedric Ruffin
Cedric Ruffin Vor Monat
Kanye is right!!!
Tom Cullen
Tom Cullen Vor Monat
How many people can take up all the attention in the room full of people in the presence of a president??..pretty impressive
Stephen Marfo
Stephen Marfo Vor Monat
This president is real Mr president live long
S. Rajagopal
S. Rajagopal Vor Monat
Indians crazy about U.S need to watch this.....
Stefan Duque Domning Gonzalez
America first💪💪👌👌👊👊❤
Fresh boys
Fresh boys Vor Monat
Kanye west supposed to be president
jesus is King
jesus is King Vor Monat
Satanic. There is codes in our d.n.a. so we are Designed by a intelligent being. God is in the Bible. I had my experiences.
Jester Vor Monat
if you don't listen to someone just because there is something, an instance that influences your view on the person.. why should there be a reason for someone to listen to your toughts then. let's anonymify Kanye in your head, let's say he is not mentally ill, think about someone that is your friend for a second. ask yourself, would you deny friendship because someone thinks in a way that disturbs you? I wouldn't because that in itself won't change me, it's someone elses oppinion. and now back to the point if you disrespect someones oppinion or devalueate it why should anyone give a damn about your oppinion? tbh if that's the case it may be because you are the loudest oppinion and serve a purpose as entertainment value
Kenye has great ideas unfortunately he sold his soul to the devil
Antwane Boyce
Antwane Boyce Vor Monat
“They say if people don’t have land, they settle for brands” 💎
Leader Never Follow
Antwane Boyce most amazing quote ever
240fxst Vor Monat
Please give him his meds..........go to sleep.
Mozarc2045 Mu
Mozarc2045 Mu Vor Monat
This is some bull shit lol. Speechless
Sherrie Young
Sherrie Young Vor Monat
Kanye has lost it for real!
Ralph Hardwick
Ralph Hardwick Vor Monat
What in the fuck is going on here? Why the fuck is Kanye West in the oval office? Have I just come out of a coma?
M M Vor Monat
America belongs to the Americans not to Hillary
Viviane West
Viviane West Vor Monat
Kanye is Bigsby, guys!!🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😁
Big Don
Big Don Vor Monat
I like Kanye but he has no place in the White House as an entertainer. Politics is for politicians and they carry the responsibility. Trump just sat there sporadically saying platitudes.
Joe Hall
Joe Hall Vor Monat
Regardless of how ridiculously you think he might sound, we should support ppl that aren't afraid to create evolution, and ideas made for today, which is actually for the future. Keep grinding!!!
Snapper Cooper
Snapper Cooper Vor Monat
Kanye dick riding
Snapper Cooper
Snapper Cooper Vor Monat
The secret service watching Kanye hard af making sure his crazy ass don't circle the white house
Snapper Cooper
Snapper Cooper Vor Monat
Wander how hard Trump laughed at this clown when he left
Snapper Cooper
Snapper Cooper Vor Monat
This mf need to put that pipe down
Nicolas Vargas
Nicolas Vargas Vor Monat
How is Kanye spitting "knowledge" only selfish people think the way he is thinking imo he is trying to create jobs all the wrong way and if he was really passionate on what he is saying why does he still make negative music. He talks about brands like everyone wears the same clothes, drives the same cars or whips their behind with same toilet paper; it all starts with youth until America fixes the youth and society without negativity we will be our own enemy. Pray and encourage others to do better for themselves, we as people are becoming more and more scared of what the future has to offer but it starts with the past not future. Hey what do i know though im not rich nor a person with power;neither are WE?
Benyam Kebede
Benyam Kebede Vor Monat
The president of America Donald J Trump you play the game to show America who is the America Great Again not politics not thinking 🤔 come America Donald J Trump “we need you 2020 Again
blacky 99
blacky 99 Vor Monat
We have the right to bear-arms yes that is correct for America Kanye is that smart cookie that smart muthafucka
Lorin Cooper
Lorin Cooper Vor Monat
"I love how the Universe Works, theres no 13th floor right" 🤐
Dblood Couk
Dblood Couk Vor Monat
Is this Kanye West? I think he is so different after that therapy. Don’t you?
darien delaney
darien delaney Vor Monat
CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK this makes me weak in the knees way to many sheep to look at one day they’ll be free☠️💔
GetPaidWith Kandraya
ҡѧňʏє ғoя pяєsıԀєňţ!! ѧňԀ somєɞoԀʏ һєʟp ţһє ғяozєň ɢuʏ sıţţıňɢ ňє×ţ ţo һım😗🤔
Another Day Another Dollar DC Maryland & VIRGINIA
Kanye West is a different person, he's changing his way he ain't thugging no more not as much. He see's the situation and is trying to change, work with what he can. He's right!! The President is Trump, he is in the house because alot OF YOU MOTHERFUCKERS READING THIS SHIT DIDN'T GO OUT AND VOTE. YES ALOT OF YOU FUCKING IDIOTS READING THIS RIGHT NOW DIDN'T VOTE THAT'S WHY TRUMP WON. YOU RETARDS READING THIS GETTING READY TO REPLY TO THIS POST RIGHT NOW, YOU HAVE TIME TO REPLY ON DE-vid AND WATCH VIDEOS BUT CANT GO AND FUCKING VOTE AND NOW WANT TO BITCH AND COMPLAIN. Kanye changed his ways and approach to people, he know the President is president and we will not get no where if we say fuck this fuck that fuck him. We can't get no where if we can't sit down with this MF. We have to make things happen by Sitting down and trying to talk shit out, somebody has too. Think about it you can't say fuck trump or screw him we need someone to sit down with this mf. Kanye has stepped up, he ain't with all that racist shit, but we have someone who can sit with him now. Just cause Kanye isn't saying Fuck trump or "Trump Dosent CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE" DON'T MEAN HE WITH ALL THE SHIT TRUMP IS SAYING THAT'S WHY HE SITS WITH TRUMP AND MEETS WITH HIM TO LET HIM KNOW BUT NOT WITH THE SAME APPROACH HE TOOK ON GEORGE BUSH HE'S A CHANGED PERSON AND THAT'S GOOD HE'S TRYING A DIFFERENT APPROACH REMEMBER HE WAS HOOD HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING Y'ALL WHERE APPLAUDING HIM WHEN HE SAID SAID GEORGE BUSH DOSNT CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE HE SEES A NEW APPROACH HE IS A NEW PERSON HE IS DOING SOMETHING FOR Y'ALL AND THE PEOPLE BELIEVE IT. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO GO WITH HIM TO ONE OF THESE SIT DOWNS INSTEAD OF TALK SHIT ABOUT KANYE AND TELL TRUMP DIRECTLY THAT'S REAL. YA DIGG.
Miz Eve
Miz Eve Vor Monat
lets go have some lunch
ScarFAceKng Vor Monat
nyasha mkucha
nyasha mkucha Vor Monat
so maamericans mukuti Kanye akupenga😝😝😝
Imma Claus
Imma Claus Vor Monat
You're testing a fine wine it has multiple notes to it
Lauren Baeza
Lauren Baeza Vor Monat
jose alvelo
jose alvelo Vor Monat
Life of A Cat Mom
He needs his meds. I can tell he is trying to make valid points but he is all over the map. He is bipolar and I have worked with people like him before and he is expressing manic behaviors right there.
Mr. Lonnie Bolts
Kanye is not crazy. He is speaking to high for people to catch.
america's collapsing
Smh The crazy is the normal and the normal is the crazy we are now in self destruction and we deserve it
Janet Johnson
Janet Johnson Vor Monat
Wtf is Kanye. trying to say. He is fucking crazy...lol. a brunch of nonsense shit.
Pedro&Annie 18
Pedro&Annie 18 Vor Monat
Yo Kanye snoop dogg going to slap yo ass yo silly bitch!!
Octavius Galleon
Factory's ok where are you getting the material from here I suppose you can work in the cotton fields leather shoes we might as well slaughter all wild life oil we need to cut ties with the terrorists Arabics spread love in the country that will never happen
Billy Brown
Billy Brown Vor Monat
Im a black man an i love Trump i got to worrie about a black man trying to kill me not Trump i support Trump hell yea he said build a wall damit lets do it he right people comeing in killing usa people then going 2 there country people comeing in owning all the stores Trumps the Man the shit he do the real raceis people are scared too so fuck u an i dont care what a black man say they tryin to kill me anyway
Micah Edgin
Micah Edgin Vor Monat
Kanye 2020
Micah Edgin
Micah Edgin Vor Monat
Kanye 2020
Micah Edgin
Micah Edgin Vor Monat
Kanye 2020
Micah Edgin
Micah Edgin Vor Monat
Kanye 2020
Micah Edgin
Micah Edgin Vor Monat
Kanye 2020
InnocentHD Productions
Kanye is all about putting yourself in other's shoes and opposing the norm. He may sound crazy but anyone who's been through high school can interpret what he says and apply it to real life scenarios. Stop having and #GrowTheFuckUp
Raheim King
Raheim King Vor Monat
The sellout. Kanye can't speak for the black Community
Leader Never Follow
Raheim King why not
Joshua Mcilwain
Joshua Mcilwain Vor Monat
This Country will never be United when God is nonexistent. We've all seen Trump's pre-election antics and shenanigans. His beliefs and values as a president doesn't represent "the people". Kanye just showed America how to kiss a#$ before all his African American brothers and sisters in hope for the best. Smh. Let's see what "actual" change/difference comes from this meeting.
Joshua Mcilwain
Joshua Mcilwain Vor Monat
"Does Trump like black ppl?" I'll wait.
Kevin Brasher
Kevin Brasher Vor Monat
Systemic racism is why most black are Democrats, basically choosing the lesser of two evils.....
Cat down the Road
He'll yeah I thought he was losing it but I hear everything he's saying.
noChill noFiltertv
Damn Kanye...just...damn
The Truth
The Truth Vor Monat
I think he might have chosen the wrong time to mention he had bipolar disorder.
D Ishreal
D Ishreal Vor Monat
🙋🏽‍♂️I’ll have what he’s smoking.😗💨
King Koopa
King Koopa Vor Monat
Ye is not tripping he speaking straight truth!
LEX 240Z
LEX 240Z Vor Monat
This mother fucker is crazy....west just shut up you dont know shit about shit.....
Pedro Quijada
Pedro Quijada Vor Monat
clearly there is something wrong with this boy..
Ma Living
Ma Living Vor Monat
Wooow I see Kanye!! He understands Trump's language and he is speaking it with him. He is going to show Donald that the way America has treated "non-whites" (not the best word but its effective) cannot go on if they want to stay competitive economically against China. Working on the prison system, the educational system, probably the economic system and he is preppin for his own position politically!! sheeet is smart aff 🙌🏾
Windfall Wingman
Wow. What the motherfuck is wrong with this man?
13th Evergreen
13th Evergreen Vor Monat
He has the right views on life and everyone else can't keep up.
Binod Magar
Binod Magar Vor Monat
Kanye is right but all trump is worried about is his lunch #smh
Streety Streetz
Streety Streetz Vor Monat
Just from tha first 6mins u can cleary see he focus he kno were he going i support regarding tha knowledgeable idnt kno just cause i kno wwrw am from fucc any other distraction n bogus as friends i seen claim around him. N it bigger then u think hoover imbue me more then Jesus Christ with all respect but truth
Nicole Peyreau
Nicole Peyreau Vor Monat
sounds like he's having a manic episode
Sam Brodie
Sam Brodie Vor Monat
I am Kanye West in another alternate universe trying to help him to go on vacation
kevin roberts
kevin roberts Vor Monat
Free Larry Hoover!!!!!!
Meet the Braithwaite
Im like hella of confused. That guy was talking about some young kid who is locked up doing a harsh time with some serious people.. And Kayne started talking bout how its because he had power with positivity and then got into a bunch of whole lot of things that took it away from the isssues at hand..
Creator Bless
Creator Bless Vor Monat
Creator BlessHe might sound funny but it's all real talk.... Who don't support that a fool. He talking about Hoover who snoop made a political money stunt hate when West have the relationship.. Real Dudes like 38 Spec having rehabilitation for people coming out of prison need those connections that west building on with Trump. Wake up wheat crackers
jamie fletcher
jamie fletcher Vor Monat
Fuck wow
Emanuel Kafka
Emanuel Kafka Vor Monat
hey Kanye what's that long speech for? less talk, more sense, more talk=trash
btone_95 Vor Monat
And kids, this is why you shouldn’t do drugs...
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