Ken Block Drifting - Ford Fiesta

Michael Hansen
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5 Mai 2011



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Raz Kaiser
Raz Kaiser Vor 10 Tage
What kind of tires are those?
Yamin Danial
Yamin Danial Vor 6 Monate
Btw fyi this is really shocking information... This epic car is a front wheel drive. Ken block my senpai
Samuel Jimenez salazar
El mejor
Rajarathinam Vor 2 years
ford engine dead.
Mohammed Arbaz Qasim
but i hate sound of rims comin in contct with groud it doesnt feel and sound rite it feel like something is eating u up frm insde
Mohammed Arbaz Qasim
eish how much i wanna do dat
YOP93 Vor 3 years
0:37 its me or he touch the wall???
Samual Iam
Samual Iam Vor 3 years
Pardon me sir but I think you gacked your rims.
juan 1487
juan 1487 Vor 4 years
wau es un maestro
Neo Nahh
Neo Nahh Vor 4 years
this reason i buy fiesta (;
garang asam
garang asam Vor 4 years
Faas Ru Maar
Faas Ru Maar Vor 4 years
chacal!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
Faas Ru Maar
Faas Ru Maar Vor 4 years
chacal!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
fakinpwned Vor 4 years
goes on CL the next day as a daily driver....
Matthew Mccurdy
Matthew Mccurdy Vor 5 years
They should put Ken in a Twincam
Aotearoa2010 Vor 5 years
This is awesome!!! Love it Ken!
ricardo tataharu
ricardo tataharu Vor 5 years
GoldenStateWarriors #1 FAN
Challenge Ken Block to drift. He'll make you cough.
Taurean McArthur
Taurean McArthur Vor 5 years
ken block is not a DRIFTER, who ever made this video knows nothing about drifting, anyway he was power sliding around the corners and using awd. hate it when people says he's a drifter, he's a RALLY driver if you didnt know.
Xx-King-xX Gaming
Xx-King-xX Gaming Vor 2 years
Taurean McArthur and of you didn't know, that's not ken block And I forgot You are S S S S S S S S S A A. A A. A A A A. A L L L L L L L L L L L L L L T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T Y Y Y. Y Y. Y Y Y Y Y Y Y _ l. l l. l l. l l. l l. _ l O O. O O
Sp0oky Vor 3 years
"Car drifting is caused when the rear slip angle is greater than the front slip angle, to such an extent that often the front wheels are pointing in the opposite direction to the turn" He drifts with 40/60. Learn your facts before making a dumbass comment
mk floyd
mk floyd Vor 4 years
Semantics, just enjoy a master at play...................
Emiel Kalkman
Emiel Kalkman Vor 4 years
Its called hooning !! XD
Franjo Sieben
Franjo Sieben Vor 5 years
everyone who thinks he is a bad ass driver should watch his rallycrashes herr on yt...he only is a trademark from monsterenergy...with a filmproductionteam and endless time everyone can make such vids like this..the truth is ...HE CANT DRIVE !! ..
waka1022 Vor 5 years
Haters Go Hate
subiedoobie Vor 5 years
For all the people saying this is not drifting the definition of drifting "to cause your car to slide side way intentionally" and i do believe he's doing just that
ry backs
ry backs Vor 5 years
This isnt drifting tho, hes driving an awd fiesta, its just simple power sliding and you have to actually try to force yourself to spin out. Its like using a crutch it makes i easier
Dorin Neculai
Dorin Neculai Vor 5 years
@ry backs, AWD or not, is drifting bro. It's much easier to do it with a FWD, trust me.
subiedoobie Vor 5 years
definition of drifting "purposely causing car to slide sideways"
ry backs
ry backs Vor 5 years
If you hold a power slide its still a power slide, it dosent just magically change just cause you hold it
subiedoobie Vor 5 years
lol your so dense power sliding IS drifting and its an AWD.but when you hyold the drift thats definitely drifting you moron
Jeffrey Chung
Jeffrey Chung Vor 6 years
It's amazing how he control his car... but why did he have to break the asphalt and tires at the end? Everything was cool until that point lol
Jay Ward
Jay Ward Vor 6 years
At some points in the video it looks like CGI.
Marcel Piotrowski
Marcel Piotrowski Vor 6 years
tore it the fuck open
Adrian Castillo
Adrian Castillo Vor 6 years
Thats what she said
Texas Slinger
Texas Slinger Vor 6 years
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia Vor 6 years
dat was echt awsome!
Patryk Smorąg
Patryk Smorąg Vor 6 years
Nie no nie wiem czym szponci... nie ma czym...czym tom fiesta 650hp? Żeby nagrać to to on musiał się uczyć x czasu dajcie mi takie to wam,pokaże szkole jazdy ....
Ninja_Prime Vor 6 years
No matter how many times I watch Ken Blocks' videos I am blown away by the guys ability to throw the car about like that! Amazing.
Sara Yousra
Sara Yousra Vor 2 years
Ninja_Prime kwhxujans
Joel Greuter
Joel Greuter Vor 6 years
te gek hoe hij rijd
Mike Vor 6 years
5:15 was EPIC!
Itu Mkomazi
Itu Mkomazi Vor 6 years
I lv this guy. His awesome
tony habib
tony habib Vor 6 years
The original one have a front wheel drive
Gyula Kass
Gyula Kass Vor 6 years
ken block from hungary! :) im from hungary
hellafrisco Vor 6 years
it just made my day
hellafrisco Vor 6 years
that was so fucking awesome.
Sam Musgrove
Sam Musgrove Vor 6 years
is i rob a bank i want this guy driving me outta there
Tiago Antunes
Tiago Antunes Vor 6 years
this dont is DRIFT, is power slide!!! Drift 2wd traction drift 4wd tradction-powerslide !!!
Domi Giovanna
Domi Giovanna Vor 6 years
mein Auto!!!!!!!! *_____*
Madhawk Vor 6 years
this is the one of the best that i see in life :)
vendra ansembly
vendra ansembly Vor 6 years
lyassou bylka
lyassou bylka Vor 6 years
Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper Vor 7 years
R.I.P his tires
Elis Channel
Elis Channel Vor 7 years
The BEST video EVER. Just Perfrct :)
Jay Allen
Jay Allen Vor 7 years
nothing like a good ol' day of power slidin' I watched some mad mike and I disagree, I was bored half way through that hand brake a thon. ken block is one of the best awd drivers, don't forget hes a rally guy. straight up rwd drift though, Vaughn Gittin Jr. would rock the socks off mad mike...
antonsebastian Vor 7 years
did anyone else hear mw2 choppergunner at 1:57-2:6?
desperados34600 Vor 7 years
Il est vraiment impressionnant ce gars, franchement, je considère que ce qu'il fait, c'est de l'art automobile.
Jamie Mac
Jamie Mac Vor 7 years
2 Rear tyres were harmed in the making of this clip.
Soljuk Vor 7 years
MechWarrior324 Vor 7 years
Look at all these haters in the comments. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Ba-da-boom!
wedge171 Vor 7 years
dimas bagus
dimas bagus Vor 7 years
ken block emang mantepppppp.........
Meat Vor 7 years
the fact that it takes him 50 times to slide one corner.
Meat Vor 7 years
at least someone knows.
Meat Vor 7 years
he crashes and goes to jail cause the cops won't let him try 50 times to get away.
Meat Vor 7 years
this is a sequential gearbox with ignition cut, which means he doesn't have to lift the gas pedal while shifting. the usual sequential gearbox requires the gas pedal to be lifted off while shifting.
agus627 Vor 7 years
Harri Kovainen
Harri Kovainen Vor 7 years
Realy nice :)
562CATRACHO Vor 7 years
Vibin Francis
Vibin Francis Vor 7 years
Hei... Ken Block... It's Very Simple 4 me... ;)
Pards 10
Pards 10 Vor 7 years
Ken Block, i am your biggest fan
sayangsama ochi
sayangsama ochi Vor 7 years
Obama can't gymkhana=
Dennis Pierce
Dennis Pierce Vor 7 years
Ken block, the best driver ever!
91gt306 Vor 7 years
yeah sure
Tony P
Tony P Vor 7 years
umm this bloke full of shit just came accross this rubbish drive whom stages his driving ability, makes two errors straight of the batt , 1. smacks his car into wall 2. then runs over strip into attempt to overdure it ,then possibly runs over witches hat where scene show him about to collide with it then takes it from another angle where he is no where near it, not even going to watch the rest of this, who is this guy? he must have money cause he aint no driver. Sorry if you take offence but....
ADAM Vor 7 years
This video is fake there is no such thing as a car it was just a lie
Rusty Snorkel
Rusty Snorkel Vor 7 years
Well actually it's called Gymkhana. On another note, jokes on all of us, that's not a Fiesta, lol. PS. Does anyone know if you can buy those e-brake handles anywhere? The silver with "BLOCK" stamped on it
mrFaci Vor 7 years
Thats not drifting, his fiesta is 4WD and you drift only with 2WD (his car has all wheel drive, real driters use cars with 2 wheels drive, only those 2 back wheels are driven) He is POWERSLIDING, and thats way easier than drifting
megawalker994 Vor 7 years
sick handbrake
j.a.cole Vor 7 years
i feel sorry for the guy that pays for his tires
Adelmo Filho
Adelmo Filho Vor 7 years
Goodbye , tyers.
Alec Travis-Daugherty
Im sure that everyone in this comment section knows more than Ken Block. lol No. -_- FWD is drifting its all the same. They all have the same outcome. Plus FWD drifting is harder so if you can do it then props to ya. Stop trolling you idiots.
paul PavlosCZ
paul PavlosCZ Vor 7 years
Drifting with 4x4 is easy like draw a smile ;)
Michael Riley
Michael Riley Vor 7 years
ChasterBeef Vor 7 years
For those of you acting like idiots in the comments (you know who you are) he has won plenty of awards including the rookie of the year award, I would say that's pretty good for a guy near 50. He devotes his time and money into driving, and he has tons of fun doing it. Quit being idiots
AHeel Vor 7 years
LOL What do you call it then? and can you do it?
TheJoeYCz Vor 7 years
Sorry dude, but this is not drifting!
Yngin Vor 7 years
This is Gymkhana 3 The Ultimate Playground
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