Killer Mike Educates Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Rapper and activist Killer Mike of Run The Jewels stops by The Late Show to talk about racial justice, Bernie Sanders and formal sweats.



5 Jan 2016



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masterrance Vor 6 years
Thank you Killer Mike for giving an educated perspective from the Black community!!
Cesar Vor 2 years
I love how he has quick, concise, and passionate answers. Someone who really cares.
Michael Combrink
Michael Combrink Vor 2 years
he gave excellent advice on how to change the world, find a kid who's struggling and help him succeed, don't give him gifts to make yourself feel good, show him the path that brought you success, so he can do it too
Ray Harvest
Ray Harvest Vor 2 years
I love rappers who are so wise; intelligent and informed; it breaks the stereotype
Fhoughl Oftnposdu
Fhoughl Oftnposdu Vor 2 years
Thank you Killer Mike for staying true to the cause and sticking with Bernie! Decades of fighting for us and still committed to the same principles. I'm still all in!
StepKickKing Vor year
This interview was from 2016, and yet it’s never been more relevant than it is in 2020
Guywithnolegs Vor 6 years
Killer Mike's one of the most charismatic people in Hip-Hop at the moment.
Jack Krieger
Jack Krieger Vor 3 years
So much respect for Killer Mike. He's so smart and a great guy.
Haut Strange
Haut Strange Vor 2 years
“It’s not an attempt at all. It’s successful” is powerful af and so true.
Donee Stoner
Donee Stoner Vor 2 years
I love this guy. He's intelligent, caring, and a righteous dude.
Sagat Uppercut
Sagat Uppercut Vor 2 years
I assumed someone named Killer Mike would be an intimidating person, but I wouldn't mind having lunch with this dude.
Mellow Fellow
I'm here after watching his cameo in Ozark. I had no idea who this guy was. I have to say I got really amazed by his charisma, eloquence, intellect and his ideas. We need more human beings like him.💙 Killer Mike for president!
Gary Wood
Gary Wood Vor 5 years
Brilliant advice on how you can help people. Wasn't about virtue signalling or blaming anyone. Just about the best method for helping. I like this guy.
seymourglass26 Vor 2 years
I'm kind of amazed how quickly he can speak intelligently without slipping up. A lot of public speakers know the trick of slowing down to add gravitas, but Mike is so on point with his ideas and message that he just goes for it and doesn't miss a step or lose his train of thought.
Wayne Gordon
Wayne Gordon Vor 3 years
I don't care where Killer Mike appear on he always killing it.✊
Bae Banxx
Bae Banxx Vor 2 years
Mike strikes me as a genuine sweetheart and a very important member of the black community who just wants to see us shine. Much love, mike!
Jackson Vor 2 years
This man needs to be on a mic at every damn school, public and private, university, college, hbcu etc.
Megan Carr
Megan Carr Vor year
Killer Mike is awesome and I hope to see more of him on a public stage
Marjory Baxtor
Marjory Baxtor Vor 5 years
Mike is doing a great job. He is so disarming and intelligent he can tell it like it without sugarcoating it, without provoking or making it awkward.
Chev Hardy
Chev Hardy Vor 2 years
Four years old and still relevant as hell!
Bernie & Killer Mike: 2020