Killer Mike - Ghetto Gospel (Official Video)

Killer Mike
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Official music video for Ghetto Gospel.

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14 Jan 2014



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Strabo Vor 7 years
This is one of the best lyrical tracks of all time. This is heavyweight shit right here, people don't understand how good of an emcee Mike is
Top5DOA Vor 8 years
One of my favorite tracks from Killer Mike. Glad he made a video. Excellent lyrics and visual interpretation.
KNWLDGE Vor 8 years
Killer Mike with the powerful lyrical content as always. I love that last verse btw.
Leefo 3
Leefo 3 Vor 8 years
Didnt know there was an official video for this song. My favorite song on the album. Great Vid
abeautifulhaze Vor 8 years
Visuals perfectly match the track. Excellence.
J Alexander
J Alexander Vor 8 years
Real Artistic Poetry!
blue smurf
blue smurf Vor 6 years
need more rapper's like this who speak sense and not what todays rapper's rap about money,women ext, bring back old school rap
Haters Have Opinion
That Last Verse Calls Me Back To This Video Every Time!
Handsome Psychopath.
Killer Mike a real one for putting out this woke music! Respect! He speaking facts! I just listened to the song Ronald Reagan!
S†EPFΔM STUDiO Vor 8 years
damn man that chorus will make u tear up
19thletter Vor 8 years
Shouts out to you Mike for holding it down for the real Atlanta. Also Dixie Hills , Simpson Road ,ADV,Zone 1 Bankhead. The streets that raised me .And Lincoln cemetery (in the video) where my mother was laid to rest. Brought back many memories
Shawn0187 B
Shawn0187 B Vor 4 years
Good 🎶 music. Killer Mike always bring that 🔥 fire 🔥. Hip hop need this 2018. I95 South.
Filip Radojkovic
Filip Radojkovic Vor 2 years
What a killer beat.
Andrew Woodford
Andrew Woodford Vor 2 years
Dope ass flow beating right there killer Mike.....
Mark Adams
Mark Adams Vor 8 years
Pure class
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow Vor 6 years
He's called killer mike because he kills you with love and understanding.
hammedownjones Vor 8 years
Dope as always!
DSofE Vor 6 years
nothing beats lyrics like that
Vintage Vga
This shit is so fucking underrated its such a shame that this only has 280k something views.
Michael Baker
Michael Baker Vor 8 years
Revolutionary Rap,....Reality Rap,... Real Rap,..... The Real Double "R"....
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