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Kristen Bell's Sweet 60th Birthday Present for Ellen

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Kristen Bell presented Ellen with a super sweet gift for her 60th birthday. Plus, "The Good Place" actress revealed who she avoided at the SAG Awards, and talked about the infamous Antonio Banderas poster in her and husband Dax Shepard's bedroom.




26 Jan 2018

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Maria Sol Fernandez
Ellen you look amazing happy birthday 🎈🎁
Helder De Almeida
Ellen could be my mum
Slump God
Slump God Vor Monat
60?!!!!! i thought she was 13!!1!
Persona 1592846703
1:28 How cute
Franzi Krüger
Franzi Krüger Vor 3 Monate
I thought the 60 was some kind of joke... Then she got the present and i was like... Where is the joke??
setphaser Vor 3 Monate
ellen uses her power for good.
Saiphun Lyster
Saiphun Lyster Vor 4 Monate
who else's birthday is on the 26th💗
Angie Hattingh
Angie Hattingh Vor 5 Monate
Kristen Bell is actually becoming goals after seeing the momsplaining videos.
Jemilee Williams
Jemilee Williams Vor 5 Monate
Ellen, you look like a 27-year-old, and Kristen looks 18
Ellena Weston
Ellena Weston Vor 5 Monate
Anyone know where Kristen’s top is from?
ellajayne Vor 5 Monate
She’s 60?! She looks 40!
Maddycakes 411
Maddycakes 411 Vor 6 Monate
I love how Kristen had to slightly had to think abt her age
Jennifer K
Jennifer K Vor 7 Monate
Where Did Kristen Get The Shirt She Is Wearing 😍😍😍😍...
JeonJungkookie99 Vor 7 Monate
what the heck so Ellen is 60 and she looks 50, Kristen is 37 and she looks 27... Why not me.
Mariette Teasdale
Mariette Teasdale Vor 7 Monate
Hay happybirthday iam 61 you have shared so much of love to so many people You’re amazing love sent with abig hug
Mya Cotto
Mya Cotto Vor 8 Monate
I love them and their friendship!! 😆❤️
nikki writes
nikki writes Vor 8 Monate
@1:08 damn the wrist
Toni Maliszewski
Toni Maliszewski Vor 8 Monate
How in the heck are you 60. You deserve the best you are the greatest person in the world.
Angelina Rybakova
Angelina Rybakova Vor 8 Monate
Ellen does not age . She’s ageless .
TheLuellaNetwork Vor 9 Monate
ELLEN IS 60?! My mom turned 60 last year and then passed away 4 months later...never expected Ellen to be 60. Does she even age???
Aya Am
Aya Am Vor 9 Monate
Wait a minute kristen bell is 37 years old ..... are youu serious noooo she doesn't look a year over 22
Ungrateful kunce
Ungrateful kunce Vor 9 Monate
After there first 50 comments of " I never knew she was 60 maybe 50 OMG she looks great. Why would people keep posting the same comment, ITS BEEN SAID!!!
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro
😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔 Kristen is sol beautifuuuulllllllllllll daaaammmnn
Phal Prak
Phal Prak Vor 10 Monate
Anoon Dekuek
Anoon Dekuek Vor 10 Monate
Anoon Dekuek
Anoon Dekuek Vor 10 Monate
Adri Rizo
Adri Rizo Vor 10 Monate
WOW! 60 years! She looks younger!
Tropicocity Vor 11 Monate
Dax Shepard is a lucky guy lol
Evie Vor 11 Monate
Ellen looks so good! I thought she was 12
Anna Katrina
Anna Katrina Vor 11 Monate
Anyone else as surprised that Kristen is 37???
Kristen doesn’t look 37, maybe mid 20s instead 😀😀
Jewelry Limited
very well!
lars mertens
lars mertens Vor year
Leg garage project historical stare language rhythm light.
Sassycake2016 Vor year
they both look so good
i absolutely love kristen and dax!!
Emmanuela Emejuru
First time I heard 60 I thought "nah I must have heard wrong, it's impossible!" 😱
What the actual frick she is 60???
Diana Silasi
Diana Silasi Vor year
I want to look as good as Kristen at 37 and as good as Ellen at 60
Beannjess Vor year
Anyone else don't bother scrolling down, all the comments say the same thing about Ellen's age xD
Shayla Dandy
Shayla Dandy Vor year
Ellen this one's for you I think you're the best person on Earth and I don't even think you should pay bills I mean who would do that you like the best person I've ever known I mean I'm only 10 and I'm writing all this but I love you all and Happy Birthday you look good
Andrea Molina
Andrea Molina Vor year
Still in shock she's 60...like daaamn when I turn 60 I hope I look this good!
the polks
the polks Vor year
two awesome people right here!! I love them. I had a really ruff day and both of their videos made it so much better by then just being them. Perfect people
Marie Henshaw
Marie Henshaw Vor year
Ellen, the bubble won't work. Nobody likes a blonde in a hamster ball.
Samar Perry
Samar Perry Vor year
Bahaha, that belt, that necklace and a hip joust like that. I am dying! KB for the win!
Trisha Patel
Trisha Patel Vor year
Definitely can't believe she is 60 ....
Jenny M
Jenny M Vor year
"Get real, no"
Brittani Andrews
She looks Soo good for 60!!! She does not look a day over 30! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ELLEN!!!! I want to look this good when I turn 60!!
Priscilla Eriakha
Audrey Blaga
Audrey Blaga Vor year
If only I had that many friends as Ellen
sugar kookie
sugar kookie Vor year
Anyone notice how Kristen Bell looks like a older version of Briella??
Chevy Bee
Chevy Bee Vor year
It's been determined that Ellen has black in her blood lol.
priya dharshinie
Happpppiiiiieeeee bdayyyyy Ellen ❤
Rohit Sah
Rohit Sah Vor year
you are so grate Ellen and your shoo is extremely wounder full. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN AND GOD BLESS YOU and thank you for doing this job.
thisisbs808 Vor year
Also 37, and even 60 year old Ellen looks better than me!
Kilt Xan
Kilt Xan Vor year
1:24 shout out to Roman Atwood
angie muema
angie muema Vor year
Happy birthday Ellen you bring me so much joy.
Karma-rose Lai
Okay Kristin doesn't look like she 37 and Ellen sure as hell does not look 60!!!!!!!!!!!
Kimberly Cadena
Nice poster of Arjona
Sarah DeSchamp
Ellen ur great!
Abigail Adjokacher
Happy belated birthday Ellen. More Grace.I pray for more Long healthy life. Stay bless.
HUEH YOLO Vor year
Ellen 60??? Kristen 37??? wtf. i always thought that Ellen is kinda 35 and Kristen 25 max xDDD
Jexta Cee
Jexta Cee Vor year
MayNerd J Vic
MayNerd J Vic Vor year
OMG~💖~60~💝me2 💓H🎂A🍰P🎭P🎈Y🎊💓B🎉I💌R💝T💟H☮️D🎆A🎤Y🌠💓🎂E🎂L🎂L🎂E🎂N🎂❤️Thank😘You💝💝
Radhikaa Choudhary
Happy Birthday to the most amazing person in the whole world.😘😘😘 From India
Naeemah Moore
Naeemah Moore Vor year
Wow 60, had no idea, I sware I thought u were 30 something.
Robbin Cash
Robbin Cash Vor year
No way is she 60 for real 😳
gillian owens
gillian owens Vor year
Ellen looks so young I invited to a 60th birthday in March 31st
F & M Family
F & M Family Vor year
Happy Birthday 🎂🎉
Fiore Barrientos
ellen looks younger than me, i am 17 yo...btw anyone elese cringed when krsiten tried to be funny picking the gift?
Vanessa Manyonga
happy birthday ellen i love u
Niki Aureli
Niki Aureli Vor year
Austin Dickerson
Happy birthday, Ellen!
Ronstah Monstah
Ok ... so I told all of my friends that it's ellens 60th birthday and they spent over an hour arguing and telling me I was lying because they thought it was her 40th
RIRI Vor year
Purva Vor year
Belated happy birthday dear ellen. My maa was also born on 26th of jan. And same day is India's Republic Day. Wish you Happiness.
Cristina Ortiz
Kate Templeton
37? She looks like 30! So beautiful
Jennifer Morgan
you are not...
The Dark Knight
She's 60 already ..... LOL (+_+)
Revanth Vor year
She looks like 29
joga3 gardan
joga3 gardan Vor year
That was so lovely, HAPPY BIRTHDA be late Ellen. My daugther and I love you GOD BLESS YOU every day.
felista kinyua
She looks 40 ish
Bogi Vor year
Everyone is asking how is she 60... and I'm here like how is Kristen 37???? These women don't age
Kenny5920 Kenny5920
Kenny5920 Kenny5920 Vor 4 Monate
You clearly see that they didn't have any plastic surgery, they just age beautifully.
Tekzm8 Vor year
money will do that
Celeste Diale
Celeste Diale Vor year
Ellen's Birthday is like a week long. Cool
Arun Tamang
Arun Tamang Vor year
Happy Birthday Ellen Come Nepal Ellen And have a tour......
Katie Morneau
Katie Morneau Vor year
I thought 60 was a joke! Ellen you don’t look a day over 40! 💕💕 your amazing.
Amanda Leso
Amanda Leso Vor year
She does not look 60. Woow this make me feel old
Ashutosh Mishra
I was shocked to learn that she is 60.
Shona Mckenzie
Dear Ellen, 60 my big fat ass !!! Xx
cookiekitty Vor year
AHH SHE LOOKS SO YOUNG HOW also I only know who that person with Ellen is because of the good place. xD
Queen Nyavarere
Ellen your 60!!!!!!!!!! you look so young
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Hello Bello
Hello Bello Vor year
She looks so young she is not 60 years old she looks not a day older than 40 live a long life Ellen love ya
Zorida Khan
Zorida Khan Vor year
hello Ellen happy happy birthday you the best in the world wish my dream could come true to be on your show you really my favorite am lucky to be Aquarius just like you January 28th love you Ellen you are unique you touch my heart the first time I see you on TV Zorida Trinidad Mirabella call me anytime 3488481
Caroline Gray
Caroline Gray Vor year
Lovely teashirt
Allie 2347912
Allie 2347912 Vor year
My brothers name is dax!!!!
I See
I See Vor year
Ellen help me
Ebony Cools
Ebony Cools Vor year
I wanna meet Ellen so bad.. It would be an honor!! Happy birthday !! 60 and still look 20!!! ..😊
Kate Molyneux
Kate Molyneux Vor year
she still dose this vidio and she is 60!
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