KSI & Logan Paul Rewatch The First Boxing Fight - 40 Days

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5 Nov 2019



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Lammacafe Lad
Lammacafe Lad Vor 12 Stunden
Both Paul’s v jj Jj will still win
cail findlay
cail findlay Vor 17 Stunden
anyone else notice ksi said the majority of a 12 year old ?
CJ / Kai / bai LIMIT Yeet
1:06 this is true right here.
Solar-Heat Vor 21 Stunde
I want to beat Jake Paul’s ass
Ashtroyed Vor 23 Stunden
yo i realized for parts of this video ksi was sitting there saying how his own punches were bad and logan was doing alright, but on the other side logan was just saying how ksi looked stupid, wow way to be the bigger man logan
Nozzy Vor Tag
6:05 if your good enough chief 😂🤣
Vic Boicourt
Vic Boicourt Vor Tag
If Jake doesn't like ksi why don't he fight him
Pig Star
Pig Star Vor Tag
soooo music collab w logan ??
Chayse Torres
You suck ksi
Eoin Barrett
Eoin Barrett Vor Tag
3:13 ksi,"logan has the majority of a 12 year old"🤣🤣
Matthew Medina
Why does ksi’s trainer look like the Uber driver that was calm when That girl yelled at him
Stefan Herrmann
They both kids in boxing
Cédric Mariotto
Shannon is just so dumb
Raoul Herskovits
Anyone else hate Logan's trainer way more than Logan?
David the Gamer
You sound like Elmo assel
Isell-yuh 2k
Isell-yuh 2k Vor Tag
Logan should of won the second fight cause KSI only won cause Logan hit him in the back of KSI head so they took points off so Logan should of won... just sayin love them both but technically Logan Paul should of won
vio Vor Tag
as long as they were honest of their mistakes during thr first fight
Pasha Namir
Pasha Namir Vor Tag
Logan always calls jj ‘kid’ but isn’t he younger then jj
Orlando Balderas
I hate how they are only going for head shots
4:10 dose didn’t hurt me BUT in another vid he said he doesn’t show pain he bleeds internally
DecembeRonin Vor 2 Tage
Shannon is just a bigger version of Deji lol
mr amer
mr amer Vor 2 Tage
KSI you are bad
S. Bor
S. Bor Vor 2 Tage
Next month: KSI vs Logan Paul 3
Hf Bvc
Hf Bvc Vor 2 Tage
hookster 13
hookster 13 Vor 2 Tage
It’s so funny that Logan and jake say “this kid” like such a 12 year old kid thing to say
frzn Vor 2 Tage
shut up jake
HappyVir Vor 2 Tage
6:11 Vidal: jake is...next question😂
CustomSad Music
CustomSad Music Vor 2 Tage
Can someone can just please beat the fuck out of jake Paul?
Reece Keyz
Reece Keyz Vor 2 Tage
Why does Shannon call Logan champ when he is yet to win anything?
Evil bot
Evil bot Vor 2 Tage
“Best combo in internet history” well it ain’t a wombo combo but sure whatever
Amanda S. Dumky
Amanda S. Dumky Vor 2 Tage
Watching this you can soooo easily tell that KSI is such a more mature and better person than Logan.
Tanya Sharma
Tanya Sharma Vor 2 Tage
Full time I thought that this is the channel of Logan Paul .............. Until i see name of channel .
STG Vor 2 Tage
Logan and ksi:Omg i cant believe it was a draw Also logan and ksi: *signed a 2 fight contract from the beginning*
Tevin Coakley
Tevin Coakley Vor 2 Tage
i love how logan a jake paul just keep calling him "this kid this " like bruh jj is older than them little boys
Savitar Vor 2 Tage
Team Ksi!!
Leila The ace family
Ohhh yes ksi
Leila The ace family
I just watched the second match and iam so happy that Logan Paul lost cuz if u haven’t seen it Logan punched kid when he was on the floor so iam happy that he lost cheater aka Logan no one likes u Ksi iam happy that you won bro u deserved it iam so happy for u
Leila The ace family
I mean ksi
ghazala Zakria
ghazala Zakria Vor 2 Tage
Shannon brigges: I’m normal. Everyone: LETS GO champ
Gavinator Vid
Gavinator Vid Vor 3 Tage
Yeah ksi won both fights
Cynthia Correa
Cynthia Correa Vor 3 Tage
Who’s here after fight and happys that Kai won
William Thornton
William Thornton Vor 3 Tage
KSI sucks Logan Paul rools!!!!! Logang for life!!
Carlos Cortina
Carlos Cortina Vor 3 Tage
He lost though :) screw the logang
Mr Dino
Mr Dino Vor 3 Tage
Logan is a child GO KSI!!! :D
luke Bopko
luke Bopko Vor 3 Tage
Ksi dodges jab Shannon that scared him
Landon Smith
Landon Smith Vor 3 Tage
That's bull shit logan should of one
Lucas Animations
Lucas Animations Vor 3 Tage
Logan’s actually the cringe one. KSI is the bomb.
Itz Jammyツ
Itz Jammyツ Vor 3 Tage
They are not pro boxers at all if Ksi fights Anthony Joshua he would get floored
Chloe Bates
Chloe Bates Vor 3 Tage
look i love ksi and all ive wanted him to win and im so gassed he did but jj neither of are pro fighters
Mubashar Khan
Mubashar Khan Vor 3 Tage
How can u call a guy who is two years older than u a kid. How sad. Babatunde finished what he started.
iRay IRidium
iRay IRidium Vor 3 Tage
no K.O.
Nate Saunders
Nate Saunders Vor 3 Tage
Logan Paul: i'm 10 times better than him me: realy?
My boy won
《Yukiname》 Vor 3 Tage
Damn i like how KSI is being Honest and not being a jerk like logan paul says Every line in the rewatch
iTz_ Rawand
iTz_ Rawand Vor 3 Tage
For a second i tot they became friends
I’ll say it straight to you’re face
I love how there talking trash about Ksi even though ksi is pounding his face in
Awesome Gal
Awesome Gal Vor 3 Tage
JJ is admitting his wrongs whilst Logan and Shannon are just belittling him. It shows where Logan’s maturity comes from.
Wolfie Gaming
Wolfie Gaming Vor 3 Tage
KSI@ you should fight manny pacquiao
Amy Dominguez
Amy Dominguez Vor 3 Tage
Why you scared of logan
Melanie Haddock
Melanie Haddock Vor 3 Tage
He said “I’m going to knock this kid the fuck out” no honey hey knocked the shit out of you 😉
Flying_dog365 s
Flying_dog365 s Vor 4 Tage
Ok I dont hate logan paul or anything, but I'm still on KSI's side, but one thing I do hate is Jake Paul. Dude is the scum of the earth
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