kylie skin - introducing my foaming face wash

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what I love most about the foaming face wash is that it removes almost every trace of my makeup while leaving my skin feeling replenished.
Kylie Skin launches May 22 on KylieSkin.com
🥝 Kiwi Seed Oil- Antioxidant, rich source of Vitamin C & E, helps skin feel moisturized, hydrated and brightens the skin. ⠀⠀
💦 Glycerin - which is humectant, helps balance the moisture in your skin. If your skin is dry, it will draw in moisture and if your skin is oily it will help decrease the oily appearance of your skin. ⠀⠀
🍃 Cleansing Agents - composed of plant-based mild, gentle cleansing ingredients derived from coconut. ⠀⠀
💧 Sodium Hyaluronate - a derivative of Hyaluronic Acid, helps hydrates and plump the skin.



14 Mai 2019

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London MD
London MD Vor 6 Stunden
Lmao show us your REAL skin care routine you know your cosmetic surgeons office where you get your fillers and laser treatments. You fools who buy this rubbish are the reason she has a billion dollars and you live paycheque to paycheque.
Nahida Rayyan sheikh
Nahida Rayyan sheikh Vor 7 Stunden
Kylie skin care has all the things which my dermatologist says no to
Mellow Moon
Mellow Moon Vor 8 Stunden
How much money do you funnel into pushing this like wow trash into everyone’s recommended feed. I even blocked you so I really wanna know.
Ixchel Gil
Ixchel Gil Vor 9 Stunden
All of you who support her are idiots.
Henry Vor 9 Stunden
She’s not actually pretty
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe Vor 10 Stunden
Cassey Book
Cassey Book Vor 11 Stunden
How do you make a skin care line with products for "all skin types"? If you have oily skin, you need products specifically for oily skin. If you have dry skin, you need products specifically for dry skin. Is this a joke?
Hanna Hollister
Hanna Hollister Vor 11 Stunden
Gloria Lopez
Gloria Lopez Vor 12 Stunden
Rihanna is better than you
Gloria Lopez
Gloria Lopez Vor 12 Stunden
Don’t sell cheap stuff
Gloria Lopez
Gloria Lopez Vor 12 Stunden
Don’t be a copycat
Makayla Payne
Makayla Payne Vor 12 Stunden
Am I the only one on here who doesn’t give a hoot whether or not she had surgery? Honestly I’d LOVE to try these products. At least see how they work before shitting all over them and her...
sabrina zalik
sabrina zalik Vor 14 Stunden
Y’all need to go ahead and stop disabling comments on these type of videos because it’s the way I get my reviews for products😂
Blackdiamond Vor 14 Stunden
There’s-always people out there who are willing to buy her products girl ain’t losing sleep she still gonna sell out.
verito jimenez
verito jimenez Vor 15 Stunden
So is Kendall going to leave proactive and support kylie? Orrrrr is she going to stay with her sister’s new competitor?
john1120 Vor 15 Stunden
Now I see why she rocks makeup 😂...man them Karadashin/ Jenner chick's have nothing without there surgeries and there make up.
Furious Styles
Furious Styles Vor 15 Stunden
why anyone would want to look or act like this rubber faced self obsessed cunt is a mystery to me
Bee K
Bee K Vor 18 Stunden
marley Vor 18 Stunden
I expect WAYYYY more from a billionaire. 🍵
Tiahpanne Vor 18 Stunden
To give me more spots no thanks 😑😑
Cherls Eats
Cherls Eats Vor 20 Stunden
Ok people haven’t used the products yet and they’re judging. I’m personally not buying it though 😀
Sally Mallis
Sally Mallis Vor 20 Stunden
Shes done coming after your money. Now she wants your skin integrity.
smashed box
smashed box Vor 20 Stunden
this girls greed is her own downfall. BYE BYE Kylie! how dare you pollute by childs future with this nonsense. take your crap ideas and shove them up your fat cunt.
smashed box
smashed box Vor 20 Stunden
cheap crap thats been tested on animals and made to look expensive so you mugs buy it.
Rashmita Chauhan
Rashmita Chauhan Vor 21 Stunde
I only cilcked on this video to hope for some Kylie's asmr
Matty Wall
Matty Wall Vor 21 Stunde
She literally has no idea what shes talking sbout
Selina Sakyiama
Selina Sakyiama Vor 22 Stunden
Where’s the rest of the video🧐😳😳🧐
Diamond Head
Diamond Head Vor 23 Stunden
I will stick with my garnier apricot face scrub thank you
Noproblemos Vor 23 Stunden
Like, wank
JDMH Vor 23 Stunden
What an ugly frog like creature
Hi Vor 23 Stunden
I was waiting for her freckles to pop out after she washed her face but I guess her damage your skin barrier foam face wash cant remove makeup? LMFAO love that
Yusuf Wadud
Yusuf Wadud Vor Tag
Sad but true now a days when girls looks so good with make up they look so different without it. I miss the old days where girls didn’t wear a lot of make up but of course you guys do it for your self lol. I love you all though.
Sarah A
Sarah A Vor Tag
i wish she talked about the ingredients, does it contain aha or bha ?
Emilio Vor Tag
Last video, vitamin c serum , at the end? Genius! Serum is suppose to be absorbed by your skin before applying moisturizer. Don't try that at home kids.
Annie Vor Tag
Asia Girl
Asia Girl Vor Tag
Her lips look small now
Art Z
Art Z Vor Tag
Make-up on a meatball is still a meatball with make-up
Oinotna 72
Oinotna 72 Vor Tag
I heard the more foamy a cleanser or wash is, the more moisture is stripped from your skin. Interesting that she claims it doesn't strip you of moisture. Some one has it try it out
Royal Flesh Records TM
Reaction de-vid.com/video/video-B-FekMKRW_U.html
zeenab Vor Tag
Kylie disabled her comments and likes section because she can't take all the hate her Kylie skin is getting 😂😂😂
Grace R
Grace R Vor Tag
Is there also going to be little plastic surgery kits too???☺️
Grace R
Grace R Vor Tag
“Foaming and luxurious” you don’t know shit Kylie just stick to your cosmetics plz
Soy luna #1 fan is maria emilia Flores Gonzalez
Patrick Shen come for me
Fernando Caputi
Patrick shen, Or are you a little fucking bitch?!
Fernando Caputi
Fernando Caputi
Come for me to
Fernando Caputi
Yeah come on
Soy luna #1 fan is maria emilia Flores Gonzalez
Omg Kylie I love this product
Fernando Caputi
Soy luna #1 fan is maria emilia Flores Gonzalez totally
Fernando Caputi
OMG SO Exited!
Tabs T
Tabs T Vor Tag
More like someone else's idea and your name stamped on the product after all the plastic surgery
Benn Vor Tag
Top comment smell’s like shit
Albert Twangle
I’ll give this grandma looking chick some face wash
Alice Rose
Alice Rose Vor Tag
Silvia Sfriso
Bitch we all know your skincare routine is lamer, facials, Botox, laser, blood injections etc. whoever buys your products is a fucking idiot
Soy luna #1 fan is maria emilia Flores Gonzalez
Silvia Sfriso you’re a fucking idiot. Jealousy is a disease I hope you get well soon bitch
Alicia Jones
Alicia Jones Vor Tag
When Fenty shuts down your makeup line
Daviesctd Vor Tag
why is every one suddenly a dermatologist, everyone chill u guys don't even know the ingredients yet lmao
Brenda Melgoza
Why does this product design remind me so much of ELF skin products...
Heres a tip, get some aloe vera gel, eat an apple a day, boom. Better results
Clunge Magnet
No one gives a shit you have not talent or anything but you think you do u penis
Soy luna #1 fan is maria emilia Flores Gonzalez
Clunge Magnet no one gives a shit about you
Mr Duck William
Since you have all your comments disable the best skin care you use is 10 thousand dollars worth of surgery
The Strangler
This reminds me of the shitty facewash paris hilton has with shimmer in it🤣
Romani Khatkar
Why did I just waste 36 seconds on this 💩 crap 😒
Hanna Jones
Hanna Jones Vor Tag
I love that the toner has no alcohol and it smells good. I would rather use this than the Clinique Toner I have now. Also the packaging is beautiful and it’s great she mentioned no fragrance and just wanting to feel clean. SAME. Can’t wait for these to drop. And to all the haters- her surgeries have nothing to do with taking care of her skin.
Selena Rodriguez
Kylie,sweetie,....... a walnut face scrub?yeah no.
November Vor Tag
ok but why aren't you using them on your face
It's Eva
It's Eva Vor Tag
Good for you!
Alesya Johnson
Anyone who thinks rubbing almonds on their face every day is what Kylie does is d u m b 🤷🏻‍♀️
Wilson Duran
Wilson Duran Vor Tag
You dont look right. You dont look natural. Its obvious the plastic surgery you've gotten. But still not unique, a follower of rich entitled people and still ugly.
Soy luna #1 fan is maria emilia Flores Gonzalez
Wilson Duran are you talking to yourself
IGot BangTan
IGot BangTan Vor Tag
1st WARNING SIGN: Disabling the like and dislike button. We'll really be surprised when this flops. Like wow...
Nelly Batista
*SCAM ALERT* this girl takes thousands of dollars in facials , fillers , botox .. and then she comes and lies straigh to our face ??WOW Girl bye😂
xDreamer Vor Tag
And to think Travis dirty ass busted on that face. Smh
Crime Junkie32
Can this girl not try to brand anything and everything!
Allan Goncalves da Silva
because what the world needed was another face wash
Rose Ronquillo
Lmao she said her skin care routine was this Hahahaha what a lying bitch. she’s so money hungry, and will come out with any rushed product and slap her name on it. She sells it knowing her stupid followers will buy it 😂
Alfredo Villegas
Yah going a little to hard on her😂😂 but dont stop
Master Pain
Master Pain Vor Tag
Fake ass bitch
Soy luna #1 fan is maria emilia Flores Gonzalez
Master Pain aré you talking to yourself
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Vor Tag
#47 on trending street
Didi calen
Didi calen Vor Tag
Well that was absolutely terrible
m o o n c h i l d
Cetaphil is 100 times better
Soy luna #1 fan is maria emilia Flores Gonzalez
m o o n c h i l d how do you know if the product hasn’t come out yet
Meow Vor Tag
Kylie be like...Let's interview ourselves!
Monica Rosas
Monica Rosas Vor Tag
I can’t wait to try! 💕💕💕
my painting hands
It makes your skin feel like "wow"....
Bee Emm
Bee Emm Vor Tag
She honestly has a real talent of talking but saying nothing at all. It's kind of impressive at this point.
The Pornographer
Well her mom can turn shit into gold so wow
Nils Sjöberg
can u show it to us without the makeup or at least put it on your face? no cause I'm fake all over
ginevra Vor Tag
Her nails are so pretty!
1a Vor Tag
Me: Sis, you launched this bcz you’re money hungry? *Kylie: Like WOW*
1a Vor Tag
Sis is money hungry.
seanzscorpio Vor Tag
Excuse me maam, does the foam wash come with Maxillofacial surgery? No? OK just checking... I'll take 10.
br8am Vor Tag
This comment section will be deactivated 🙂
Pandii Vor Tag
*Capital letters?*
Sum Sum
Sum Sum Vor Tag
Botox lip filler plastic sugery and lot of more lies she is a liar and a cheater she would be a duck today if she would not have all that sugerys please stop cheating on money peole while u have all possible things from surgery done
Sum Sum
Sum Sum Vor Tag
No Support to her please
Jesse Reyes
Jesse Reyes Vor Tag
Let me see your tittes !!!!!
zznidars Vor Tag
Why is she still a thing?
The voice in your head
Why are kids so easily fooled by these stupid shitty products?! She has probably has expensive surgery, fillers fuck know what else. Hasn’t anyone noticed she looks about 40 going on 50.
K Vor Tag
Proactive= so many things wrong with this company and their skin burning/destroying products that it would take months to list them all and go into explaining. Walnut scrub= cuts your skin leaving micro tears and can cause broken capillaries. Foaming face wash= drys out and strips all the hydration & moisture from within your skin. Why does it seem like the Jenner sisters are on a mission to destroy their followers skin and being sellouts just for some quick $$$....👀😬yikes!
annejajaja Vor Tag
'like WOW' i think she ran out of words to describe her own products because she really isn't using any of that
Nina C
Nina C Vor Tag
You are full of shit!! You use expensive moisturizers. You like to fool people... anyway a lot who follows you are ignorant.
TopLift Vor Tag
It makes me youthful because it’s made from the blood and cells of aborted babies. 😊
allly wallly
allly wallly Vor Tag
No hate just curiosity I don't care if you have surgery I mean ifv you want to do something to your body you can it's yours and people are going to hate on you either way but where did all of your freckles go 😕 I used to love seeing them
CornishPasty Vor Tag
what a con artists you are
Clyyde FB
Clyyde FB Vor Tag
LOL Making a video of you touching your face instead of actually using the product your promoting is hilarious. Wearing makeup in the video promoting healthy skin is hilarious
Cro Magnon
Cro Magnon Vor Tag
After using this my pussy started to stink
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