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Despite ending the regular season on a five-game winning streak, the Los Angeles Lakers will face the Golden State Warriors in the play-in tournament on Wednesday. Lakers fans had a brief scare last night when LeBron James appeared to tweak his right ankle and was slow to get up. But after the game LeBron said he’ll be fine, and when asked about facing Steph Curry in the playoffs again, he said QUOTE: 'We’re playing versus, in my opinion, the MVP of our league this year in Steph. We got to be prepared for everything they have. They have championship DNA.' Hear what Chris Broussard, Greg Jennings, and LaVar Arrington have to say about the Lakers heading into the postseason.

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Lakers are favorites in West, LeBron's return, Warriors matchup - Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED



17 Mai 2021



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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Mii GoDd
Mii GoDd Vor Monat
I would subscribe if this channel WASN'T SOOOOO FN BIAS!!!!!!!
Yessir Kilo
Yessir Kilo Vor Monat
@Bryan Potter LeBron has more final appearances
Bryan Potter
Bryan Potter Vor Monat
@-Kierra Mist- Michael Jordan 6 wins 0 losses LeBron James 4 wins 7 losses lmao
Bryan Potter
Bryan Potter Vor Monat
Los Angeles Lakers back to back champions LeBron James most valuable player in the NBA finals
-Kierra Mist-
-Kierra Mist- Vor Monat
Lebron is winning his 5th ring 🔥 best player in the world 🌎 way better than MJ
theory izer
theory izer Vor Monat
LeBum and the 7th seed Lakers lmao
Kaz 310
Kaz 310 Vor Monat
Lavar is an idiot omg. Why do they let stupid people on tv smh
zVizzions Vor Monat
They litteraly have LeBron fans on there payroll at undisputed, huh
Stuntman Beatz
Stuntman Beatz Vor Monat
Chris face while J Mac was talking is my face every time I see he’s on the show for the day...
Stuntman Beatz
Stuntman Beatz Vor Monat
Peaking? Wtf is they on... what type of peak are they at....
Trent Vor Monat
Why is Chris always the one making the most sense...
Ralpp Martin Cobarde
Jazz,Clippers and the rest are a Big IF
Nay tan Santos
Nay tan Santos Vor Monat
Navjot Sehjpal
Navjot Sehjpal Vor Monat
The guy in the brown coat dosen’t know anything about basketball. You clearly don’t know what LeBron and AD are capable off kid
MrKillian1983 Vor Monat
LeBron is an overrated crybaby who needs to retire. He will be exposed in the Playoffs like he always is.
E H Vor Monat
lavars an idiot.
E H Vor Monat
wow... the longer i watch this video the stupider lavar gets.
roondoggers87 Vor Monat
Broussard is a clown. Surprised he didn't cite his "sources" lol.
Lorenzo Ascevero
Lavar a fool
Bryce Atencio
Bryce Atencio Vor Monat
What happened to skip and Shannon? It's like the Lakers made the play in games and they fell off of undisputed in return.
Prez Jacobs
Prez Jacobs Vor Monat
“IF” he(Levar) wasn’t on the show it would be better.
Jorge Daniel Rodriguez
The only person worthy of mvp out in the west is Naomi Russell 😍
MJM FOX Vor Monat
If Schroeder p lo ays the way he was before protocals lakers win west easy.
Jonathan Vor Monat
I'm so sick of these Lakers // LeBron talks
mindaugux Vor Monat
Just wait until playoffs ffs.. can't stand these "i guarantee" just wait....
Romeo Bautista
Romeo Bautista Vor Monat
How about the if of the nets??? Utah vs lakers man. Lakers by 5
Romeo Bautista
Romeo Bautista Vor Monat
Flippers vs lakers lakers by 5 Denver vs lakers lakers 5
Ryan Salas
Ryan Salas Vor Monat
Chris always carries the show when skip and shannon are gone
Charles Garoy
Charles Garoy Vor Monat
Lakers 4-0 against warriors.. Curry did his thing and done...Lakers West out.
KingxTokenx Vor Monat
LA ifers lmao perfect 💀
Coach Syots
Coach Syots Vor Monat
Men, i just opened the video and then sa Chris and a bunch of idk who, i knew its gonna be bad
KBG Jay Vor Monat
Dude the Lakers played w/o LBJ and AD most of the season lol that's why their record against good teams sucks 🤣🤣🤣
M M Vor Monat
THE L.A ”IF”ers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FACTS
Gazz Gaspay
Gazz Gaspay Vor Monat
Whats wrong in saying if?! What a fool.
M M Vor Monat
M M Vor Monat
D _
D _ Vor Monat
Nooooo not this host again 😭
Marcos Juarez
Marcos Juarez Vor Monat
Man i hope we get lakers vs jazz round 1. I wanna see what the jazz are made of after being ridiculed during the all star game.
Brownd Beanz
Brownd Beanz Vor Monat
So I guess Lavar is taking the role of Skip. Hatin
Marcos Juarez
Marcos Juarez Vor Monat
Man i hope we get lakers vs jazz round 1. I wanna see what the jazz are made of after being ridiculed during the all star game.
Absalom Piankhi TV
Chris and SKIUIPPPPPPP still banking on the Clippers 😂😂😂😂
Marcos Juarez
Marcos Juarez Vor Monat
@Absalom Piankhi TV yes i do see the magic eye in them this year. I think they got what it takes to win it all
Absalom Piankhi TV
@Marcos Juarez You definetly right about that bro
Marcos Juarez
Marcos Juarez Vor Monat
Man i hope we get lakers vs jazz round 1. I wanna see what the jazz are made of after being ridiculed during the all star game.
Absalom Piankhi TV
Lavar with his wishful thinking 🤔🥴🥴🤣🤣🤣🤣
Botong Jiang
Botong Jiang Vor Monat
King Williams
King Williams Vor Monat
The Atlanta Hawks had the number 1 seed for like 2 seasons in a row and lost the first rounds I believe. Greg and Chris are cool the other two need to not come back anymore
Marcos Juarez
Marcos Juarez Vor Monat
Man i hope we get lakers vs jazz round 1. I wanna see what the jazz are made of after being ridiculed during the all star game.
Neeks Sports
Neeks Sports Vor Monat
Yooo these comments are rage 😂🤣
Marcos Juarez
Marcos Juarez Vor Monat
Man i hope we get lakers vs jazz round 1. I wanna see what the jazz are made of after being ridiculed during the all star game.
J Kirk
J Kirk Vor Monat
I like how they just counted dallas out😂
Mike Lambo
Mike Lambo Vor Monat
😂😂😂 chill yall they letting skip n Unc get ready for playoff run 😭😭😭😭
Greg Miller
Greg Miller Vor Monat
The guy on the far left is trying way too hard. Doesn't feel natural
AnnoYouLater Vor Monat
this Lavar dude talked like he is smart but he is actually stupid, he called the Lakers the Iffers cuz of their health issue, but picked the Jazz, like what? the injured lakers players were already playing while the Jazz's Mitchell hasnt come back yet, the Jazz is more of an IF than the Lakers
Whitey O'Banion
Whitey O'Banion Vor Monat
God I hope the Lakers lose. I want to play GS in the second round and shut up all these Curry simps.
Sharqy Sardines
Sharqy Sardines Vor Monat
That irrelevant creature on the right will eat his words just like rob parker, max kellerman and skip payless. I can't wait to see what his pathetic excuse is, once the Lakers emerge as the NBA Kings once again.
ThirtyTwoShots Vor Monat
Welp respect to these guys but I’ll see y’all next week ✌🏽
vondell Dickerson
Lavar too spicy for me
SeeTheWorld Vor Monat
This cast ain't stellar but atleast we ain't have to watch skip "I like tips to drip on my lip" bayless
SeeTheWorld Vor Monat
This is like expecting to watch an NBA game but instead the WNBA game is on
Blak Drago
Blak Drago Vor Monat
My Lakers winning the chip and that's it.
Trey Bold
Trey Bold Vor Monat
If it ain’t Skip & Shannon by themselves or 1 of them with a guess cool but please don’t throw these other Analysis on here without y’all they wack not Chris though !!!
patrick mbugua
patrick mbugua Vor Monat
This is the "Dream Team" ..... Men i really miss Skip that's how depressing these guys are
wasatchm Vor Monat
is lebron still playing at a high level? I have watched him a little bit since he was traded to the lakers and I thought he had slowed down just a wee bit. and with lebron and AD out for so long just recently, I wouldn't be surprised that is might take them some time to get back in full form (that leads me to believe they could lose to the warriors). probably wouldn't lose the next game. funny that broussard brings up the jazz offensive power and only mentions clarkston and mitchell (and leaves out bogdonavich and conley). I think bogdonavich averages almost as many points per gage amd clarkston. I agree the jazz are the underdog (but not as far as most people think). they need to tighten up their defense some more for the playoffs (but their defense is much better than last year). the jazz have a deep bench. they need to try and wear out any team they can that doesn't have a deep bench.
LaCedric Gipson
LaCedric Gipson Vor Monat
Y’all hating on these folks doing they jobs
The Difference
The Difference Vor Monat
Who’s this guy picking the jazz😂,get him Off of television immediately
PapaPalpatine The Senate
Well that was more awkward than a table at a wedding.
Yele Yt
Yele Yt Vor Monat
The groovy structure successively care because gliding conceivably record abaft a chubby nerve. clumsy, nebulous consonant
Yele Yt
Yele Yt Vor Monat
The brawny tyvek focally scold because society surgically film over a bright tv. thinkable, super reward
Another edition of UNDERPAR ?!? BRing back Uncle Shay and Skiiiuup
Money McDollah
Money McDollah Vor Monat
I miss skip and shannon already
Kenneth Scott
Kenneth Scott Vor Monat
AD and LeBron was only ten games out of first after missing all those game, I'll say they are favorite.
M M Vor Monat
Brooklyn #2 seed with more lost time to injury than the lakers
B.J. Blazkowicz
B.J. Blazkowicz Vor Monat
Chris and Greg surrounded by clowns on both sides.
Aron Jacob
Aron Jacob Vor Monat
Good job chris for carryin this crew hahahaha
Euno Lee
Euno Lee Vor Monat
Imma need skip and Shannon back pronto
William Baldwin
William Baldwin Vor Monat
I hate the guy all the way to the right. He is just so ugly
Nate Vor Monat
I’m not even sure Lavar believes what he just said.
Nate Vor Monat
Chris is an invisible Clippers fan. J-Mac was right about that, he’s got to be, he doesn’t want to be called a LeBron stan. Broussard had to switch up his entire perspective when folks bashed him for thinking Kawhi would go to the Lakers in free agency in 2019.
Corey Lewis
Corey Lewis Vor Monat
Clippers not scared it’s politics NBA CANT have lakers or clippers going out first round.. they where told not to move up we owed a wcf between them two
IG: chicagorayray
Lavar clearly doesn’t know basketball 😭
caper087 Vor Monat
Lavar is a lakers magnifying glass mmhm 🤷‍♂️
Warren Rambo Terry
The frantic four lol my guys
Warren Rambo Terry
I wish undisputed took like calls for a 15min segment
caper087 Vor Monat
The b team back? This is almost as bad as the b team for espn .. thank god for CB
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Vor Monat
Why everyone gotta hate on the crew
Robert Rucker
Robert Rucker Vor Monat
I believe that even though the Lakers are the favorite(s) to win, I do not believe they will repeat. Justification: Health. Mr. LaVar Arrington has a point. This is a very unique season. COVID protocol concerns or health problems in general is front and center. Honestly it could be any one of 3 teams to actually win it all. Ignorant talking heads said that Clippers are afraid of Lakers. Intellectual players across the league (as well as chess players) understand that the Clippers conducted a strategic move. The Clippers know that the Lakers are banged up and the Clippers understand that element can definitely increase with time - game by game. One of the big two could actually be out, flat out limping or completely exhausted late into the playoffs if they make it that far. Plus no doubt they are betting on LBJs pride in playing hurt a ton of minutes at the age of 36. Remember the Clippers Coach knows LBJ very well. Plus they have Rondo a very smart person. They are definitely planning. Right now the talking heads are talking Lakers but soon they will be talking more about other teams particularly the Clippers. Just an opinion.
demetrice pritchett
skip told everybody they would be off Monday on Twitter.
HugoBoss Vor Monat
based from the roster of their last most important game between LBJ vs Warriors in their 2016 finals... LBJ now is alone while the Warriors still have Curry, Draymond Green and Looney... advantage Warriors🔥🔥🔥
NoHypebeast.Zay Vor Monat
I was looking forward to watching Shannon and skip this morning. I got let down 😪
Hack Tubuh Wanita
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez Vor Monat
Haha Dream Team just look a Jennings haha
sandman1008 Vor Monat
I'm glad someone called out the Clips. I've been saying for the longest that the Clippers can beat the Lakers if they play them in the 1st round since AD and LeBron will still be shaking off rust. But the Clips ducked the Lakers. They're supposed to be built to beat the Lakers. That should have been the matchup they wanted most. But they sat all their starters and tanked the last 2 games so they wouldn't have to face them. In the end, it didn't matter because Portland beat Denver, but there was still a chance heading into the last 2 games. The Clips chickened out, though, and killed any chances of them having to face them in the 1st round. I lost respect for that team. Hope my Mavericks take them down this time.
Alex Hammond
Alex Hammond Vor Monat
The goons on the far left and far right would make a great Comedy Sports TV show with Charles Barkley
koeleon dammet
koeleon dammet Vor Monat
Clippers made cp3 and lebron face off in first round was the ultimate plan
bluezune1 Vor Monat
Bro said the jazz lmfaooo...I’m a laker fan but be real if it ain’t us it’s the other LA team
Josh Meah
Josh Meah Vor Monat
This guy is the worst host on the show. Replace him with just about anybody.
Kickin It Crypto
I have a greater respect for skip and Shannon every single time these guys be doing undisputed
Random Person
Random Person Vor Monat
thank you Lavar for calling everyone else out
Kirb Stomp
Kirb Stomp Vor Monat
LaVar bringing the real talk. 🤣 What he said is 100 percent!
Riley Claytxn
Riley Claytxn Vor Monat
Please don’t bring that dude on the left back...Ever. He’s trash! Why was the dude on the right even there? He never spoke.
Tmac 01
Tmac 01 Vor Monat
The guy in the Left, is just weird
Derick Cassie Unicorn
Lakers going to lose to the suns
Rapack Goon
Rapack Goon Vor Monat
PAPER-CLIPS! Is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lolol!
Rapack Goon
Rapack Goon Vor Monat
Damn! I didn’t know a sports MEDIA had a G LEAGUE talent! Lavar is GELO ball of this G LEAGUE squad! HORRRIBBBLEE!
Jonas De la Cruz
That dude on the far right sound dumb
Denzel Adams
Denzel Adams Vor Monat
Cff Ddd
Cff Ddd Vor Monat
I only commented to get the 666 off my screen
Jason G
Jason G Vor Monat
Where is Skip and Shannon??? Are they off all week?
Jason G
Jason G Vor Monat
B team baybay!!!
Jason G
Jason G Vor Monat
If you guys need me to Cover for Skip. I be all in. I’m Tim Tebows biggest fan, love Tom Brady and think Lebron James and Aaron Rodgers is over rated. I can say outlandish things and honestly believe them with a straight face. :)
dtm Vor Monat
Greg Jennings is a tough listen.
Bean Stocks
Bean Stocks Vor Monat
Lavar is terrible
Mental Mind
Mental Mind Vor Monat
"Invisible Clippers Fan" 😆😆😆😆💀💀💀💀
World's Tallest Man
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