Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Official Music Video)

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23 Aug 2013



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samsilvaofc Vor 3 Stunden
The year is 2045 and I will still be listening to this song If I'm alive, of course :)))
Sabrina Pereira
Sabrina Pereira Vor 3 Stunden
Alguém ouvindo em 2021?
Muhammed CUBUKCUOĞLU Vor 4 Stunden
jason jackson
jason jackson Vor 5 Stunden
eh ?????
lucas souza
lucas souza Vor 5 Stunden
GeTeX GeTeX Vor 6 Stunden
Its kinda sad when u can relate to the lyrics, when u went through the same like Lana, and it happened guess when, yup u guessed it right...
florian Vor 6 Stunden
TheKhalberstadt Vor 6 Stunden
well biden is president lol summertime sadness lol
PotatoGaming Vor 7 Stunden
Girls: boys have no feelings Boys:*music*(and actually crying)
Revy Vor 7 Stunden
I wish there was a option to filter out all the "lets see who is watching...", "you didnt search for this you..." and other copypasta comments
Linda Lilou
Linda Lilou Vor 7 Stunden
Kiss me hard before you go Summertime sadness I just wanted you to know That baby, you the best I got my red dress on tonight Dancin' in the dark, in the pale moonlight Done my hair up real big, beauty queen style High heels off, I'm feelin' alive Oh, my God, I feel it in the air Telephone wires above are sizzlin' like a snare Honey, I'm on fire, I feel it everywhere Nothin' scares me anymore (One, two, three, four) Kiss me hard before you go Summertime sadness I just wanted you to know That baby, you the best I got that summertime, summertime sadness Su-su-summertime, summertime sadness Got that summertime, summertime sadness Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh I'm feelin' electric tonight Cruisin' down the coast, goin' about 99 Got my bad baby by my heavenly side I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight Oh, my God, I feel it in the air Telephone wires above are sizzlin' like a snare Honey, I'm on fire, I feel it everywhere Nothin' scares me anymore (One, two, three, four) Kiss me hard before you go Summertime sadness I just wanted you to know That baby, you the best I got that summertime, summertime sadness Su-su-summertime, summertime sadness Got that summertime, summertime sadness Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh Think I'll miss you forever Like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky Later's better than never Even if you're gone, I'm gonna drive (drive), drive I got that summertime, summertime sadness Su-su-summertime, summertime sadness Got that summertime, summertime sadness Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh Kiss me hard before you go Summertime sadness I just wanted you to know That baby, you the best I got that summertime, summertime sadness Su-su-summertime, summertime sadness Got that summertime, summertime sadness Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
JohnU79 Vor 8 Stunden
Jak to jest być przystankiem w przejściu?
Renee Redburne
Renee Redburne Vor 8 Stunden
This song brings back old memories when I was little and my nan was alive :(
paul gold
paul gold Vor 8 Stunden
I just heard this song for the first time and I've listened to it about 20 times now lol
Flor Trujillo
Flor Trujillo Vor 8 Stunden
manka x
manka x Vor 9 Stunden
what's summertime sadness called if it lasts all year?
Rojy Tarek
Rojy Tarek Vor 10 Stunden
Stop asking who is here in 2021 we never left
Horacio Ulloa
Horacio Ulloa Vor 10 Stunden
0:51 but that’s a white dress
Lisa Cox
Lisa Cox Vor 11 Stunden
I’m listening 1/20/21
notsyd Vor 12 Stunden
im crying- this song has so much meaning to it.
tea tea
tea tea Vor 13 Stunden
emery mathis
emery mathis Vor 14 Stunden
i remember i was 6 when i first listened to this. my mom use to blast it and roll down the windows. my family was perfect. they weren't divorced. there was no drama. this song gives me nostalgia.
Nhat Vua
Nhat Vua Vor 14 Stunden
G.S Troyce
G.S Troyce Vor 14 Stunden
Nostalgic memories of being on the island i was baptized on. Being young and wild!!! This is one of the songs thats gives goosebumps and ecstatic memories..
Abhijeet Verma
Abhijeet Verma Vor 14 Stunden
You are the most nostalgic and vibin singer I've ever heard...♥️ Love you Lana💓💓😘 LOL from INDIA.🇮🇳
É gelinho
É gelinho Vor 15 Stunden
Lana Del Rey não é uma pessoa, é um sentimento.
nathi namo
nathi namo Vor 16 Stunden
Don’t got the summertime today... just the sadness 😔
fcentaur Vor 16 Stunden
To add a liittle bit saxophone
Tiago Ferland
Tiago Ferland Vor 16 Stunden
Quem pesquisou por causa dos memes do mano tu é?
Илья Леонтьев
Недавно узнал об этой чудесной песне, нашёл её по совету одного стримера, и вот уже целую неделю слушаю и не надоедает. В ней всё восхитительно.
MAGORKA 01 Vor 16 Stunden
45 тысяч дизлайков и 2,7 миллионов лайков как говориться сколько людей столько и мнений.
Shormin islam Moni
Shormin islam Moni Vor 17 Stunden
It was awesome song I've ever heard.it gives me inspiration to live again
KARA Channel
KARA Channel Vor 18 Stunden
29.11.2020 A💙A
Ita Febriani
Ita Febriani Vor 19 Stunden
Depressed cz of this pandemic
Mranalini Singh
Mranalini Singh Vor 20 Stunden
This song makes me dance and when i think about the lyrics i feel horrible.
Миша Марковић
`--||||||||----------------------] ┼┼♥vVVv♥┼┼ 👀🎧♪♫♪♫♫♪♫♪♫♫ ./_ Q _✚✚ ®ASHOMON_SERBIA ✚✚_____| ...),---.(_(__) / ..// (\) ),----".' .//__// //;__// ..._l\
seniku antsu
seniku antsu Vor 21 Stunde
seniku antsu
seniku antsu Vor 21 Stunde
Mujtaba Baig
Mujtaba Baig Vor 22 Stunden
Love this song 💕😍
Sid _Vintage
Sid _Vintage Vor Tag
I hate the other versions of this song😭
Philip Benz
Philip Benz Vor Tag
Baby don't! Please?? I'm here now... ...I'm too late.
Jacockis Titsworth
I forgot about this song, damn.
Panu Jovovich
mark tawfiq
mark tawfiq Vor Tag
still listening since it came out .This song always gives me this feeling i can’t describe and always will
Gokhan Kustul
was her lover lesbian
Gia-Han Le
Gia-Han Le Vor Tag
think i ll miss u forever like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky :(
leandro Araujo
Tem que mudar o Real para o Dólar americano!
j j
j j Vor Tag
Because of sarah geronimo from phil. Im here❤
ZerpTheHorse Vor Tag
Who else looked this song up because of the chicken from vine
Devanand samlal
We love you Lana. January 2021, still listening💙💙💙
Tuna Mutlu
Tuna Mutlu Vor Tag
fucking bored the see that people write “let’s see how many people is listening to this today” uhhhhh
aleatorio Vor Tag
Quis me rab for you gol amou??
Col Yom
Col Yom Vor Tag
The first time i heard this song im outside the country and now 2021 still i am😁
liquid nitrogen
Maia Cindy
Maia Cindy Vor Tag
The vacuous latency seemingly clean because helium analytically tumble anenst a calculating phone. wooden, internal direction
csaba horváth
i love
Windy Kush Official
If interested search Ashley Stevenson aka slim freedom. She covered this and its so 🔥 and different.
Windy Kush Official
Shes in the subway if you can't find it , the video is like 17min long...
SW98 Vor Tag
2:25 so cute 😍
Winter Wine
Winter Wine Vor Tag
There is something in that song and makes me cry, it is not related to lyrics.
Edson Rodrigues
Nostalgia pura🎶🎶🎶
Christian Martinez
Ms. Woolridge Grant sounds amazing, let’s see how many more people is Spanish last names to rise to fame..... come on, her voice is beautiful enough to no need to fool us
Donjuan Ponjovilla
Türkler burada mı ? Beğenirseniz varlığınızı hissederim:)
Emily Gonzalez
ngl tiktok has ruined her music bc if i talk ab her ppl r gonna think i only listen to her bc its a "trend" or part of an "aesthetic"
Avinash Molisasidharan
Can't believe that I'm listening this on a ball freezing cold
This songs reminds me of summer depression by girl in red
Paulina c.
Paulina c. Vor Tag
Aquí es dónde vengo a llorar
FLEX FF 707 Vor Tag
2021 alguém?
Ella Stevens
Ella Stevens Vor Tag
Listening to this dancing in my room with blue leds on
Moi Maris
Moi Maris Vor Tag
I’m always summertime sadness
Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey Vor Tag
The best song in the history of music!
Casey Goetz
Casey Goetz Vor Tag
She is so aesthetic also who watchin this in January 2021
Aresha Khan
Aresha Khan Vor Tag
I love this song 💗
Kainho Rikey
Kainho Rikey Vor Tag
Se tornou um vício 🇧🇷
Deca Man
Deca Man Vor Tag
Still listing...
osman mert alıcı
Mauricio Cerda
Yoo this song popped up in my so I search it up I didn't know it came out 7 years ago times flies by
Николай Атаев
Тут лям просмотров только я один накрутил)))
lps pasaule
lps pasaule Vor Tag
Hi sad generation of 2021!
Min YN
Min YN Vor Tag
this is about her friend who committed suicide :(
severus uzumaki
severus uzumaki Vor 6 Stunden
They are not friends in the clip. They are a couple. A lesbian couple. It was because of this clip that many people from the LGBT community liked it.
notsyd Vor 12 Stunden
i know :( it makes me so sad
Deonna Athans
Still probably my favorite song like 7 years after first hearing it... And still absolutely obsessed with it... And the memories to go with it. Just almost my whole high school life spent listening to this song and almost nothing else while watching people come and go from my life before finally settling down and marrying my husband right out of high school
sadly Finn lives here
What is gayest? 1.Being gay Or 2.Lana del Ray fans ???
Irmak Öztekin
i think shawn mendes's summertime sadness cover is so much better than the original one.
lxnzy h
lxnzy h Vor Tag
i always used pretend to hate this song when my mom put it on back when i was little (-er than i am now lmao) and now i'm listening to it thinking about that person, yk? now thinking back on it no wonder she listened to this constantly
jamerson oliveira
cade os BR representando o bonde em 2021?
Codyasian Rice
Codyasian Rice Vor 2 Tage
Jesus loves you and everyone
Codyasian Rice
Codyasian Rice Vor 2 Tage
sadboyNaoreng Vor 2 Tage
My fav female djs @officialRezz and @Alisonwonderland brought me here
Glitter Vor 2 Tage
You're not wearing a red dress.
selin Vor 3 Stunden
But the other girl in the vid as her best friend I think she is speaking from her pov cuz this song is about their bsf that committed suicide
Miché _
Miché _ Vor 2 Tage
Play this at my funeral
Qk' u ncw Uc the mark King's r burying frcm them
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Ava Bajnath
Ava Bajnath Vor 2 Tage
Pls why am I here again😩
Melih Ortatepe
Melih Ortatepe Vor 2 Tage
Akash Giri
Akash Giri Vor 2 Tage
Listening to summertime sadness in winter.
Justin S
Justin S Vor 2 Tage
Wer ist 2021hier und hört das lied um 1:02🤪
sara canche
sara canche Vor 2 Tage
Meaning behind song ? The video is giving me another vibe
John M DiCesare
John M DiCesare Vor 2 Tage
She has royal, or aristocratic blood.
John Massa DiCesare
She has royal, or aristocratic blood.
xmakenzie x
xmakenzie x Vor 2 Tage
this song makes me cry lol.
station 12
station 12 Vor 2 Tage
As many times, even after 8 years I am here for Lana's most iconic song.
Lehrerin Sofi
Lehrerin Sofi Vor 2 Tage
Sommer Traurigkeit❤️🇩🇪
France Vor 2 Tage
To the one who made me listen to this, Thank you i needed it❤️ I love you and always, -Kyle
A Hamza Efe Tekin
Ahh lana üzümlü kekim
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