LeBron is right, ‘I could have done it a different way’ - Magic on suddenly resigning | First Take

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Magic Johnson joins First Take and answers for not informing LeBron James about his decision to resign as the president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers before announcing it to the media.
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Tanner Merrick
Tanner Merrick Vor Minute
Lol Kobe is low key using Rob as a puppet to sabotage the last bit of Lebron’s career. He wants the lakers to win more championships... just after LBJ retires. #mambamentality
Jeff Brigman
Jeff Brigman Vor Minute
Love the lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself Jesus said that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God 👣❤️📖📖📖
elchamber Vor 4 Minuten
Not even contracting HIV? You could’ve played longer.
Eyem Dunn
Eyem Dunn Vor 5 Minuten
Magic was in way over his head from day 1, what a fool. But he helped destroy the Lakers roster, so he’s good in my books.
Lekbir Eddadissi
Lekbir Eddadissi Vor 5 Minuten
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Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph Vor 8 Minuten
*The current owner is WEAK and the WOLVES that surrounds her and her business are SALIVATING to take everything away from her!*
M 0C
M 0C Vor 8 Minuten
These people need Jesus lmao.
Zae Brown
Zae Brown Vor 9 Minuten
Crazy how the media been slandering LBJ then in 1hr magic comes and puts all that to rest. Niggas still gonna be in the comments like magic was lying today.
Tyron Stubblefield
Tyron Stubblefield Vor 10 Minuten
LeBron James bitch ass got a nerve call him for what did he call Wade to tell him he's leaving the heat to go play with Kyrie and try to get a super team in Cleveland? Did he tell love he was leaving for LA smh LeBron James a bitch idc what nobody says all he tryna do is create excuses for why he aint make the playoffs
GRod Lol
GRod Lol Vor 12 Minuten
Magic basically just ran away. Shit got to hot for him and before the fans rioted he was like yeet miss me with that shiz I’m gone.
Andreas Ails
Andreas Ails Vor 13 Minuten
LeBron all judgey!!!!!
ScrubLord Vor 14 Minuten
Cyrax Vor 15 Minuten
Magic Johnson: I could have done it a different way South Park: And we could have showed you a different way to deal with your HIV virus
Twix Plays
Twix Plays Vor 15 Minuten
You Want To Know Who The Best Person In The World Is Look at the first word and have a nice day Also I stole this comment lol
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Vor 15 Minuten
Don’t let this distract you from the fact a rat brought back Ant-man
elver galarga
elver galarga Vor 17 Minuten
Both east and west coast teams are dysfunctional (Lakers-Knicks) I wholeheartedly believe Egos are the problem
Morning Kash
Morning Kash Vor 18 Minuten
I put ya on de-vid.com/video/video-V-NCcRahegI.html
Tyler Knowles
Tyler Knowles Vor 19 Minuten
Shit LeBron James is one to talk
Chez Mcmann
Chez Mcmann Vor 19 Minuten
Kobe has impact on the Lakers decision making. He just doing it through Pelinka. If anybody can't see that, they don't know basketball.
ABOVE 818 Vor 19 Minuten
Rob Pelinka is going to get a lot of hate in L.A now which he deserves. I guarantee you he won't be a part of the Lakers organization for very long.
king blessage
king blessage Vor 21 Minute
People forget Jeannie buss was a playboy model rob hitting that
James Pettinato
James Pettinato Vor 21 Minute
Follow pettinatojames on insta thanks
Samantha Lew
Samantha Lew Vor 22 Minuten
Magic what a crap GM. How many baller handlers does one team need? Trade off D angelo and he becomes an Allstar, we need outside shooters but trade off Lou Williams.
Robert Walker
Robert Walker Vor 22 Minuten
Max seems super crazy yelling his questions when Steven A is sitting there silent
Fuzzy Was
Fuzzy Was Vor 23 Minuten
magic has way more class than labron.
kazumo maeda
kazumo maeda Vor 24 Minuten
Never deny magic whatever he touch turns into fucking gold
mummysdaughter Vor 24 Minuten
I wish they would just put the whole interview together as ONE and stop this divided up mess
Wayne Green
Wayne Green Vor 24 Minuten
Magic slow. And he's not the brightness light in the Box
Beedz Needz
Beedz Needz Vor 25 Minuten
Lebron ruined the lakers
Pat Fic
Pat Fic Vor 26 Minuten
Why isn't anyone else chasing Ty Lue? Lol
Poker Princess
Poker Princess Vor 26 Minuten
Is Molly a fucking statue? If she's not knowledgeable enough to get into the conversation and do her own analysis, then get someone from WNBA who knows and loves the game. Powerless in a power red suit. Don't ask to get in. Just take your way.
Casey Zachariah Baker
Casey Zachariah Baker Vor 29 Minuten
Jeanie Buss low-key a milf
TraP SN1PEZ Vor 29 Minuten
Check out my vid
Lamont Winters
Lamont Winters Vor 30 Minuten
Magic I would ride or die wit you, I’ve been a Magic since 1979, people wake up. If you see a snake dying and you nurse him back to health and he turns around and bite you don’t be surprised. Rod’s that snake. MAMBA MENTALITY
sb Vor 30 Minuten
Max is the biggest asshole ever.
Team Effort
Team Effort Vor 31 Minute
Almost as bad as the cast of thrones de-vid.com/video/video-N3jmbWOSXOI.html
MAGA #45
MAGA #45 Vor 32 Minuten
I think the problem is, Magic was talking about only wanting to stay there for 3 years. It’s hard to give someone full control when he doesn’t have a future with the team. It reminds me of the late 90’s Patriots when they had Bill Parcells as their coach. Bill was doing a good job coaching them, and even took them to a SB. However, each year he would talk about retiring. After a while, Robert Kraft decided that he was going to take control of the team just in case in Parcells retired because he didn’t want to get stuck with Parcells’ team, and it not have any direction because Parcells was no longer the coach. If Magic was only going to stay for 3 years just to clean house and bring in talent, it could work, but only if Magic had his pick for a successor with the approval of the owner. The problem is, Rob wasn’t Magic’s pick, so it was never going to work. They never shared the same vision. Jeanie needs to put one person in charge, and let that person run the team. You can’t have seven different people with seven different opinions. It never works. You can’t find seven people to agree on what to eat for lunch.
Justin Nervis
Justin Nervis Vor 32 Minuten
💯 Magic came head on. Aint dodgin nuttin
Justin Williams
Justin Williams Vor 33 Minuten
Can we talk about the playoffs?
tech hacker1.3
tech hacker1.3 Vor 36 Minuten
sweatheadline.com/cc810G Try once.
Tyler Grant
Tyler Grant Vor 36 Minuten
6:15 gota get jeannie outa there ..messin w phil + kurt gona make th lakers turn into th Knicks smh
XDailyKiller09 Vor 36 Minuten
6:12 the woman starts talking Me: Finally, she barely speaks!
ΔϟK KΔV Vor 36 Minuten
Did Molly just ask a good question for once?
Costa Zambaras
Costa Zambaras Vor 36 Minuten
LeBron criticizing someone for how they handle their career decisions in the NBA?? That's hilarious.
SILLY B REACTS Vor 37 Minuten
This is trending
CrimsonTide Vor 38 Minuten
Sorry not Sorry. - Magic Johnson
Asports Gaming
Asports Gaming Vor 38 Minuten
Earn up to 1000 dollars (watch my channel☝)..
HeadShot ツ
HeadShot ツ Vor 39 Minuten
Why TF Magic sounds like Stephan A.Smith if he don’t yell.....🤔🤔
macpumperkinz Vor 40 Minuten
Aint no more color in that lakers top
DISCMAN JEFF Vor 40 Minuten
I don't blame Magic at all.... He was smart..... Everyone knows when LeBron comes to town it's his way or the Highway.... He takes over and makes life Hell for Everyone....
Gerald Lofton
Gerald Lofton Vor 41 Minute
This is Pure EGO!!!!!!
Why everybody want to kiss LJ ass?? Magic is wrong for handling his own business?
Romio Perez
Romio Perez Vor 41 Minute
Scott Verney
Scott Verney Vor 41 Minute
Max making Magic sweat with these questions
Choose Jesus
Choose Jesus Vor 41 Minute
I feel sorry for Magic Johnson. Look what AIDS has done to him. He looks like a skeleton
Neal Capuchino
Neal Capuchino Vor 42 Minuten
lmfao coming from a player that ditches so many cities hes played for...nahhhh lebron you can kiss my @$$...jack@$$!!!
Brian F
Brian F Vor 44 Minuten
That max guy is really annoying
gd gd
gd gd Vor 45 Minuten
Fuck leBron and his opinion
Tru Artist
Tru Artist Vor 47 Minuten
Some things aren’t for everybody! Magic, stick to movie theaters
LeBeautiful Vor 47 Minuten
Stop it Magic! Jeanie is as dumb as they get. If she “loved” the Lakers, she would’ve sold the franchise a long time ago. Everything happening right now is her fault!
lo lo
lo lo Vor 48 Minuten
Rob and my man KOBE
Make money not friends.
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Magic found a new job at espn. 😂
Daniel the Dragon
Daniel the Dragon Vor 48 Minuten
Can ya plz guys follow my homeboy on insta @Little_star_13
X1area51 II
X1area51 II Vor 49 Minuten
Why magic still alive? He suppost to be gone by now. Fake news
Concarne Vor 50 Minuten
Imagine he falls on the floor and gets his blood on everyone in the room
Lebron James
Lebron James Vor 52 Minuten
Fuck you nigga. I'm going back to Cleveland.
Aubree Smalls
Aubree Smalls Vor 53 Minuten
The Graduates
The Graduates Vor 53 Minuten
Rob's power comes from his relationship with Kobe and other Lakers
MD FAN 29 Vor 55 Minuten
The title is so misleading
Rex Scipio
Rex Scipio Vor 56 Minuten
Magic burned the house down.
Leon Havoc
Leon Havoc Vor 58 Minuten
So Rob is the culprit. Doesn't surprise me he looks like a movie villain..
Chiva Vor 58 Minuten
Seeing this interview I lost even more respect for Magic. Dude clearly selfish. I understand doing what’s best for your well being but did you need to announce it after the game? You couldn’t go home and make a call instead? What a coward. You don’t have the balls to tell your boss and tell the main guy you brought in and made promises to? There’s no defending his actions. He says as a man he had to make that decision.. as a man you need to own up to your mistakes and take responsibility. You just made yourself look bad for any other future opportunities in any type of business . Now you have that reputation of oh he’s gonna leave whenever he feels like it
Sama1966 Salinas
Sama1966 Salinas Vor 59 Minuten
Magic as far as LeBron is concerned he is a shrewd operator also he doesn't break up in person he does it via text thank you sir 👍
Lady Parmiss
Lady Parmiss Vor Stunde
Subscribe me plz
abdo king
abdo king Vor Stunde
kchilz32 Vor Stunde
What’s this? First take or dr Phil? First T.Rozzier now magic. Who’s next?
GIGO Comps
GIGO Comps Vor Stunde
He dosen't regret having AIDS either what a hero !
Dan Lorenz
Dan Lorenz Vor Stunde
Get em Max.
Jeanie Buss is no Jerry Buss. Lakers are in trouble. Magic Johnson has a lot of ties and Rob Pelinka has a lot of other agents that despise him for whatever reason.
Fishy 4lyfe
Fishy 4lyfe Vor Stunde
I bet the lakers were extra careful to not use the same water fountain as Magic😅
jiltoks Vor Stunde
nba is ran by mafia
Halfmanhalftree Vor Stunde
first take stepping it up lmfao
jose gabriel
jose gabriel Vor Stunde
Always been a magic fan but I don’t believe that this is how it went down obviously we weren’t in there meetings to really know but it just seems that magic thought it was gonna be easy because he is magic and he now got lebron and prob said we finna get stars to come to LA but it just didn’t work and now he wants off the ship as it sinks
D R Vor Stunde
I told you he don't owe anyone any explanation at this point in his life except his immediate family, if you don't understand this then you don't understand that GOD gives us the free will to make decisions. Lebron made his, Magic made his, and we will make ours. - Free Will.
Art Vein
Art Vein Vor Stunde
I bet he regret it getting AIDS
Primo H
Primo H Vor Stunde
Who's dominating jeanies bust & cheeks..magic, luke or Robert no kelly
Larry Barefield
Larry Barefield Vor Stunde
Magic is so full of shit listen to the things he is saying He is a fucking lier..
DannyFitz Vor Stunde
Kobe can’t retire in peace. They don’t do this to Tim Duncan.
dippster357 Vor Stunde
I think molly asked the best question, Who is the person in genie's ear the most, because i don't think Rob P. would have been able to "run rough shot" like that if Genie wasn't buying what ROB was selling! Think about it, Why would you wanna stay there if they aren't taking your advise, the coach that magic didn't want they got rid of anyway! That was coming from the top and i know hearing people who are your friends tell you ( magic ) that more than a few times, let's you know, it's time to part from these people, to keep things pleasant i will do my thing ( aka run my business) and let them do theirs! Before feeling really get hurt.
21AlexPalex Vor Stunde
Magic laughs. Pulls his face it's actually Lebron, "I knew coming here was a mistake"
bassxx10001 Vor Stunde
what has LeBron James exactly done for the Los Angeles Lakers being only there for a year he's done nothing for them I don't understand how they're saying that he's done all this amazing things when they haven't even made the playoffs and for him to just be called The King and able to take anything to a player it's nonsense he hasn't done a lot for the Lakers Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Shaq, and vladethose people has done something for the Los Angeles Lakers Magic Johnson has been fine and the reason that he's probably a sound for cuz he doesn't want to be the guy who messed up LeBron James career you going to avoid that is everything he should have been fired where he was LeBron James was fine in Cleveland or in Miami if anything it's just crazy that Magic Johnson resign as president of theLos Angeles Lakers a franchise that has been good and known for the rivalry against the Boston Celtics
Neil Smith
Neil Smith Vor Stunde
Isnt Lebron The King of making decisions the wrong way??
Not a pretty pal Boi
Sports is boomer tier
Yahshua Ben Yahudah
Magic one of the greatest point guards and leaderships in Lakers history have to answer to Kobe Bryant and a man he’s grooming is troublesome to me
Erin Spacht
Erin Spacht Vor Stunde
MAGIC JEANIE.... Stop with the MK ULTRA
Samera Sam
Samera Sam Vor Stunde
Seph Callaway
Seph Callaway Vor Stunde
See this is why you can’t work for white folks. Imagine if Magic didn’t have his own businesses. #BlackAmericanBusiness
Maverick Dallarte
Nobody: Magic: Listen
o chi
o chi Vor Stunde
So basically Jeanie Buss is the root cause for the Dysfunction of the Lakers!
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